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Now the beach is deserted
Except for some kelp
And a piece of an old ship
That lies on the shore
You always responded
When I needed your help

Hold on! Can you spot, O readers, where the Greatest Pop Poet Of The Twentieth Century gets a tiny bit desperate for a rhyme? Better than Keats? Not even up to Ronan bleedin’ Keating on this evidence!


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    You'reanidiot on 29 Sep 2006 #

    And what about the rest of the song, shit breath?

    “You gave me a map, and a key to your door”

    Fuck you, thats a good verse.

    “I laid on the dunes and I looked at the sky
    When the children were babies, and played on the beach
    You came up behind me, I saw you go by,
    You were always so close, still within reach.”

    Has Dylan ever said he was the greatest poet of the twentieth century? No. So don’t hold him to standards he’s never claimed. And not all of his lyrics are fucking meant to be serious.

    “I took my potatoes down to be mashed
    Whoo baby, whoo-ee, its that million dollar bash” – Million Dollar Bash

    “I sat my monkey on a log
    And ordered him to do the dog
    He wagged his tail and shook his head
    Then he went and did the cat instead” – I Shall Be Free #10

    It’s called having fun. Try it sometime.

  2. 2
    j on 16 Oct 2006 #

    ripping dylan isnt on! you tell ’em mate

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