Oct 19

What’s Going On With The FT Comments?

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Hi all –

We know some of you have had serious issues with the FT comments, both in terms of logging in on existing IDs and creating new ones.

This is because of something being imposed by our hosts to stop continued spam comment attacks. We’ve taken the actions requested (updating wordpress etc) but there’s clearly still an issue. To make things more frustrating, my admin login is working so there’s no way of my knowing when the login system is down or not.

We’ll keep you updated. Posting comments is (clearly) still possible, but may not always be possible with the login. Use the comments on this thread to let us know what your situation is.



  1. 1
    Cumbrian on 18 Oct 2019 #

    Don’t know whether my experience is the same/similar to others but where I am at with the comments/log in thing is:

    – I can’t log in with my user name – I put my user name and password in to the relevant fields in the pop up that comes up (I am on a Mac) and it just pings me back to the pop-up. When it does that, it retains my user-name which gives the impression that my password is incorrect (am sure it isn’t unless WordPress has been hacked) and on cancelling out of the pop up window, I get redirected to an Authentication Required window.

    – Obviously, commenting is still possible – but I am putting my name and email address in every time in order to do so, in the fields under the comment box on each article/page.

    Don’t know whether this is everyone/anyone else’s experience but, given you’ve asked, thought I’d let you know.

  2. 2
    lonepilgrim on 23 Oct 2019 #

    when I put in my details into the fields below the comment box my contribution is accepted and the system recognises me enough to link to my photo icon. Otherwise my experience is the same as Cumbrian.

    meanwhile there still seem to be spam bots posting :-I

  3. 3
    Andrew Farrell on 4 Nov 2019 #

    The same as Cumbrian :/

  4. 4
    Nixon on 11 Nov 2019 #

    Oddly, even though I was somehow blocked from commenting for weeks on end a couple of years ago when nobody else was having issues, it’s working perfectly for me now that there’s clearly a wider problem. Go figure, as the young people say.

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