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The Official Daphne and Celeste Hate Site

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The Official Daphne and Celeste Hate Site: it’s a ‘conspiricy’, apparently. The irony being of course that this site is much more in the spirit of D & C than any of my jaded musings here are ever likely to be.


  1. 1
    sara on 30 Oct 2006 #

    Ere right
    i am emo i admit i am,
    i dont cut my self
    am not a poser so fuk all use of !!!
    ur just helous that were fukin stylish and
    different so fuk u all i dunt give a shit wat anyone thinks
    but i do think all us emos should stik together !!
    whos with me ??? !!!

  2. 2
    spungebob474 on 3 Jan 2007 #

    Knowone apparently, unucky lol

  3. 3
    jim on 15 Jan 2007 #

    you fucky silly butch sara mayb u shud cut your self u would get more attention you idiot

  4. 4
    bbbb on 29 Jun 2007 #

    i luv those gifls so shut the fuck up you bitch

  5. 5
    K to da C on 30 Sep 2008 #

    Yall are Fucken Fagets go Fuck your Self. :)

  6. 6
    K to da C on 30 Sep 2008 #

    Your Gayyy.
    Shut the Fuck Up

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