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Jul 18

Pop World Cup 2018 Group F Match 1 (15 comments) Yeah, I also missed voting on this one, results came through in roughly the order I liked though. weej

Jul 18

all the world on one short shelf — remembering roy carr (5 comments) I have a case of cassettes handy containing most of these. If you're interested for copies or details please let… KevM
MATTHEWS SOUTHERN COMFORT – “Woodstock” (63 comments) Around the time this was a hit (and I was aware of it on the radio) I was reading 'My… lonepilgrim

Jul 18

MODJO – “Lady (Hear Me Tonight)” (45 comments) Hello webmaster, i've been reading your page for some time and I really like coming back here. I… HongBiggie

Jul 18

Going Back To My Routes: Kanto (36 comments) Wow, Really great article i enjoy it very much here I appreciating your knowledge keep sharing kindly check it out… Aaradhya

Jul 18

Manage A Team In The Pop World Cup 2018! (48 comments) We have got an England manager (and a track from them!) but a few others are keeping quiet. I'll send… Tom

Jul 18

Pop World Cup 2018 Group E Match 1 (13 comments) Any updates? Are managers still needed? Joe
The Friday Fun Canon Discussion And Monster Poll (231 comments) Revitalized network invent: http://lori.web1.telrock.net donea1
SHAGGY feat. RIKROK – “It Wasn’t Me” (33 comments) ...for inspiration? glue_factory

Jul 18

the eight-and-a-half pillars of true punk (8 comments) From my experience in the UK what punk might be was hugely open to interpretation in its early days. I… lonepilgrim

Jun 18

BADDIEL AND SKINNER AND THE LIGHTNING SEEDS – “Three Lions” (130 comments) So, if they were going to remake this for 2018, they should basically use the b-side of "I want more"… Mark G

Jun 18

Pop World Cup 2018: Group A Match 1 (17 comments) A glorious day for the humble and peace-loving Kingdom of Saudi Arabia! The promise of a rolls-royce each for the… Tom

Jun 18

SUGABABES – “Round Round” (19 comments) Re "acoustic drear" - I'm thinking of Vagabond, Xenomania's Kravitz-cum-Starsailor. Being Xenomania, some of the songs were still pretty strong,… wichitalineman

Jun 18

free-form thoughts on john coltrane and how NOT to remember or talk about him next time, maybe (25 comments) i googled around in case this village voice piece was up somewhere illicitly on the internet, or referenced: this mentions… mark sinker

Jun 18

narnian origins: imagined islands in the great green sea of gloom (7 comments) a nice realisation of the concept: http://andrewpekler.com/phantom-islands/ mark sinker

Jun 18

FREDA PAYNE – “Band Of Gold” (53 comments) Re 53: First piece of music ever played in Mad Men - theme tune aside - was Don Cherry's Band… wichitalineman
THE SHADOWS – “Kon-Tiki” (15 comments) #9 - Called it! Mark G

Jun 18

KAJAGOOGOO – “Too Shy” (60 comments) well, someone asked what if female sing Too Shy.. this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VycI0vKHMA davor
Pop World Cup 2018 – Tournament Eve Update (5 comments) haven't seen the instructions yet, but I assume I have until monday :-) Ludo

Jun 18

FLEETWOOD MAC – “Albatross” (75 comments) Re74: Just a couple of months ago, (for unlikely work purposes) I was trying to ascertain the whereabouts of the… Mark M