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This Used To Be The 90s

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Ages ago (1999, to be exact) I did a “Top 100 Singles Of The 90s” series here. While contemplating whether to go for a 00s one (and where to do it, if so), I decided to put a Spotify playlist of the old list together.

And here it is.

64 tracks of the 100 turned up on Spotify – mostly the better-known ones, as you’d expect. Enjoy!


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    Samuel on 24 May 2009 #

    Can you add a link to the actual article, i’m interested to see the whole 100.

  2. 2
    samwaltonyeah on 24 May 2009 #

    With seven months left, has anyone actually come up with an appropriate name for this decade? “Noughties”, I thought, was always intended more as a gag than anything else, but it seems to have stuck.

    Anyway, in anticipation of a Top 100 from the current decade, and not wishing to influence the jury one bit, my favourite singles of the 00s *so far*, in purely chronological order, are:

    Mint Royale featuring Lauren Laverne – Don’t Falter (#15 in Feb 00)
    Sugababes – Overload (#6 in Sep 00)
    Eminem – Stan (#1 in Dec 00)
    Missy Elliott – Get Ur Freak On (#4 in Apr 01)
    The Streets – Has It Come To This (#18 in Oct 01)
    Basement Jaxx – Where’s Your Head At (#9 in Dec 01)
    Nelly – Hot In Herre (#4 in Jun 02)
    Goldfrapp – Train (#23 in Apr 03)
    The Darkness – I Believe In A Thing Called Love (#2 in Oct 03)
    Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out (#3 in Jan 04)
    Britney Spears – Toxic (#1 in Feb 04)
    Graham Coxon – Freakin’ Out (#37 in Mar 04)
    Futureheads – The Hounds of Love (#8 in Mar 05)
    Supergrass – St Petersburg (#2 in Aug 05)
    Hot Chip – Over and Over (#32 in Mar 06)

    It somewhat disappoints me that I can’t think of any good singles in nearly three years, but this may be to do with my faltering interest in the charts…

  3. 3

    The Decade with No Name
    A Decade Called “O”
    Decade Aleph-Null
    The Decade After History Ended
    The Dawn of the Dead Days
    The Decade that Celebrates Itself
    Thousand-Year Stare

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    SteveM on 24 May 2009 #

    If you think ‘noughties’ is bad, brace yourself for the ‘tenties’ or worse ‘teenties’

  5. 5

    The N’N’N’Nu-Teens

  6. 6
    admin on 24 May 2009 #

    Re Tom’s 100 songs o the 90s, no official category/archive page for em yet, but if you use the yearly archive menu in the sidebar to hop back to 1999, you’ll find em all quickly enough

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    Tom on 24 May 2009 #

    Samuel – the wayback machine is yr friend here: http://web.archive.org/web/20001202050500/www.netcomuk.co.uk/~tewing/top100.html

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    Jonathan Bogart on 25 May 2009 #

    The next decade is almost inevitably going to be called the Tweens, at least by the yelling classes* here in the States. (Noughties doesn’t work here, as “nought” isn’t our word for zero.)

    And now that I’ve seem Tom’s 90s list, I’m even more satisfied with my own as an expression of my particular interests/listening habits.

    *ppl on tv

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