Mar 09

Incredible bad taste

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An extraordinary passage in Huizinga’s The Waning Of The Middle Ages comes to our attention:

The taste for unbridled luxury culminated in the court fetes….Nothing could be more insipid or ugly than the ‘entremets’, consisting of gigantic pies enclosing complete orchestras, full-rigged vessels, castles, monkeys and whales, giants and dwarfs, and all the boring absurdities of allegory. We find it difficult to regard these entertainments as something more than exhibitions of almost incredible bad taste.

Speak for yrself mate! Further discussion of these remarkable pies, and the events surrounding them, will feature in Saturday’s Lollards of Pop show.


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    a tanned rested and unlogged lørd sükråt wötsît on 6 Mar 2009 #

    the one thing i have learned fromn the kogankuhn project so far, as a CERTAINTY, is that aristotle’s cosmology was utterly pieform (and that the fallen modern world arrived when copernicus de-pied our medieval thinking boo)

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