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Jun 20

The People’s Pop Poll: Day 8 (2 comments) Left to my own devices PSB is a genus rave classic. Loving the lyrics and attitude Ee
Freaky Trigger’s WordPress Setup (498 comments) MANIC STREET PREACHERS I Think Ive Found It Shalala.ru pokercc

May 20

Popular FAQ (23 comments) Readers looking for a similar blog with the US Number Ones should check out Stereogum's The Number Ones at https://www.stereogum.com/category/franchises/the-number-ones/.… Joshua K.

May 20

THE BEACH BOYS – “Do It Again” (33 comments) Kind of like this, but I think Getcha Back, from their little loved (when not outright ignored) eponymous 1985 album… PapaT
ANDY WILLIAMS – “Butterfly” (35 comments) That Spotify hole looks to have been closed, as Butterfly pops up here: https://open.spotify.com/track/7dqSnbweoewZnyRTEvgfCZ?si=pZ0vaK_mTW24YcKUIh1pHw On a whole album of number… slideyfoot

May 20

KYLIE MINOGUE – “Slow” (21 comments) I don't know if I love this as a single, but it's an excellent opener to what I think is… dollymix
NOB DYLAN’S LEGACY OF CRAP (2 comments) T.C., you're shouting at writing older than Billie Eilish. Patrick Mexico, The Inanimate Carbon God

May 20

WILL YOUNG – “Anything Is Possible” / “Evergreen” (37 comments) @36 Have you ever checked American comedian Rob Paravonian's funny "American Idol" loser song, which I've dubbed the title as… Stephen Emmett

May 20

THE CURE – “Cut Here” (2 comments) I agree shiro ! Boris is the best cure drummer also. Jason is talented for sure but Boris is really… Joel G.

May 20

FRANKIE LYMON AND THE TEENAGERS – “Why Do Fools Fall In Love?” (9 comments) There we go, THIS is what I want from the 1950s! Gorgeous doo wop harmonies, excellent. Better than a 6,… slideyfoot

May 20

TAB HUNTER – “Young Love” (5 comments) The documentary Tab Hunter Confidential is a pretty interesting account of a life in (and after) the Hollywood closet. Don't… Mark M
BILL HALEY AND THE COMETS – “Rock Around The Clock” (17 comments) Re16: The sad fate of the comments from Popular's first three years is explained in the Tennessee Ernie Ford thread.… Mark M
DEAN MARTIN – “Memories Are Made Of This” (12 comments) I love Dean Martin: like another commenter here, I prefer him to Sinatra. So singing-wise, he can pretty much do… slideyfoot
DICKIE VALENTINE – “Christmas Alphabet” (8 comments) Is this the first really 'christmassy' xmas number one? None of the others so far seemed to have that clear… slideyfoot
JIMMY YOUNG – “The Man From Laramie” (12 comments) Yep, Chain Gang makes him a lot more intriguing. I've started adding in some of the songs mentioned in these… slideyfoot
TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD – “Give Me Your Word” (14 comments) Ha - yeah, this was NOT what I was expecting from a guy called Tennessee Ernie Ford. Then again, I… slideyfoot
ROSEMARY CLOONEY – “Mambo Italiano” (12 comments) For sure a 7. Also another of the rare '50s songs I've listened to plenty before coming across this list:… slideyfoot
DAVID WHITFIELD – “Cara Mia” (43 comments) This is still well outside my knowledge area (just about the only band I know in any kind of depth… slideyfoot
EVANESCENCE – “Bring Me To Life” (25 comments) As if I didn't need to explain this one much... This just reminds me of that terribly forgettable Marvel film… Stephen Emmett
THE BLACK EYED PEAS ft JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE – “Where Is The Love?” (19 comments) I do admit that this was pretty fantastic, even if the chord progression is just the same as everything else.… Stephen Emmett