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Apr 16

Popular ’81 (234 comments) Well, if you want to check on iPlayer, at the back from left to right it's Anita (the one who … Steve Williams
VOX POPULAR: The Charts As Soapbox In A Digital Era (11 comments) The upside of all this is that the terminally out of touch, such as myself, do occasionally get to actually … Pink champ ale
AFROMAN – “Because I Got High” (32 comments) Thanks Rory. Wierdly I don't think I ever came across that in my Cheech n Chong Days. Unless I forgot … pink champale

Apr 16

THE ARTIST FORMERLY KNOWN AS PRINCE – “The Most Beautiful Girl In The World” (55 comments) I expected a huge burst of Prince-related chart activity in the near future, but I never expected it this quickly … mapman132
THE CHRISTIANS, HOLLY JOHNSON, PAUL MCCARTNEY, GERRY MARSDEN, STOCK AITKEN AND WATERMAN – “Ferry Cross The Mersey” (66 comments) The 96 finally got their justice after 27 years. Oh, and I was surprised to find TWO Hillsborough tribute #1s: … CriticSez

Apr 16

WESTLIFE – “Queen Of My Heart” (21 comments) We're already into what could be called `mid period` Westlife. Personally I always felt that their early singles (up to … AMZ1981
KYLIE MINOGUE – “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” (59 comments) I actually went did this the courtesy of a re-listen on YouTube: don't think my feelings have changed much over … Tommy Mack
4 U (9 comments) Even though I was starting to get used to 2016 as the year that Death started getting his groove on … Rory

Apr 16

EMILE FORD AND THE CHECKMATES – “What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For?” (12 comments) Very interesting article about him here - https://lasentinel.net/emile-ford-legendary-st-lucian-artiste-dies-in-london.html - no idea he had such an interesting career after the … weej
THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS – “Setting Sun” (107 comments) Having loved Exit Planet Dust, I remember a sense of anticlimax when I first heard this on the Evening Session, … Neil C

Apr 16

HALE AND PACE – “The Stonk” (123 comments) As mentioned upthread, The Smile Song is about a thousand times better than The Stonk, even if it isn't particularly … weej

Apr 16

WHITNEY HOUSTON – “One Moment In Time” (79 comments) Couple of my mates roped me into one of those play-by-mails at one point. Fond memories of a) my Charlton … Kinitawowi

Apr 16

THE BEATLES – “Hello Goodbye” (24 comments) even when I was a kid I think I thought this was trite - not something I thought (or think) … lonepilgrim
THE FOUNDATIONS – “Baby Now That I’ve Found You” (15 comments) it's definitely a stomper - it runs out of ideas lyrically and then repeats but there is a ramshackle enthusiasm … lonepilgrim
ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK – “The Last Waltz” (54 comments) it hardly seems worth getting back to EH's rendition of 'The Last Waltz' an utterly flavourless version of what could … lonepilgrim
SCOTT MCKENZIE – “San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair)” (23 comments) another song where my mental image is contradicted by the song itself. I always think this is going to be … lonepilgrim
THE BEATLES – “All You Need Is Love” (24 comments) I always approach this song with the intention of giving it a good kicking but then when I hear it … lonepilgrim
PROCOL HARUM – “A Whiter Shade Of Pale” (64 comments) another song that I vaguely remember from my childhood - I DO remember hearing pop music on a radio on … lonepilgrim
THE TREMELOES – “Silence Is Golden” (44 comments) this is another song that I remember hearing as a kid. I used to find it unsettling, possibly because the … lonepilgrim
SANDIE SHAW – “Puppet On A String” (19 comments) I can remember liking this when I was a kid at the time - probably because it mentioned puppets and … lonepilgrim