Sep 10

Again for the First Time

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Well, dear reader, what can we say?

The new series of the Lollards of Pop got pushed back to this week, a huge stroke of luck for all of us dreading having to play – and/or listen to – the controversial winner of our Most Dangerous Album poll. Our new series will start at 7pm BST (2pm EST) this Thursday, on Resonance FM 104.4 in London (streaming available). And that’ll be our slot for awhile.

In place of the DANGEROUS poll, we have a brand new poll to dread the results of. Voting and Youtubes after the jump…

Which one of these songs by children is just a bit better than the others?

  • Kris Kross - "Warm It Up" 38%
  • Willow Smith - "Whip My Hair" 25%
  • Smoosh - "Free to Stay" 13%
  • Kaci - "Paradise" 13%
  • S Club Juniors - "One Step Closer" 13%
  • BreZe - "My Heart Goes Boom" 0%
  • Aaron Carter - "Shake It" 0%
  • Old Skull - "Homeless" 0%

Total Voters: 8

Poll closes: 15 Sep 2010 @ 03:45

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  1. 1
    Pete on 14 Sep 2010 #

    Wrong S Club Juniors tune bub.

  2. 2
    Tracer Hand on 14 Sep 2010 #

    Write-in votes welcome!!

  3. 3
    tonya on 14 Sep 2010 #

    Jump by Kriss Kross isn’t eligible because then there would be no contest? Me and the other miggety miggety miggety miggety Mack Daddies will write that in one million times.

  4. 4
    admin on 14 Sep 2010 #

    Though iTunes sez not enough reviews to rate it, the web version has this single five star review:

    Smashing *****
    by jonkyforce
    It is refreshing to find work of such genius available for free to the listening public.

  5. 5
    Tracer Hand on 15 Sep 2010 #

    #3 … exactly!

  6. 6
    koganbot on 15 Sep 2010 #

    I take it that “My Boy Lollipop” and “Fingertips Pt. 2” and “The Locomotion” and “Dur Dur D’être Bébé!” were disqualified for similar reasons. Is there a specific age limit here? Several of these people were old enough for bar/bat mitvahs (Kaci and the Kris Krosses that I know of, and probably Aaron).

    I’d like to put in a good word for Rock Jack’s “Toilet Master.”

  7. 7
    koganbot on 15 Sep 2010 #

    Oh, and I’d have voted Willow, but you closed the poll on me before I had the chance.

  8. 8
    Simon on 16 Sep 2010 #

    I’d completely forgotten about Breze, and in rediscovering the full depths found one of their members (YouTube title co-star Jodie Miller, in fact) has launched a Facebook group called ‘BREZE REUNITED!!!’, with the not entirely all-encompassing description “breze popgroup re united!!” On the wall she’s copied in every piece of online press about the band she can find, all of it heavily negative, at which someone with the same surname has posted this:

    “Jod how about some of the GREAT press breZe got too ?? there was loads; just for the record and for the doom mongers (PETE WATERMAN) ALL of the girls are happy and well balanced young ladies and the “breZe” experience did them nothing but good”

    Yeah, so much are they over it they’re starting vague unexplained Facebook groups containing 43 members a decade later.

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