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Oct 17

THE VERVE – “The Drugs Don’t Work” (218 comments) It'ѕ awesome to pay a visit this ѡeb page and reading the views of all friends concerning this… Music Marketing

Oct 17

Popular ’96 (47 comments) Our Alice reckons it sounds like Robbie. Mark G

Oct 17

The Dan (2 comments) This is a great inspirational article. I am very happy about your good work. They really have very helpful information. Armando

Oct 17

Popular ’84 (77 comments) 23/08/84 TOTP Read and Vance - joy. Both in black, and Read in shades again. Let's see how they rub… speedwell54

Oct 17

EMINEM – “Without Me” (39 comments) This is worth noting (though probably not his best work): https://twitter.com/BET/status/917918947017666561 Andrew Farrell
All 151 Original Pokemon Ranked From Worst To Best By Drake (Age 8) (1 comment) This list is fantastic for so many reasons. Wesley Mead
FRANK AND NANCY SINATRA – “Something Stupid” (32 comments) So I didn't know – and nobody seems to have mentioned above – that this wasn't the first recording. This… Mark M

Oct 17

SIMON AND GARFUNKEL – “Bridge Over Troubled Water” (101 comments) I can remember hearing this playing in the background at a school friend's birthday party around this time. It sounded… lonepilgrim

Oct 17

LEE MARVIN – “Wand’rin Star” (35 comments) like thefatgit @29 I too used to amuse friends and family with my growly take on this as a 9… lonepilgrim
EDISON LIGHTHOUSE – “Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes” (54 comments) there's a lot going more going on in the production than I remember. It has an insistent rhythm track with… lonepilgrim

Oct 17

SAINT ETIENNE – “Popular” (154 comments) A contestant on today's Pop-Master, Paul from Stockton-On-Tees, told the convivial Ken Bruce that he had recently seen St Etts… Jimmy the Swede

Oct 17

THE BEE GEES – “Massachusetts” (28 comments) #27 - The simple reason Bannockburn played "The Last Waltz" was that it was number one that day. In all… Jimmy the Swede

Sep 17

LIBERTY X – “Just A Little” (12 comments) Re: "the dire metatextual route"... Yes, at this time in 2002 Beckham broke his metatextual, and almost missed the World… sbahnhof
SMOKEY ROBINSON – “Being With You” (47 comments) Listening to this just now, I think I realised for the first time that it's got a slightly unusual structure.… Mark M

Sep 17

ROLF HARRIS – “Two Little Boys” (90 comments) As I'm currently researching music for the early part of the century for a project, I have discovered that Two… weej
THE ARCHIES – “Sugar, Sugar” (73 comments) I was definitely aware of this at the time and as a 9 year old it hit my sweet spot… lonepilgrim

Sep 17

BOBBIE GENTRY – “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again” (26 comments) I must have been watching TOTP at this stage as I can remember as a kid being tickled by the… lonepilgrim

Sep 17

THE OVERLANDERS – “Michelle” (99 comments) For me the saddest loss was Glen Frey from the Eagles, I guess we´re all running out of birthdays Paul. Kip Stewart

Sep 17

OASIS – “All Around The World” (130 comments) #128 Weej - "Roll credits, soundtracked by Country House." I know it's not yours, but... brilliant! Mostro

Sep 17

ROBBIE WILLIAMS – “Eternity” / “The Road To Mandalay” (18 comments) Feel like Eternity has been underrated a little here. It's really crept up on me in recent months, not least… Riffit