Aug 20

The Pollards Of Lop Episode 2: 1990

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Here’s the second episode of our monthly discussion around the Twitter People’s Pop Polls – in this instalment, I’m joined by Maura Johnston, Sarah Clarke and Steve Mannion to talk about 1990.


LEARN the secrets of Jellyfish! DISCOVER why the Beautiful South were always in the NME! THRILL to the ice-skating jams of 1990! GASP at “Britain’s stupidest band”! SHARE our regret at Madonna’s poor poll performance! EXPLORE an alternative canon courtesy of METAL EDGE! And much much more.


  1. 1
    Peter on 11 Aug 2020 #

    Pop! At its finest!

  2. 2
    Steve Mannion on 12 Aug 2020 #

    Something I posed in this was ‘bands who did or at least could’ve appeared on The Word on the Friday night and then kids TV the next morning’…but no-one sprang to mind at the time. Maybe…The Wonder Stuff?

  3. 3
    Lee Saunders on 12 Aug 2020 #

    I doubt as early as 1990 but a couple of years down the line the reoccurring Carter maybe?

    And in general some of the post-grebo-but-not-baggy indie dance line (Jesus Jones, EMF who get mentioned in a different context, Ned’s etc.)?

  4. 4
    Mark M on 12 Aug 2020 #

    So, thoughts on being 19/20 in 1990 and the discussion:

    1) My memory is that I saw the none-more-1990 pairing of EMF supporting Adamski at Leeds University Union (in the smaller hall where you couldn’t drink, not the Refectory, which was the big venue). There’s an EMF fan site that doesn’t list the gig, but has them supporting Adamski in Glasgow around the same time, so I’m holding out that I’m right. (Adamski definitely played – it’s the EMF element that’s unverified). I was there to review the gig for the student newspaper – I think the first thing I ever wrote for them.

    2) What I can’t specifically remember, as per Tom’s question, is whether the Walk On The Wild Side sample made Can I Kick It? particularly welcome at indie discos. I associate it with the kind of night where you’d get the dancier end of baggy (ie Mondays remixes), a bit of LFO and a bit of NWA. As opposed to somewhere where you’d get Ride and Neds, and maybe The Replacements and Julian Cope if you were lucky.

    3) Oh, and indeed in my first week at university (Oct 1989) getting told I had no business wearing a Stone Roses T-shirt because I came from London. I do think I had the T-shirt more because I liked it as a T-shirt than because I was deeply devoted to the band…

  5. 5
    Steve Mannion on 13 Aug 2020 #

    I really wanted a Happy Mondays T-shirt by the end of the year but a “Cool As Fuck” Inspirals one may have sufficed.

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