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Pop World Cup 2010: Third Quarter Final – Nigeria 2 Ghana 0

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Three quarters of the way through our four Quarters. The tunes, like our managers’ heartbeats, have been largely uptempo, and no-one wants to go home at this stage, not with glory so close. This match sees two of the juggernauts of the early rounds, MattDC’s Nigeria and Ben’s Ghana, meeting head-on along the Trans-West African Coastal Highway. Could be explosive.

This match closes at midnight on Wednesday 26th May.

NIGERIA: Dr Sid – “Something About You (Silva Stone Mix)” The Manager Says: “Nigeria are in uncharted territory now, never before has there been an Africa v Africa tie at this level of world pop football. We don’t know what to expect from a very strong Ghana side, so I’ve instructed the lads to keep it high-tempo, give them as little space as possible, and use a big hefty bassline as the foundation for all-out attack. It is with this in mind that we give you Nigeria’s first, and possibly so far only, funky house smash. It comes courtesy of the brilliantly named, probably-not-a-real-doctor, Dr Sid. In Nigeria, we don’t wear Rolexes, but we still like to skank. Oyoyo!”

GHANA: Castro the Destroyer ft Batman Samini – “Envy” The Manager Says: “My Ghanaian side have eased through to the Quarter Finals, but the draw has been unkind to us here. Nigeria pose a very different kind of threat to our campaign, that of familiarity. It’s been a nightmare trying to work out how I should play against our West African neighbours, so rather than over-thinking things, I’ve tried to stick with what I consider has been our consistent tactic through this whole tournament – play your best players, prepare them well, and hope that they can get the business done on the pitch.

With that in mind, I’d like to introduce Castro The Destroyer, who hails from the south-western port city of Takoradi. The son of an accountant, who professes to loving fufu with palm nut soup, he’s been performing since the age of 10. His debut album was released in 2003, although this track, ‘Envy’ comes from his most recent album, 2009’s ‘Fakye’. Guest starring another of Ghana’s biggest stars, Batman Samini, it’s a more laid back approach, but I’m confident that if we defend well, and take our chances, we can continue to justify the optimism of the fans back home in Ghana.”

Quarter Final 3: which track do you prefer?

  • NIGERIA - Dr Sid 65%
  • GHANA - Castro the Destroyer 33%

Total Voters: 48

Poll closes: 26 May 2010 @ 23:59

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Commentary Box Analysis One of the remarkable things about this tournament has been the success of teams from that one stretch of West Africa: the whisker which came between Cote D’Ivoire and a QF spot also prevented half of the Quarter Final stage being occupied by CIV – Ghana – Nigeria – Cameroon, all direct neighbours (give or take a Togo and a Benin). What’s going on? Maybe these teams have a beguiling way of combining a local feel with pops from around the world? This game suggests so: Nigeria are rocking a pretty glorious piece of housified business, a flexible team, from which the main striker pops up from time to time to threaten the goal. Ghana, on the other hand, have adopted a more Jamaican-influenced formation, who alternate easily between a pressing game and a more free-flowing style when they have the ball. We don’t know how this will go, but we know we like it.

Coming up The final Quarter Final sees Alberto’s Spain side, never predictable, come up against the thoughtful approach of Weston Debevec’s Cameroon team. Anything could happen and the search for the semis.


  1. 1
    lonepilgrim on 20 May 2010 #

    Nigeria play at a high tempo throughout and combine an up to date formation with their familiar strengths of rhythm and positive play. They’re a little too reliant on set plays making them increasingly predictable. In contrast Ghana play with a beguiling insouciance – their two frontmen running rings around the Nigerian defence and slotting the ball into their opponents net at will. They really are a formidable side and if they can maintain this quality should make it all the way.

  2. 2
    Tom on 20 May 2010 #

    Two likeable sides – if this was the group stage a decent-scoring draw might be expected and you’d feel would be richly deserved. But the stakes are higher now: even so I’m very torn – Ghana’s reggae lope is more instantly appealing and they have a far more gifted frontman, but the Nigerians are pacier and moving the ball about with a lot more flair, I love those sunsplash moments leading into the chorus. More plays needed to separate this pair.

  3. 3
    Matt DC on 20 May 2010 #

    Hugely relieved to hear this Ghanaian entry, not out of any disrespect to the song or manager, but because I was on the verge of playing a reggae track myself and in retrospect that would have been a very bad tactical call. There’s a lot to be said for contrasting styles.

  4. 4
    Tracer Hand on 20 May 2010 #

    So much space and width in the Ghanaian attack! And the front men get lots of support. Gorgeous play.

  5. 5
    Ben on 20 May 2010 #

    On the other hand, I’m extremely worried upon hearing the Nigerian entry. I was hoping Matt would stick to a more straight forward rap/hiplife style. But funky house? My boys weren’t prepared for that!

  6. 6
    thefatgit on 20 May 2010 #

    How can you choose between these 2? I love them both, but one has to win. I must return to vote once I have considered and considered and considered.

  7. 7
    Erithian on 21 May 2010 #

    Narrow win for Nigeria for me – but came close to abstaining and calling it a draw.

  8. 8
    koganbot on 22 May 2010 #

    The Ghanaians’ intentions are better than their aim, while Nigeria executes well enough to score a goal or two. Think that injuries are starting to deplete these two squads.

  9. 9
    shedders on 25 May 2010 #

    Is it just me or is there more than a touch of Musical Youth in the Ghana track?

  10. 10
    Tim on 26 May 2010 #

    This one closes at midnight – bearing in mind what happened to Korea Republic, get voting!

  11. 11
    lockedintheattic on 26 May 2010 #

    That one was a tough one – normally I’d easily be a fan of the Ghanaian style of play over the Nigerian – but in this case it’s all down to the execution and that clinches it for me. Nigeria all the way.

  12. 12
    Matt DC on 27 May 2010 #


  13. 13
    Tom on 27 May 2010 #

    Nigeria come out on top in a thoroughly entertaining game – both sides playing positive pop football and creating plenty of chances. Goals either side of the interval left Ghana with a mountain to climb, though, and their languid reggae formation left little room for a plan B. At the end the Nigerian fans and team paused in their celebrations to applaud their defeated opponents – the Black Stars have had a superb run in this competition and the manager can hold his head high. Nigeria now wait for the Cameroon-Spain match to finish to find out whether they have another African opponent in the semis.

  14. 14
    Matt DC on 27 May 2010 #

    Mad respect to Ghana by the way, of those still in the draw they were probably the team I feared most, and Kangaroo might well go down as my single favourite song of the tournament.

  15. 15
    Ben on 28 May 2010 #

    It’s always dangerous to peak too early in these pop tournaments and after a superb run through the group stages, and an excellent win against a very tough opponent in Round 2, this was one step too far for my team. Credit to Nigeria, who got their tactics for this match spot on. All of Ghana can now get behind our West African neighbours to cheer them on as they try to capture the ultimate prize.

  16. 16
    michelle on 28 May 2010 #

    ahhh! GREEN WHITE GREEN GET IN NIGERIA :D u never fail me. as much as i luved the Ghana entry Nigeria had be droppin it like ti’s hawt as usual in 3 seconds flat. keep it up guys we’re goin all the way!

  17. 17
    Tracer Hand on 12 Sep 2010 #

    Ghana fans might want to check out Castro feat. ASAMOAH GYAN (!!) – “African Girls” –


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