Mar 09

Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop – Series 3, Week 1

Lollards Podcast//8 comments • 271 views

History is bunk. Hosted by Pete Baran with guests Tom, Alix and Magnus.

Orchestra Pie and the ancient art of the list, old recipes ( vintagecookbooktrials.wordpress.com) and superstitions.

Historical records: ‘It’s A Long Way to Tipperary’, Rosemary Clooney, Candide and Noël Coward.


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    jeff w on 8 Mar 2009 #

    oops forgot about this (2.30 on a Sat is a bit awkward though; since J Trunk’s show at 4.30 is a no-miss, I have to go and do food shopping sometime!)

    I will try and find a way to listen to the audio clip. Flash 9 though? Bah.

  2. 2
    Jack Fear on 8 Mar 2009 #

    If you click on the little downwards-pointing arrow icon, next to the play-counter, you can download the thing as an MP3. Listen to at your leisure! (I find the show makes a great accompaniment to an afternoon of walking the dog and folding laundry.)

  3. 3
    Alan on 8 Mar 2009 #

    Or subscribe to the podcast feed – up on the top right there

  4. 4


    Some important facts about pies AN EXPERT WRITES:
    i: the word “pie” in the sense used on the show (rather than its maximal and correct sense) is apparently only traceable back to 1657, so this mediaeval “orchestra pie” must involve use of some dodgy dutch translation — actually the word “coffin” was the more common word for something larage and eatable contained in pastry (and coffin suggests something quite different and mediaeval and tyrannical was possibly going on)
    ii: the crust of a pie was NOT routinely made to be eaten until think the 18th century — the pastry was basically the container when cooking and the packaging when handling, and fed at meal’s end (or earlier) to handy dogs, bears, cockatrices or like pets of the day

  5. 5
    Tracer Hand on 8 Mar 2009 #

    don’t forget that “couffin” is the french word for “baby basket”

  6. 6

    yes it comes from the greek for basket

  7. 7
    Tom on 10 Mar 2009 #

    Was anyone else watching Heston “the poisoner” Blumenthal’s Medieval Feast tonight? Maximum pie alert!

  8. 8
    a tanned rested and unlogged lørd sükråt wötsît on 11 Mar 2009 #

    bah i hunted around last night for a good poisoner-coffin gag but came up dry, so [insert hilarious poisoner-coffin gag here]

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