Mar 10

Mao That’s What I Call Music 75

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Nepalese Maoists: “Long Live Prachandapath


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    75 bcz that’s where the Nows are right now. The video’s from 2008 apparently — but if I put that you popkids would have ignored it and not clicked, right? In Bollywood terms I think this is a bit flimsy, but in legacy-of-Red-Chinese-Art terms?

  2. 2
    Birdseed on 30 Mar 2010 #

    This only proves that the Pop World Cup should be extended to cover the whole qualifying tournament too.

  3. 3
    Tim on 30 Mar 2010 #

    Just you wait until the poplympics…

  4. 4
    Tom on 30 Mar 2010 #

    Oh Birdseed is going to LOVE the Poplympics.

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