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Modern Humorist – The Britney Papers

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Modern Humorist – The Britney Papers “Ride young Valkyrie! Ride! – ‘Camille Paglia’s letter to Britney is the funniest of Modern Humorist’s five parodies, though it’s still not all that funny.

Horton Jupiter of the very wonderful

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Horton Jupiter of the very wonderful They Came From The Stars (I Saw Them) asks me to tell you about a party coming up this Saturday in Stoke Newington, a fantastical celebration at which the band will be performing, and he ominously adds that it might be their last gig! Say it ain’t so! E-mail me for further details – I’m not doing this to be all secretive but because said further details are on my other machine.

Oh, and if the bloke from Sound Storm who humanclicked me at the weekend wants to e-mail me too, that would be great.

Hee hee. And there’s a lot more banners where

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Hee hee. And there’s a lot more banners where that came from, the Teen Pop Sucks page (unearthed by Kathleen). Some – particularly the one involving an enormous and curiously distorted Dave Grohl straddling the globe – might not be suitable for younger readers, mind you.

Jul 00

Pulp People

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Pulp People: he may not like Tanya much (or me, if her reports are to be believed), but this is a comprehensive review of all Pulpish activities, and thoroughly recommended to fans of that excellent band. Plus the design makes FT feel good about itself, rarity enough to merit a link.


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DJ Pretzel’s OVERCLOCKED REMIX: a while back Greg was asking about videogame music, surely the next – if not the current – hipster revival genre. Here one DJ Pretzel and his chums’n’pals remix lots of old console game music. I haven’t downloaded any of it, mind you: my idea of old game music is Level 9 using BBC Basic to ‘cover’ Vivaldi’s Spring, a piece which struck me so much I went out and bought one of two classical records I own.


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Fascinating article on Napster, the DMCA, and the recording industry’s ongoing Canute act. Found via The Laboratorium, who offers much more intelligent commentary than I’m able to.

More admin stuff

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More admin stuff: I’ve finally updated the music articles page and will try and keep it up to date from now on. Forty-five or so pieces – something there for everyone reading NYLPM, I’d guess. Looking over the list I’m frankly pretty proud. Upgrades of the reviews and non-music articles pages will follow.

DJ Luck And MC Neat feat. JJ – “Masterblaster 2000”

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DJ Luck And MC Neat feat. JJ – “Masterblaster 2000” (mp3)
B15 Project feat. Chrissy D & Lady G – “Girls Like Us” (mp3)

UK Garage as “Pop!” and I love it. Replacing Sweet Female Attitude’s “Flowers” in my affections come these two… Why is the latter called “Girls Like Us” when they’re obviously singing “girls like this”? Why is the former’s keyboard line (0:53) so enticing to me? Will the answers lie in one of the many UK Garage albums I see advertised on TV? I think the time has come to buy my first ever trashy chart mix CD. Ministry’s Ayia Napa compilation (mixed by the Artful Dodger!!!) is ranking increasingly higher in my mental list of must-haves.

Whereas normally my right-on intelligent music fan credentials would come to the fore when making a purchase in a genre I didn’t know too much about, I feel that this time nothing is important to me except getting my chart-friendly little hands on the HITS!!! Until Craig David’s poorly titled “Born To Do It” LP is out I’ll suffice with something on Polygram TV records…

Take another listen; this is sexy pop.

Jul 00

LINK WRAY – Batman

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LINK WRAY – Batman

Some people used to suggest that Batman and Robin’s relationship was improper. Can you believe it? These people claimed that Batman had lured a troubled young man into sinister vigilante activity, regularly exposing him to the possibility of a brutal death at the hands of some of the most vicious and amoral lunatics in Gotham City. In fact as was very clear from the comics and TV series, Batman and Robin’s partnership was a much healthier, more loving one involving nothing more outrageous than a bit of dressing-up, role-playing, and mild S & M.

Link Wray’s recording of the Batman theme is clearly designed to point this up. There’s a tender playfulness in the men’s voices as they banter about Batmobiles and nuclear signals – ‘Bruce’ is avuncular, ‘Robin’ puppydog eager and almost giggly, both are flirtatious. Link’s guitar work is rocking but offhanded, a driving beat tempered by sly good humour. As the climax of the theme tune approaches, the track takes a saucy turn as the lovers indulge in a little bit of spanking play: “Ow! Aaah! Oooh! Ow!” yells young Robin, and the track fades. A deeply enjoyable two minutes, Link’s track is also a marvellous put-down to those sick individuals who persist in misreading Batman as some kind of dystopian fantasy of violence and revenge instead of the simple, if slightly naughty, love story it so plainly is.

Reader Response

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Reader Response: Already we put the results of the Readership Survey into action. Somebody wanted more Belle And Sebastian, somebody else wanted more long articles – and this is, yes, a long article about Belle And Sebastian. It’s also full of thoughts on indie rock and music communities in general, though. And yes, somebody also wanted less Belle And Sebastian – that person can take consolation from the fact that I’ve shot my bolt on the topic for now.