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The Periodic Table of Metal

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periodic table of metalThe Periodic Table of Metal

(this not the only version on the internet, and i’m not sure of its provenance, unless simonlegend made it himself, but dudes! THE PERIODIC TABLE OF METAL!)


  1. 1
    Pete on 7 Mar 2013 #

    Oh, THAT kind of metal. I have seen s number of references and didn’t get it as surely the actual periodic table is pretty much a periodic table of metal.

  2. 2

    a periodic table of metal —> the “actual” periodic table

    “Oh, THAT kind of metal” !!!!

    the periodic table of periodic tables

  3. 3
    thefatgit on 7 Mar 2013 #

    I can assure you that “simonlegend” is my alter-ego. I acquired this awesome piece of internet frippery from an acquaintance on Facebook. I do not own the rights… & etc.

  4. 4
    lonepilgrim on 7 Mar 2013 #

    wot, no hawkwind?

  5. 5
    tm on 8 Mar 2013 #

    The real periodic table is metals on the left, non-metals on the right and transition elements in between like some kind of chemical apartheid (which would itself be a good metal band-name…)

  6. 6
    tm on 8 Mar 2013 #

    While we’re on matter metallic, what’s the deal with Cannibal Corpse – are they taking the piss or are they really into that shit? I picked up one of their tour DVDs our of morbid curiosity once: it had all the gory mutillated corpses on the cover, but a photo of four fairly standard rock dudes (one of them sporting a Black Flag T-shirt) in the gatefold, so wha’gwan?

  7. 7
    swanstep on 9 Mar 2013 #

    Not metal but starts with Led Zeppelin…, Steven Hyden’s seven part series, The Winners’ History of Rock and Roll. Highly recommended. (If Hyden’s name looks familiar to you, you may have come across his more narrowly focused but equally genial 10 part series, ‘Whatever happened to Alternative Nation?’ for the Onion’s AVClub back in 2010.)

  8. 8
    Lazarus on 16 Mar 2013 #

    I don’t see Lordi …

  9. 9
    Tyrael on 5 Jun 2013 #

    Where can I get a high quality Poster of this?

  10. 10
    thefatgit on 10 Jun 2013 #

    Getting closer to the source…


    Can’t link directly to facebook at work, but can link to my Tumblr.

  11. 11
    assimilateborg on 13 Aug 2013 #

    Well the source is just written on the picture, and google image search is your friend. http://www.messala.ch/content.aspx?sprache=E&navi=1&work=2&swork=82

  12. 12
    Messala Ciulla on 27 Jun 2014 #

    =) Hi there. I am the source of this table.. As you said, its not the only one out there, but I made this particular one.

    I’m currently revising it.

  13. 13
    juan24089 on 10 Dec 2014 #

    you have a mistake, you put twice Exodus, i thiink that on AN you wanted to put Anthrax an not exodus for the second time… great job

  14. 14
    juan24089 on 10 Dec 2014 #

    also a mistake in Kiss KS on noble rocks

  15. 15
    JRoo097 on 15 Jan 2015 #

    I love this! I saved it so I could show it to my family(they love metal). Thank you for making this!

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