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Feb 17

Popular ’83 (65 comments) NOW! So, this is the exact mid point! From the sea change that the Sex Pistols' "Pretty… Mark G

Feb 17

OASIS – “The Hindu Times” (41 comments) Izzy @37 - I've always thought the Gallaghers come across as pretty smart when they're not being boorish coked-up dicks.… Tommy Mack

Feb 17

THE BEATLES – “Lady Madonna” (32 comments) If I've learned anything from following this blog, it's that I'm willing to forgive a ton of flaws if the… cryptopian
THE BEATLES WITH BILLY PRESTON – “Get Back” (29 comments) I agree LP, I can't work out how much I like it. Same goes for Lady Madonna - both are… wichitalineman
PETULA CLARK – “This Is My Song” (21 comments) Interesting defence, Turn. It is the record we're considering rather than the song, which is reasonably catchy and would work… wichitalineman

Feb 17

LL COOL J – “Ain’t Nobody” (46 comments) #12: "By the time this got to number one, King Of The Hill had premiered in the US – unfortunately,… flahr

Feb 17

DESMOND DEKKER AND THE ACES – “Israelites” (43 comments) I remember hearing this played some time in 1969 at an end of term party at my junior school and… lonepilgrim
AQUA – “Doctor Jones” (83 comments) Occasionally this still comes into my head, out of nowhere. By some distance my favourite instalment in the Indiana Jones… Turn
I am the 0.00000001 percent (48 comments) I was reminded of this great post by Beyoncé's astonishing performance at the Grammys last weekend. This… Ed

Feb 17

THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS – “Setting Sun” (108 comments) Coming back to this review: I think it's accurate to say that Big Beat is now over, in Popular terms… flahr

Feb 17

Andrew WK: I Get Wet: Pitchfork Review (7 comments) The review's moved again: Here it is, for now Andrew Farrell

Feb 17

MARVIN GAYE – “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” (62 comments) I wasn't aware of IHITTG at the time and only became aware of it towards the end of the 1970s… lonepilgrim
U2 – “Beautiful Day” (152 comments) "Beautiful Day" is a fine pop song, and in a sense this phase, a conscious return to their former 'sincere'… Turn

Feb 17

THE CROWD – “You’ll Never Walk Alone” (114 comments) Re32, 46 and many more on class and football (and see also the Caravan Of Love comments). 1) I'm… Mark M

Feb 17

GARETH GATES – “Unchained Melody” (27 comments) #26 Easy. Richie Edwards > Richie Manic. Glamour, stardom, cult sex appeal and, admittedly,… Chelovek na lune

Feb 17

The FT Top 41 Films 2016 – #10 – #1 (10 comments) I liked the Revenant but it was too long and Tom Hardy's performance let the whole thing down. And I… Pete Baran
Unheard Album Project: January 2017 (2 comments) I will give Stellular a go! Thankyou! Tom
BADDIEL AND SKINNER AND THE LIGHTNING SEEDS – “Three Lions” (129 comments) idd even heel iets anders dan we van je gewend zijn, maar ik vind hem erg leuk geworden, zo gezellig… http://www.ihreautoversicherungsangebote.pw/

Feb 17

The FT Top 41 Films 2016 – #20 – #11 (12 comments) I think it might be the Magic Mike XXL of this year, ie the film that everyone saw later and… Pete Baran

Feb 17

The Freaky Trigger Readers’ Poll 2016: #40-#31 (8 comments) I didn't vote in the poll (for the first time!) because I heard almost nothing new last year - a… Tom