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Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop – Week 5

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The latest installment of Freaky Trigger’s radio diversification project, as broadcast earlier today between 12 and 1pm, on Resonance 104.4FM. Featuring, among other things: punctuating bandnames, the seed catalogues of the mind, economy fish fingers, therapeutic smells and even more drug-based truths.


  1. 1
    Martin Skidmore on 4 Feb 2007 #

    I cite from my collection:
    Biff Bang Pow! (old indie)
    Bushwacka! (dance)
    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! (new indie)
    Cry Sisco! (house if I remember rightly)
    Go! Team (new indie)
    Neu! (old German indie)
    Oomph! (German rock)

    First in my database, in MS Access’s order, is …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, who stole that slot from ? And The Mysterians. @c is the only other act I have starting with punctuation. Most over-punctuated act must be Si-{Cut}.DB.

  2. 2
    tracerhand on 4 Feb 2007 #

    Martin is there anything that beats the full stop in the coming-first alphabetical chiz according to Access (or am I mistaken and that’s an ellipsis, which may place differently?)

  3. 3
    Martin Skidmore on 4 Feb 2007 #

    To be honest I don’t know their ordering – it isn’t ASCII, because in that ? comes after the numbers. I don’t know that anyone has established where punctuation comes when ordering alphabetically, or at least I don’t know of an accepted order. Many computer things will order by ASCII codes, in which space, exclamation mark and double quotes are the first three characters that you can make visible (if you accept ‘visible’ as a description of a space).

  4. 4
    Alan on 5 Feb 2007 #

    BTW. Katie G’s song was previewed on a poptimism podcast last October.

  5. 5
    jeff w on 5 Feb 2007 #

    Good show, despite technical/tube hitches. In fact, Sinkah (and Carsmile?) singing the theme tune a cappella was probably the highlight!

  6. 6
    CarsmileSteve on 5 Feb 2007 #

    it was the dulcet tones of mr popkins, my harmonising isn’t that smooth ;)

  7. 7
    Steve Mannion on 5 Feb 2007 #

    For some reason I began putting an exclamation mark at the end of Snap in recent years. I think it was used on cover art but rarely in print?

    What about ? And The Mysterians?

  8. 8
    Steve Mannion on 5 Feb 2007 #

    Cry Sisco! best known for ‘Afro dizzi act’ which was not so much house as stompy Balearic proto-bigbeat indie-dance.

  9. 9

    i suspect the mysterians ARE the founders of the overall meme — sad we forgot them bcz ?’s house recently burnt down and he lost all his stuff and was not insured, and we could have mentioned it

    i am interested to know who first winkled the ! idea into popu tho, as per tim’s actual precise topic

    we should do a complete list at some point

  10. 10
    Mark M on 5 Feb 2007 #

    A very lazy bit of googling produces Neu! as an early exclamation band.

  11. 11
    Mark M on 5 Feb 2007 #

    Also, apparently Ultravox originally had one, which doesn’t make any sense at all: how do you say Ultravox! ?

  12. 12
    Mark M on 5 Feb 2007 #

    Damn, didn’t revisit Martin’s list, which shows he’s already got Neu!.

  13. 13
    Tom on 5 Feb 2007 #

    Wasn’t Ultravox the band and “Ultravox!” the album title? I may be completely wrong there.

    Ultravox canon pls.

  14. 14

    neu! may well be the catalytic godfather of popu usage obv, but are not themselves popu

    ultravox not so sure abt — their first (or second) LP is called “Ha! Ha! Ha!”

  15. 15
    Marcello Carlin on 5 Feb 2007 #

    Where do Freur come in all this (and don’t say “under F”)?

    Also there was a Brit improv group in the late ’70s whose name was a convoluted series of coloured diagrams; can’t remember who was in it but am pretty sure it came out of the Bead Records “no longer jazz” stable.

  16. 16

    freur = discussed in pub, forgotten in front of mike!


  17. 17
    Tim on 5 Feb 2007 #

    The bit I regret not saying is the bit about the fanzine in the mid 80s saying some band hadn’t “earned their exclamation mark yet” or words to that effect, which I think is brilliant.

  18. 18

    you should write something up linking our discussion at the rise kagona/doug veitch show w.the “unforced goofiness” idea

  19. 19
    jones on 5 Feb 2007 #

    bergamot = the flavour in Earl Grey tea!! do they not have that in England?

  20. 20
    fernando on 6 Feb 2007 #

    any chance of a playlist?

  21. 21
    Tim on 6 Feb 2007 #

    The records played this time were:

    Sonido Drasser Lakar – “I Feel Great”
    Hurrah! – “Hip Hip”
    Seeed – “What You Deserve Is What You Get”

    a bit of “There She Goes” by The La’s

    and “Area Codes” by Ludacris

  22. 22
    Kat on 6 Feb 2007 #

    They do indeed have Earl Grey tea here, I was waiting for someone to mention it.

  23. 23
    Tim on 6 Feb 2007 #

    If someone made me a cup of Earl Grey which tasted like that, I’d stick it right up their bergamot.

  24. 24
    Steve Mannion on 6 Feb 2007 #

    I liked the Sonido Drasser Lakar track a bit and the Seeed track a lot (I still haven’t got round to hearing more of the latter).

  25. 25
    Tom on 6 Feb 2007 #

    The Seeed track is the track that turned us (well me) on to Seeed – it was all over Polish video channels when I was on honeymoon. The video had an Elephant Man guest spot which I think is the most half-arsed guest performance I have ever in my life encountered.

  26. 26
    cis on 6 Feb 2007 #

    bolshevik monopoly = class struggle!

    i actually have this at home. :D

  27. 27

    OMG blog it now and blog it hard!

  28. 28
    tracerhand on 6 Feb 2007 #

    i have played class struggle. it is awesome. in tru-marxist style, however, it’s all about credits and debits, so the capitalist (represented as a top hat) usually won, IIRC.

  29. 29

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  30. 30
    Tim on 8 Feb 2007 #

    More information on municipal punctuation from the Guardian (courtesy of a man even indier than me):


    I think we need an trip to Quebec.

  31. 31

    […] the exclamation mark but — tho daughter of POET she be – – she is clearly WRONG, as proven by Bopkids Lollardry heretofore. Can be served with rice if you need it bulking up, or hot crusty bread, but as with all […]

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