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PWC14: Group B Match 1 (Spain, Netherlands, Chile, Australia)

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Ricardo-Villalobos Today’s Pop World Cup game is the Group B opener. It’s a very open group – nowhere I think of as a real powerhouse in pop competition, so this is a strong opportunity for all four teams. Spain is managed by PWC veteran Carsmile Steve, Netherlands by Job De Wit, Chile by lartsaegis, and Australia by Matt Powell.

It’s the usual Group Stage format – four tracks, you pick two, the poll is down the bottom of the post. Click through to see what our managers have come up with! (And remember you can STILL VOTE in the Group A game until Thursday morning).

SPAIN: Angy – “Boytoy”

“No messing about with tika taka for the opening game! Ms Fernandez goes straight for hoofing it up to the big chorus. A graduate of Spanish X-Factor, now working her way through various other reality formats (she was eliminated in the first round of the local version of Splash! (marvellously called “Splash! Famous Water” in Spain) last year) Angy has the nous to bring it to the other teams in the group with this vibrant neon video and punchy attitude.”

NETHERLANDS: Yellow Claw and the Opposites – “Thunder”

“Hallo! We are a small nation with not much of an international pop presence – except for dozens of EDM cheese merchants. They are all in Las Vegas raking in dollars however, and anyway, they’re not much cop at scoring quick pop goals. For our opening group match, I’m fielding a total pop team effort by DJ team Yellow Claw and hip-hop two-piece The Opposites. Both the artists’ names and the song’s title are in English to let you know we are internationally minded, but the rapping and the hardcore beats are very much with a Dutch touch. Throw on something orange and sing along.”

CHILE: Ricardo Villalobos ft Washington Miranda – “Tu Actitud”

“For years, Chilean national and German transplant Ricardo Villalobos has been regarded as a totemic wunderkind of minimal techno and microhouse, even as he’s flourished far past what these terms today signify. Tu Actitud is a prime example of his style of dancing footy: verdant textures, drunken focus, amorphous androgyny, and his seemingly acid-washed or warped sense of groove. Villalobos sways with no automation into the further reaches of pop maximalism in this cut, as fellow Chilean wingman (deemed responsible for getting Villalobos to practices after nights of “residence” at the local clubs) Washington Miranda’s vocal imbue it all with winding undulations of passionate and weird lyricism that stem from the Spanish: “amo que ames…” Villalobos and Miranda cross well together and aren’t afraid to go deep. Put your headphones on for this one.”

AUSTRALIA: Beaches – “Send Them Away”

“Beaches are a psych-rock (!) quintet from Melbourne. Send Them Away is taken from their ‘She Beats’ LP, one of my highlights of 2013. It’s both beautifully layered and totally straightforward – comparisons with MBV are obvious (but never a bad thing in my book)”

THE POLL: The usual deal – tick the two you liked most. Poll ends next Monday morning, and we’ll have the results up with the first Group D game.

B1: Which TWO tracks do you pick?

  • NETHERLANDS: Yellow Claw and The Opposites 80%
  • AUSTRALIA: Beaches 30%
  • CHILE: Ricardo Villalobos ft Washington Miranda 23%
  • SPAIN: Angy 18%

Total Voters: 207

Poll closes: 3 Feb 2014 @ 09:00

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  1. 26
    jeff w on 30 Jan 2014 #

    YouTube no good for me either :( But I missed the first Group A match anyway :((((

    Also re #23, the obvious solution is to “delete twitter plz Tom” :)

  2. 27
    jeff w on 31 Jan 2014 #

    I take it back. Miraculously, my rubbish phone is curren–t-ly lett-ing me play y–ou–tube vids al-beit in——–st-ut–tering fa—shion. Which isn’t doing any of the teams concerned any fa—vours. Spain vid “not available on mobile” however, so off to the library this weekend for that one, I guess.

  3. 28
    Weej on 31 Jan 2014 #

    Wasn’t going to mention it as it’s a geographically specific problem (at in-laws for Chinese New Year, no VPN available) but I can’t watch Youtube vids either. On the plus side I’ll be back by the time my group is up, so no great crisis.

  4. 29
    Tom on 31 Jan 2014 #

    OK, I’m hearing in general we should have audio streams as well as YT.

    I think what I’ll do – in the absence of Spotify for some tracks – is put the groups up as I find them, and then add audio streams in the day or so after posting.

  5. 30
    Cumbrian on 3 Feb 2014 #

    The involvement of teams in this group with gambling syndicates surely warrants investigation. Suspicious gambling patterns definitely in evidence when stacked up against the result.

    Still, even without this, I don’t know whether the result would have been much different. It might well simply be a matter of how many goals the Dutch scored. I’m sorry to see Chile go. Not everyone’s favourite but I thought that they were the most interesting team seen in the tournament thus far.

  6. 31
    Tom on 3 Feb 2014 #

    Two more matches in each group, so Chile can fight back from this easily.

  7. 32
    Cumbrian on 3 Feb 2014 #

    Is there? Oh good. I wasn’t around for PWC2010 and am obviously not au fait with the rules.

  8. 33
    Alan not logged in on 3 Feb 2014 #

    spain very much robbed there, and australia doing surprisingly well

  9. 34
    jeff w on 3 Feb 2014 #

    Yes, I thought the Spaniards performed much more strongly in this particular electro-glamstomp-revival formation than some more lauded pop acts (R Stevens, Goldfrapp) ever did. The Dutch obv benefited from parachuting in some extra players while the ref’s back was turned, but I voted for them too.

  10. 35
    lartsaegis on 3 Feb 2014 #

    Yes, don’t bury us yet — we’ll be back, dare I say with vengeance!

  11. 36
    Erithian on 18 Feb 2014 #

    Chile got my first vote for being quietly mesmerising, and Australia for being breezy and generally right up my street. Holland as thuggish as they were in the “other” World Cup Final four years ago. Good luck next game Chile…

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