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Jul 18

BADDIEL, SKINNER AND THE LIGHTNING SEEDS – “Three Lions ’98” (69 comments) #66. Well done Lee Saunders. I think that was an interesting prediction. Relied upon an understanding of both a)… hardtogethits
from iceberg to titanic, and from titanic to iceberg, and from iceberg to titanic again… (21 comments) A thing I learned from YouTube: Pete Townshend got much better at smashing guitars over the years. In the 60s… Tommy Mack

Jul 18

MUNGO JERRY – “Baby Jump” (66 comments) I remember the postal strike mentioned by Tom way back at #17 and it does provide a thinly plausible reason… lonepilgrim
FOREIGNER – “I Want To Know What Love Is” (65 comments) You know what the biggest problem is with our current era? Not Brexit, not Trump, not Piers Morgan, but:… Patrick Mexico AKA Inanimate Carbon God, the Returning Prodigal Son?! 2018, Is There Anybody Out There?!

Jul 18

GEORGE HARRISON – “My Sweet Lord” (40 comments) Whereas John and Paul's songs seem to embrace or challenge sociability George's songs often seem slightly insular to me -… lonepilgrim

Jul 18

ZAGER AND EVANS – “In The Year 2525 (Exordium And Terminus)” (36 comments) One of the stupidest songs to reach #1. And in the US, so forgotten that the one and only time… chrisew71
CLIVE DUNN – “Grandad” (51 comments) Even as a kid I found this cloying and would never have considered buying it for either of my grandads.… lonepilgrim
DAVE EDMUNDS – “I Hear You Knocking” (32 comments) I'm surprised that this was a hit so early - I associate Dave Edmunds with the Stiff records crew so… lonepilgrim
Omargeddon (6 comments) Yes, but I think only once or at most twice. I liked it but didn't listen enough to get really… Tommy Mack

Jul 18

Popular ’85 (113 comments) 21/11/1985 TOTP Janice and Paul Jordan host. Janice references an Eastenders storyline and then a clumsy introduction from both of… speedwell54
Popular ’86 (85 comments) The Level 42 album was 'World Machine', of course, I was thinking of Karl Wallinger's post-Waterboys outfit there. Lazarus
THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE – “Voodoo Chile” (103 comments) 10 year old me wasn’t aware of this at the time - Hendrix crept up on me as a cultural… lonepilgrim
PET SHOP BOYS – “Hey Headmaster” (10 comments) Do we take pride in having the most master band of scholastic scholars who are prepared and guided to serve… Shern1933
KIND OF BLEUGH, or seven better stand-alone ways into jazz in the early age of the long-playing disc (possibly) (40 comments) I found it! Live recording from the Pittsburgh Jazz Festival, 1965, Duke Ellington "Second Portrait of the Lion," first track… koganbot
Pop World Cup 2018 – Group C Match 1 (7 comments) I started off thinking Group C was sedate and then this morning let it run on shuffle and ended up… koganbot

Jul 18

SISTER SLEDGE – “Frankie” (61 comments) Kat Moon on ‘Frankie’ in EastEnders: "I used to do a routine to this with me sisters but Lynne always… jimmyjames19

Jul 18

what even is a review? (15 comments) ...he’s simply not referencing the record or the assignment, neither of which has (he assumes) much more than zilch to… koganbot

Jul 18

JOE COCKER – “With A Little Help From My Friends” (35 comments) Joe, bless him, was my 'three in ten' on Ken Bruce's 'Popmaster' a few weeks back, and I just… Lazarus

Jul 18

TAB HUNTER – “Young Love” (4 comments) Tab Hunter died Sunday just gone. An interesting life in which it sounds as if his UK chart-topper was something… flahr

Jul 18

Pop World Cup 2018 Group F Match 1 (15 comments) Yeah, I also missed voting on this one, results came through in roughly the order I liked though. weej