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May 15

U2 – “Beautiful Day” (62 comments) 58: surely it's The Edge's fault? Whatever Bono's crimes may have been, his guitar-playing never gave mediocrities (and Coldplay) … Izzy
Popular ’80 (198 comments) Tommy Vance was a late night DJ dude for Capital Radio before moving to Radio 1, his musical style of … Mark G

May 15

JIVE BUNNY AND THE MASTERMIXERS – “Swing The Mood” (94 comments) #48 about the divide between those old enough to remember JB, and those young enough to have avoided it... I was … sbahnhof
A Great Big Clipper Ship (70 comments) Networking (of a casual nature) definitely matters, if for no other reason than a commissioning editor will be reminded of … Mark M
Freaky Trigger’s WordPress Setup (490 comments) Hello, my site is a problem: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/users2/p/palmal/domains/gdknazarovo.ru/wp-content/plugins/widget-logic/widget_logic.php(314) : eval()'d code on line 1 the plugin … stasrus

May 15

MARIAH CAREY AND WESTLIFE – “Against All Odds” (44 comments) I used to be a huge Phil Collins fan, although I haven't listened to his music in years. If you … Leo Sigh
THE CORRS – “Breathless” (58 comments) #39 "Which one's which in The Corrs?" - Robbie Williams, I Tried Love Kinitawowi

May 15

ENIGMA – “Sadness Part 1″ (69 comments) The 'panpipes' are not panpipes, they are (synthesised) shakuhachi, sampled from the same sample library source as 'Sledgehammer' by Peter … Chinny Reckon

May 15

ALL SAINTS – “Black Coffee” (68 comments) There's too much caffeine in your bloodstream and a lack of real spice in your life Ophir Zemer
Sclerotica (9 comments) So, 46 weeks since the streaming chart was introduced. 13 songs remain from that first top 100, those being: Ed Sheeran … Tom

May 15

A-HA – “The Sun Always Shines On TV” (67 comments) Disbanded no more! A new album, Cast in Steel, is promised for September. Rory
Kingsmill Bread Is Rubbish (29 comments) Warburtons is by far the best bread brand in the country, Kingsmill & Hovis are utterly disgusting. In fact i … Thomas
T REX – “Hot Love” (167 comments) #165 Nooh, the best is yet to come! Mark G

May 15

RONAN KEATING – “Life Is A Rollercoaster” (60 comments) Miracle week- I got with my future wife, and a Ronan song that wasn't utter shite got to number one. … Duro
ALL SAINTS – “Pure Shores” (52 comments) I just got around to rewatching (most of) The Beach and I have to say that its use of 'Pure … swanstep
THE TORNADOS – “Telstar” (35 comments) A 10 from me, because of how wonderful it is. When my father died I wasn't able to do very much … Phil
THE HONEYCOMBS – “Have I The Right?” (22 comments) I'm sceptical about how much of anything one remembers from before about the age of five - the cool web … Phil

May 15

ALL SAINTS – “Lady Marmalade” / “Under The Bridge” (53 comments) Listening to 'Under the Bridge' again in the wake of All Saints' final Popular appearance, one little thing that's striking … Andrew

May 15

Rockwrite UK: its roots and discontents, its early evolution and its latent potential (11 comments) Extended excerpts to be broadcast by Resonance FM on Mon 25 May (UK Bank Holiday). pˆnk s lord sükråt cunctør
D:REAM – “Things Can Only Get Better” (57 comments) Actually, things can get much worse. Much, much worse... fivelongdays