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May 15

MODJO – “Lady (Hear Me Tonight)” (44 comments) #18 - that's quite something. I think a bit of work has gone into it, too - the fade-in section … Phil
A1 – “Take On Me” (72 comments) Ha yeah I've thought the same since it came back. Good job Mr Grade... Steve Mannion
Rockwrite UK: its roots and discontents, its early evolution and its latent potential (4 comments) [Attempts to suppress jealousy of London-based readers; fails] This looks fantastic, Mark. Looking forward to reading the write-ups. Rory

May 15

From Beyond (15 comments) My origin story also starts with the black and white Marvel UK edition of Secret Wars. But in my universe, … IP
MADONNA – “Music” (67 comments) I've been bingeing on Bruce the past few days, and thinking about what's upthread. I got to wondering - … Izzy
Popular ’80 (167 comments) Well, that's how we said it bitd. How about youse? Mark G
KYLIE MINOGUE AND JASON DONOVAN – “Especially For You” (47 comments) Re. #44: The Calrec Soundfield microphone was designed for surround sound recording, e.g. of orchestras. PWL/SAW never used it that … Paul

May 15

BEN E KING – “Stand By Me” (56 comments) And Ben E has followed him. RIP. flahr

Apr 15

THE JAM – “Start!” (61 comments) For a more fleeting but still very effective example of the Jam taking direct inspiration from a 'Revolver' track, compare … Paulito

Apr 15

future bible heroes — (1 comment) I'm just trying to figure out how I went from reading about the awful A1 to searching for everything I … Phil
ADAMSKI – “Killer” (72 comments) Re71: I'd argue not, and that Marc Almond's vocal frailty and indeed (at that stage) tendency to tone wobbliness was … Mark M
Freaky Trigger’s WordPress Setup (489 comments) My brother suggested I would possibly like this website. He was totally right. This put uup truly made my day. Youu … spain property sales
CRAIG DAVID – “7 Days” (57 comments) @wichata, 44. Thanks for the reference to the Shirelles' 'I Met Him On A Sunday'. Listening now its influence on … swanstep
THE BEATLES – “From Me To You” (14 comments) @13 (LonePilgrim); Wasn't "Please Please Me" more overt- by 1963 standards anyway- about its horniness? (Unless I'm misunderstanding what the … Mostro
U2 – “Discotheque” (117 comments) I honestly couldn't remember anything about Discotheque apart from a barely-melodic fragment of "You just can't get enough, of that … Mostro

Apr 15

Taxonomy Domine (14 comments) Mention if Griel Marcus highlights another catetegory - fictional accounts of what the writer wishes the records he was writing … Pink chpale
Red Kite Farms Ltd have come up with Organic Slumber Bedtime Milk (5 comments) Can you please tell me where I can. Get this milk Barbara Thorpe
WET WET WET – “Goodnight Girl” (47 comments) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8Sa1OzOOsw Unquestionably the best version of this song. JoeWiz
SPILLER – “Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love)” (106 comments) yes but also involving different class layers (and in once case, different islands in the caribbean) pˆnk s lord sükråt cunctør
THE TIMELORDS – “Doctorin The Tardis” (100 comments) #99 I actually had that experience only five years ago - even exclaiming "Wow T---- T----- is at #2!" having … Steve Mannion