Jan 19

Wiki-illiams Quizz 2018. Round 18

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(Well done, we made it to the end…)

During 2018:

1 Which NCO is 2nd class?

2 Whence the theft of items of the Vasa regalia?

3 Which circumnavigator has been inspired by Verne?

4 Which unique avian species has been released on Loch Fad?

5 Whose subterfuge recalled a fictitious deception at waterfalls near Meiringen?

6 Whose apparent half-nelson produced tears in Kiev (not to mention Cairo and Liverpool)?

7 Who was given Kilkeel, while his only predecessor had received Arklow?

8 How has St James caused trouble in the Baie de Seine?

9 Who has made a smooth exit from eternal inflation?

10 Whose delivery was described as Raw God?


  1. 1
    Mark M on 17 Jan 2019 #

    6 is Sergio Ramos’ tackle/assault on Mo Salah.

  2. 2
    The Lurker on 17 Jan 2019 #

    5 – the waterfalls are the Reichenbach Falls, so presumably this has something to do with faking death . This is ringing a vague bell, but I can’t think who.

    7. I think this may have something to do with Harry becoming Duke of Sussex – some bonus title or property he got at the same time?

  3. 3
    Mark M on 17 Jan 2019 #

    Re5: Oh, that was the journalist or was he a politician? who pretended to have been murdered by… the Russians, maybe? And then revealed he was alive a couple of days later.

  4. 4
    The Lurker on 17 Jan 2019 #

    Oh yes, Ukrainian, wasn’t he?

  5. 5
    Alan on 17 Jan 2019 #

    Apologies for less than normally adequate round ups of the answers.

    I’ll do a master “what remains” comment here. eventually

  6. 6
    hardtogethits on 17 Jan 2019 #

    9. Dunno about “who” or “eternal” but I say full leg wax. Not bothered if wrong.

  7. 7
    Matthew K on 18 Jan 2019 #

    4 is the jet engined boat that killed Donald Campbell, Bluebird K7, which has been restored and did its first water trials in August on Loch Fad.

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