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May 18

SUGABABES – “Round Round” (17 comments) #16, interesting comment in the opening paragraph, and well put. I'm fairly sure some or other thread on here… CommuterLove
FT Advent Calendar Of Christmas TV Specials: December 6th (3 comments) Rooms Of Doom – Minion Madness tri apk is the perfect mixture of swimming, flying, jumping and running. Todd Freeman

May 18

BEN E KING – “Stand By Me” (58 comments) Since this is the journal of record, I will note that I too was certain that the hook noise is… Alan Connor
the invisible dandy:
scribbled farewell notes on TOM WOLFE (1 comment)
(written very fast to ensure i got the thinking out loud down on the page before i got bogged down… pˆnk s lord sükråt cunctør

May 18

Popular ’85 (103 comments) 22/08/1985 TOTP Wright and Davies. Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam- I Wonder If you Take Me… speedwell54

May 18

PET SHOP BOYS – “Hey Headmaster” (3 comments) As an expert of many Pet Shop Boys shows with this wonderful show at the Royal Opera House last summer,… paigejarvis
PET SHOP BOYS – “Always On My Mind” (109 comments) thanks paigejarvis
THE MOODY BLUES – “Go Now” (18 comments) Tom's right, the first 10 seconds of this song are so good. Helpful for learning piano! Concerning nights in white… Bryn

May 18

DARIUS – “Colourblind” (38 comments) comments still seem to be closed on round round pˆnk s lord sükråt cunctør

May 18

other jacksons in your house (18 comments) 800+ views in 4 days is very gratifying! if you subscribe now you can read my next patreon post right… pˆnk s lord sükråt cunctør

May 18

ALL SAINTS – “Lady Marmalade” / “Under The Bridge” (55 comments) Getting straight to the point ~ I hear the Chilis' original version of Under The Bridge every week on Spirit… JSmooth

May 18

The Inaugural FreakyTrigger TV Poll: #12 – #1 (5 comments) Andrew - top three all got at least eight separate votes each (Good Place eleven). Pete Baran

May 18

HIDDEN LANDSCAPES: THE PODCAST (1 comment) Looks good! Mark G

May 18

TAKE THE BRAIN: we explore and support the concept of STUPID CHESS (26 comments) I wonder if anyone can provide me with odd pieces, or sufficient photographs for me to create 3d models for… Charlie Stott

May 18

THE BEATLES – “All You Need Is Love” (26 comments) A ha ha ha.. ahem.. The thing is, the TV broadcast showed the single, and in theory… Mark G

May 18

THE BEATLES – “Hello Goodbye” (25 comments) It's catchy as hell, but if ever there was a period when The Beatles coasted it was that year after… chrisew71
PETULA CLARK – “This Is My Song” (22 comments) How on earth did this reach #1, while "Downtown" and "I Know A Place" didn't? chrisew71

Apr 18

1993: The Love Post (33 comments) Out of interest, what other bands fall into 'collision pop'? I'm imaging nascent Collapsed Lung at the very least Lee Saunders

Apr 18

ABBA – “Fernando” (60 comments) They are only releasing he song in December, so I think their only chance would be some kind of Christmas… LucaZM

Apr 18

free-form thoughts on john coltrane and how NOT to remember or talk about him next time, maybe (15 comments) instead of the somewhat numbing glad-hand positivity of (allegedly) achieved lovely oneness — which is what I’m most allergic to… koganbot