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Aug 15

Popular Crystal Ball: 2015 – What Are You Waiting For? (47 comments) Sorry if this is hardline bunnying meets Schrodinger's Cat, but on the last three weeks' evidence the best is yet … Patrick Mexico, the Inanimate Carbon God
FREAKY TRIGGER TOP 25 SCARIEST THINGS 18. Your Boss Checking Your Internet Usage (3 comments) pandora loafers i just would like to be able to determine the depth zanotti homme http://www.topcruise.fr/zanottihomme.htm zanotti homme

Aug 15

RUI DA SILVA ft CASSANDRA – “Touch Me” (27 comments) "Lembre-se de Vesta ferver-in-a-bag frango piri piri e Raleigh Chopper Bikes na forma de hattrick de Eusebio contra a Coreia … Patrick Mexico, the Inanimate Carbon God
CILLA BLACK – “Anyone Who Had A Heart” (65 comments) News came through even as I was marking my numpty-numpth¹ birthday enjoying an obscene ice cream confection at Crolla's Gelateria … enitharmon
PET SHOP BOYS – “Always On My Mind” (108 comments) A slightly belated (d. 20 July) RIP for Wayne Carson, one of the co-writers of this song – according to … Mark M

Aug 15

They Don’t Like Cricket… (26 comments) Swann confirms that 'Aggers knows nothing about music.' Although as the context is the recent visit of Marcus Mumford to … Mark M

Jul 15

Popular ’80 (248 comments) After the Proms, same as last year. For the reason you allude to in your second sentence. Steve Williams
Popular ’00 (32 comments) Probably not very far! He was a bell-end and a terrible rapper but there's no glory in publicly hating an … Tommy Mack

Jul 15

Left Me Standing Like A Guilty Schoolboy (16 comments) Tom Paterson was always a favourite of mine, as a Buster/Beano/Whizzer reader from the mid-to-late eighties - although I never … IP

Jul 15

U2 – “Beautiful Day” (148 comments) Re groovy teachers - Brian May was a science teacher at my school. Beat that! (Mind you, he left a year … Jimmy the Swede
THE WALKER BROTHERS – “Make It Easy On Yourself” (23 comments) I think Scott's slightly wooden delivery arises from the fact that the narrator is - or is trying to be … Paulito

Jul 15

THE BEATLES – “Day Tripper”/”We Can Work It Out” (27 comments) the year began with a variety of expressions of male angst at broken relationships directed to the woman in question. … lonepilgrim
THE SEEKERS – “The Carnival Is Over” (21 comments) I'm not a fan of the song - I just find it overwhelmingly claustrophobic, perhaps because of the martial drumming … lonepilgrim
KEN DODD – “Tears” / THE ROLLING STONES – “Get Off Of My Cloud” (49 comments) It seems an odd coincidence to read about Eminem and Bob the Builder in Tom's entry for these hits, having … lonepilgrim
THE ROLLING STONES – “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” (28 comments) I've said enough about this song already but damn it's good lonepilgrim
SONNY AND CHER – “I Got You Babe” (24 comments) the oom-pa-pa motif that repeats through the song suggests circus music to me (perhaps played on a calliope), similar to … lonepilgrim
THE BEATLES – “Help!” (25 comments) this sounds more musically straightforward than 'Ticket to Ride', which suits its intended openness. The rhythm is relentless, with some … lonepilgrim

Jul 15

THE BYRDS – “Mr. Tambourine Man” (23 comments) one of the things that bob does so well is to pile on the rhymes in the song so that … lonepilgrim
THE HOLLIES – “I’m Alive” (15 comments) as others have said, this sounds like a serviceable example of the pop music of its era but it does't … lonepilgrim
ELVIS PRESLEY – “Crying In The Chapel” (27 comments) sacred music can take many forms but this sounds like a type of sedation. There's little sense of the joy … lonepilgrim