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Oct 20

Why We Hate Emo Kids (Apparently) (411 comments) so what if we are emo that's our business so shut the fuck up. karma

Oct 20

ENYA – “Orinoco Flow” (94 comments) Sadly this song will never be the same for me after that torture scene in David Fincher's Girl With the… Ben Gould
SPENCER DAVIS GROUP – “Keep On Running” (21 comments) Bye bye Spencer Davis. enitharmon
U2 – “Desire” (157 comments) What a wonderful review. "...as if rock itself has just sucked him off" might be one of the funniest things… benson_79
DANIEL BEDINGFIELD – “If You’re Not The One” (11 comments) Thanks on your marvelous posting! I truly enjoyed reading it, you happen to be a great author.I will make certain… Garrett Lacy

Oct 20

Album-A-Day 2019 #2: Hello Pork Pie Hat (2 comments) This hello pork pie hat album is really an amazing recording and I really enjoy this. This music album beautifully… Eleanor263

Oct 20

BROS – “I Owe You Nothing” (95 comments) Yes, it really shocked me when watching the doc just how awful their music was. That and the vast yawning… benson_79

Oct 20

WET WET WET – “With A Little Help From My Friends” / BILLY BRAGG ft CARA TIVEY – “She’s Leaving Home” (46 comments) At least after this the great British public got wise to the Wets, thus ensuring they'd have no future success… benson_79

Oct 20

THE LOVE AFFAIR – “Everlasting Love” (101 comments) Barbara Bach would have been 22 in 1968 - I think the lady in question looks at least a little… Andrew F

Oct 20

Uncle Joe vs the stats freaks (23 comments) RIP Joe Morgan: maybe a man not at ease with numbers, but a magical ballplayer (and, as a broadcaster, he… Mark M

Oct 20

KYLIE MINOGUE – “Slow” (22 comments) Ah like this song cause it's dead icy. It's got nae warmth, nowt when it comes to emotion. It's borderline… New Jack

Oct 20

TIFFANY – “I Think We’re Alone Now” (77 comments) Tiffany appeared on this Vernon Kay-fronted ITV Saturday night programme back in the noughties, whose USP was bringing back forgotten… benson_79

Oct 20

MADONNA – “Frozen” (58 comments) A mi me encanto Frozen desde el primer momento, venia de oír solo Tri Hop y Frozen sonaba maravillosa, como… Marcelo Lorca Estay

Oct 20

M/A/R/R/S – “Pump Up The Volume”/”Anitina (The First Time I See She Dance)” (123 comments) I don't dislike this record but I would never give it a 10 purely on its sonic merits. The plethora… benson_79

Oct 20

U2 – “The Fly” (107 comments) Qqxtmtq mquinnplastering@yahoo.co.uk : Ebdhpxq

Oct 20

The People’s Pop Poll: Starts 5th May (5 comments) Well, I guess if you took a very large dartboard and threw darts randomly at it, you could come up… steve
FERRY AID – “Let It Be” (61 comments) I wholeheartedly love this song, and have always found 'When the night is cloudy there is still a light that… benson_79

Sep 20

The Mincer: An Experiment In Gamification (12 comments) Seven years on, the approach and ethos of The Mincer feels uncannily close to the different stages of the People's… Neil C

Sep 20

#16: Can’t you see I’m trying? (1 comment) I'm sorry to post an unrelated question, but I haven't been super updated on everything here and I'm curious: has… Joe
TYPICALLY TROPICAL – “Barbados” (101 comments) In Europe and America, they are called dirk talk drums or tank drums. The glucophone has a pentatonic echo system… Deborahhen