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Dec 14

Freaky Trigger’s WordPress Setup (479 comments) Great beat ! I wish to apprentice evewn as you amend your website, hhow can i subscribe for a blog … homepage
Popular ’87 (43 comments) TPL on George Michael, on his own and sounding it. punctum
Jona And The Wassail (44 comments) 2 brief points. One of the worse examples of a recent Christmas song, one that wanted so desperately wanted to … JoeWiz
BAND AID – “Do They Know It’s Christmas” (114 comments) Looks like the right time of year to comment on this. As noted by previous commenters, this reached #13 … mapman132
MIDGE URE – “If I Was” (55 comments) I'm not an expert - but I believe the chorus melody Is a straight run through the notes of whatever … mrdiscopop

Dec 14

LOU BEGA – “Mambo No.5 (A Little Bit Of…)” (37 comments) The Tom Ewing seal of non-approval has just pushed this over the million sales mark. flahr
ALICE COOPER – “School’s Out” (60 comments) "they hated it, describing it as ‘just noise’" This is just utterly wonderful. It's like there's some sort of pop Kondratiev … flahr
Popular ’79 (322 comments) Same to you Sweders, and may I say how much I've enjoyed chewing the fat over the old Pops repeats … Lazarus

Dec 14

FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD – “The Power Of Love” (54 comments) Critic watch: 1,001 Songs You Must Hear Before You Die, and 10,001 You Must Download (2010) 1002 New Musical Express (UK) … hectorthebat
QUEEN – “Innuendo” (94 comments) Try "I Love You... I'll Kill You" off The Cross Of Changes. Kinitawowi

Dec 14

CHAKA KHAN – “I Feel For You” (110 comments) Critic watch: 1,001 Songs You Must Hear Before You Die, and 10,001 You Must Download (2010) 1-1001 Blender (USA) - Top … hectorthebat
FIVE – “Keep On Movin’” (27 comments) #19 - I'm seeing this as tying in with the thread started at #5 re: who this might be aimed … Shiny Dave
ATB – “9PM (Til I Come)” (91 comments) Re90: No worries - your original post was scarcely dickish at all, just a bit contentious. Your sense of having … Mark M
BENNY HILL – “Ernie, The Fastest Milkman In The West” (47 comments) And here's me thinking it was rude because the backing singers had told him to "shut yr mouth". Mnd you, … Mark G
GERI HALLIWELL – “Lift Me Up” (24 comments) Re21: 'Should have swapped songs with Emma' – that sleeve certainly makes it seem like she's attempting to channel her … Mark M

Dec 14

SPICE GIRLS – “Wannabe” (212 comments) Irritating then - mediocre now! Little surprise then that it should become a rallying point for the poptimists. The … Hofmeister Bear
DAVID BOWIE AND MICK JAGGER – “Dancing In The Street” (70 comments) The most cringe-worthy (and memorable) moment is right at the beginning -- "OOO-KAY!" A 1 if anything is. Larry
MADONNA – “Into The Groove” (62 comments) Love this record now, though I ignored it then as more disposable pop. "Desperately Seeking Susan" was a fairly faithful … Larry
SPICE GIRLS – “2 Become 1” (61 comments) THE SPICE GHOULS, MORE LIKE flahr

Dec 14

WESTLIFE – “Flying Without Wings” (26 comments) #20 - Watched that alright. Think Denise Van Outen presented. They ran away with it IIRC. If Our Tune was … ciaran