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Sep 15

SPICE GIRLS – “Wannabe” (213 comments) Now – where are we going to mark the passing of the singer with the phenomenally successful girl band who … enitharmon
BOB THE BUILDER – “Can We Fix It?” (24 comments) Was Spud not voiced by the same guy as Zippy … MikeMCSG

Aug 15

SPENCER DAVIS GROUP – “Keep On Running” (20 comments) Oh man, if that wasn't Stevie Winwood singing "One for sorrow" etc, well it's his voice doppelgangr. I do remember a … Mark G
THE OVERLANDERS – “Michelle” (97 comments) I've seen the occasional post on this thread pop up on the front page from time to time but it … lonepilgrim
Red Or Dead Eye (1 comment) RIP Wes Craven, creator of bowel-watering terror since 1972. I was going to post in the Bring Your Daughter... … Tommy Mack
RUI DA SILVA ft CASSANDRA – “Touch Me” (34 comments) Cass with Rui da Silva is being re-released on October 30th. Cassandra Fox left Island Records, and decided not to … Handynummer Orten
ATOMIC KITTEN – “Whole Again” (50 comments) Completely adored by the girls in my London primary school (I was 12 at the time). Watching the video now, … Anti-Markovnikov

Aug 15

ROBSON AND JEROME – “I Believe”/”Up On The Roof” (124 comments) @123 Why is "train station" an aberration? You have radio stations, bus stations, kitchen stations, the stations of the Cross.... Ed

Aug 15

THE SEX PISTOLS – “God Save The Queen” (209 comments) Royals, I'd imagine. You can still wring some cred out of their memory. The memory of a nuclear deterrent probably … Tommy Mack

Aug 15

Confused by cerveza? (16 comments) This lovely ale-coloured illustration appeared on reddit only a few days ago: http://i.imgur.com/csT2Crt.png Izzy
LIMP BIZKIT – “Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)” (108 comments) Keep trollin' trollin' trollin'... Tommy Mack

Aug 15

S CLUB 7 – “Never Had A Dream Come True” (28 comments) # 4 There was some buzz at the time about … MikeMCSG

Aug 15

EMINEM – “The Real Slim Shady” (96 comments) I've read a couple of articles recently, trying to reclaim The Macc Lads as arch satirists. Which made me think … Tommy Mack
ATB – “9PM (Til I Come)” (93 comments) Very much a "oh, THIS one" this, although it hides it by having the guitar hook be teasingly incomplete the … flahr
Let’s Be Frank (17 comments) #16. Slow West looked really interesting. Will check it out when it inevitably ends up on Netflix. #15. Yeah, their … Tommy Mack

Aug 15

JENNIFER LOPEZ – “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” (38 comments) Mrs Mack and I were out on Thursday (browsing at Discount Carpet Warehouse - my lifestyle is virtually indistinguishable from … Tommy Mack

Aug 15

MELANIE C – “I Turn To You” (50 comments) I wouldn't have had ITTY as a number 1 at all and it's something I must admit largely passed me … ciaran
YOU SAD BASTARD! – Carter Reconsidered (76 comments) Isn't it more that Radiohead fans can dismiss unbelievers as too simplistic or impatient to get it while Carter fans … Tommy Mack

Aug 15

THE JAM – “Beat Surrender” (51 comments) Beat Surrender was a superb song for The Jam to finish on in December 1982. It really is Paul Weller … Dave G

Aug 15

Popular ’00 (37 comments) In the Oz #1s, Macy Gray -> Killing Heidi -> Chris Franklin is a rapid decent of quality. Loved the … Garry