Feb 08

Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop – Series 2, Week 13

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In a field of their own: Magnus, Katie and Ewings Tom and Al.

A song of two halves. The RAH Band’s terrific ‘Clouds Across The Moon’. Marvel’s stock aliens. Ellen Allien’s ‘Wish’. Tolkien’s footling theories on the essence of Fairy Story. Fleet Foxes sing. “Aslan” magazine and improv RPGs.

With a twist – GASP. The midweek number 1 is Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds. OR IS IT?


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    Jack Fear on 22 Feb 2008 #

    I keep meaning to ask—where’s that theme tune come from? I know it’s a 16th-century saltarello, and I’ve heard many different arrangements and versions of it, but can you point me towards the recording you use here?

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