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Feb 16

Going Back To My Routes: Kanto (17 comments) This post reminds me my childhood. Most of the above mentioned games were my favorite. Even after reading your article, … Unblocked Music
SO SOLID CREW – “21 Seconds” (38 comments) #35 Yeah, transitional is the word for it - it's weird how despite the fact that hip-hop had already existed … Tom

Feb 16

RICKY MARTIN – “Livin’ La Vida Loca” (49 comments) [stork-boy] Excellent! I like this one too, but I won't rate it yet. Almost 17 years on, it certainly has a … CriticSez
Call Of Cthenneth (4 comments) Shameless self promotion: my band White Ape* on Tom Robinson's Fresh Faves! http://freshonthenet.co.uk/2016/02/faves184/ *named after original unofficial title of early … Tommy Mack
Popular ’81 (109 comments) # 107- The show was called "The Big Time", presented by "that f**king Rantzen woman"... Ticks for: Kim Wilde again. Pleasing pouts. Linx. … Jimmy the Swede
REDNEX – “Cotton Eye Joe” (59 comments) @57: Now a huge bunny. I'll try not to discuss such number ones till Popular gets to them, but … Patrick Mexico

Feb 16

GUY MITCHELL – “Singing The Blues” TOMMY STEELE – “Singing The Blues” (27 comments) So farewell then Norman Hudis, whose long and varied career as a screenwriter included the first six Carry On movies … Erithian
The Machine Stops (15 comments) The "Commonwealth Phase", p'raps? Matthew K

Feb 16

Gnome Man’s Land (109 comments) @106 On paper Jane's Addiction are the worst band that could possibly exist - bombastic neo prog funk metal with … Pink champale

Feb 16

DUNBLANE – “Throw These Guns Away” / “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” (84 comments) I've heard both sides. I personally think this rendition of KOHD is a true masterpiece (a very rare perfect 10); … CriticSez
Populist (120 comments) #119 WEEJ, I'm surprised you liked my rating system, but I didn't say you could use it for yourself. By the … CriticSez
BANGLES – “Eternal Flame” (78 comments) Possibly futilely, I'm going to attempt to swing the discussion of The Bangles back here from the Atomic Kitten/Eternal Flame … Mark M
THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS – “Setting Sun” (106 comments) Here’s what I found when I looked for this on YouTube – a good idea well realised, especially the convincing … Erithian

Feb 16

Going Back To My Routes: Johto (10 comments) very informative. i appreciate your work. tirupati
DEEP BLUE SOMETHING – “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” (133 comments) Rereading this thread, Mr Mexico's "And I said, what about, Sex Lives of the Potato Men?" was a real spit-coffee-on-keyboard … Erithian

Feb 16

ATOMIC KITTEN – “Eternal Flame” (23 comments) Yes, I'm with James #11 on this one - OK it suffers from direct comparison with the original, but as … Erithian
What Album Covers Are Really Trying To Tell Us: 5: MIKA – Life In Cartoon Motion (6 comments) This is crazy. I personally love Mika, but this is not a Freddie Mercury rip-off. He is a Queen fan … Baroness Mononoke
GINA G – “Ooh Aah… Just A Little Bit” (82 comments) Year of the Goat ends in less than a week. It's all the Year of the Goat's fault. weej

Jan 16

The Freaky Trigger Comics Poll 2015: #12 – #1 (5 comments) I'd like to rep for Al's New Avengers, which didn't get a place here (THE SHAME) but was by far-and-away … IP

Jan 16

DAVID BOWIE AND MICK JAGGER – “Dancing In The Street” (71 comments) Following #68: "I remember us watching this thing…somebody did a series of music videos without the music. Somebody did one … Rory