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Jul 15

New Popular Entries: Where And When? (19 comments) Gute Besserung! Martin F.
MARC ALMOND WITH GENE PITNEY – “Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart” (89 comments) I'd go so far as to rate the PSB's cross-generation colloborations, around this time, not only with Dusty, but with … Chelovek na lune

Jun 15

U2 – “Beautiful Day” (146 comments) "The band is unified in its belief that the songs are more durable than the last batch". http://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/music/kot/ct-u2-interview-united-center-bono-20150622-column.html#page=1 Ed
Popular ’80 (223 comments) # 222 - Nevermore. Jimmy the Swede
LEANN RIMES – “Can’t Fight The Moonlight” (31 comments) I'm interrupting this thread to flash my knickers a little and say that DJ Rosie made her DJ-ing debut this … enitharmon

Jun 15

EDDIE FISHER – ‘I’m Walking Behind You’ (9 comments) Wow, just looked at Sally Sweetland's Wiki page and it turns out she and her husband Lee worked as vocal … Erithian

Jun 15

QUEEN – “Bohemian Rhapsody” (141 comments) Massive missed opportunity to call this Brewhemian Rhapsody. Someone from CAMRA needs to be helping them out marketing wise. Cumbrian
GUY MITCHELL – “Look At That Girl” (11 comments) I was forgetting the Humblebums were another Popular link - not Gerry Rafferty but the other one, Billy Connolly. Ah … wichitalineman
FIVE + QUEEN – “We Will Rock You” (40 comments) "Little else to appreciate"? Having grown up with Queen, I still think of them as a singles band - and … Phil
PHILIP BAILEY (DUET WITH PHIL COLLINS) – “Easy Lover” (68 comments) Even with 30 years distance, the opening line of that interview chills me: "At that time, I was pretty much … wichitalineman

Jun 15

CRAIG DAVID – “7 Days” (59 comments) A 3rd Craig David single was bound to be popular but I think people were caught a bit unaware that … ciaran
CELINE DION – “My Heart Will Go On” (74 comments) R.I.P. James Horner, killed in a plane crash aged 61. Rory

Jun 15

A1 – “Same Old Brand New You” (20 comments) The echoey chords at the start of the video for this remind me of something - possibly the surprisingly unbunnied … Andrew Farrell
OASIS – “Go Let It Out” (61 comments) Do you people always listen coldly to music? I love Standing On The Shoulder of Giants, it's something intimate. And … shishimaru

Jun 15

THE SWEET – “Block Buster” (72 comments) "but actually the whole time a strangely similar story — of a powerstruggle between factions, between regions, between generations, between … flahr
It’s A Metamorphosis (20 comments) To the extent that I'd ever thought about them I'd got the Goo Goo Dolls down as third tier post … Pink.champale

Jun 15

Popular ’91 (56 comments) Spotify playlist: Around 863 singles entered the UK Top 75 in 1991. Here are 695 of them (including AA sides … Steve Mannion

Jun 15

U2 – “The Fly” (102 comments) Calidad Compra en línea Ralph Lauren Outlet en Liquidación y Outlet Store. Usted puede encontrar los precios más bajos en … camisas lacoste hombre
Popular ’90 (50 comments) Spotify playlist: Around 794 singles entered the UK Top 75 in 1990. Here are 658 of them (including AA sides … Steve Mannion

Jun 15

EMINEM – “The Real Slim Shady” (95 comments) We love a bit of self-deprecation in the UK. As such, I think we've always had a bit of … Tommy Mack