Dec 11

FT Advent Calendar Of Christmas TV Specials: December 8th & 9th

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As is tradition, at least two of the FT advent calendar doors must be opened late – this just means double the chocolate for everyone! And the excuse to dress up in POSH FROCKS:

Helena Bonham Who?

The Brittas Empire blessed us with not one but TWO Christmas specials. The first (1994) took advantage of the break in format to do some wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey nostalgia and show what they are all doing MANY YEARS in the future while also remembering their PAST.

Carole is now a concert pianist, Tim’s boyfriend (er… Derek?) is running for parliament and Gordon Brittas is a UN Peace Envoy. Of course! However most of the episode is a baffling yet harrowing tale of starvation, survival and costume drama dress-up:

Youtube for Brittas Wobs #1

The second 1996 special has a similar survival-against-the-odds theme. The gang go on a team-building course in rural Wales, where Brittas’ wife Helen goes on a murderous rampage! I am quite pleased that Helen seems to have exactly the same wardrobe, haircut and facial expression that I have currently:

"Noes hair straighteners won't be invented for another 8 years D: "

Youtube for Brittas Wobs #2


  1. 1
    Sean M on 18 Dec 2011 #

    Is FT hibernating? No new advent calendar in a week, three weeks since the last ‘Popular’. Shall I just come back next year?

  2. 2
    Pete on 20 Dec 2011 #

    It was political correctness gone mad. Er, hibernating. Er, sorry?

  3. 3
    wichita lineman on 20 Dec 2011 #


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