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guess my theory: guess that tune

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Sex and drugs and rock and roll
Is all my brain and body need
Sex and drugs and rock and roll
Are very good indeed

(Ian Dury and the Blockheads)


You’ve got to fight for what you want
For all that you believe
It’s right to fight for what we want
To live the way we please

As long as we have done our best
Then no one can do more
And life and love and happiness
Are well worth fighting for

(themetune to The Flashing Blade)

(I googled about a bit, without success, to see if this was a well-known spot: in the movie, the fellow playing chaz jankel says “you stole that from somewhere!” to the fellow playing gollum dury, with a big grin… )

Lightning review of film: the visual direction is so sophisticatedly smart and witty — full of jokes about the relationship of punk design to pop art, barney bubbles to peter blake, the videos jankel’s sister annabel would shortly direct — that it’s a bit of a let-down the script is so VERY much a classic and conventional biopic, in which BIG TRAUMATIC EVENTS from childhood SHAPE EVERYTHING, from songs on out…


  1. 1
    logged-out Tracer Hand on 9 Aug 2010 #

    to me the tune of “sex and drugs and rock and roll” sounds like a “old joe clark”.. i can’t find the version i know on the internet but it goes

    Rock, a-rock, Old Joe Clark
    Rock, a-rock, I’m gone
    Rock, a-rock, Old Joe Clark
    Goodbye Lucy Long!

    haha googling the lyrics for this turns up a ref on…. the wikipedia page for “sex and drugs and rock and roll”… :P

  2. 2
    sükråt tanned rested unlogged and awesome on 10 Aug 2010 #

    I picked up on the flashing blade/S&D&R&R similarity bcz my sister’s boyf M was singing the second and i joined in with the first: both our eyes lit up!

    They are not so similar a lawsuit is in order, but every kid between M’s age and jankel’s would know the flashing blade themetune, it’s from the age when everyone woh had a telly watched the same telly… dury might be a bit too old tho

  3. 3
    punctum on 10 Aug 2010 #

    Dury and Jankel based the song, and were quite open about doing so, on Charlie Haden’s bass solo on Ornette’s “Ramblin’.”

  4. 4
    logged-out Tracer Hand on 10 Aug 2010 #

    #3 that may be, but given Haden’s country roots I wouldn’t be surprised if he were quoting “Old Joe Clark” himself. i forgot the greatest line from Old Joe Clark by the way..

    Old Joe Clark, he had a wife,
    Her name was Betty Sue
    She had two great big brown eyes
    The other two were blue

  5. 5
    sükråt tanned rested unlogged and awesome on 10 Aug 2010 #

    Yes, bah, actually I half-remember this story now that you bring it up punctum.

    OK in that case my full complete theory is this:
    Dury lifts riff from Haden (acc.wikipedia, Coleman doesn’t mind, as it’s from Old Joe Clark in the first place); when Jankel first hears it it also reminds him of the Flashing Blade, and says so. Dury then builds the song’s ethic on the seeding phrase worked into a rewrite of the FB lyric!

    Unless the Flashing Blade guys got it from the same source(s)…

  6. 6
    punctum on 10 Aug 2010 #

    The FB theme essentially invents Muse.

  7. 7
    sükråt tanned rested unlogged and awesome on 10 Aug 2010 #

    The odd thing is that in the film — music and general content very much overseen by Jankel — the two just flirtily note that yes, it’s stolen, but NOT where from. The jazz dimension to the Blockhead aesthetic is one of the other things that’s bit underplayed (tho Davey Payne is an entertaining secondary character: not sure he has any lines, but he has LOTS of FITES!)

  8. 8
    punctum on 10 Aug 2010 #

    It’s the usual thing; iron out all the awkward arty/improv links (no mention at all of the People Band, for instance, out of which Kilburn & the High Roads eventually crawled). Also no Don Cherry.

  9. 9
    sükråt tanned rested unlogged and awesome on 10 Aug 2010 #

    to be fair, they’re pretty good on the art-school stuff — the way visual design is used is by some way the best and wittiest thing about the film

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