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Freaky Trigger Readers Poll 2010: 43-34

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Right, the little matter of the lost ballots has been resolved and we can march on.

43. SLEIGH BELLS – “Tell Em”: This is from my favourite album of the year but the songs from it definitely work best for me as part of their own little world. But this is at the very least a good introduction to what the band do.

42. TENSNAKE – “Coma Cat”: A club anthem of 2010, it sez here. Big euphoric vocal-sample house of the sort that seems to have always been around. The link is to the radio edit, the longer one is on Spotify I believe.

41. MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS – “Hollywood”: Promoted! From the old 51-100 list. Doing a whole radio programme about this one has purged it from my playlist but it’s still good – and simultaneously infuriating – pop. The video is very cheapo, the kind of thing an “America-themed” vid would have looked like in 1981.

40. FAR EAST MOVEMENT ft THE CATARACS & DEV – “Like A G6”: Could have gone higher, I think. Post-peas “I’m In A Club!!” pop but distinguished by enormous submarine bleep-beats and a certain rawness. Hilarious conspicuous iPad cameo in video. SLIZZARD! Erm, what is a G6 exactly?

39. DJ ZINC ft MS DYNAMITE – “Wile Out”: The return to prominence and form of Ms Dynamite is one of the best pop things of the last couple of years – she can still shift between chat and melody better than almost anyone, even if the bug-eyed bouncing bassline here is threatening to steal her show. Terrific.

38. JASON DERULO – “Ridin’ Solo”: This is the highest-placed song to only get two votes. LOADS of autotune on this, used quite well though autotuned falseto always sounds a bit crap to me. I am not totally convinced by Jason DeRulo as a pop star – or maybe it’s just that I’m watching this video after spending last night looking at Turquoise Jeep ones.

37. GORILLAZ – “Stylo”: I find Gorillaz videos almost completely unwatchable so no comment on that. But the song is nice in a low-key way, lots of ideas, the counterpoint of Mos Def and fey vox reminds me very much of Scritti Politti’s (underrated, a bit) Anomie And Bonhomie record, in fact this whole track has a kind of late-90s feel to it, a lil bit Moby, a lil bit Primal Scream in their imitation motorik phase.

36. CASSIE – “Skydiver”: Hurrah! It wouldn’t be a Poptimists-affiliated poll without a lost Cassie track! Her usual creamily vulnerable vocals rising above a rattling beat and serviceable metaphor.

35. JAMES BLAKE – “Limit To Your Love”: I’m not sure where I stand on James Blake – I haven’t heard the whole album yet, but the first track by him I heard was “Klavierwerke” and having loved that I’m a bit disappointed his other stuff is so vocal. I like how he doesn’t hesitate to treat his vocals on this – but the spacious productions he makes work very differently as settings for songs, and seem more tasteful than magical.

34. LCD SOUNDSYSTEM – “I Can Change”: Lots was made about another LCD song being a ‘tribute’ to “Heroes”, but I haven’t seen anyone mention “Love Is A Stranger” in reference to this and yet that’s all it ever brings to mind. Maybe it’s just me! This has really grown on me since my initial dismissive encounter with it back when the album came out. James Murphy is one of those songwriters who is very good at capturing a particular mood, and to be honest I’m not sure it’s a terribly healthy mood, there is only so much self-reflection on the topic of ageing that one needs. But that said, “I Can Change” has stealthily overtaken their other slowies as their definitive track for me.

Three more chunks to go, at 11 apiece I think! Coming next… The rawest track in the Top 50, the last gasps of a dying pop empire, and a current one in full cry.


  1. 1
    flahr on 4 Jan 2011 #

    haha misread “James Blake” as “James Blunt” at first – was alarming to say the least

  2. 2
    Lex on 4 Jan 2011 #

    Love “Wile Out” and “Like A G6”. Like “Skydiver” and am heartened by the continued love for Cassie (seriously, I want to put money on a MASSIVE rediscovery of her catalogue 10 years hence), but my favourite Lost Cassie Track of 2010 was “Fuck U Silly”. (Also, for those who still hold a candle for her, I fully recommend Local Action’s package of “remixes, tributes and marriage proposals”, by some UK bass producers who also hold that candle.)

    SMH @ the intolerable Marina being bumped up into the top 40 and “Yamaha” being bumped out of the top 50. There is nothing good about that and someone should be deeply ashamed of themselves.

    I can’t believe Gorillaz still have a career. They were a horrible novelty act 10 years ago ffs. I couldn’t even face listening to the LCD Soundsystem album last year. And the DREADFUL James Blake album is gearing up to be my big battle of this year. Worst “post-dubstep” producer of the lot.

  3. 3
    Steve Mannion on 4 Jan 2011 #

    Rather than ‘Wile Out’ I voted for Ms D and Toddla T’s ‘Want U Now’ – a stonecold 10 for me.

    “the first track by him I heard was “Klavierwerke” and having loved that I’m a bit disappointed his other stuff is so vocal”

    I’m not too interested in Blake as a singer which is why the wonderfully woozy ‘CMYK’ is the only thing I like by him so far. “Limit..” is OK but I don’t feel like I need it when I already have the Feist original.

    “I find Gorillaz videos almost completely unwatchable”

    Interesting comment!

    Like ‘I Can Change’ a lot but again I voted for a different track from the album (“One Touch”) which grew on me a bit over the last few months.

  4. 4
    koganbot on 4 Jan 2011 #

    G6 is an airplane, the Gulfstream G650.

    I’d thought “Like A G6” would have a shot at number one! (Was on my long list but didn’t make my ballot.)

  5. 5
    Tom on 4 Jan 2011 #

    #3 I think at some time over the last decade I had to admit to myself that I really dislike Jamie Hewlett’s style of cartooning!

    #4 Thanks! G6 got 5 votes (as did Hollywood) – they’re the lowest 5-vote placers. (The highest is at #12).

  6. 6
    Steve Mannion on 4 Jan 2011 #

    Did ‘G6’ become a popular term at all (or just referred to enough in the news/media to get picked up on) before this track? I assumed it was a car. It seems odd to refer to it in a title/base a song around it as if it’s something people would recognise.

    Tom what don’t you like about Hewlett’s style?

  7. 7
    koganbot on 4 Jan 2011 #

    The Dev lines are sampled, and may have been chosen as much for their sound and vibe as their cultural references. In any event, I’d be the last person to know how common the knowledge of G6 is. I’d never heard it until the single.

  8. 8
    Matt DC on 4 Jan 2011 #

    Pleasantly surprised at Coma Cat placing in this, it would have been really quite high if I’d voted as it’s probably my favourite track of 2010, so many good memories.

  9. 9
    unlogged moggy on 4 Jan 2011 #

    Oh, I assume James Blake was what I pushed into the top 50. It ranked highly for me, probably for less technical reasons than personal ones but nevertheless I find the skill and the spacing in it exceptional. The poise is exquisite.

    Far East Movement TICK TICK TICK. I am trying to write about this for my end-of-year list currently and despite having had it on repeat for about 12 hours, am not yet sick of it.

    Wrong Jason Derulo. Ridin Solo is totes bland in comparison to the obnoxious grunty chug of In My Head but then that didn’t even make my top 20 so I’ve only myself to blame.

  10. 10
    swanstep on 5 Jan 2011 #

    On the LCD track being like Love is a Stranger (which itself was damned close to I feel love)…. yeah, the amount of reverse engineering of other people’s tracks that James Murphy does really irritates over the length of the whole album [since he doesn’t give writing credits to (or do sample clearances from) any of his sources]. Taken song by song though it’s fine!

    I voted for Tell ‘Em. My original fave track from the album was Infinity Guitars, but it’s since been used in beer commercials all through the Ashes down under so I almost can’t stand it now, so had to go with my original second fave (which is a bit hard on the ears I know).

  11. 11
    jeff w registered on 5 Jan 2011 #

    Yay for Jason D (who was the other voter here if not Hazel?) and for Cassie.

  12. 12
    weej on 5 Jan 2011 #

    Getting much better here – all good to my ears except Marina and Jason. Not the Gorillaz track I’d have chosen (if there weren’t already enough better things to get into the 20), but we’ll see if that comes up a bit later, I suspect it will.
    Apparently a G6 is some kind of aeroplane.

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