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Unheard Album Project: March 2017

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The (much delayed) third playlist for this project, covering the 31 records I listened to for the first time in March. Delayed partly because it was a lot harder to get some of these songs to play well with others! Full list under the cut.

Took Time Off From My Kingdom (March 2017)

1. “Miles Beyond” – Mahavishnu Orchestra (LP: Birds Of Fire, 1973)
2. “Time Slip” – Horse Lords (LP: Interventions, 2016)
3. “Exuberant Burning” – Earthen Sea (LP: An Act Of Love, 2017)
4. “Rhesus Negative” – Blanck Mass (LP: World Eater, 2017)
5. “Vibsing Ting” – t q d (LP: UKG, 2017)
6. “Give Me A Reason” – Ibibio Sound Machine (LP: Uyai, 2017)
7. “Hands Down” – Dan Hartman (LP: Relight My Fire, 1979)
8. “Atokple” – Serge Beynaud (LP: Accelerate, 2017)
9. “Roll Call ft Mya” – Goldlink (LP: At What Cost, 2017)
10. “Go Back Home” – FKJ (LP: French Kiwi Juice, 2017)
11. “Mornings” – Lowly (LP: Heba, 2017)
12. “In The Heat Of The Night” – Imagination (LP: In The Heat Of The Night, 1982)
13. “Selfish ft Rihanna” – Future (LP: HNDRXX, 2017)
14. “Lucid” – Kelly Lee Owens (LP: Kelly Lee Owens, 2017)
15. “Sora Ni Mau Maboroshi” – Mariah (LP: Utakata No Hibi, 1983)
16. “Lipgloss ft CupcakKe” – Charli XCX (LP: Number 1 Angel, 2017)
17. “Hot Thoughts” – Spoon (LP: Hot Thoughts, 2017)
18. “Puppet Of Wax, Puppet Of Song” – Mick Harvey (LP: Intoxicated Women, 2017)
19. “Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow” – Felt (LP: The Strange Idols Pattern And Other Stories, 1984)
20. “Sgt. Major” – Shack (LP: Waterpistol, 1995)
21. “Roses Of Picardy” – Frank Sinatra (LP: Sinatra Sings Great Songs From Great Britain, 1962)
22. “The Pain Of Loving You” – Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, and Emmylou Harris (LP: Trio, 1987)
23. “Heartland” – The The (LP: Infected, 1986)
24. “Almost Grown” – Chuck Berry (LP: The Great Twenty-Eight, 1982 (compilation))
25. “Pills” – Sunny Sweeney (LP: Trophy, 2017)
26. “Walkin Up The Road” – Betty Davis (LP: Betty Davis, 1972)
27. “Hungry Ghost” – Hurray For The Riff Raff (LP: The Navigator, 2017)
28. “You” – Stef Chura (LP: Messes, 2017)
29. “Remain” – Jay Som (LP: Everybody Works, 2017)
30. “Chains” – William S Fischer (LP: Circles, 1970)
31. “Astral Plane” – Valeria June (LP: The Order Of Time, 2017)

Keep the recommendations coming!


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  2. 2
    Rory on 21 Apr 2017 #

    You hadn’t heard Infected before? Such a great album. Now I feel an urge to mention other great ’80s albums that may have flown under your radar. Hmm… Night Time? Songs From the Big Chair? Select?

  3. 3
    Janet on 22 Apr 2017 #

    If you liked Charli XCX’s song with CupcakKe, you HAVE to hear CupcakKe’s own stuff if you haven’t already – her new album Queen Elizabitch is fantastic but IMO last year’s Audacious is maybe even better…

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