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DAVID BOWIE asks ‘Is There Life On Mars?’

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DAVID BOWIE asks ‘Is There Life On Mars?’

Tanya answers: No. Most scientific studies have shown that Mars is wholly inhospitable to life having bitterly cold nights, and a wafer thin atmosphere, not to mention a paucity of water. Whilst there might be a very small chance of single celled organisms surviving at the polar caps, all evidence so far has suggested that this is not the case, and only the romantic or foolish would suggest otherwise over such massive odds.

Tanya asks: What exactly did you mean when you said Mickey Mouse has grown up a cow?

David Bowie does not answer. He merely walks away sheepishly. Look at that caveman go.


  1. 1
    Andy on 5 Aug 2006 #

    seiously tho, what are you doing? U need to sort your crack right out. “Most scientific studies have shown that Mars is wholly inhospitable” – whats that Pretentious shit about? Its a SONG, its a mint song, with absolute artistc greatness. Stop being dead pretentious, shut up, and ENJOY music, thats what its there for.

    bloody hell, as if there is people like you in the world. sadness.

  2. 2
    Katie on 11 Apr 2008 #

    Erm, ever considered that it may, JUST POSSIBLY, be a metaphor, and that it may, JUST POSSIBLY, have a DEEPER MEANING??

    How can you hate music? Music LITERALLY is my world. If there were no music, if music were made illegal, i would put all my money into the black market and asassins to get it back.

    Stop. Think. You aren’t the only person on the whole goddam planet.

  3. 3
    Marcello Carlin on 11 Apr 2008 #

    If ever a lyric merited a 0/10 SEE ME in red ink it is “Life On Mars Pretentious Question Mark.”

  4. 4
    Richard "AZ" Aslett on 13 Aug 2010 #

    Firstly “Life on Mars”” was/is a (great) pop song from the 7O’s, and not a serious scientific assesment of the chances of intergalactic planet populations!! But as this page seems to be so so full of precise information, f.y.i; “Mickey Mouse has grown up a cow” relates to the mouse cartoon character, so loved by many children (and adults) the World over, that has morphed into nothing more than a comercial “Cash Cow”. Phew!!

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