Mar 09

Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop – Series 3, Week 4

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They say the proof of the pudding is in the eating, but in this case, the proof of the pudding is in the LISTENING. Because this is a show about puddings, and you have to listen to it to get any nutritional value out of it at all.

Nuncle Carsmile Steve Hewitt welcomes his guests Rebecca Toennessen, Stevie Trousse and Marna Gilligan and wrestle with the great gravy vs custard battle, music comes from Stanley Holloway, Wilco and something that sounds like an army of very, very sad machines.

So nonsense basically, and much misinformation presented as fact as ever. Please feel free to correct us below in the comments.


  1. 1

    orwell FAIL!

    the french for suet is “suif” — as in boule de suif, the maupassant story (which means “ball of lard”, and it is an affectionate name for a tubby prostitute: the film stagecoach is based on this story!)

  2. 2
    CarsmileSteve on 31 Mar 2009 #

    the third song is Schnieder TM in case that’s not clear (haven’t listened back yet!)

    also ph34r our piratical skills as we SEIZE 10 seconds from the next show to get the punchline of the stanley holloway track in!!

  3. 3
    marna on 31 Mar 2009 #

    I am wondering whether is is grave error to listen to oneself on the radio. Probably it is. Probably I will listen anyway.

  4. 4

    apart from being a billion miles away from the mike when you very first spoke you were excellent marna (as was everyone) (except orwell who was RONG abt suet)

  5. 5
    Pete on 31 Mar 2009 #

    I remixed the opening Saltarello as the donk in the intro to the intro was wrong, and tried to fiddle with some of the levels in post for the early quiet bits. Not heard it all, and feel free to rewrite the blurb above.

    I love listening to myself, because I am a narcissist.

  6. 6
    jeff w on 31 Mar 2009 #

    Caught most of this one live – great show. “Speaker’s Corner” never lasts an hour anyway and Resonance therefore has to fill some airtime before OST starts at 4.30, so you can prolly overrun every week. :)

    (I assume I know all of the guests under online pseudonyms, but am having trouble placing Rebecca…?)

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