Jul 13

Great News For All Our Clients

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I was reading this piece on Ernst & Young and it struck me – not for the first time – that growing up reading IPC comics was the best possible preparation for a career in BUSINESS esp. mergers and acquisitions.

Just look at the history of Ernst & Young, or EY as we now call them.

Ernst & Ernst became
Ernst & Whinney became
Ernst & Young became

What does this remind you of? THAT’S RIGHT.

Buster became
Buster & Monster Fun became
Buster with Whizzer & Chips (should really have been Buster, Whizzer & Chips – more gravitas)

& then OK Buster never rebranded itself “B” but we can cross the tracks to DC Thompson and observe how Beano became BEANO MAX to get with the kids, in the same way as hipster accountants everywhere will feel vindicated by EY’s funky rebranding.

i.e. they’re doomed.


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    tm on 11 Jul 2013 #

    Didn’t The Dandy become Dandy Xtreme a few years back? The tagline was ‘Not for Old Fogeys’ or some such as though any kid would know what a fogey is.

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    Tom on 11 Jul 2013 #

    Behind the woeful revamping the actual content of the Dandy was by all accounts (and from the little I saw) terrific – nothing like the staid old house style, as everyone noticed only once the writing was on the wall. DC Thomson aren’t the kind of company to kill off a decades-old brand and launch a new one, but I think that might have been the best way to give the cartooning in the magazine a showcase.

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    jeff w on 12 Jul 2013 #

    Monster Fun was the only good comic ever. Being “merged” with Buster was a betrayal akin to Hammer films being taken over by a TV game show production company or something oh wait

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