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RENEE AND RENATO – “Save Your Love”

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#512, 18th December 1982

It goes almost without saying that this is outrageous bilge, with a stripe of cynicism as wide as Renato’s spangly lapels. Renato who, of course, was allowed to appear as himself in the video, where his Pooh-Bearish charms win the heart of a replacement Renee – a forerunner of the Beijing Olympics pretty-voice-meet-cute-girl move, though the Chinese government are mere amateurs next to the steel-hearted nabobs of British Light Entertainment.

The record’s plonking self-confident awfulness is like critic-proof armour plate. You say it’s bad? They’re aware of that, and not in a comically knowing way either: they’ve made a stinking record which will sell a lot and make some people happy and do no great harm (certainly it passed the playground test – “SAFFE YOUR LUFF MY DAHLINK!”). Maybe you fancy a clever sneer, comparing Renato to the Just One Cornetto advert. Tough luck: he IS the Just One Cornetto advert. Records like “Save Your Love” are to the British charts what a nasty pissing shower of unspectacular rain is to the British weather: you take it, wait till it sods off and enjoy a satisfying grumble afterwards.



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  1. 51
    AndyPandy on 12 May 2009 #

    32,43 etc:

    the ‘burr’ (ie the rolling of the r’s etc) is common to what are known as “rhotic” accents was once common down the whole Western side of England (as little as 70 years ago).

    Now however it is confined to only the West Country and various parts of Lancashire (Burnley/Blackburn etc).

    So I wonder if pop music as we know it had existed say 90 years ago if we’d have been subjected to a whole lot of ‘burrs’ in the charts…

    46: Yes you’re probably right certain older working class men + many women of similar backgrounds of 25 or maybe 30+ (remember we’re talking people who’d now be well past 50). But they’re still people who wouldn’t generally have a clue about the Jam or any concept of what the music media thinks is “good” or “bad” music…

  2. 52
    AndyPandy on 12 May 2009 #

    Further to my comment related to 43: I can think of a couple of other appearances of a West Country accent in modernish-pop Beth Gibbons certainly shows signs of it on the last Portishead album and I seem to remember XTC occasionally showing traces of it

  3. 53
    wildheartedoutsider on 12 May 2009 #

    Oops from me too! Well, that tops my list of surprising non-writers then! I guess the similarities must be down to their distinctive production style!

  4. 54
    AndyPandy on 12 May 2009 #

    No 40: no great theory on working-class women buying this but can you really imagine any middle class or even aspirational working class women buying this. Back then even DLT and the most clueless Radio 1 djs were treating this record as a joke. The “working-class women over 25” bit was not to disparage them- far from it (I’m a person who’d never use the word “chav” for instance)but as a person who spent most of his life up until around 30 working etc with the kind of people who contained amongst their number people who’d buy stuff like this and didn’t give a toss about what even the Sun pop column had to say on the merits of various records.As I remember it they tended to be unreconstructedr working-class, female and agewise not as young as me those who were my age would have all been buying Evelyn King, Sharon Redd and the Funkmasters…

  5. 55
    wichitalineman on 26 May 2009 #

    K-Tel watch: the closing track (it had to be I suppose) on side one of Street Scene. The very “street” line-up went:

    1. Heartbreaker – Dionne Warwick
    2. I Wanna Do It With You – Barry Manilow
    3. Knock Me Out – Gary’s Gang
    4. Changes – Imagination
    5. Back On The Chain Gang – The Pretenders
    6. Jack & Diane – John Cougar
    7. Don’t Pay The Ferryman – Chris De Burgh
    8. I Don’t Want To Be The One – The Searchers (!)
    9. Danger Games – The Pinkees
    10. Give Me Your Heart Tonight – Shakin’ Stevens
    11. Save Your Love – Renee & Renato

  6. 56
    MikeMCSG on 15 Jul 2009 #

    For a long time this was the last no 1 to feature the drumming of former Tornados man Clem Cattini who famously played on more number 1’s than any other musician. That was until Tony Christie’s resurrection of “Amarillo” in the noughties.

  7. 57
    Daryl McGarry on 30 Jul 2009 #

    Oi. Quit bashing this sing! Renee and Renato are one of the best one-hit-wonders ever and is alot better that some of this modern rap r’n’b crap. And before you suggest it, i am not 45, i am 21. Just because i’m young, doent mean i cant appreciate good music. “Save your love my darling”, “just one cornetto” and his restaurant called “Renato’s” are lovely. Anybody know who the model was in the music video?

  8. 58
    Daryl McGarry on 30 Jul 2009 #

    I meant song^^

  9. 59
    rosie on 5 Aug 2009 #

    So it’s farewell Renato

  10. 60
    lonepilgrim on 5 Aug 2009 #

    am making mental note of surroundings so I can remember where I was when I heard the big R had died.

  11. 61
    Conrad on 31 Mar 2011 #

    28, in reverse, Erithian – Geoff Deane, original lead singer of Modern Romance, ended up writing for sitcoms like Birds of a Feather

    Anyway, I popped back back in here to remark that having had cause to listen to this the other day, it seems a very obvious attempt at replicating the success of Julio Iglesias the previous Christmas. And in that context doesn’t really appear as that surprising a release (It’s nowhere as good, mind)

  12. 62
    Edward on 17 Jun 2012 #

    Sadly Renato is no longer with us having succumbed to a brain tumour in July 2009 aged 69, however, notwithstanding the mickey taking and criticism, he was the proud possessor of a magnificent tenor voice. Three years before ‘Save your love’ was released I was at a function where he was a guest and brought the house down with a rendition of ‘Nessun Dorma’; he could also be heard during half time entertaining the crowds at Aston Villa FC during the early 90s. To top it all he was a lovely man too.

  13. 63
    Auntie Beryl on 15 Feb 2013 #

    Dividing line: the next number one I remember in full on Technicolor, this one I associate with childhood. And why not; it’s shite. Embarrassing nonsense that probably put me off pop music for the years six to eight. One out of ten.

  14. 64
    Romancehater2013 on 19 Jun 2013 #

    thus track used to have me in tears when I was when I was 11. I am now 40, and each time I see tears in Renee’s eyes as she tearfully farewells Renato, I say quietly “it ain’t no use! you won’t have me in tears any more!” or ” it won’t work now you filthy bitch!

  15. 65
    Romancehater2013 on 19 Jun 2013 #


  16. 66
    Romancehater2013 on 19 Jun 2013 #

    this track used to have me in tears when I was when I was 11. I am now 40, and each time I see tears in Renee’s eyes as she tearfully farewells Renato, I say quietly “it ain’t no use! you won’t have me in tears any more!” or ” it won’t work now you filthy bitch!”

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