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Mar 15

OXIDE AND NEUTRINO – “Bound 4 Da Reload (Casualty)” (33 comments) #31 I'd agree with that. In fact, on relistening to this the samples to me sounded so clumsy that I … 23 Daves
WESTLIFE – “Fool Again” (48 comments) The opening three seconds sound like "Where Is My Mind!" Sadly, all downhill from there. 2. Inanimate Carbon God
GERI HALLIWELL – “Bag It Up” (41 comments) It took a fortnight for me to drum up the courage to listen to this again. As a sour … Inanimate Carbon God
Secrets and Pies (9 comments) The debate continues... weej
My Own Private Record Club* (87 comments) For real. I can't remember ever having been as disappointed by an artist as I was by Kanye West. I have … Ed
Freaky Trigger’s WordPress Setup (485 comments) Thank you Alan, I will give it a shot. Fingers crossed :) teclive
CRAIG DAVID – “Fill Me In” (78 comments) I think there's something about the way it's articulated that gives the Gus Caesar chapter resonance - it's something that … Cumbrian
LIEUTENANT PIGEON – “Mouldy Old Dough” (51 comments) I remember this well; I was firmly convinced it was the best record IN THE WORLD EVER for a good … Phil
Popular ’99 (36 comments) If the 19th century Ewings had stayed north of the border it seems I'd know a lot more about the … Tom
FRAGMA – “Toca’s Miracle” (32 comments) I wish I could give this a 9 but I'll give it an 8 - like Ride on Time, originally … Inanimate Carbon God

Mar 15

Popular ’97 (66 comments) #64: A UK number 3 in May 1997, says Everyhit. Not the only triumphant return to be followed by disillusionment … Rory
GARY GLITTER – “I’m The Leader Of The Gang (I Am)” (98 comments) Alexis Petridis on the Gary Glitter fans who still follow the leader. Rory
Populist (114 comments) At last! The Spotify 8+ playlist - those tracks that I gave 8+ to - has been updated. http://open.spotify.com/user/freakytrigger/playlist/2vyeAG3bflk5omhE7cQWoA - … Tom
ABBA – “Take A Chance On Me” (56 comments) Re 35: Abba? And clogs? There can only be one destination! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogHDw2q2e-Q&t=1m21s Inanimate Carbon God
Popular ’98 (39 comments) Scottish/UK chart no 1 differences No 1 in Scotland but not UK : 1) Madonna - Ray Of Light 2) Del Amitri - … Chelovek na lune
Popular ’96 (45 comments) Scottish/UK chart no 1 differences No 1 in Scotland but not UK : 1) Robert Miles - Children 2) Mark Snow - The … Chelovek na lune
Popular ’95 (82 comments) Scottish/UK chart no 1 differences No 1 in Scotland but not UK : 1) U2 - Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, … Chelovek na lune
Popular ’94 (59 comments) So the Official Charts Company now has published an archive of the Scottish Charts, ostensibly going back to February 1994, … Chelovek na lune
MADONNA – “American Pie” (77 comments) I must admit I'm a bit shocked at the derision Don McLean's original gets from the Popular cognoscenti-intelligentsia. Yes, … Inanimate Carbon God
ALL SAINTS – “Pure Shores” (51 comments) It's fine, Rory, no worries at all. I don't demand people reply to everything I post on here, sometimes … Inanimate Carbon God