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Of all the foul inventions – a poll which forces me to choose between two behemoths of mediocrity like The Stereophonics and Travis, the least defensible acts doing the rounds in Britain. A poll which saw the swift exit of REM and the even swifter exits of Radiohead and Belle & Sebastian. A poll which denied even to quantify the blatant poorness of Placebo, Gomez and for what its worth Idlewild. I could go on. Readers, give me the strength and courage to channel my anger at these criminals of culture, and for your own sake avoid the BBC2 coverage of that Festival of Arse – Glastonbury. I for my part will be watching intently, gathering my evidence.


  1. 1
    Steve on 22 Feb 2008 #

    what a relief, thought she was hating on Propaganda for a moment there.

  2. 2
    Alan on 22 Feb 2008 #

    give her a chance (if she hasn’t taken it already). she does after all HATE ALL MUSIC

  3. 3
    jeff w on 22 Feb 2008 #

    Tanya never more OTM in three little words there

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