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MARVIN GAYE – Sexual Healing
Baby, I’m hot just like an oven, I need some Lovin’

Why did Marvin Gaye Snr bust a cap in Marvin Gaye Jnr’s ass? All sorts of rumours abound regarding drugs, infidelity, madness or being on a mission from God (as filtered thru my good self). However what is often forgotten is that Marvin Snr was a grade school English teacher who was spitting mad that Marvin used such a piss poor metaphor in Sexual Healing. Hot just like an oven? What, someone has cranked you up to gas mark five and is about to pop a joint in you. (Actually – looking at it that way…). Oven’s are not sexual objects. They are items of kitchen furniture which would seem awful out of place in the average bedroom. Usually covered in grease, they get significantly hotter than the average lover. Indeed if he were to persist with this line the chorus ought to be:
“When I get that feelin’
I need Mr Muscle Oven Cleaning.”


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    The Wrath on 11 Oct 2007 #


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    Billy Smart on 11 Oct 2007 #

    I despise this song and its use as a signifier of sexiness by thoughtless people. The thing that I really hate about it is the way that the singer sounds so much more like a despot demanding to be serviced (Wake up! Wake up!) than any sort of healing sensualist. Like an oven, I can imagine anybody who entered a relationship with him getting burned.

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    Marcello Carlin on 11 Oct 2007 #

    He sounds a lot more desperate than despotic. You sure you’re not mixing up Marvin Gaye with Dig Wayne Out of JoBoxers?

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    Comstock Carabinieri on 11 Oct 2007 #

    It is a superb melodics tribute to an underrated area of West London. It is a pity that he was shot assassinate before he could complete the demo of his follow up “Randy Acton.”

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    Todd Auger on 22 Dec 2007 #

    Thats pathetic – Marvin Gaye was one of the best singers we’ve seen, don’t disrespect his music, or his lyrics!! i bet if you ask anyone what they think of that song, everyone’ll love it!! and to critisise him because of one line, thats pathetic! grow up, and realise that we should keep real music like this alive, because music nowadays is awful, i can’t think of one artist/s that can sing half as good as marvin gaye…and to suggest that his dad killed him over lyrics, this is someones death we’re talking about here, don’t make jokes out of it…thats just wrong! whether he’s famous or not, you should never make jokes out of a death, thats heartless and cruel!

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