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Jan 18

TFTACOXS – December 19th: Brie & Cranberry Wars part Deux (2 comments) UPDATE: I returned to Tossed this lunchtime and was assigned the moniker of JUSTIN BIEBER. (The dude behind me got… katstevens

Jan 18

CHICANE ft BRYAN ADAMS – “Don’t Give Up” (39 comments) Hmmm ... thanks - so he was taken off at his own request then - that certainly raises as many… Lazarus

Jan 18

HAUNTOGRAPHY: Oh Whistle, And I’ll Come To You, My Lad (12 comments) Wonderful tale Jezza
The Freaky Trigger Readers’ Poll 2017: #20-#11 (8 comments) Thought I was going out without scoring but 'Dive' came to the rescue. Glad to see it so high.… speedwell54
And Then I Took Some Of THESE (2 comments) excellent pitchfork piece by jes skolnik on how to engage with the dark as well as the bright side of… pˆnk s lord sükråt cunctør

Jan 18

Designed For Confusion (1 comment) What is design It is a question this list seems happy to ignore. e-commercebuilder

Jan 18

Shooting Fish In A Barrel Department: Biffy Clyro Division (7 comments) You clearly have a really bad taste in music. homeia
BOYZONE – “No Matter What” (60 comments) Boyzone did were better than this track. sharkeymedia

Jan 18

Things That Go Bump In The Studio (1 comment) Couldn't find anywhere else to say it but R.I.P. Mark E Smith Gonna spend the night listening… Lee Saunders

Jan 18

The Freaky Trigger Movie Poll 2017: #30 – #21 (3 comments) Worth mentioning that Jackie also has a great score from Mica Levi (certainly not a typical choice for a biopic). dollymix
2018 Music Diary Week 3: The Week Of Appropriation (1 comment) Re: Duke Ellington - I ran into the same problem (and similar with other jazz artists) on Spotify when I… Cumbrian

Jan 18

Going Back To My Routes: Kanto (34 comments) These games are awesome. Corner

Jan 18

ROD STEWART – “Maggie May” (27 comments) I have noticed you don't monetize your page, don't waste your traffic, you can earn additional cash every… LastJohanna

Jan 18

2018 Music Diary Week 2: The Week Of Intensity (3 comments) One Love! The ever delayed release. All that nonsense about "the accidental suggestion of a swastika" in John Squire's cover… chelovek na lune
Provenance And Use AKA A Vague Critical Resolution (5 comments) Yeah, my comments there were sparked by your post but didn't really engage with the thrust of it, which seemed… Dave

Jan 18

THE MOODY BLUES – “Go Now” (17 comments) #16 - As am I, Dan. We shared our disgust many moons ago on the "Back Home" thread, as it… Jimmy the Swede

Jan 18

When Do We Get Her Out Of The Cranberries? (4 comments) Her out of the Cranberries is now dead. RIP Dolores O'Riordan at 46. :( Kinitawowi
The Freaky Trigger Readers’ Poll 2017: #30-#21 (11 comments) This is one of the best articles I have come across. Keep up the good work. Tubemate johnsonc016

Jan 18

Popular Crystal Ball: 2017 – Islands In The Stream (7 comments) Do you think Weird Al Yankovic will record a song called "Look What You Made Me Chew"? (I like how… koganbot

Jan 18

COOLIO ft LV – “Gangsta’s Paradise” (106 comments) Saw Coolio perform this song last year. He dedicated it to the memory of Princess Diana. Still unsure why.… Vieuphoria