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I HATE MUSICALS2: West Side Story

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What I went to see was a gritty exploration of the clash between the dissaffected youths of the Puerto Rican and Italian immigrant communities in New York in the early 1960’s; taking into the account that the neo-tribal warfare betwixt these two groups merely had the effect of keeping those communities down and distracted them from the treatment by a conservative government who only wanted them for cheap labour.

What I got was some kids cliking their fingers in a vaguely menacing manner.


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    Goatmolestör on 25 Sep 2006 #

    When I came across this site, I expected a witty, accurate, vitriolic tirade against the smarmy saccarin melodrama idiocy of the musical.

    What I got was a lazy punchline that didn’t actually say anything and wasn’t very funny at all.

    Go back to reading Heat magazine or something.

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