Apr 11

A Crow Flies North

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I’ve been CHEATING ON Freaky Trigger over the last week with the One Week One Band blog, writing about the KLF. You can read all five days’ worth here.


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    23 Daves on 9 Apr 2011 #

    My wife asked what I was “spending ages reading online” and when I told her it was a series of thoughts about the KLF, she was a bit incredulous, feeling that nothing more could be said about them. She was wrong, though – this was incredibly well written and I think you managed to make a few points about their back catalogue and their concepts which had passed me by up to now. Well worth having a quiet “Popular” for.

    Excellent entry on “45” as well. As a bored teen, the KLF inspired me more than anyone else to get off my backside and get involved with life. I even embarrassed myself by writing to Drummond for advice once, and got the kind of reply you’d expect: “Keep going, fall over, dust yourself down and keep going again. But you already knew that”. There was more to the letter than that, obviously, but I can’t seem to find where I put it and fear it may be missing.

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    Mark M on 10 Apr 2011 #

    Terrific stuff, Tom.
    A few quick thoughts:

    1) Although the use of assorted bits of post-structuralist (etc) theory in the pop press was largely less than rigorous, (as somebody doesn’t find reading Derrida fun – I know some people do) I certainly found it a helpful starting point went I on to study that kind of stuff at university.

    2) I really like “Pick Your Fights” as the subheading for the Turner Prize fiasco. What’s weird about the whole thing is that the new-rules (youngish artists only) prize had only been going for three years at this point, and so didn’t quite have an identity yet – the first four winners were (broadly) sculptors. I’m far from convinced that Drummond and Cauty really had any kind of proper critique of contemporary art.

    3) I’m pretty sure there was real Finnish garage rock – it’s on the soundtrack of Kaurismaki films and Peel used to play some. I suspect faking it was more fun than digging around.

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    Jim5et on 11 Apr 2011 #

    Yes, I’m glad this post is here so I can mention how much I’ve loved that week (though you missed out Church of the Subgenius in your guide to being a poseur in 1989!). And I’m glad I’m not the only one who a) loves Scooter and b) suspected they might be the JAMMS when I first heard them

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    Tom on 11 Apr 2011 #

    #4 Yes you’re right! I thought of adding it in later but I had only the *very* dimmest memories of it, I was never really into it: that dude with the pipe was one of the great pre-Internet memes, though of course we didn’t know such words then.

    “Poseur” is a harsh if accurate summary I think ;) Like most 16-18 year olds (I’d guess) I genuinely felt my mind was being expanded by all this stuff, and it probably was. I wonder what the 2011 equivalent list would include?

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    Jim5et on 11 Apr 2011 #

    I was including myself within poseur, and have been compulsively collating my mental list since I read the piece. But I meant poseur in the sense of constructing a self-image. I think of that phase of life as like when you practise your signature; it starts off utterly contrived, you then start to inhabit it, then eventually you and your signature erode and it becomes as near natural a makes no odds.

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