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Pop World Cup 2010: Group H – Honduras 0 Spain 2

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The two winners from the first set of games in Group H meet here, three points in hand and ready to see who will really make the pace in this group. A win here will put either side within touching distance of qualification.

Voting on this match finishes at midnight of Thursday the 8th April.

HONDURAS: Josh DiBrasco – “Who’s your Daddy?” The Manager Says: “Buoyed by our early success (and finding a magical website with c. 40 Honduran acts on), we are stepping away from the Punta style and facing up to our responsibility of repping for the whole of the carribean region, hence Mr DiBrasco and his Modern Reggaeton Stylings. Sitting back and attempting to soak up the Spanish forward play was never going to work, so we’re going for all out attack here!”

SPAIN: Delafé y Las Flores Azules – “Espiritu Santo” The Manager Says: “…really proud of lads’ performance against Switzerland…taking things one game at a time…not underestimating Honduras… very impressive game against Chili…no small countries anymore in World Pop football…unlike our first game, we will bring the ball to the ground, play to keep possession, bringing in Delafé in midfield to link-up with and create chances for Las Flores Azules upfront…”

Commentary Box Analysis: It might be a mistake to mistake Spain’s languid style for a lack of passion but, not for the first time in this tournament, we see POWER facing up to an attractive passing game. Honduras are bang at it for the full 90 minutes, while the Spanish are light on their feet at the start (though they increase the urgency after half time – a proper rocket from the manager perhaps?). The way this tournament’s been going, it’s a tough one to call…

Group H Match 4: Which track do you prefer?

  • SPAIN: Delafé y Las Flores Azules 72%
  • HONDURAS: Josh DiBrasco 28%

Total Voters: 64

Poll closes: 8 Apr 2010 @ 23:59

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Result! Group E: New Zealand 3 Italy 1: Italy won a lot of friends in the commentary box with their clear and attractive formation, but ultimately New Zealand’s flair and light-touch football won out – it was a convincing victory for the Kiwis. “Terrific game this, two defiant styles. I like Scribe a lot here, has a flow reminiscent of Jay-Z and there is a lot of playfulness in the rap itself.” “The Crookers track is all set-up! Where’s that last cross into the box, the strike, the celebration? The pistons never quite seems to be firing all at once.””A few seconds into the game, the Italians seem to have it, but after that it’s all New Zeeland.””What a display from New Zealand! [It] has everything, pace, power, aggression, speed, flair and unpredictability.”

Coming Next: It’s time for the final matches in the Group stage, which will be running concurrently. that means coming next is an intriguing South American face-off between Mexico and Uruguay, and the massive clash between France and South Africa. It’s squeaky bum time.


  1. 1
    lonepilgrim on 2 Apr 2010 #

    Both teams rely on an assertive frontman to lead the attack. Spain show greater variety with occasional bursts of flair while Honduras are more aggressive. The threat of an imminent paternity suit seems to increasingly preoccupy the Honduran striker making his play predictable and repetitive. I’m going to go with Spain although this is the second game where they have overly relied on youthful charm.

  2. 2
    Pete on 2 Apr 2010 #

    Honduras pull something very unexpected out of the bag here, who knew they had this in them. In comparison Spain looks a bit weedy, all boy band shapes but very little charm, even if it does pick up along the line. But it feels like the underdog has this for me, Honduras all the way.

  3. 3
    GJ on 2 Apr 2010 #

    Allright, Spain. The song is not brilliant, but at least a bit original.

  4. 4
    jeff w registered on 3 Apr 2010 #

    There’s sure been a LOT of rap in the second round, hasn’t there? Nearly all of it’s been good too. I’m enjoying Spain’s melodious approach more than Honduras’s menace, so the Spaniards get the nod here.

  5. 5
    Cristina on 3 Apr 2010 #

    I love the quirky Spanish intro, as if the song was being played backwards. They get my vote.

  6. 6
    Ben on 4 Apr 2010 #

    One of the tightest games of the tournament – if anyone’s going to snatch the victory, it’ll be the Hondurans, although I’ve voted for Spain. I’m expecting the draw though.

  7. 7
    Tom on 4 Apr 2010 #

    SURELY the “uno, dos, tres” sample merits a straight red!

    But even with 10 men Spain are in control of this, those swells of strings contributing some lovely build ups to their play. I like the Honduran reggaeton tactics but you really need a frontman with flair as well as power and I don’t think Josh DiBrasco quite has it.

  8. 8
    koganbot on 5 Apr 2010 #

    Spain looks helpless at the start as the Hondurans push right past them, score quickly then score again. But Spain starts floating passes into the box, lots of headers near the bar, finally one goes in. Honduras, not panicking, pushes and pushes. Refs accuse them of being boring, but can’t find an excuse to card them. Meanwhile the Spanish midfield continues their beautiful arcs. Could this be the Spanish “Summer Girls”? Not goofy enough, say the pundits. Edge to Honduras in the Cup’s most interesting juxtaposition of styles so far.

  9. 9
    weej on 6 Apr 2010 #

    This is a tough one – I like both tracks, but in different ways, and for different reasons.

  10. 10
    Matt DC on 6 Apr 2010 #

    “I like the Honduran reggaeton tactics but you really need a frontman with flair as well as power”

    I dispute this, what’s more important than both flair and power in charisma and this Honduran dude a fair bit of it. Every tournament needs its surprise package and Honduras, surely the minnow’s minnow at the start, are showing every sign of filling that role. The Spanish entry is pretty but lacks backbone and the Hondurans can run right through their midfield.

  11. 11
    fernando on 7 Apr 2010 #

    words: honduras
    music: spain

    can I vote for a draw?

  12. 12
    Tim on 7 Apr 2010 #

    Midnight, this one ends.

    I always assume that the ties with very low numbers of votes involve lots of regulars voting for draws.

  13. 13
    Alberto on 7 Apr 2010 #

    Midnight tomorrow, right? Otherwise I will need to encourage my players for one final push towards the Honduran goal. ¡Vamos! ¡A por ellos!

  14. 14
    Tim on 7 Apr 2010 #

    Yes, sorry, midnight tomorrow (Thursday night, UK time). The other one ends tonight, I’d better remind you all.

  15. 15
    Not logged in carsmile on 7 Apr 2010 #

    Yeah, what he said! ;)

  16. 16
    Steve Mannion on 7 Apr 2010 #

    Who’s your Daddy Yankee more like. Honduras unapologetically on the Gasolina-powered bandwagon, a generic imitation (tho I’m not sure how old it is) that wouldn’t normally hold out but the Spanish effort is doing less for me this time. On both this and past form it seems hip-hop has worked better in the Central/Latin American countries rather than their ‘motherland’ as it were. But another draw surely.

  17. 17
    Lex on 7 Apr 2010 #

    The fans seem to have reverted to the same cloth-eared mode that afflicted the FRA/URU match here. ESP have fielded some ropey old hippie bullshit but the HON track is a true banger, would totally grind to in a sweaty basement which is all you can really ask of reggaeton. Ahhh, that summer when reggaeton was ~en vogue~ was such a bloody good summer. I love how every reggaeton track ever sounds exactly the same – you can’t go wrong!

  18. 18
    >T on 8 Apr 2010 #

    It took me a week to decide on this one, but after relistening the songs I have no idea why. The Hundurian team seems to have lost their attractive play while I wasn’t paying attention. Overtime is for Spain.

  19. 19
    Tim on 9 Apr 2010 #

    Congrats to Spain on a crunching victory, and on qualification for the next stage!

  20. 20
    Alberto on 9 Apr 2010 #

    Wow, I was not expecting that. I was afraid my song would be to mellow to stand up to the Honduran reggeaton.

    Very very happy with the win and qualification. Now we can rest our best players for the knock-out rounds and field a B-team for the 3rd group game. ;-)

  21. 21
    jeff w on 9 Apr 2010 #

    Now that Spain have secured their deserved win, I invite the curious to play the first two bars of their song again immediately followed by the first two bars of Argentina’s first round track by Entre Rios.

  22. 22
    CarsmileSteve on 9 Apr 2010 #

    harsh dudes, harsh…

    muddies the waters for my third round choice too, especially against a Swiss team who’ll be desparate for a win…

  23. 23
    Pete on 9 Apr 2010 #

    I though Honduras had this, but perhaps it is the wonderful sound of reggaeton (and the Argies coming in and playing a better track over the same backing probably didn’t help).

  24. 24
    ttt on 15 Apr 2010 #

    I’d have got really upset if a reggaeton song had beaten a pop one!

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