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Dec 18

The 20th Freaky Trigger Annual Between Christmas And New Year Pub Crawl: The Holloway Road Poker (1 comment) lol the brush is useful bcz cleaning up ash with yr hands is bad not good mark sinker

Dec 18

Freaky Trigger’s WordPress Setup (495 comments) jX736G You have mentioned very interesting details ! ps decent internet site. virtual private server | virtual private server | suba suba
THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS – “Block Rockin’ Beats” (48 comments) @44- "is one of them a man or a lady?" Yes. Chinny Reckon

Dec 18

THE HOUSEMARTINS – “Caravan Of Love” (107 comments) That's Tom told. Auntie Beryl

Dec 18

Going Back To My Routes: Kanto (40 comments) Great post, Keep writing Tutu app

Dec 18

when the gang chooses you: or how the
puffin club turned me into a punk rocker (3 comments)
On footnote 4: Alien Nation snuck back into conversations this time last year because the big-budget Will Smith/Netflix movie Bright… Mark M

Dec 18

The Freaky Trigger Readers’ Poll 2018 (2 comments) The best thing to happen to pop in 2018 was the return of Ciara https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HsRDuRSgQQ lockedintheattic

Dec 18

TAKE THE BRAIN: we explore and support the concept of STUPID CHESS (28 comments) I have recently purchased this game after hunting for a good condition version. I am looking at scanning the… Matthew Taylor

Dec 18

ELTON JOHN – “Candle In The Wind ’97” / “Something About The Way You Look Tonight” (142 comments) [stork-boy] (even tho my mum swears it was actually The Drugs Don't Work. But nope!)… Lee Saunders

Dec 18

Omargeddon #4: Weekly Mansions (1 comment) Best brucex277

Nov 18

CHARLENE – “I’ve Never Been To Me” (72 comments) First time I went to Leeds was for a TV quiz show in 1975 - we stayed at the Dragonara… Mark G
CHUCK BERRY – “My Ding-A-Ling” (65 comments) Young and innocent/ignorant at the time this hit number 1, I was bewildered by what made this (apparently) so… lonepilgrim

Nov 18

GILBERT O’SULLIVAN – “Clair” (48 comments) I found the melody quite compelling at the time - and the ending an irritating rug pull. GOS has a… lonepilgrim
RUI DA SILVA ft CASSANDRA – “Touch Me” (37 comments) This has grown on me so much in the last, uh, 14 years or so. I used to think it… Lee Saunders

Nov 18

CLIFF RICHARD – “The Next Time” (6 comments) […] The Next Time / Bachelor Boy […] Sunday 20th January 1963 | BOSS Countdown!

Nov 18

The Freaky Trigger Readers’ Poll 2015: #40-#31 (15 comments) Your theory is lit! click here
STILTSKIN – “Inside” (105 comments) Pete Frame Watch: Aubrey Nunn, bassist. (pre-Creation) Heavy Stereo -> Stiltskin -> Faithless. Auntie Beryl
THE ARTIST FORMERLY KNOWN AS PRINCE – “The Most Beautiful Girl In The World” (56 comments) ...and this is where I came in. I remember looking for New Stuff (to me) On The Internet in the… Auntie Beryl

Nov 18

free-form thoughts on john coltrane and how NOT to remember or talk about him next time, maybe (26 comments) Mark, I know you're busy, so no rush: but what do you think of this 10-minute "Giant Steps" docu at… koganbot

Nov 18

PET SHOP BOYS – “Hey Headmaster” (11 comments) This is great information for us. Interesting how this was only resurrected by a bot, some way or Cheap Assignment… Jennifer Grace