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Jun 21

Oh NO! (1 comment) Chewing Gum by Annie eventually made #25 in the UK Singles Chart. Like Tom, I had friends who were big… Gareth Parker

Jun 21

Blog ’92: EATING SUSHI IN JAPAN (16 comments) I'd agree with Katstevens. The worst track on Rave 92 for me as well. Gareth Parker
Blog ’92: RATPACK DON’T IMITATE (10 comments) Great use of Tom's Diner here as Katstevens mentions. Gareth Parker
Blog ’92: KISS THE RAZOR’S EDGE (4 comments) A perfectly fine track to my ears. Gareth Parker
Blog ’92: ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME? (4 comments) #3 = Andypandy - 11/10 for Praga Khan. I'd certainly go along with that and agree with you there. Gareth Parker
Blog ’92: PUT ON MY RAVING SHOES (5 comments) Marc Cohn you rotter! This would have made a great #1. Gareth Parker
Blog ’92: YOU’D BETTER SHAKE YOUR BONES (4 comments) Would've been a better #1 than Goodnight Girl by the Wets. Gareth Parker
Blog ’92: WHO LOVES YOU, AND WHO DO YOU LOVE? (4 comments) A certified banger imho! Gareth Parker
Blog ’92: PUGH PUGH BARNEY MCGREW (7 comments) Great track. Feel the Heat indeed! Gareth Parker
Blog ’92: WHEN THE FEELING’S RIGHT I’M GONNA RUN ALL NIGHT (7 comments) #5 I'm not sure Adams merits a firing squad. Maybe you do for your constantly inane comments? Great version of… Gareth Parker
Blog ’92: WE’VE GOT 1MB OF RAM AND WE’RE NOT AFRAID TO USE IT (8 comments) #3 The Marillion song is better than anything you could come up with. Great ambient track imo. Gareth Parker
Blog ’92: THAT’S WHAT I AM (3 comments) Reasonable enough record imho. Snap were at #1 with Rhythm is a Dancer, when this was at #11. Gareth Parker
Blog ’92: U-U-U-UTAH SAINTS (24 comments) Should have been a #1 in my view. Held off by Erasure's Abba Covers EP, Nick Berry's cover of Heartbeat… Gareth Parker

Jun 21

The Freaky Trigger Top 100 Tracks Of All Time No. 50 (6 comments) Probably one of Gwen's better records. Gareth Parker
THE FT TOP 100 TRACKS OF ALL TIME No. 29: PJ & Duncan AKA – Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble (7 comments) Boom Shake the Room! for the Geordie boys and the Byker Grove generation. #9 in '94, before reaching #1 in… Gareth Parker
The FT Top 100 Tracks Of All Time: 24: RACHEL STEVENS – Some Girls (3 comments) Held off #1 by Lola's Theme by Shapeshifters, back in the July of 2004. Gareth Parker
Freaky Trigger Top 100 Songs of All Time – Number 47 (5 comments) Utterly preposterous, but strangely enough I'm quite glad that Doop made it on to the list! Gareth Parker
The FT Top 100 Tracks Of All Time: 25: MADONNA – Into The Groove (3 comments) Top single in my opinion. I gave it 8/10 on Popular. Gareth Parker
The Freaky Trigger Top 100 Tracks Of All Time No. 44. The Selecter – On My Radio (19 comments) Jaunty stuff from Pauline Black and co. here. Good fun imho. Gareth Parker
The FT Top 100 Songs of All Time #8: Dexy’s Midnight Runners – There, There, My Dear (4 comments) I've embraced the New Soul Vision. Have you?! Great record imho. Kev lays down his manifesto expertly, as the Young… Gareth Parker