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Apr 17

WESTLIFE – “I Have A Dream”/”Seasons In The Sun” (40 comments) Awful song and band and the first cover of many as they enter their new phase as the World's most… MUSICALITY
FIVE – “Keep On Movin'” (30 comments) Their global smash hit single and only big hit during their career in Brazil during the year 2000.… MUSICALITY
WESTLIFE – “Flying Without Wings” (28 comments) I liked this track it builds and builds and is more memorable than what followed from them. MUSICALITY
BOYZONE – “You Needed Me” (60 comments) Forgettable, dull and boring. MUSICALITY
WESTLIFE – “Swear It Again” (86 comments) Great post review and my views exactly however taking this on face value and trying to block out Westlife's future… MUSICALITY
911 – “A Little Bit More” (60 comments) Truly awful third rate band who were inexplicably just as popular as Backstreet Boys... in Asia! MUSICALITY
BOYZONE – “All That I Need” (40 comments) I actually liked this one though it is very boyband formulaic I agree. Was also their… MUSICALITY
BOYZONE – “A Different Beat” (34 comments) Ok I actually like this one.... I was young when it came out so was perhaps drawn to its histrionic… MUSICALITY
BOYZONE – “Words” (66 comments) Finally out of Take That's shadow however still taking cues from them with this Bee Gees cover. Take That's… MUSICALITY
GARY BARLOW – “Forever Love” (64 comments) It is long and tedious and agree it came out at the wrong time however it was still a major… MUSICALITY
EAST 17 – “Stay Another Day” (49 comments) Their global calling card and rightly so #1 as far away as Zimbabwe to Israel and right through Europe amongst… MUSICALITY
BOYZ II MEN – “End Of The Road” (52 comments) Agree with comments above over egged vocals and too long with it also. Good but BORING! MUSICALITY
NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK – “Hangin’ Tough” (63 comments) Ok so New Kids did kick start the modern era style boyband but their songs were and are just so… MUSICALITY
BROS – “I Owe You Nothing” (91 comments) Sorry but I actually think Bros were great with a great sound and especially this chart topper and 'When Will… MUSICALITY
NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK – “You Got It (The Right Stuff)” (82 comments) Ok so New Kids did kick start the modern era style boyband but their songs were and are just so… MUSICALITY
BILLY JOEL – “Uptown Girl” (75 comments) This is a great song and nice that he finally got huge recognition in Britain (about time) however he has… MUSICALITY

Apr 17

Unheard Album Project: March 2017 (2 comments) If you liked Charli XCX's song with CupcakKe, you HAVE to hear CupcakKe's own stuff if you haven't already -… Janet

Apr 17

ENGLANDNEWORDER – “World In Motion” (149 comments) #29 The Pinefox ; I remember finding it strange at the time that no-one else seemed to notice- or at… Mostro

Apr 17

OASIS – “The Hindu Times” (61 comments) I know! Sorry. Hopefully the PopCon in Seattle will inspire me....! Tom
Beamslingers (2 comments) The last OnePlus flagship was so incredible that I can't wait to get my hands of the OnePlus 4.… Upcoming OnePlus 4