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Jul 16

BOYZONE – “No Matter What” (51 comments) ALW slides right off the other side, writing exactly the sort of “primary colours” melody that gets under my skin… Phil
DANIEL BEDINGFIELD – “Gotta Get Thru This” (22 comments) The next #1 was the Christmas number 1 of 2001, so while we're waiting here's a BBC News article from… Billy Hicks

Jul 16

FLOYD CRAMER – “On The Rebound” (10 comments) Not particularly big or ambitious, but I'm giving this a 9 because it makes me feel happy. cryptopian
A Great Big Clipper Ship (137 comments) Hi all who only get their news on this comments thread: the kickstarter succeeded and the project is funded! Which:… pˆnk s lord sükråt cunctør
Popular ’65 (16 comments) All but Jackie (five for her). Brilliant year for music. CriticSez
SPACEDUST – “Gym And Tonic” (28 comments) ONE. It's comparable to a Cher Lloyd bunny. Just because it's…tedious. Even "Grandma" was marginally better. CriticSez
Popular ’98 (41 comments) NINETEEN. "Chocolate Salty Balls" would make 20. Though mostly sixes. I've been suffering from burnout. CriticSez

Jul 16

BACK MARK SINKER’S BOOK!! (1 comment) Very excited this is going to be an actual thing! Tommy Mack
Lost Property Office 2-5: The Bread Of Life (6 comments) So an amazing callback to this episode - Moon Unit, the missing cat in the opening segment (what have you… Pete Baran

Jul 16

Popular ’82 (45 comments) Indeed, but since then he has been arrested again. Steve Williams

Jul 16

The Freaky Trigger Readers’ Poll 2015: #10-#1 (27 comments) #26 I'll second that! I also really appreciated the prompt to listen to Art Angels, another new favourite. Rory

Jul 16

BLUE – “If You Come Back” (11 comments) Blue better than One Direction, I love them so much. U Make Me Wanna don't know why, but I just… Jesse Brown

Jul 16

PAUL HARDCASTLE – “19” (76 comments) Aw, that really is a lovely interview! Andrew Farrell

Jul 16

JOE DOLCE MUSIC THEATRE – “Shaddap You Face” (63 comments) Playing the PM Dawn album yesterday, heard a couple of lines from this in there.. 'What's… Mark G

Jul 16

GARY BARLOW – “Love Won’t Wait” (79 comments) [stork-boy] The song starts off great, runs out of steam around 1 minute in for me. Gary's… Rufus Headroom

Jul 16

I used to go to school with a girl called Saffron (1 comment) I know a girl called saffron she was evil tried to steal my husband he was sixty and she was… Layla

Jul 16

Confused by cerveza? (17 comments) Langue d'Oc is known as Occitan and is still spoken in parts of Southern France. It's closely related to Catalan… Marcus

Jul 16

DAVID BOWIE AND MICK JAGGER – “Dancing In The Street” (73 comments) Tous ces moments Perdus dans l'enchantement Qui ne reviendront Jamais Pas d´aujourd´hui… Cumbrian

Jul 16

THE BEE GEES – “I Gotta Get A Message To You” (18 comments) I do remember being quite overwhelmed by this as an 8 year old. The simplicity of the lyrics made it… lonepilgrim
THE BEACH BOYS – “Do It Again” (31 comments) I have no clear memories of listening to the Beach Boys as a kid in the 1960s and so by… lonepilgrim