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my secret goal

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my secret goal here is to destroy the remains of tom’s credibility by discussing aaron carter until even the most patient and open-minded of indie fans remove their bookmarks in abject disgust. so away we go…

one review i read of his new album said that it sounded like one of those albums with kids singing nursery rhymes, those albums that commercials tell us kids love, as if it were still the ’50s and children listened to things like “on top of spaghetti.”* (though one of the songs is entitled “the clapping song” and if that doesn’t sound like one of those kidsongs, i don’t know what does.) he does two covers — “iko iko” and “i want candy” — and my understanding is that, in europe, he shot to fame doing covers (“surfin’ usa” being one of the bigger ones). the rest of the album is padded out with “cute” song titles like “my internet girl” and “that’s how i beat shaq.” enough to send a chill down your spine. and if that wasn’t enough, the carter family has more in store for us.

*apparently that reviewer doesn’t know what he’s talk about because on amazon.com, with 17 reviews in, he’s averaging 4.5 stars out of 5. “a mom” confesses that she bought it for the kids but found herself dancing to it herself this very morning, presumably when the kids were away at school.

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