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Jan 20

King William’s College Kwizz 2019. FT Round 10 (21 comments) ##19, 20 - stroll on. The song in question is "Where the bee sucks, there suck I", if that helps… Phil

Jan 20

The Fast Bob Dylan Show (25 comments) Watching (in small chunks) Springsteen On Broadway, and struck by the contrast between the reaction to Dylan's 'betrayal' in the… Mark M
BEYONCÉ – “Crazy In Love” (15 comments) Re14: Exactly – all the writing was about importance and relevance and biography and not at all about grooves and… Mark M
LORD ROCKINGHAM’S XI – ‘Hoots Mon’ (9 comments) This is what Peter Capaldi looked like in 1993: he wasn't born old https://images.amcnetworks.com/bbcamerica.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/peter-capaldi-oscar-jpg_122439.jpg Andrew F
ADAM FAITH – “What Do You Want” (16 comments) @1 (if Marcello still frequents this alehouse) - WDYW sounds like a Vic and Bob Shooting Stars club singer take… Patrick Mexico, The Inanimate Carbon God
CLIFF RICHARD – “Travellin’ Light” (7 comments) @2: Can it please wait till autumn '97 Danish bunny. Patrick Mexico, The Inanimate Carbon God
BOBBY DARIN – ‘Dream Lover’ (8 comments) Also the name of a great song by the Vaccines, though admitting to liking them in trendy 6 Music circles… Patrick Mexico, The Inanimate Carbon God
VIC DAMONE – “On The Street Where You Live” (10 comments) Two number one themes-to-be-on-a-90s Quality Street ad in one year! (Magic Moments, of course, being the first.) Patrick Mexico, The Inanimate Carbon God
MICHAEL HOLLIDAY – “The Story Of My Life” (20 comments) Music for yoghurt adverts. 4/10 Patrick Mexico, The Inanimate Carbon God
LONNIE DONEGAN – “Cumberland Gap” (8 comments) MIDDLESBROUGH not Middlesborough! Colombia, not Columbia. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBBS4imv1qo) This was number 1 the day my dad was born. Not many kids… Patrick Mexico, The Inanimate Carbon God
THE STARGAZERS – “I See The Moon” (44 comments) Well, that was an ordeal. The positive side is I'm showing my loyalty and dedication to Popular by listening to… Patrick Mexico, The Inanimate Carbon God

Jan 20

EVANESCENCE – “Bring Me To Life” (19 comments) Following up to myself @4... "a sexualised reading of an encounter with the divine – and/or a divinised(?) reading of… Phil

Jan 20

ABBA – “The Name Of The Game” (57 comments) So, I'm sorry if this is covered, above, (31+32 refer to it) but my insight of the day is that… hardtogethits

Jan 20

The Freaky Trigger Movie Poll 2019: #30 – #21 (2 comments) Voted for: Transit. Pete's writeup is good, but I'll add that there's a lot of great performances, both from the… dollymix

Jan 20

King William’s College Kwizz 2019. FT Round 8 (9 comments) (Googled) 2 is the early 20th-century matador Joselito, Bailaor being the bull who killed him. (I'm fine with not having… Mark M
A Great Philosopher (DR ALBAN – “It’s My Life”) (3 comments) Re 2. I always thought the two notes at the beginning of Bon Jovi's "It's My Life" sounded like the… EG
ROBBIE WILLIAMS AND NICOLE KIDMAN – “Somethin’ Stupid” (22 comments) Never liked this one, the names carried it in my opinion. Musicality
ROBBIE WILLIAMS – “Eternity” / “The Road To Mandalay” (19 comments) I liked Eternity, though has long been forgotten for me. Musicality
ROBBIE WILLIAMS – “Rock DJ” (72 comments) Agree this one was all personality and not much else. Never springs to mind until quite later, when thinking of… Musicality
ROBBIE WILLIAMS – “She’s The One” / “It’s Only Us” (29 comments) Bought this, though was rarely played. Just like today, it feels like a bit of a non event this one. Musicality