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Oct 15

The Emo adventures of Charlie from Busted (11 comments) That's what I'm saying! Kicking your legs up behind you is way harder than doing a scissor kick. Tommy Mack
Popular ’80 (253 comments) I take it back: It's good that Read did the Minter news, purely so SwedeJim could tell that story! Yes, … Mark G

Oct 15

EUROPE – “The Final Countdown” (108 comments) I never had a PC for gaming, so I have missed out on this. I have often wanted to be … Cumbrian
LIONEL RICHIE – “Hello” (44 comments) Re 34, "Lino Ritchie"? Bah. In Aberdeen there's a Lionel Ritchie kebab shop. And it only plays his music. http://tomgoestoscotland.blogspot.com/2012/10/around-aberdeen-lionels-takeaway.html sbahnhof

Oct 15

STEVIE WONDER – “I Just Called To Say I Love You” (84 comments) #83 - odd selection from Stevie. Certainly this song is hellishly dull, thanks to its combination of plodding pace and … Phil

Oct 15

AL MARTINO – “Here In My Heart” (146 comments) Boom boom! wichitalineman

Oct 15

ADAM AND THE ANTS – “Stand And Deliver” (125 comments) Completely off topic but I can recommend Kerouac's first novel The Town And The City. It captures American history in … AMZ1981
The Sex Pistols At The Manchester Free Trade Hall: THE TRUTH (9 comments) RIP John the Postman. He seems to have had a much longer musical career than I'd realised. Phil

Oct 15

ALICE COOPER – “School’s Out” (61 comments) This was #1 just before my 12th birthday - and yes, lots of people (including my maths teacher, memorably) made … Phil
EMMA BUNTON – “What Took You So Long?” (21 comments) You know what, I think this might have been #1 when Tommy Mack became a man (thanks, Student Radio Conference) … Tommy Mack

Oct 15

Freaky Trigger’s WordPress Setup (492 comments) WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for social network posting free
A Great Big Clipper Ship (100 comments) Oddly, that makes it sound much more like the NME I used to follow religiously in the mid 80s than … Ed
HEAR’SAY – “Pure And Simple” (56 comments) The bunny's nose is twitching - and the NME wasn't referring to the colourful boy band, as they were yet … Auntie Beryl

Sep 15

WHITE TOWN – “Your Woman” (123 comments) That's easy for you to say! enitharmon
WESTLIFE – “Uptown Girl” (24 comments) *cough*2001*cough* typowatch
LIMP BIZKIT – “Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)” (113 comments) I'll just leave this here (misspelling in the url and all): http://www.theguardian.com/music/2015/sep/30/rage-against-the-machine-bassist-i-apologise-for-limp-bizit Cumbrian

Sep 15

The Canon Crawl (62 comments) Hi Phil! Yes, some of the kids I tried my best to din some maths into were into Devo … enitharmon

Sep 15

THE LOVE AFFAIR – “Everlasting Love” (83 comments) Hello folks. I am trying to find who played bass on Cilla's Surround Yourself With Sorrow and I suspected Herbie … wirral squirrel

Sep 15

RUSS CONWAY – ‘Side Saddle’ (12 comments) Idly pondering the title of Side Saddle, I just read that it was "originally written as a stately gavotte for … wichitalineman
Going Back To My Routes: Kanto (13 comments) i just loved it TOM, great article. Fallout Shelter PC