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#571, 7th June 1986, video

Every year has its flukes but this is one of the more inexplicable – unknowns before and since, amiable psych revivalists by the look of their discography, scoring a massive international hit with this unexceptional cover. Everyone I knew hated it, but even so I suspect it was one for the kids, powered along by Doctor’s big-haired visual hook – part Arthur Brown, part Roy Wood, all panto.

The band turn “Spirit In The Sky” into a glam stomper at the expense of its witchy campfire atmosphere, closing the gap between ’70 and ’73 to produce a mulch of hand-me-down seventiesness. But their approach could have worked – what kills it is the biscuit tin drums and particularly Doctor’s polite, diffident voice. Aptly for a song about the afterlife, the three hit versions of “Spirit In The Sky” make a kind of reverse Divine Comedy, and here we are in purgatory.



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  1. 31
    Mark G on 26 Nov 2009 #

    Bands that struggled “at home” until they hit in the USA at which point they came home conquering heroes.

    The Police, Simply Red, The Cranberries.

    Thanks, guys.

  2. 32
    Gavin Wright on 26 Nov 2009 #

    I’ve got a vague memory of this cropping up one Channel 4’s ‘Top Ten One-Hit Wonders’ programme years ago and the Doctor coming across as taking himself far too seriously – it’s not a record I liked in the first place but this put me off it even further.

    There’s something about the whole goth aesthetic I’ve never really liked but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is. I think I just find its preoccupation with the dark and mysterious aspects of life to be, conversely, really mundane. That’s not to say that it hasn’t produced some great music, particularly the crossover with psychedelia some previous comments have referred to – The Cure and the Banshees being the most obvious examples.

  3. 33
    Billy Smart on 26 Nov 2009 #

    TOTPWatch: Doctor and the Medics performed ‘Spirit In The Sky’ on Top Of The Pops a frankly excessive six times (I’ll detail the Christmas show at the end of the year);

    15 May 1986. Also in the studio were; Status Quo and Joyce Sims. Mike Smith and Simon Bates were the hosts.

    29 May 1986. Also in the studio were; The Real Thing and Pete Wylie. John Peel and Janice Long were the hosts.

    5 June 1986. Also in the studio were; Cashflow, Simply Red and The Pet Shop Boys. Simon Bates and Gary Davies were the hosts.

    12 June 1986. Also in the studio were; Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Lovebug Starski and The Real Thing. Mike Smith was the host.

    19 June 1986. Also in the studio were; Bucks Fizz, Amazulu and Nu Shooz. Gary Davies was the host.

  4. 34
    Billy Smart on 26 Nov 2009 #

    Light Entertainment Watch: Surprisingly few TV appearances listed – Interesting that they got on Whistle Test before the hits, though;

    HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME: with Shakin’ Stevens, Jaki Graham, Belinda Carlisle, Haddaway, Doctor And The Medics (2005)

    WHISTLE TEST: with Doctor And The Medics, Madness, Robert Cray Band (1985)

  5. 35
    Izzy on 26 Nov 2009 #

    #32: but The Doctor should take himself seriously! You wish that Bono or Sting would play with the absurdity of their position, but the more messianic this guy is, the better. I hope he referred to himself in the present tense and the third person: “The Doctor curses ‘Waterloo’s failure”, etc.

  6. 36
    thefatgit on 26 Nov 2009 #

    There is absurdity in Sting portaying himself as a 21st Century Martin Carthy/Woody Guthrie- type figure when Martin Carthy and Woody Guthrie work just as well in the 21st Century as they did in the 20th.

  7. 37
    Gavin Wright on 26 Nov 2009 #

    #35: Ha! Yes, that would’ve been an improvement, I admit – I probably need to re-watch the clip but I just recall him sounding a bit bitter and haughty about… something or other.

  8. 38
    Tom on 26 Nov 2009 #

    “Taking yourself too seriously” is a really problematic area – I think it’s a slightly feeble, mean criticism when it’s being used to cut a pop star’s perceived ego down to size. On the other hand there’s a particular KIND of lack of proportion which is really annoying – the pop or entertainment equivalent of office politics, where tedious intra-band grudges over who got proper credit for a bass solo keep popping up in interviews.

  9. 39
    pink champale on 26 Nov 2009 #

    #35 That’s very much how David van Day always comes across and it’s brilliant! You sort of assume that on some level he’s aware of what he’s doing and is amusing himself – surely no one can *possibly* take themselves as seriously as he ostensibly doe* – but there’s never the slightest chink in his front, so you can’t be sure.

  10. 40
    Erithian on 26 Nov 2009 #

    You might like to know that “goth” features in the Guardian style guide, viz:
    “Goths (upper case) – Germanic tribe that invaded the Roman Empire.
    goths (lower case) – Sisters of Mercy fans who invaded the Shepherd’s Bush Empire”.

    Kind of endearingly nutty, this one, coming in the same spring as Sigue Sigue Sputnik, and quite fun. Not much more to say about it. This was number one during the World Cup in Mexico – the Hand of God and all that – and my chief musical memory of that month is getting “Back in the DHSS” by Half Man Half Biscuit and almost wearing the tape out.

    Pete at #1 – I think the last Club Popular featured a mix of two of the No 1 versions of this song, was that during your set? It went from Norman Greenbaum to the bunny-embargoed version (which someone mentioned upthread and got away with it)

  11. 41
    Pete Baran on 26 Nov 2009 #

    Yes, I DJ-ed it, but I though I went from Greenbaum to D&TM rather than the comedy enhanced one. I was, as the phrase goes, very very drunk at the time.

  12. 42
    Gavin Wright on 26 Nov 2009 #

    Re: #38, it was more a case of the latter, I think – I actually quite like bands to take their actual art seriously (regardless of whether the art itself is serious in content or not).

    As I say, I wish I could remember exactly what it was he had a chip on his shoulder about, my memory’s failing me here – though I do remember that the Baha Men came across as really good-natured on the same show!

  13. 43
    Doctor Casino on 27 Nov 2009 #

    I definitely DLed this ages ago and have surely heard it dozens of times now, but when I try to call it up in my mind all I get is the Fuzzbox version, which is a joy as far as I’m concerned. Thanks to somebody back in the Greenbaum thread for recommending that, by the way!

  14. 44
    Lena on 27 Nov 2009 #

    By far the best version of this is by We’ve Got A Fuzzbox & We’re Gonna Use It from their immortal Bostin’ Steve Austin album from this very same year.

  15. 45
    Jungman Jansson on 28 Nov 2009 #

    Oh blast, I’m lagging behind! Didn’t remember this one either. But my girlfriend came running when I played it, demanding to know what it was – apparently it was a fond childhood memory to her.

    I was fiercely annoyed by it at first. The shuffled beat just seemed too shuffled. I’m not sure why that should cause so much irritation, but it did (which means that I’m an easy target for Tom to chastise me for lazy criticism). But I think I get those “enforced jollity” vibes that have been discussed here before, most recently regarding that Chicken Song. “Aren’t we fun-loving and glam?” – no, you’re listless and plodding.

    Listening to the Norman Greenbaum original (which I hadn’t heard before either, and vastly preferred) oddly made me warm to this slightly. The song isn’t bad in itself, weirdo quasi-religious glam-Jesus lyrics aside, it’s just not delivered in a particularly attractive manner here.

    SwedenWatch: #16 on the sales charts, and #8 on Tracks.

  16. 46
    thefatgit on 1 Dec 2009 #

    Jungman @45…the next incarnation of this will make you feel a little more than just “fiercely annoyed”.

  17. 47
    Kit on 3 Dec 2009 #

    @44 – the Fuzzbox cover isn’t on Bostin’ Steve Austin, it was the b-side of the 12″ (the Bargainous Longerer mix!) of Love Is The Slug

  18. 48
    punctum on 3 Dec 2009 #

    Don’t know what copy you’ve got, but on mine it’s side one track four between “Jackie” and “XX Sex.”

  19. 49
    Kit on 4 Dec 2009 #

    Ah-hm! It could be that the Australian version was missing it, or more likely whoever taped it for me skipped it because they found it too frivolous… I definitely acquired it later on the Slug 12″ tho!

  20. 50
    DV on 28 Dec 2009 #

    I totally loved this when it came out. I think I was planning to become a heepy or something. Then I realised that it was just a lamer cover version and therefore Not Cool.

  21. 51
    jean whittaker on 10 Dec 2010 #

    can you tell me where I can buy video of spirit in the sky by doctor and the medics

  22. 52
    Auntie Beryl on 2 Feb 2013 #

    Bassist Richard Searle went on to co-found Corduroy, swapping one affectation for another.

  23. 53
    The Rev Dr Clive Thomas Jackson on 26 Mar 2013 #

    Hello all. Just to let you know I’m not dead, been gigging successfully for the last 30 years and if you check our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/doctor.and.the.medics you’ll see we do anything BUT take ourselves too seriously, how could I???
    It’s all about the music and having fun, end of. If you want to hear that in action tune into my weekly radio show on TBFM Online on Mondays 9pm to 11pm (UK time). Pop into the chat room and say hello!!!
    I would finally like to say to the author of the original article that prior to Spirit In The Sky we were actually quite well known on the alternative scene in the UK with an Indie No 1 Hit “Happy But Twisted” and in 1985 were refered to as “THE Live band of the year” by the much respected NME. So when you say “Unknown before Spirit” you should say unknown to you, not the many that followed us at the time, which obviously didnt include you, ooops there I go getting all serious again!
    Still nice to see us analysed in such detail, thank you everyone, hope to see you on the road at some time.
    Love and Peace
    The Doctor

  24. 54
    Patrick Mexico on 29 Mar 2013 #

    Thanks for making an appearance, the Rev/Doctor himself! Emerging onto the scene like a bear from a cave.. and I hope this trend of the actual number 1 artists – you know, the Real McCoy (no, not THAT one!) appearing on their own comments section continues.

    Good luck with your TBFM show – know the station pretty well and quite good friends with Stevi Rox. He taught me everything I needed to know about Hanoi Rocks but was previously afraid to ask! Although, like him, I must stick to my pseudonym as revealing my true identity would reveal someone kicked off every previous blog/forum going. Something to do with realigning the Axis of Evil to the Beach Boys, Biffy Clyro and dodgy tattoos. But more – much more on that – later.

    To be honest I wouldn’t say I’m massively familiar with your music apart from this, but good cover, you nailed the glam-rock theatrics and dry humour, deserves more than 3. Talking of Stevi and sporting allegiances (PRIVATE TBFM JOKE!), you certainly made a better fist of Spirit In the Sky than proto-Steve Kean and the Venkys… (spoiler :cough: chicken.. I’m sorry, I’m from the claret part of the county, I’ll try not to use these puns up and wear them out… thank god that’s unbunnyable by now, though for the love of God, after what the Geordies have done this week, don’t tell Pat Sharpe..)

    Adios for now – might well see you online or if you’re ever dropping by a certain corner of Lancashire!

    P.S. What’s wrong with “biscuit tin drumming?” I mean, it could be worse, it could be this.


  25. 55
    Auntie Beryl on 29 Mar 2013 #

    The good Doctor is here if you need extra info: https://mobile.twitter.com/Rev_Dr

  26. 56
    Lazarus on 29 Mar 2013 #

    As for the ‘I’m not dead’ comment I’m not sure that anyone thought that Clive was a real spirit in the sky though, did they?

  27. 57
    Patrick Mexico on 5 Apr 2013 #

    I just think there was anxiety when he got in a plane in Nigel Farage.

    It must be beyond reasonable doubt the good Doctor is alive and well! https://www.facebook.com/events/112640745566863/?ref=3

  28. 58
    Gareth Parker on 17 May 2021 #

    Not really sure what Dr and the Medics were aiming for with this cover. There’s not really enough glam stomp here for me, if that’s what they were going for. About as pointless as Phil Collins’ version of ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’. 4/10 in my opinion.

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