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Dec 16

GERI HALLIWELL – “Mi Chico Latino” (41 comments) It has been said that music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind,… MattE
The 17th Annual Freaky Trigger Between Christmas and New Year Pub Crawl: The Highgate Upside Down Wales (2 comments) Highgate eh... you thinks you is fancy, cuz? Girl with Curious Hair

Dec 16

Popular ’82 (111 comments) Its probably worth a go, who would be the people to know, I wonder? Mark G
What is the message behind the Legally Blonde films? (1 comment) Hesten Bloomenthall

Dec 16

QUEEN – “Bohemian Rhapsody” (145 comments) Greg Lake had another near miss just eighteen months or so after when Hot Chocolate blocked ELP from the summit. AMZ1981
LEANN RIMES – “Can’t Fight The Moonlight” (33 comments) I admit this is girlie pop with a hint of hard rock, but it's actually quite a charming song, from… CriticSez
Going Back To My Routes: Kanto (29 comments) one of the best game ever played. the great hidden charm in finding the POKEMON..... :) thanks for sharing. Saqib Ali
BEN E KING – “Stand By Me” (57 comments) One (minor) point in Final Fantasy XV's favour has been how it's gotten this back in the phone playlist. The… Drilling Club

Dec 16

LL COOL J – “Ain’t Nobody” (45 comments) 42: I recall that as well, and I'm fairly sure the band in question was The Lemonheads. I also… Izzy

Dec 16

EDDIE FISHER – ‘I’m Walking Behind You’ (11 comments) Yep indeed, on Wikipedia's talk page there's confirmation of this, making my earlier post #7 just a few weeks out… Billy Hicks

Dec 16

THE FT TOP 100 TRACKS OF ALL TIME No. 33: Echo and the Bunnymen – The Cutter (11 comments) Thought it was about pretentious music articles.... Dave

Dec 16

DONNY OSMOND – “Puppy Love” (29 comments) One small correction to Tom's entry: Donny was in fact just 13 when he recorded this, not 15. So no… Paulito

Nov 16

HAUNTOGRAPHY: Casting the Runes (4 comments) If memory serves (it's the best part of twenty years since I saw it) Night Of The Demon fleshes out… AMZ1981
SERGE GAINSBOURG AND JANE BIRKIN – “Je T’Aime…Moi Non Plus” (35 comments) Re34: Weirdly, they used to have copy of JTMNP in the Blockbuster in Crystal Palace - a friend rented it… Mark M

Nov 16

ENRIQUE IGLESIAS – “Hero” (23 comments) Save a prayer? Sorry, not following! All that comes to mind is Duran Duran. I just watched… TK

Nov 16

ALL SAINTS – “Lady Marmalade” / “Under The Bridge” (54 comments) In defence of Anthony Kiedis (not a sentence I ever expected to write): UtB must be easily the most personal… Girl with Curious Hair

Nov 16

We Aren’t Reasonable People: Warp Records (8 comments) I actually found tanya's post very funny especially the slagging off of LFO I'm a big fan… eatmyballs

Nov 16

SMOKEY ROBINSON AND THE MIRACLES – “Tears Of A Clown” (49 comments) Given Mary Wilson's stories about Smokey in Dream Girls, I think you may be absolutely right. wichitalineman
SPICE GIRLS – “Who Do You Think You Are?” / “Mama” (79 comments) Just discovered - late, I know - Smokey Robinson and the Miracles' spectacular 'Shop Around', possibly the ur-text of Mom/Mum… Ed
PUFF DADDY, FAITH EVANS AND 112 – “I’ll Be Missing You” (78 comments) Faith Evans – who I'll admit I've thought little about in recent years – crops up (in good nick) on… Mark M