Feb 08

Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop – Series 2, Week 11

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Sorry excuses and polite engineering. With Alix, Sarah, Magnus and Rob.

A husband list update. Moloko ‘Sorry’, eventually. Polite vampires and ghosts. Insults from Hergé and Rabelais. Politeness is bad for Magnus. Some song, possibly Abba. Shrigley ‘My Beer’. Expensive booze. Star Turn On 45 Pints ‘Pump Up The Bitter’. All consuming petty irritations make you… bitter. Another song. Recipe gripes. The midweek number 1 is Marnie Stern ‘Patterns on a Diamond Ceiling’


  1. 1
    Alan on 6 Feb 2008 #

    Since you mention them… star turn on 45 pints xmas party youtube

  2. 2
    jeff w on 7 Feb 2008 #

    1. Much laughter this week (and I missed the first 20 mins); the closest thing FTatLoP has come thus far to the ideal of “a conversation in the pub, only on the radio” I think.

    2. You kids are a bit young to be Grumpy Old Lollards tho.

    3. I had completely forgotten the existence of “Pump Up The Bitter”.

  3. 3
    Marcello Carlin on 7 Feb 2008 #

    Unfortunately DJ Contrarian reminded me of the horror that was the latter at Club Poptimism a few months ago.

    I recall DLT loving it at the time, particularly the “Mrs Patel” bit.

    In 1988.

    What is even less forgivable is my possession of the track on the Global TV double compilation Cheggers’ Choice which curiously has vanished from the catalogues in the dozen years since its release.

  4. 4
    Rob M on 7 Feb 2008 #

    My word, that Cheggers Choice is a strange old record. A lot of Jonathon King related things, some records that end up on Guilty Pleasures / Vintage Cheese, and some true horrors. I had completely forgotten Maguerita Pracatan – wasn’t she on Clive James’ show a lot?

  5. 5
    Al Ewing on 7 Feb 2008 #

    On an unrelated note – how come the lollard archive (middle button up top) only goes back to week 8 of season 1? Is there a way of getting at those early nuggets from that page and can it be clearly marked?

  6. 6
    admin on 7 Feb 2008 #

    http://freakytrigger.co.uk/lollards-podcast/ shows all the podcast posts. we’ll work out a way to make it more clear

  7. 7
    CarsmileSteve on 7 Feb 2008 #

    sauteeing is totally frying.

    “are you affiliated” the b-side of PUTB is the best star turn track

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