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Sep 21

how not to write about jazz, probably (3 comments) I love these kinds of events, but they are very distracting from my studies. Fortunately, with the help of https://www.trustmypaper.com/… David
The People’s Pop Polls (8 comments) I have thought so many times of entering the blogging world as I love reading them. I think I finally… Donald Rain

Sep 21

JIMI HENDRIX – “Drifting” (1 comment) Nice analysis. I'm working on this song ATM. Michael Davis

Sep 21

KYLIE MINOGUE – “Spinning Around” (101 comments) I can date some of my haziest, earliest memories to 2000. “Spinning Around” is the sound of the Knighton swimming… Huw Thomas

Sep 21

BEE GEES – “You Win Again” (62 comments) I would be more inclined to downgrade my mark here from a 7/10 to a 6 for the Bee Gees. Gareth Parker
THE FT TOP 100 TRACKS OF ALL TIME No. 33: Echo and the Bunnymen – The Cutter (15 comments) Still a decent track imho. I'd go with 7/10 for 'The Cutter'. Gareth Parker
Top 100 Songs of All Time (185 comments) Totally agree with posts 183 and 184. Fun list as always. Gareth Parker
Is Nacho Libre Racist? (14 comments) Good post from David (#13). Great point well made. Gareth Parker
THE BEATLES – “Can’t Buy Me Love” (20 comments) I would still agree with Tom here and say this is the least interesting of the Beatles' early hits. Always… Gareth Parker
About Freaky Trigger (25 comments) Hello There My Name is Jacob Ethan. We Find Your Website From Google. We want to buy an article on… Jacob ethan

Sep 21

GARY JULES ft MICHAEL ANDREWS – “Mad World” (18 comments) I have to say that at the time The Darkness were everything I was looking for in a band as… DW

Sep 21

HANSON – “MMMBop” (74 comments) thanks a lot! I always contact the IT specialists of Computools with such questions - it saves my time and… Andy Smith
The Inaugural FreakyTrigger TV Poll: 35 – 25 (8 comments) Brilliant post! We are unite with this outstanding post on our site. Keep up the striking sythesis. myfiosgateway
Two important facts about peanut brittle: (2 comments) THis looks so yummy. I’m makinf it tonight but with ground Turkey. I can’t wait. Ashley Jones

Sep 21

KELLY MARIE – “Feels Like I’m In Love” (100 comments) For various reasons this one has been played regularly by me over the last few weeks and I've found myself… 23 Daves

Sep 21

Grand Designs (5 comments) Grand design is an article post that is having the category of Comic designing in the variable kind of the… Vernon Hebert
NO DOUBT – “Don’t Speak” (61 comments) I'm going to be biased and say that out of the early 1997 chart toppers, this actually is the best… Stephen Emmett + he/him

Sep 21

GIRLS ALOUD – “Sound Of The Underground” (36 comments) RIP Sarah. 39 is no age. Kinitawowi

Sep 21

63. SPACEMEN THREE – “Big City” (1 comment) Remembering this great track from one of those Indie Top 20 Compilations. 9/10 for Big City imho. Gareth Parker
Spearmint – A Week Away (1 comment) What the heck...Shirley Lee is a genius. Love Spearmint. Gareth Parker