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PINK FLOYD – Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 2 – 8)

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PINK FLOYD – Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 2 – 8)

Anyone who has had the misfortune to listen to the Wish You Were Here album will be aware that this magnificent piece of (shit) work is bookended by Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V) (Parts VI-IX). Now I am not going to mention the fact that this album only has five tracks on it, and that two of these are the same song. I’m not even going to mention the fact that the Floyd are so lazy that despite only having four songs they got a guest vocalist in for one of them. No – I am here to make a revelation of possible national magnitude.

I have found parts 2- 8 of Shine On You Crazy Diamond.

You see whilst the song goes on forever on the album it only has two verses. What I have found, scrawled in Roger Waters worst orange crayon, are the vitriolic lyrics which would have formed the final verse. Unfortunately it was exorcised by EMI lawyers from the song when they realised that even in his most drugged up state that Syd Barrett would notice that they were libellous.

Remember when you were mashed, You spent all our cash.
Fuck off you junkie bastard.
You spent all of our dough, for a half pound of blow
Fuck off you junkie bastard.
We are art school career boys
With mother fixations
We want to do prog rock.
So fuck off you user, psychadelic boozer,
Fuck off you skagman, you pothead you loser and DIE.

Now I have a conundrum. I am sure that if I release this barely cogent but somewhat nasty lyrics to the non-sexed fans of Pink Floyd I could easily make enough money to fund my campaign to destroy music properly. However by doing so I will be helkping prolong the legacy of Pink floyd, musicians. So after much debate I have decided to set fire to them, much like the man on the front of Wish You Were Here was both on fire in the picture, and the copy I stole from a Marie Curie Cancer Shop that I burnt. And then you will hear my madcap laugh.


  1. 1
    Crow on 18 Dec 2006 #

    Your lyrics are indeed humorous. However, your contempt for a band that is both lyrically brilliant and musically innovative poisons your humor, until all that is left is your bitter attitude and blatent ignorance. I am increasingly disappointed by you with each article I read; you have obviously not attempted to fathom the meaning of the lyrics. In the case of Shine on You Crazy Diamond, you are irreverently mocking a tribute to a man who lost his mind as a result of drug abuse. Have you no empathy? You ridicule both things you do not understand and things which are beautifully fitting monuments to the tragedy of lost human genius.

  2. 2
    robert on 23 Dec 2006 #

    without sid’s genius and innovation, there would be no pink floyd.
    perhaps you can’t “remember when you were young…”

  3. 3
    music rocks on 19 Apr 2007 #

    You are the biggest loser on the internet.

  4. 4
    Damien on 27 Apr 2007 #

    You obviously don’t get the song! the history of Pink Floyd and the reasons songs like shine on and wish you were here were written!!!!

    if you don’t like them don’t listen to them!! and keep your narrow minded opinions to yourself!

  5. 5
    Admin on 28 Apr 2007 #

    You obviously don’t get I Hate Music! the history of Tanya Headon and the reasons posts like this and the one about The Wall were written!!!!

    if you don’t like them don’t read them!! but keep your lovely comments coming! we love it.

    (apols to the FT massive. i found that hard to resist)

  6. 6
    Pinky on 15 Jun 2007 #

    You don’t deserve me to add a comment.lol

  7. 7
    oms on 29 Jun 2007 #

    tania skag wrote ” but somewhat nasty lyrics to the non-sexed fans of Pink Floyd I could easily ” non-sexed fans??? not only is tania a retard who’s nipples caught fire at age 5 (thus the incesentally stupid and immature levels of ‘journalism’ displayed bu her) but she also believes that she has the pyschic ability to determine who gets laid and who doesnt by what music they may listen to…incidently the dark side of the moon (floyd album) is reportedly the best album to play during sex in australia…altho i hate this fact and it is rather stupid it still goes to show that atleast floyd fans DO get their fair share of sex

  8. 8
    oms on 29 Jun 2007 #

    oh and in response to FT (fat turd??) admins remark all i wud like to say is tht i for one enjoy reading positive critisism abt the things i like..its always good to do that to get a better idea abt the things one likes/dislikes..but im sorry..f**k ‘positive’ what ur doing IS NOT EVEN CRITISISM! i, being a massive floyd fan’ can come up with ten PROPER critisms abt floyd’s work of the top of my head…taking lyrics and moulding them to fit into ur sick, sadistic parrallel universe isnt funny tanya skag

  9. 9
    oms on 29 Jun 2007 #

    o and just one other general remark..i wud never ever bother to listen to an entire album, nay, the entire discography of a band i hate so much…actually i wudnt bother to hear any album if i purported to hate music…anyone who has a life wud do the same..what is tht tell u abt urself tania…ok fine so u didnt a proper education (wich is why ur living in ur parents basement feeding more lard into ur lard ass) and u werent hot so u cudnt get married to man who cud support u…we understand all that..but still…woman atleast make an honest attempt to get a life

  10. 10
    Pete on 29 Jun 2007 #

    incidently the dark side of the moon (floyd album) is reportedly the best album to play during sex in australia

    Um. That’s my fuck tour of New South Wales cancelled then.

    One wonders how dull sex in Australia would have to be to be enlivened by a Floyd album!

  11. 11
    oms on 29 Jun 2007 #

    seriously…if u hate floyd..if u hate music…then just…now this is going to sound revolutionary but bear with me…just…if u hate music and/or pink floyd all u have..to…do…is…STOP LISTENING TO IT! there? now isnt that so very easy to comprehend…count sheep, blow bubbles, eat ice cream..watever..just dont listen to music if it pisses u off so much..believe me there are better causes to fight for..how abt aids prevention, peace in middle east, famine in africa, gun violence..why music??:S live and let live guys

    my frends and tania skag…ur lives will be alot more happy and fulfilling if u invest the time and money u spend on being bigots on urselves instead. stop worrying abt wat barrett was and wat he was on. stop worrying abt the ‘stupidity’ of floyd album covers…ur acting like someone shoves up a bunch of peppers up ur arse when u hear music or see a pink floyd album cover…loosen up guys

    and Pete bro…im sure sex in australia is dull. my point wasnt abt floyd making sex better or worse…my point simply was that floyd fans ARE getting some action (regardless of the quality of that action)

  12. 12
    5 on 29 Jun 2007 #

    Aids prevention, peace in the middle east, gun violence, famine, all wonderful things. The only thing that would be an even better use of time would be to trawl the internet for people who hate your favourite pop group, then search the same site for ALL posts ever made about that group and make a dozen posts over several days about how you feel.

    Remember kids, if you don’t like an album/film/play/TV Show/whatever, then don’t waste your time insulting it, go and cure Aids instead. Unless it’s a website, then feel free to go nuts.

  13. 13
    Alan on 29 Jun 2007 #

    I’m still not sure i believe that someone somewhere who has listened to PF has ever had sex

  14. 14
    oms on 30 Jun 2007 #

    ‘5’ haha thanks for raising a total cliche point…me wasting my time is moot seeing as tht im a uni student and we have little sense of time…its just so much easier trashing people like this rather than going out of my way to find some physical being to trash…and ur arguement is circular in nature seeing as tht i can easily raise the same point against you; u use ur time by replying to posts about a band u dont seem to like too much..obviously u searched for this site to rite? or was it a biblical revalation tht brought u here mate?

  15. 15
    Alan on 30 Jun 2007 #

    a masterly ability to miss the point – another characteristic of “the floyd fan”

  16. 16
    oms on 1 Jul 2007 #

    alan shhh…nobody cares wat u think…u 50 cent listening, eminem worshipping sad little man. i understand u were molested by some musicians at birth..but dont embarass urself..and yes i do think tht people who MAKE blogs abt the things they hate are sadder than people who DEFEND the things they like…try not to think of things in absolute terms

  17. 17
    Alan on 1 Jul 2007 #

    try not to think

  18. 18
    oms on 1 Jul 2007 #

    alan i now know how u can enrich ur sad little life and bring peace to ur oversized head. why dont u spend ur time and ur efforts in removing the sand inside tanya’s vagina? its a win-win situation for all

  19. 19
    Alan on 1 Jul 2007 #

    i want to hear more about the things you understand

  20. 20
    5 on 1 Jul 2007 #

    Difference is, I found this site while searching for things I enjoy, and stayed because I enjoyed the site. You’re just attracted to arguing with people for the sake of it until they think the exact same thing you do and take themselves just as seriously. Now quick! Go! An African orphan is dying as you write that rebuttal accusing me of being an uneducated Romanian peasant woman who listens to Hilary Duff! Your powers are needed elsewhere.

    If you think I’m a hypocrite for still reading your posts, truth is I’m finding them pretty damn enjoyable too ;)

  21. 21
    oms on 2 Jul 2007 #

    its great to see somebody here actually does enjoy the eloquence of my words… ‘5’ u actually enjoy sites about things u dont like? do u also enjoy websites about incest, butt sex and man-boy love (or are we to assume u actually like these things?)…dude..get a life honestly! atleast im on this side defending shit i like..now i hate hillary duff but i have to be pretty fucked up to actually FIND a anti-hilary website, use a gay code name like ‘5’ and explicity imply that im an old romanian peasent woman…dude..weak.

  22. 22
    oms on 2 Jul 2007 #

    and alan, as i UNDERSTAND it, i think some sand slipped out of tanya’s vagina and went into urs…QUICK ‘5’ suck it out

  23. 23
    Alan on 2 Jul 2007 #

    we need more understanding like this.

  24. 24
    oms on 2 Jul 2007 #

    alan ur just steamed because u cant justify why u hate pink floyd….honestly if u give me one goood, decent reason why u hate floyd enough to waste ur time like this, i’ll stop ripping on u

  25. 25
    oms on 2 Jul 2007 #

    ladies and gentlemen let me introduce u to the absolute fucktards here at FT. only these humongous pricks have the fine ability to make bold sweeping statements that they have no hope of substaniating… in the world of debating we call this conceding ur case. o wait..my bad..they actually DO come up with some fine justifications….here are some of the more impressive ones…

    a) pink floyd sucks because: there is no dark side of the moon
    b) pink floyd sucks because: tanya got a biblical revelation in wich the lyrics to shine on have been fucked by god knows wat

    and c: pf sucks because:…shudder…someone pee’d on the wall’s album cover????:S

  26. 26
    Alan on 2 Jul 2007 #

    the idiocy inadvertently displayed by some fans might be part of it.

    an immaturity in language while calling all around them immature

    reporting facts that they themselves hate and think are stupid

    generally wasting time on a site they don’t like, complaining that someone is writing about something they don’t like

    not understanding what a circular argument is – yet managing to throw the phrase at someone else WHILE SUFFERING FROM IT THEMSELVES repeatedly

    being a uni student with little sense of time

    really poor trolling about ppl they’ve never met being molested

    saying things like ‘dude…weak’

    failing to have any sense of humour

    Not you of course — I’m sure you wouldn’t recognise yourself in this anyway! — but other fans.

  27. 27
    oms on 3 Jul 2007 #

    o look alan this is my face actually giving a tiny rats ass! NOT! if only borat could pull it off as well as me..now lets get some perspective on this thing before alan’s vagina gets too full of sand…heres the deal…who the fuck told u uni students have
    ‘sense of time’ wat kind of a retard are you? and have u ever heard of figurative speech? ofcourse people are going to thing u got molested if u come with such stupid reasons for hating music:S as far as this being a circular arguement..if u go back and read the post..u shall see tht i am actually admitting tht i myself AM in this ‘circular’ arguement…but ofcourse u ppl dont like to review things…o wait..sorry u do love to review a band u despise and its album, my bad.

    and if i didnt have a sense of humor i wudnt be ripping on so bad:P i mean c’monnnn sand in ur vagina, rural farmers, subsidies, the subtle but effective use of sarcasm…c’mon alan..fair is fair

    and its my time, if i choose to waste it argueing with people with such proposterous stances as’ i hate music’ than i think thts time wasted well.

    i can see im becoming quite a pain in ur ass alan…so why not just remove this site…again another win-win situation…but i understand that making fun of 60 year old men is what really gets u going

  28. 28
    Alan on 3 Jul 2007 #

    ha ha “NOT”. that is brilliant.

    like i said, we’re getting diminishing returns from “subtle but effective” you :-( it started out so funny – a genuine idiot! posting on our site!

  29. 29
    oms on 3 Jul 2007 #

    its funny how some people just never learn…if i made a site..and got trashed on it by random people i wud never hold that site near and dear…but Alan here, who’s vagina is overflowing with sand by the way, loves to get trashed..ofcourse he cant expect much better in life if he goes around defending people who come out with such feeble and brittle attempts at humor (see above)…if u want us ‘idioots’ to stop posting on ‘ur’ gay site all u need to do is come up with something original and realistic…trust me..making ‘wish-it-had-been’ lyrics for shine on does not make floyd a bad band and does not justify how music is such a terrible thing..if u assholes want to prove a point then atleast think rationally…and stop listening to floyd!!! stay away from things u dont like alan..i mean thts just basic human behavior..u dont see me shovving my hand down a snake’s throat do u?do u?

  30. 30
    Alan on 3 Jul 2007 #

    you love us then! joy

    but i don’t want you to stop — i just want you to stop being rubbish. you were funny when you weren’t trying – it’s funny watching anyone making an idiot of themselves.

  31. 31
    oms on 3 Jul 2007 #

    one wonders how alan defines idiocy..is idiotic behavior fucking up a bands lyric to prove a (rather stupid) point or is idiocy asking someone to be rational?hmm…yes alan i love u guys for it is because of ur infinite stupidity that those less fortunate can look and say ‘aah so there are people much worse of than me’

    and while we’re at it, ur level of grammer is particularly disturbing, seeing as that u consider urself to be a..ahem..journalist *shudder*..

    “its funny watching anyone making an idiot of themselves”

    try this on for size mr hemingway…”its funny watching anyone make an idiot of HIMSELF”

    u really should have picked a different profession…

  32. 32

    yes alan you big journalist

  33. 33
    Alan on 3 Jul 2007 #

    a little more of the old funny there. and it turns out oms is a HIM! — the hilarious “sandy vagina” stuff was a big clue i suppose.

  34. 34
    Al Ewing on 4 Jul 2007 #

    It’s funny how some people just never learn. Or so I’m told.

  35. 35
    oms on 5 Jul 2007 #

    oh shit alan u really have to do something about that sand in your vagina its making ewing cranky

  36. 36
    Alan on 5 Jul 2007 #

    it’s like a cycle of funny. a few ROFLs from one post full of unintentional stupid, followed by something just inane. i wonder how long the pattern will go on repeating itself…

  37. 37
    oms on 6 Jul 2007 #

    its funny how people with so much sand in their vaginas can still string a few words together…whats funnier is that this sonofawhore hasnt yet attempted to justify why hes clashing with me..its a case of hating something just for the sake of it

  38. 38
    Alan on 6 Jul 2007 #

    damn, he’s got stuck on inane. getting funny out of oms is too hard. Al, can you have a go now?

  39. 39
    oms on 6 Jul 2007 #
  40. 40
    oms on 6 Jul 2007 #

    you are so stupid. its not even funny anymore :S

  41. 41

    poor old oms, singlehandledly rescuing PF from their own failure to communicate

  42. 42
    oms on 7 Jul 2007 #

    ” pˆnk s lord sükråt cunctør” with that kind of a name, only god knows how in the name of holy fuck u communicate. ur parents wud have been better of just naming u fuck tard..then ui cud be FT’s FT

  43. 43
    Alan on 7 Jul 2007 #

    “in the world of debating we call this”:

    a) possibly the cleverest thing ever said by anyone ever
    b) a circular argument
    c) ad hominem

  44. 44
    a1 on 13 Jul 2007 #

    FT people, you guys are kind of lame

  45. 45
    Shannon on 16 Aug 2007 #

    Wow, whats the matter? Roger didnt want to fuck you? so now you are retaliating? If you had a brain in your narrow minded head which is clear you dont, then you would know the genius of Waters and his words and to mock a song which is a tribute to Syd, a man who went crazy due to a drug problem. so what do you listen to Insync? Wow, brilliant!

  46. 46
    pink floyd lover on 30 Jul 2009 #

    you hate pink floyd because you cant even think like god says

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