Oct 10

Freaky Trigger presents A Slug of Pop (series 3, week 4)

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A special episode of Lollards this week, as Tom Ewing and Mark Sinker each talk about a pop song of their choice, with Tim Hopkins asking them the difficult questions. How is putting Lakshminarayanan Shankar on your record a crass commercial move? Are Marina’s diamonds her best friends? Why is Lily Allen hopping from one foot to another like she needs the loo? Find out in A Slug Of Pop!


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    katstevens on 7 Oct 2010 #

    Apologies for the small blips every so often – can only assume the Resonance engineer was fiddling with his Mac during recording! It definitely wasn’t me fiddling with my Mac during recording.

  2. 2
    Keith W on 8 Oct 2010 #

    I read something years ago where Ian McCulloch said that the Cutter was deliberately daft lyrics to take the piss out of the raincoat bands who were all kind of ‘heavy’. I’m paraphrasing as I can’t remember.

    Porcupine is also my favourite Bunnymen record because of Shankar too, but also because it kind of does that thing that bridges the left field and pop. I particularly like the last three songs, although they’re less poppy. It also does a great job in letting Will Seargent’s guitar shine through – he has a great style and it’s less noticeable on the other records, particularly Ocean Rain, in which the production swamps it.

    I think the point about everything in the early 80s being a synth is spot on… I only really learnt how guitars sounded at the end of the 80s.

  3. 3
    X. Elsie Orr on 10 Oct 2010 #

    How’s Mac doing these days anyway, Kat?

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