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Popular Reader Question

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Hello –

As I ramp up the posting frequency on Popular again (hopefully an ongoing trend, though I’ve said THAT before) I realise I have very little idea about a potentially quite important thing.

If you’re a regular (or semi-regular) reader of the blog, how do you find out about new posts? Twitter? Tumblr? Facebook? An RSS feed? Just popping by now and then? Telepathy? Stalking me? I want to make Popular updates easier to find (and encourage new readers in, of course) but to do that I’d like to know about more about how you find them in the first place…

Any responses would be very helpful! Thankyou!


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  1. 61
    Melson on 9 Jan 2014 #

    RSS via self-hosted Tiny Tiny RSS.

  2. 62
    Tim on 9 Jan 2014 #

    RSS (via Feedly)

  3. 63
    Andrew Hickey on 9 Jan 2014 #

    I have the RSS feed for FT in theoldreader (although my copy is sans spammy headlines), but only look at it every so often (I have a LOT of feeds) so often discover posts from your Twitter or Tumblr first.

  4. 64
    romney on 9 Jan 2014 #

    RSS in Netvibes.

  5. 65
    Bec on 9 Jan 2014 #

    Feedly for myself (longtime reader, infrequent commenter)!

  6. 66
    anatol_merklich on 9 Jan 2014 #

    RSS in theoldreader.

  7. 67
    James BC on 9 Jan 2014 #

    OK now I’ve signed up to Feedly and I’ve got it in RSS. Much better.

  8. 68
    Gareth on 9 Jan 2014 #

    Another Tiny Tiny RSS user.

  9. 69
    MikeMCSG on 9 Jan 2014 #

    New posts come up at the bottom of Blogger Dashboard as you’re on my Reading list.

  10. 70
    Tim on 9 Jan 2014 #

    I use Feedly to look at the RSS but then end up looking at the site anyway to see what your the scores are on the Popular posts, and also follow the comments threads (I could never make much sense of the comments RSS feed, I could never remember who was on about what and where).

  11. 71
    Tom on 9 Jan 2014 #

    Does the RSS give the posts but not the scores? What a stroke of marketing genius. I wish I’d thought of that.

  12. 72
    Jimmy the Swede on 9 Jan 2014 #

    I don’t do Twitter or Facebook etc. I just come onto the Popular site most days I am at work. People who know me well know that I’m far happier with a book in my hands rather than in front of a computer or staring at a telephone. “Yeah Yeah Yeah” is inching its way to the top of my reading pile. I was delighted and proud to have been given a namecheck in that.

    Tom – TOTP ’79 is up and running, is it not? It was at the end of that decade that Waldo disappeared from the Number One threads. The Swede will be staying as long as Mucky Sue does. Oh, yes!

  13. 73
    Lazarus on 9 Jan 2014 #

    We have only an hour more to wait Jimmy. The lovely ONJ will be on as well as the Legs – so, sadly, will be serial Prestatyn escapees Brotherhood of Man.

  14. 74
    DietMondrian on 9 Jan 2014 #

    I pop by the site regularly, though I’m sometimes alerted to a new post by a Tweet.

  15. 75
    Rich on 9 Jan 2014 #

    Lurker here. As someone who started visiting Popular in the last year or two, I am gleefully enjoying the recent turnover of posts! I’m following you on Twitter and have now saved the RSS feed.

  16. 76
    Auntie Beryl yet unlogged on 10 Jan 2014 #

    Upon the Twitter, for me. I never got round to setting up another RSS after Google nixed Reader.

  17. 77
    jeff w on 10 Jan 2014 #

    Just popping by now and then

  18. 78
    Jonathan Westwood on 10 Jan 2014 #


  19. 79
    Patrick Mexico on 11 Jan 2014 #

    Your Twitter, mostly – but I visit this site daily, I do enjoy looking through the older posts. My real-time memory only stretches back to hearing Fairground Attraction – Perfect (you all just loved that one!) in my mum’s car in Aberystwyth, so it’s a great history lesson.

  20. 80
    Query on 11 Jan 2014 #

    I check the site fairly regularly, though often I catch an update via Facebook.

  21. 81
    Harris on 11 Jan 2014 #

    Just recently learned of your website. Being compulsive, beginning at the beginning and working my up to now. Pop in regularly.

  22. 82
    Paulito on 11 Jan 2014 #

    See #80 above.

  23. 83
    DanH on 12 Jan 2014 #

    I look on the Tweetybox.

  24. 84
    a tanned rested and unlogged lørd sükråt wötsît on 13 Jan 2014 #

    Are updates routinely broadcast on Facebook? I only saw Wannabe there because Alfred Soto at Humanazing the Vacuum linked and commented. When they do pop up I am happy to share to my scattered readership there — it might remind some of the ilx crew that this was a thing they approved of, once upon a time long ago. The R&B wars of 2001 will soon need to be refought :D

  25. 85
    Tom on 13 Jan 2014 #

    There is a Facebook page which I forget to update about half the time! (eg you have just reminded me to go and bring news of Ver Somethings) I think because I’m so rarely on FB myself I feel worse about self promoting there – it feels there’s less signal in between the spam. But if you subscribe to the page it should show up and you can boost those!

  26. 86
    a tanned rested and unlogged lørd sükråt wötsît on 13 Jan 2014 #

    is it a page for Popular or your page (which I follow)?

    [UPDATE] ignore: found it

  27. 87
    enitharmon on 13 Jan 2014 #

    Tom @85 You can set your FB account to echo your Twitter posts. That way you don’t have to go near it!

  28. 88
    Paul I on 13 Jan 2014 #

    I check FT fairly often but your updates tend to disappear in my RSS feed as I’m subscribed to so many other things. I would appreciate an opt-in email notification for Popular, as it’s pretty much the only blog I try not to miss a *single* update for.

    Either way thanks for all the writin Tom

  29. 89
    Russ L on 14 Jan 2014 #

    I am yet another RSS-ist.

    If this is a place for suggestions, then a Popular-only RSS feed without the rest of FT could be a thing that some folks might appreciate.

  30. 90
    Tom on 14 Jan 2014 #

    #89 it exists, I thought – there’s a little RSS sign by the word “Popular” in the blurbs box top right.

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