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Now we have the peachy new VOTING SYSTEM on every track you might think we don’t need these polls, but they’re a nice way of summing up each year as we end it, so they stay. Every track on Popular gets a mark out of 10 from me – here’s where you tick any you’d have given 6 or more to (choose as many as you like).

No 1 Hits Of 1982: Which Would You Have Given 6 Or More To?

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My top mark this year went to “Come On Eileen” (10), and “Ebony And Ivory” and “Save Your Love” both got 1. Use the comments box to reflect on the year as a whole, if you like, and see you next week for 1983.


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  1. 26
    Darren on 15 Aug 2009 #

    7/21 for me.

    When push came to shove I couldn’t bring myself to vote for either Culture Club or Madness. Culture Club’s follow up singles were much stronger and House of Fun doesn’t even make into my top ten of Madness singles.

    One of the number ones that I did pick was Buck Fizz’s ‘My Camera Never Lies’, which really surprised me. I’m sure I didn’t think much of it at the time, but I love that thirty second intro. It’s cheesy but it immediately grabs you by the 1982 circa burgundy tank top.

  2. 27
    Lazarus on 15 Oct 2011 #

    There were a few stinkers that year weren’t there! I managed to find 10 (I generally try to find 10) and Eddy Grant was the one who just made the cut. Gratifying to see None of Them! beating Renee and Renato – the last time such a stunt was successfully pulled, unless you want to count the Flying Pickets of course.

  3. 28
    Brendan on 30 Sep 2012 #

    Re the NME critics poll Wham ahead of Party Fears Two and it barely scraping into the Top 50 – wtf!! PFT is one of my all-time favourite records (I could listen to that gorgeous piano riff from now till I die and never get bored).

  4. 29
    punctum on 4 Jul 2013 #

    Didn’t put in a link to the first TPL post for 1982 so here’s one.

  5. 30
    punctum on 17 Jul 2013 #

    TPL does LOUD HEAVY ROCK METAL http://nobilliards.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/iron-maiden-number-of-beast.html

  6. 31
    punctum on 3 Oct 2013 #

    TPL does UNEXPECTED SEARING INDICTMENT OF THATCHER’S BRITAIN: http://nobilliards.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/dire-straits-love-over-gold.html

  7. 32
    punctum on 6 Oct 2013 #

    Then Play Long, the mission statement: http://nobilliards.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/abba-singles-first-ten-years.html

  8. 33
    speedwell54 on 10 Jul 2016 #

    How much catching up?

    Peter Powell welcomes us to the first TOTP of 1982, dressed in a woollen burgundy waistcoat, over a white shirt with a wing tips collar. Most would go with a bow tie with that collar but not Pete, he goes with a college tie.

    Anyway, he throws himself in and introduces Philip Lynott and Yellow Pearl “attack, attack, attack, attack, attack, attack, attack is what we lack”, it’s been on my mind a little recently. Despite his intro (and outtro) we don’t get Philip Lynott at all, but Zoo with some kind of traditional Russian dancing; which is exactly what I think of when Yellow Pearl comes on.

    Foreigner “Waiting For A Girl Like You” live performance video cut very short. Always the bridesmaid in the US with this one, ten weeks at number 2, mostly behind ONJ and Physical.

    Alton Edwards- I Just Wanna (Spend Some Time With You) -okay. Meanwhile some Twitter equivalent has told Pete to ditch the waistcoat.

    Dead Ringer For Love- Meatloaf (+Cher) famous video. Both later, separately, had year end best selling singles in the UK. Wonder if that happened before.

    Mobiles – Drowning In Berlin. I liked this a lot then and still do. She had that whole Toyah/Siouxsie thing going on. Peter with his kiss of death says they’ll be big in ’82.

    Countdown and then Shakatak with Easier Said Than Done. nmcot. I struggle with this genre.

    Jon and Vangelis – I’ll Find My Way home. Jon released a single called “Easier Said Than Done” in ’85. hmm, copycat.

    The Human League -Don’t You Want Me twktc, but brilliant.

    Good show overall.

  9. 34
    speedwell54 on 10 Jul 2016 #

    Kid Jensen hosts and we’ve skipped one, so some repeats from last time no doubt.

    Gillian open the show with ‘Restless’ and to me the mellow chorus seems rather at odds with the rest of the track.

    Jon and Vangelis first rpt and obviously not finding their way home. This goes on a bit. Yellow Pearl again, but not a repeat with the video this time, Phil with his Walkman. Mobiles again but not a repeat. Having said that it’s an almost identical performance. Kid also thinks this won’t be their last hit. Career over!

    ELO- with their double A side Ticket to the Moon/Here Is The News. We get ‘Ticket’ tonight and Zoo dance intercut with the video. A little bit different for ELO but after “Twilight” the most ELO type single had just failed chart wise, their days seemed numbered. ‘When I Was A Boy’ sounds pretty good to me even if it is Free as a Bird. The ‘Jeff Lynne’s ELO’ moniker, according to wiki, was his idea. Sounds so much like there were internal legal naming rights issues. There you go. Meatloaf rpt.

    XTC- Sense Working Overtime -without this no Goyte. Great.

    OMD Maid of Orleans- Was originally called Joan Of Arc, but they had called their last single that. Quite a few of their singles build quite slowly, tempo and instruments added (Talking LAC in particularl) Number 1 in Germany.

    Christopher Cross -Arthur’s Theme -Not sure if I prefer this or ‘Jump’. Foreigner rpt. Land of Make Believe at Number 1. Bucks Fizz in the studio, on a good day I like it.

    Not my favourite but there has been worse.

  10. 35
    speedwell54 on 10 Jul 2016 #

    Simon Bates tonight introduces Tight Fit. Totally changing their line up since “Back To The Sixties” last year, and these three have nothing to do with what’s coming out of the speakers. Wiki says the Undertones did a cover of this! (I’ll save you the bother, not them Undertones.)

    ONJ- Landslide – I do like her singing here and the song is okay. The instrumentation dates this somewhat as does the video, which is not a criticism. Some songs hold up better than others.

    Haircut 100 Love Plus One- On the heels of Favourite Shirts, this eventually went one better and gave them their biggest hit, peaking at three.

    The Stranglers- Golden Brown. Seemed a great leap at the time, but through the eighties more pop and less punk stuff continued.

    Listen SLF- great single which I don’t think got on an album at the time. “Now Then” came out in the summer and doesn’t have a bad track on it.

    Fool If You Think It’s Over. Elkie Brooks – A Chris Rea cover and there is some weird coincidental fact about the chart careers of both versions which I can’t quite remember, but it will come to me. She had loads of singles but I can only see her singing Lilac Wine for some reason.

    Alton Edwards – nothing to add.

    Oh Julie – Shaky Number one and on a stage this time – no seated circle behind him doing the hand jive as per. He wrote this one so good for him. Simon says it’s his third consecutive number one, clearly not understanding the meaning of the word ‘consecutive’ or acknowledging the existence of ‘You Drive Me Crazy’ and ‘It’s Raining’.

    Not my favourite but there has been worse.

  11. 36
    speedwell54 on 11 Jul 2016 #

    John Peel presents tonight – the first time in 14 years he informs us. He is self-deprecating and recognises viewers might not know who he is.

    Theatre Of Hate with’ Do You Believe in the Westworld?’ Kirk looking for all the world like he’s Rob Beckett’s angrier brother.

    OMD Maid Of Orleans – Andy without a bass tonight and even more gyrations. I hope he doesn’t catch a cold with that shirt, and sweater, and thick leather jacket.

    The Jets and they’ve ditched Boy George as their backing dancer tonight. That’s it for them top 40 wise.

    Soft Cell – Say Hello-my favourite track from them. His half singing, half conversational style reminded me of Jonathan Richman on Morning of Our Lives. Nice little earner for them too; David Gray having covered it on White Ladder, which was(maybe is) the all time best selling album in Ireland.

    Gillan – Restless rpt. it’s growing on me. Easier Said Than Done again.

    ACDC – Let’s Get It Up nmcot. XTC rpt. Charts.

    George Benson. Neve Give Up On A Good Thing .nmcot
    Chris Cross rpt.

    Kraftwerk – the Model – climbs to Number One. On black and white video.. Out to Meatloaf.

    Not my favourite but there has been worse

  12. 37
    speedwell54 on 12 Jul 2016 #

    Tommy the Vance is back and the show opens with the Fun Boy Three. A little more upbeat than Lunatics and they introduce the world to the delights of Bananarama. Terry tries his best to join in.

    Stranglers on video this week, sticking around this one.

    Bow Wow Wow- Go Wild in the Country, their first time on TOTP. It looks like Jon Moss on drums but there is no mention on wiki. Adrian Gurvitz also debuts with Classic. nmcot.

    Hall and Oates- I Can’t Go for That. I bought Rock N Soul – a greatest hit package and played it a lot. Haven’t got much else by them though. Jackson admitted lifting the the bass line for Billie Jean and there are a couple of mixes on You tube but I’m not completely convinced.

    Depeche Mode – this week they are going for smart, all wearing ties.

    J Geils Band and Centrefold- massive world hit. HIs vocal style is similar to Jagger in places “no one could ever stain”, “girlie magazine”

    Modern Romance re make Ay Ay Moosey with some rapping and the female sounds like she’s auditioning for “Allo Allo”. Charts and Elkie Brooks rpt. Haircut 100 again this week all in yellow jackets. Countdown and then Number One.

    The Jam straight in with “Town Called Malice” officially a double A but Precious never got played that much on the radio. I don’t think it’s great but there’s a lot to like. The drums, the opening lines, and the bass line. (if not totally original)

    Not my favourite but there has been worse

  13. 38
    hardtogethits on 17 Jul 2016 #

    Is Speedwell the only one watching / commenting? Here’s the Chris Rea / Elkie Brooks observation, at number 315


  14. 39
    Mark G on 17 Jul 2016 #

    I don’t know about anyone else, but these are going past so fast,its hard to keep up.

    There have been a bunch of highlights that I did want to comment on, (John Peel’s first TOTP in the modernish era, the farewell to Sue as part of Zoo, that time when Kirk Brandon called me a ‘diamond geezer’, etc, oh and the worst rap record of all time (you know the one)), but it all flies past so fast, like a tube train through Tottenham Court Station. (its open again? OK bad example but anyway)

    Still, it won’t be too long until my favourite ever episode will be upon us, and I shall be doing a full one. And I shall use the immortal catchphrase ..

    “My favourite, there have been worse obviously”

  15. 40
    speedwell54 on 18 Jul 2016 #

    Mr Read – bowler hat on head, and he wears Peter Powell’s bretton t-shirt as he introduces Madness. Cardiac Arrest was a brief departure from the top ten for them. The next single made up for it though.

    George Benson in Michael Portillo mode sings to himself on an empty train. nmcot.

    UB40 “new label and new song” says Mike but I’m not sure which new label that is. “I Won’t Close My Eyes” this is very very slow. From UB44 their only regular studio album not to give up a top 10 hit right through to 2000.

    Audience member hams it up completely as Mike introduces ABC, guess which jacket Martin is wearing? Classic – Poison Arrow.

    The Jets borrow Shaky’s producer on this hit. Enough already!

    Robert Palmer – Some Guys Have All The Luck. – If you watch nothing else, watch this. Great live vocal performance. Without this no Future Islands. Second coolest man in pop, made to look even better surrounded by the uncool.

    Mike sings the Lion Sleeps Tonight, then Tight Fit do rpt.

    Charts, and then Toni Basil and Mickey twktc , charts again to 10.

    Mike seems rather vague and waffles something about have some time and so he’s going to show us some good videos. It’s actually the top ten that follows. First up XTC which isn’t a video just a TOTP performance. Some quite long clips OMD and Soft Cell do well. Say Hello 20-18-3 some bizarre climb.

    Jam at No1 and they get to play both tracks this week.

    Not my favourite but there has been worse.

    Hardtogethits- thanks for Rea/Brooks thing, I knew I’d read something somewhere. I hope we get some returners from the Euro 16 sabbatical to pitch in soon on this thread.

    Mark G – looking forward to your favourite ever episode write up.

  16. 41
    Mark G on 22 Jul 2016 #

    1982 speeds by so fast, can it be only yesterday that Racey were a fixture here? Well, no but…..

    It’s the Jensen kid, and he leads us by the hand into .. Mickey! Well, it used to be Kitty when it was a Racey song, but now Toni Basil is the one who’s going to take it like a man. Um, OK, right.. Anyhow, I remember the first time I saw Toni was when she appeared with Davy Jones in the movie “Head” doing Nilsson’s “Daddy’s Song” and it got shown on the current version of Barry Norman’s movie programme. Not “Film ’68” as they hadn’t started it then. Some years later, I watched the DVD with Amber and Alice, and although they thought it wasn’t as good as the episodes of the TV series they had seen, Alice was quite taken with how Toni and Davy looked, and I had to break it to her that they didn’t become a real-life couple after that.

    On to Gary Numan and not Gary Glitter please keep up. Anyway, what’s surprising to me is that I quite like this one, possibly because it’s less ‘futuristic’ and more ‘modern’ sounding.

    Madness do a wacky video single about having heart attacks, and get their lowest charting hit since “The Prince” – This one has a ‘happy ending’ resolution, ah it’s a cautionary tale chaps. Not like the LP version which ends with a big clangggggg after “There’s nothing we can do”. It’s still pretty great though.

    Goombay Dance Band. There’s no dancing, and it’s not a dance track. Apart from that… What is this song about? None of it makes any sense. It’s sort of Boney M-ish, there is a fire-eating solo, and the moral seems to be “if dreams were like eagles I’d fly away, but they are not and that’s why.” uhhhhhh….

    Imagination Illusion – I used to hear this a lot in clubs around Windsor, and it still sounds pretty good. This is the age of the slide-bass. This is the aaaaaaaaaaaaage – “Of the Bass”. Oh, that’s old wassname, innit?

    Now, my cheatie cribsheet has it that there are three excerpt of vids from the US charts, but we don’t get those for some reason. Instead we get The Jets with the next in a series of not exactly rocknroll songs but done like they are. Shaking S had all these wrapped up at one point, but he’s moved on to vaguely cajun sounding stuff, and this bunch are too comfortable in cardigans to really challenge anything. A few more hits lower down the chart, but no TOTP for you sonny jims.

    Abba get a video of “Head over heels”, but the pop stops soon for Abba. Funny, they even look older here. It’s, you know, Abba. It’s OK.

    Now here’s an actual punk track, into the chart because it’s the Adam and the Ants imperial phase. The gals dance to um hang on, is it.. No, it’s the Zoo gals. This is very Legs and co, but replaced by six dancers all mugging furiously when the camera points in their general direction. It’s funny, how they recorded a ‘radio friendly’ version swapping “nazi” for ‘nasty’, and ‘camp 29″ for “Lover of mine”, but that’s forethought for you.

    ABC get the highest new entry, and it’s the golden suit days. Amber and Alice (in the modern day) recognise it immediately, which makes it the golden classic of this show. It’s been a bit light on “Golden Classics” this week, usually there’s two or three.

    Tight Fit do that mid-song musical interlude dance where the male dancer in the middle turns left and gives one to the left, and turns right and gives one to the right girl dancer. Alice is almost shocked. Number one for a bit anyway.

    And now we fade out to Robert Palmer’s pub singer version of “Some guys have all the luck”. Which is meant as a compliment.

    And there we have it. Did you miss me, hey, while I was away?

  17. 42
    speedwell54 on 22 Jul 2016 #

    Kid, trying too hard to be casual with one hand in the pocket of his white trousers. All live tonight claims Jensen- Toni Basil kicks off. She’s 38 here.

    Gary Numan- was this his last single to climb the charts? He was getting to a stage where fans gave him a chart place but no one was jumping on board. Musically I like it and I presume that is still Mick Karn on bass, but his vocals don’t do it for me.

    Madness and Cardiac Arrest. Video this week. No surprises.

    Alan Brazil well actually it’s the Goombay Dance Band. They had a euro hit a few years earlier with Sun Of Jamaica. Seven Tears is pretty similar with the humming backing singers.

    Imagination- Just an Illusion. nmcot but it’s okay.

    The Jets – who seem to get on this programme an awful lot with this minor hit. Anyway, no more I hear.

    Abba – Head over Heels – perfectly fine single that doesn’t sound out of place on Greatest Hits packages but this was obviously came out in that brief time in history when we seem to have fallen out with Abba. Peaked at a lowly 25.

    Deutscher Girls – Adam and the Ants – a track from a few years earlier so no performance or video. It might as well be Legs but actually Zoo. Unusually for Zoo they’re in matching outfits and no leather. Also dancing often the same routine. If the lighting had been a bit poorer I think we could have interested the Swede.

    Charts then Poison Arrow twktc. Then charts again, “still at 14, Cardiac Arrest” says Kid when it climbed but never mind. Don’t think he knows the Hall and Oates song with emphasis on the “go”. He also goes against the recent trend with DepeCHAY Mode.

    Tight Fit -Number one and I’m quite quite bored with this. His miming gets worse and if you look closely those aren’t real lions either.

    Out to Robert Palmer, highlight of the show. Not realised how bland Rod Stewart made this song sound.

    Not my favourite but there gas been worse.

    I was feeling a bit Eric Carmen for a while then. Welcome back Mark G. This not your favourite ever episode then, what a shocker!

  18. 43
    Steve Williams on 24 Jul 2016 #

    You won’t see the American chart rundown on BBC4 for the entire three and a half years this monthly feature runs. Because of who presents it, of course.

    It is incredibly convenient for BBC4 that the host never mentions it’s coming up and it’s not mentioned in the credits, so it can be very easily edited out.

  19. 44
    Mark G on 25 Jul 2016 #

    I thought that they’d decided Jonathan King was “OK” with regard his past TOTP appearances, or is that purely when he performed his hit singles? They apologised when “It only takes a minute” was edited out a couple of years ago.

  20. 45
    Steve Williams on 26 Jul 2016 #

    Indeed, but since then he has been arrested again.

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