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θ is for…THE-TAnsads

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Liverpool. Town of cheeky scousers, free with a joke on their lips and a song in their hearts. I hate the place. It churns out bands with almost US Arms Factory regularity. Wigan on the other hand is more of a Saddam Hussein when it comes to weapons of musical destruction. Not a huge stream of bands coming out of there. Which means in theory I should rather like it. Unfortunately there is one Iraqi Supergun on the horizon, a band so awful that the only publicity they ever got was being on the T-Shirt of a minor character in Brookside.

The Tansads. Folk punk, lest we not forget, a genre which never really took off to any great degree. When New Model Army are the pinacle of your style, ther only way is down. luckily the Tansads plummeted this mine with aplomb and regular changes of their singer. Desperation always kicks in when you replace you original singer with a chick, thus changing all the nuances on their so called classic ‘Shandyland’. Frankly calling an album Shandyland is enough to rattle my cage, drinking shandy is like drinking a single gin and tonic in my book. In The Tansads book, “This Is Pop: The Life And Times Of A Failed Rock Star” Tansads bassist Ed Jones bemoans the bands lack of success. To which i reply, you shouldn’t have been so shit then.


  1. 1
    emma turner on 25 Jan 2007 #

    omg the tansads rocked mt little world for 5 years whilst i was in the last years of high school and all the way thru collage and uni!!! sod shandyland, its wots behind the words that counts, and chips an eggs do make me high…even though im now a teacher and married with a young son, who i have to say enjoys dancing round my living room to all my tansads albums! O and im a cheeky scouser, so sod the pie eater’s!!!

  2. 2
    Murdoch on 6 Mar 2007 #

    They were from Wigan, you muppet.

    You’re right about tyhem being shite, tho’.

  3. 3
    ironman on 25 May 2007 #

    tansads? make my house shake when i play them. good driving music too. look at the shit thats churned out today by ^ superstars^? hardly inspiring is it.long live janet n the lads.

  4. 4
    martin williams on 20 Apr 2008 #

    the tansads where a brethe of fresh air in the early 90`s
    instead of all the bullshit college bands that where doing the rounds in st helens and wigan at the time lets face it there blend of folk rock is out standing a will still go down well at folk / rock festivals today

  5. 5
    martin williams on 20 Apr 2008 #


  6. 6
    graham theodore on 21 Jun 2009 #

    rockin from shropshire
    21 june 2009

    best band ever i miss the TANSADS and think john kek bob jan etc should call a truce and reform now and find camalot

  7. 7
    Kiyran on 20 Oct 2009 #

    Folk punk, lest we not forget, a genre which never really took off to any great degree.

    Even with huge bands like, The Real Mckenzies, Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys and The Pogues

  8. 8
    Abs on 9 Nov 2009 #

    I heard a rumour they may well be reforming. Check out Facebook groups for details. Bob Kettle is hinting.

  9. 9
    Mteq on 10 Nov 2009 #

    Top band, I had the pleasure to play in a supporting band “The Feeling Tones” with them and have John Kettle produce some of our songs!

  10. 10
    Connor on 17 Jan 2010 #

    haha my dad is the bass player u jerk off, and hu the fuk are u. probably a failed guitarist hu is jealous of their music . . . or even worse u don’t even play an instrument. it’s okay don’t cry, you can carry on writing shit reviews which hardly anyone will read. this review is bad that i came accross it while searching for coffins haha. your death must be near! yours truly Connor Ryan
    p.s. your ma is good in the bedroom . . . mmm tasty!!!

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