Dec 16

The Freaky Trigger Readers’ Poll 2016

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missyHello readers! It’s me, last year’s winner, Missy Elliott! Although 2016 has been an eventful year, I definitely hadn’t forgotten about my triumphant song at all. Definitely not. And neither had the good folk at Freaky Trigger forgotten about this year’s poll until yesterday! Submissions are now OPEN so get voting…

Cheers Missy. Here’s the shiz:

Email up to 20 of your favourite tracks of 2016 to poptimistspoll2010@gmail.com by 23.59pm GMT on 31st December 2016.

– You don’t have to send 20 tracks – 10, 5 or just 1 is fine.
– Tracks should be in order – your #1 song will get more points than your #20 (if you really can’t put them in order, I’ll do it for you randomly!)
– Release date should be this year, but realistically I’m not going to check. If one of your picks appeared in last year’s poll, I’ll ask you for another one.

If you really have no idea what happened in pop music this year, there’s still plenty of time to have a listen to everyone’s best-of lists and see if anything floats your boat. If you’ve already made one, why not plug it in the comments?


  1. 1
    koganbot on 17 Dec 2016 #

    I made a YouTube playlist of my favorite 75 or so singles from 2016. The number will change, as will the order. M.I.A. is on the list. So are some wacky Belgians.

  2. 2
    katstevens on 17 Dec 2016 #

    I am of course neutral but a grab-bag of my 2016 favourites is here.

  3. 3
    katstevens on 30 Dec 2016 #

    Just over 24 hours left to send in your votes! A very broad spread of choices so far…

  4. 4
    swanstep on 31 Dec 2016 #

    Oh gawd, I can’t even get spotify to work on my laptop right now so no chance for me even to do some late prep and preference formation for a musical year that almost passed me by….anyhow, highlights for me (= only stuff that really pierced my bubble) were Bowie, Christine and the Queens, some Rihanna, some Weeknd, some Monkees, some Radiohead, some James Blake.

    Cheers to all for the New Year!

  5. 5
    Kat on 1 Jan 2017 #

    Thanks to all who voted – the first set of results will be posted in the next few days!

  6. 6
    James BC on 6 Jan 2017 #

    Whoops, I missed this. Hoping to see The Knocks ft. Wyclef Jean, Shura and DNCE high up in the results.

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