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PILOT – January

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PILOT – January

You think I’m going to do twelve months of this crap, you’ve got another thing coming.

All that said though, January by Pilot is a godawful piece of shit which does deserve a singular bashing. I think many of us could agree that the month of Januiary is not exactly a bundle of laughs. Now the idiosyncrat that I am has a soft spot for it, basically because the pubs get shot of all the pre-Christmas amateur drinkers and I can stretch my legs. But even I resent the cold and the slush and the massive Jan 1st hangover.

All that said – I am not sure it was wholly fair that Pilot blamed their “sicked and tiredness” upon January. Its always the sign of a poor loser to blame things out of their control for being miserable. Surely they could have looked to their own laurels, their own cod sing-song choruses and feeble instrumentation. Harmonies which can only be achieved by a cheesy grin and a thumbs up sign – which belies the sadness at the heart of the song. January was Pilot’s biggest hit. They tried to follow it up with a song about February – which bombed. They were then Marched out of their record company offices with a P45. No-one was singing “don’t go” then.


  1. 1
    Galen S on 30 Apr 2007 #

    who fucking cares u cant play a guitar and create music millions of people love music and u can see that by this website but guess what…..u can just give me a call and i invite u over and i can play music till u go deaf and cant hear ne more

  2. 2
    Hail on 21 May 2007 #

    You are a stupid fucking bitch.

    Fine people can have opinions but to publically express every single one of them is shitting alot of people up the wall.

    But I bet some of us are kind of glad you dont have a spot on tv or in a newspaper.

  3. 3
    Admin on 21 May 2007 #

    Tanya’s more successful attempt at shitting a lot of people up the wall

  4. 4
    Kath on 9 Jan 2008 #

    Well Tania… Pilot ALSO had a great song called ‘Magic.’ Tell me… have I heard any of your music lately? Why are you so bitter?

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