Apr 20

The People’s Pop Polls

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Update: See list of all previous Peoples Pop Polls, their winners and more here

As you’ll know if you follow me on Twitter, I’ve been using the quarantine to run pop polls – there’s a UK Number 2s one about to enter its third round right now. This has been a delightful distraction for me, a useful way of structuring my days and weeks, and has been pleasingly popular with other people too.

After the #2s poll, I’m doing something a bit different – a People’s Pop Poll, with tracks nominated by anyone who donates to this fundraiser I’ve set up for domestic violence charity Refuge. One of the hidden costs of lockdown has been a horrific spike in domestic violence, and I want to do my bit to help those affected. Here’s the link.

So far the fundraiser has hit £260 in less than a day, which is fantastic, and we have 20-ish tracks nominated for the People’s Pop Poll, including Kraftwerk, Labelle, Kate Bush (twice!) and of course Urban Hype. If you want to see the up-to-date list of nominated tracks, go here.

You can donate by or name or anonymously, and you can edit the amount as you prefer. I know there’s a ton of people raising money for some amazing causes right now, so anything you can spare would be amazing. Any donation qualifies you to nominate. £10 or more gets you two nominations. If you have a favourite track you wish to send out into battle, this is your chance! (If you don’t, you can donate anyway, of course.)

Thanks in advance, and stay as safe and happy as you can!



  1. 1
    Tom on 23 Apr 2020 #

    UPDATE 1: We have reached (as of writing) within a whisker of £1000 raised, which is absolutely fantastic at a time when everybody and their grandad is passing the cap around. Thankyou all so much! (And keep it coming)

    UPDATE 2: I’ve put together a playlist of everything nominated (as of this evening’s update – missing the very latest noms). It’s here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2rLXQnHDfbgcLoUSNO3raI?si=o3Fh27TdSDqapXkbdBAbDg

    It doesn’t have 5 of the nominated tracks – by Alexei Sayle, Gary Clail, MC Pitman, The She Creatures, and Tina B – because they aren’t on Spotify.

  2. 2
    George an on 13 Apr 2021 #

    Good one.

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    Grey11 on 13 Apr 2021 #

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    Johnson on 8 Dec 2021 #

    This has been a delightful distraction for me, a useful way of structuring my days and weeks, and has been pleasingly popular with other people too.


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    Anna on 14 Mar 2022 #

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