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Feb 17

I am the 0.00000001 percent (48 comments) I was reminded of this great post by Beyoncé's astonishing performance at the Grammys last weekend. This… Ed

Feb 17

OASIS – “The Hindu Times” (40 comments) I can't have listened to this more than once before, back in the days when I would reflexively pick up… Rory

Feb 17

PETULA CLARK – “This Is My Song” (20 comments) A conflict I have as a reader with the early years of this project is an apparent tendency to mark… Turn
Popular ’83 (62 comments) #60, #61 fascinating, etc - I too would have immediately regarded the much media-covered instances in Blackbird Leys and Rose… Chelovek na lune

Feb 17

THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS – “Setting Sun” (108 comments) Coming back to this review: I think it's accurate to say that Big Beat is now over, in Popular terms… flahr

Feb 17

Andrew WK: I Get Wet: Pitchfork Review (7 comments) The review's moved again: Here it is, for now Andrew Farrell

Feb 17

MARVIN GAYE – “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” (62 comments) I wasn't aware of IHITTG at the time and only became aware of it towards the end of the 1970s… lonepilgrim
U2 – “Beautiful Day” (152 comments) "Beautiful Day" is a fine pop song, and in a sense this phase, a conscious return to their former 'sincere'… Turn

Feb 17

THE CROWD – “You’ll Never Walk Alone” (114 comments) Re32, 46 and many more on class and football (and see also the Caravan Of Love comments). 1) I'm… Mark M

Feb 17

GARETH GATES – “Unchained Melody” (27 comments) #26 Easy. Richie Edwards > Richie Manic. Glamour, stardom, cult sex appeal and, admittedly,… Chelovek na lune

Feb 17

The FT Top 41 Films 2016 – #10 – #1 (10 comments) I liked the Revenant but it was too long and Tom Hardy's performance let the whole thing down. And I… Pete Baran
Unheard Album Project: January 2017 (2 comments) I will give Stellular a go! Thankyou! Tom
BADDIEL AND SKINNER AND THE LIGHTNING SEEDS – “Three Lions” (129 comments) idd even heel iets anders dan we van je gewend zijn, maar ik vind hem erg leuk geworden, zo gezellig… http://www.ihreautoversicherungsangebote.pw/

Feb 17

The FT Top 41 Films 2016 – #20 – #11 (12 comments) I think it might be the Magic Mike XXL of this year, ie the film that everyone saw later and… Pete Baran

Feb 17

The Freaky Trigger Readers’ Poll 2016: #40-#31 (8 comments) I didn't vote in the poll (for the first time!) because I heard almost nothing new last year - a… Tom

Jan 17

Left Me Standing Like A Guilty Schoolboy (22 comments) aidan
Lawsuit In My Pocket (3 comments) Home for waifs and strays from Whizzer & Chips ? Don't think so - never the twain met between the… Aidan

Jan 17

The Freaky Trigger Readers’ Poll 2016: #10-#1 (11 comments) Never Ever being the most nominated non-entry sounds about right. I love Röyksopp and spent the latter half of… cryptopian
Popular ’78 (361 comments) When you are in a doctors (or hospital) waiting room, or on a long train journey and the WiFi is… Mark G

Jan 17

Popular Crystal Ball: 2016 – The Year Pop Broke (9 comments) That's a bit of a grim list, and it's not much better if you look at the full top 100… lockedintheattic