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Popular ’81

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I give every song on Popular a mark out of 10 – these polls are your chance to nominate which YOU would have given 6 or more to. Pick as many as you feel qualify! My highest mark this year went to “Ghost Town”, my lowest to “Woman”.

Which of these Number Ones of 1981 would YOU have given 6 or more to?

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  1. 211
    Adam Puke on 7 Apr 2016 #

    Impressed by ELO’s oddly proto-Mystery Science Theatre 3000 vid though.

  2. 212
    Patrick Mexico on 8 Apr 2016 #

    Delighted to see a potential fellow MST3K fan here. Roll Fizzlebeef!

  3. 213
    Jimmy the Swede on 8 Apr 2016 #

    The shows get less Swede-friendly as we go along now. I ffwd though just about all of it. As Adam points out, these medleys are breeding like rats. How the hell the fad was allowed to fester to such an extent I’ll never know. And yes, “Japanese Boy” is certainly not racist – just f’king ludicrous.

    The only other thing I need to say is that I was a little annoyed at how gushing Rosie was towards Shaky during Green Door. But fair play to the Welshman. He made it huge relatively late on in the game.

  4. 214
    Patrick Mexico on 8 Apr 2016 #

    Jennifer Warnes and Bill Medley medley.

    Oh dear God, and it’s bunnied, by a certain vegetable-themed quartet.

  5. 215
    Kinitawowi on 9 Apr 2016 #

    Is it classed as a vegetable, a legume or a seed?

  6. 216
    Patrick Mexico on 9 Apr 2016 #

    One thing’s for sure, it’s a bruiser…

  7. 217
    enitharmon on 11 Apr 2016 #

    Swede @ 213: Whatwhatwhat? Shakey never did much for me but my daughter was a fan. At least when she was a toddler.

    Oh I see. As you were.

  8. 218
    Lazarus on 11 Apr 2016 #

    It was evident from the number of repeats on Thursday’s show that we’d skipped another one, and included on that Yewtreed edition were the Human League with the wonderful ‘Love Action’ (their first Top 10 entry), Tenpole Tudor’s ‘Wunderbar’ and Lobo with his ‘Caribbean Disco Show’ (quite a change in style from ‘Me and You and a Dog named Boo’, wink smiley). So we kicked off with –

    Duran Duran – yes quite an image change from a fortnight earlier. After the false step of ‘Careless Memories’ this one was ensconsed firmly in the Top Ten. Thus would be their destiny for a few years yet.

    RPO – with a selection of old film clips of folks dancing. At first I though “this is dreadful, sub-Jive Bunny stuff” but it proved strangely compelling viewing as it went on. I’d forgotten this got as high as number 2 to be honest, that’s where it was this week.

    Soft Cell – their first time on the show. I’m proud to say I was an ‘early adopter’ buying this single well before it got to number one. Almost certainly in Woolies in Coulsdon. With a bagful of pick’n’mix, no doubt.

    Bill Wyman – who the hell is the ‘Nicaraguan lady’ Simon is referring to there? He didn’t have something going on with Bianca, surely? Anyway, rpt, I think.

    Startrax – a Bee Gees medley, and by some way the worst so far, I’d say. The singers rarely sound anything like the brothers Gibb, and frankly whoever thought the world needed ‘Massachussetts’ set to a disco beat should have been taken outside and given a good shoeing. The Legs do their best with the material, and one lucky lad gets to dance with Gill. Chart 30-20.

    Aneka – a massive leap from 60 to 19 for this one. Don’t think I can add to what’s been said about it really. I think I heard once that this was rejected in Japan for sounding ‘too Chinese’ but that’s no doubt apocryphal. Chart 18-10. Yes, he really did say “a bit of bondage for Sheena Easton at number ten.”

    ELO – their last hit of any substance this, wasn’t it? Jeff Lynne’s ELO, as we now have to call them, are back out on the road of course – and getting their new records played, without any danger of bothering chart compilers. I find this one a bit lumpen I’m afraid – Lynne singing in French isn’t as appealing as Debbie Harry doing it. Video makes it more interesting though. Rest of the top ten.

    Shakin’ Stevens – third week at numero uno and a second outing for the Legs. There’s a girl in a white dress who’s almost as upfront as they are, and who’s seen by his shoulder for most of the performance. Hope she enjoyed watching that.

    Bates bids us adieu to UB40. Not a belter, but I suppose it had its moments.

  9. 219
    Mark G on 13 Apr 2016 #

    Hello once again.. We are well into the “throw some coloured vinyl singles off a step ladder and film it in reverse” era, but not so far in as they throw out the ‘normal’ audience in favour of exotic types..

    Duran are now a fixture, and pulling dollies by the hair.. Righto, next.

    Filmfinders! Remember them from the OGWT Credit sequence? No? OK. Hooked on Classics anyway, you know.

    Soft Cell are also here to herald in the eighties. Here they look like two soul-boys reviving a favourite track (I’d search out the version by Ruth Swann if you want to know where this arrangement came from) , they would do this type of thing again but after this is was mostly about seedy Soho, and such like.

    Kim Wilde sings about tinnitus, to a backing track with a chord sequence that I’m sure featured on a recent hit that reminded me of something else, but I can’t remember what track that was.. Never mind..

    I never minded this Bill Wyman single-hit, it’s a chirpy cockney sort-of pop-punk thing, in the Regents ballpark. A lot of other dudes were trying this sort of thing, but usually under heavy disguises or by not being famous at all in the first place. Did Simon mishear “American Lady” as “Nicaraguan” ? Either way, it suggest it’s not Mandy Smith.

    Star-Trax! Disco…….. Hmm, who can we do? Beach boys done, Beatles done, there’s been a few ‘various artist’ disco ones, oh no-one’s done the Bee Gees? Bit obvious? Naaaaaaaaah. Naaaaaaah. Nah. Oh, alright then. Anyway, the Legs girls seem relatively unfettered and happy so they give it more than it deserves. Then again, I never much liked the BG’s disco stuff, and “Odessa” is way overrated too. So, ner.

    Aneka in the UK! The NME were pushing the new Japanese New Wave like a bit, round about now. This record killed it off. “She’s Scottish” says Simon. What, you mean, like the accent she was singing in? Well, that’s what it sounds like to me.

    ELO go beyond nicking old Beatles titles or tunes, and nick one from “Paperback Writer” Mark Shipper’s faux-biography. As per what you’d expect.

    Shaky gets to dance in front of the gals, and does not shame himself. It’s number one, and Simon wraps up.. Back to the audience, as one of the Legs (well, two I guess) runs off to the dressing room pronto. We get lots of waving from the very normal looking young people at first then they settle down to dancing to UB40 One in Ten. Longest fade-out yet! I was almost expecting them to put another record on.

    Gah, it’s hard to keep up you know!

  10. 220
    speedwell54 on 14 Apr 2016 #

    Bates in charge this week.

    Duran Duran again and Simon demonstrates how poor he is at dancing- bless him. A bit of a classic really although they have had many. I never think of Careless Memories as a misstep though chart wise is was. The second best drummer called Roger Taylor loses one of his dampener pads half way through- he carries on.

    RPO – a decent video and probably quite a new idea at the time. Maybe that’s why it got to No2. Is that Shirley Temple in there – I wonder if they got permission?

    Leeds outfit Soft Cell and the first 12″ single enters our house via my sister. This version morphing into Where Did Our Love Go was played so much. This song stuck around for absolutely ages and never really got old. The song got to No 8 in the US at the time, and eventually went all the way 25 years later, although Rhianna called it “SOS”. Simon predicts a massive hit and he’s right.

    Kim Wilde rpt, Cameraman is around her knees half the time. The part time gardner has a track on the new Eddie the Eagle film soundtrack. It sounds like Kim Wilde meets Heaven 17 – pretty good.

    Bill Wyman rpt, surprising that this is the biggest solo hit from a Stone.

    Next Startrax (rubbish name btw) with Legs. Nice to watch and now I’ve heard it really no need to see it through to the end ffwd. Countdown; no number 28 this week with a tie at 27, not that common. Aneka twktc. Countdown. Simon reckons Bad Manners had a former number 1 with Can Can.

    ELO -still good but days are numbered. Rock n Roll is King was a big fall off for me. Having said that, the stuff I heard from him last year was fine. When I Was A Boy is particularly good even if it is Free As A Bird.

    Shaky at number 1 again, Legs are doubling up again. Out to UB40.

    Not my favourite but there has been worse.

  11. 221
    Patrick Mexico on 21 Apr 2016 #

    It feels kind of like this episode is going to kick the pop world while it’s down, but here goes..

    Startrax – better than Stars on 45, or Jive Bunny but CHRIST. MAKE. THESE. TWEE. TUPPERWARE BOX DRUMMING. MEDLIES. STOP. Never mind it being like punk never happened, time for TOTP to reflect that we’re in an era where brickies from Barnsley are dressing like genderfluid half desklamp half Komodo dragon half Mr Frosty machines from Pluto!

    Cliff Richard – I can’t really review this as it’s impossible to tell if it’s intentional or accidental Partridge. Relatively the best thing Milton Keynes has done for us.

    Rolling Stones – if Start Me Up was a person it would be Jeremy Clarkson. It looks like Jeremy Clarkson, talks like Jeremy Clarkson and quacks like Jeremy Clarkson. Still an absolute tune, but they fit into 1981 as smoothly as the Statue of Liberty into a Portakabin made of crisps.

    Legs – you know it’s a bad show when you want this lot to do one. ELO kept cranking out brilliant pop tunes years after their creative peak, ie Calling America, but this also sounds incredibly dated.

    Ultravox – that’s more like it. Not quite Vienna or mild Twin Peaks spoiler Dancing With Tears in My Eyes, but another synth pop/post punk stormer. The only track so far that makes me think punk actually happened. Midge is now the coolest motherf….r on the planet. This invented Franz Ferdinand and Maximo Park.. Fine with me but make of that what you will.. parts of it sound uncomfortably like Boy Kill Boy.

    “It’s always good to have Genesis on the show.” You won’t be saying that in 5 years’ time when they’re playing Invisible Touch (Hail Thatcher ElectroH8D4P00R Re-Mix), and Phil Collins urinating in a miner’s helmet yelling “Nobody born north of Stoke deserves to live past the age of 12” :(

    Aneka – Chalk. Blackboard. Two. sides of. A. Dry. Kitchen towel. If she could only sing. I think I am SLIGHTLY warming to this as it sounds a bit like Hollywood by Marina and the Diamonds. And because of that getting more frightening.

    Close to Everybody Salsa. Lol @ Aneka joining in the crowd dancing. You don’t get this with Travis or Embrace. Mind you, any more of this dreck and the BBC might as well fast forward to the next decade. After all, my life’s mantra is “It’s why Got to Get by Rob ‘n’ Raz featuring Leila K had to happen.”

  12. 222
    Jimmy the Swede on 23 Apr 2016 #

    I must admit I enjoyed silly old Cliff on skates. Seemed fitting somehow. And that footage of the Stones was blinding. Even Charlie broke into a grin. Genesis rocked my boat too.

    Mouth-watering routine from Gals. Shame about the lightweight track they were dancing to.

    I can well remember Aneka doing the conga at the end. She had just performed her number one hit (dreadful though it was) and it must have been wonderful for her to join in with the crowd afterwards. I’m sure she, like the Liquid Gold gal, was a very pleasant lady. Who can begrudge her moment in the sun? Certainly not I.

  13. 223
    Lazarus on 23 Apr 2016 #

    Just the one show this week, giving us a bit of respite, so I’m watching the (slightly) longer one. Richard Skinner is the welcome returnee.

    Startrax – hard to be much more charitable about this on the second showing, although I suppose it was ‘brave’ of them to go on the show when so many of these were by faceless studio creations. Not a tribute band as such, the one in the middle could pass for Maurice from a distance but the other two look nothing like the other two. One hit wonders, thankfully, and this craze will soon run out of steam. This lot are duly escorted into the bus at the end of the show.

    Cliff – seen this vid many times over the years. Another BA Robertson song. The Walkman was quite the thing then wasn’t it! I had one well into the nineties as I recall, and I think they only stopped making them a few years ago. He looks quite confident on those rollers it has to be said.

    Soft Cell – at number two now. Not a repeat, we see the camera cut away from presenter to band. This and the next number were left off the Thursday show. Ed Cobb must have been thanking his lucky stars once they recorded his song and made it a worldwide hit.

    Nolans – looking rather fetching in black PVC, the foursome run through their latest rather chorus-heavy number in typically professional fashion. Audience claps along dutifully. Richard mentions Linda’s forthcoming marriage to the group’s tour manager Brian.

    Stones – I’m sure many people consider this their last great song. Yes it’s a simple video but fun to watch. Mick, Keef and Ron pose, preen and pout up front while Bill and Charlie smirk to each other at the back as usual. I doubt if Mick has ever weighed more than 11 stone in his life. He must be doing something right I suppose.

    ELO/Legs – why does Jeff Lynne sing “accrochez-toi à ton rève?” It seems pointless and not at all sexy, unlike Debs Harry on ‘Denis’ and ‘Sunday Girl.’ Just five Legs these days, a lively routine in colourful summer dresses from them. First chart rundown.

    Ultravox – yes the highlight of the show for me too. I guarantee you haven’t heard this on the radio in the last 35 years, not because it’s no good but because it’s not ‘Dancing with Tears’ or ‘Vienna.’ Kudos to Midge for nailing that mighty final note. A curious SFX like an explosion of green tinsel pervades throughout. Chart 18-12.

    Genesis – been a while since they were on, ‘Turn it on again’ I guess? I know a lot of their early fans were turning away by this time but I like this album a lot. A real drummer’s song, this. Mike helps out on the chorus. Tony in his rugby shirt is rarely seen. Top ten countdown. Lobo at eight? Really? And the lesser spotted Human League.

    Aneka – final week at the top for her and presumably the last time Ms Sandeman will be seen on the show. Costume is a dressing gown and pair of knitting needles. No need for the Legs, she’s brought her own dancers. And yes quite sweet to see her and her troupe joining in with the conga line at the end. First hit for Modern Romance who’ll be bothering us for a while before their enforced exile at you know where.

    The ‘Vox and Genesis apart, it was a bit a a fallow week though.

  14. 224
    Mark G on 24 Apr 2016 #

    Nolan’s – this is the one where they suddenly do a strange arm movement thing like they’re stacking t-shirts, totally out of context..

    Ultravox – quite ‘grandiose’ in lyric/performance, possibly the closest they got to something the John Foxx version could have used.

    Stones – a couple of classics to come, but their last top ten hit, yes. Oh, and this is the one with “You make a dead man come” does it fadeout here? No, there’s the line..

    ELO/Legs – one of their most frenetic routines here, all collapse at the end, don’t blame ’em.

    The rest, Laz pretty much said what I was going to mention, although I believe we’ve not seen the last of Aneka. Show was OK, but.

  15. 225
    Steve Williams on 24 Apr 2016 #

    #223 Aneka’s dancers *were* Legs & Co! Mmm, brunette Sue and Lulu.

  16. 226
    Lazarus on 24 Apr 2016 #

    They were? That’s the trouble with watching on an old-style small screen. I wasn’t even sure which one was missing in the ELO routine, I thought it was Patti but didn’t want to commit myself.

  17. 227
    speedwell54 on 24 Apr 2016 #

    Richard Skinner hosts so no need to fret. Startrax turn up this week and they should have stuck with Legs. This record went down after their performance. Other than Number 1s a TOTP appearance was rarely followed by a fall at this time.

    Wired for Sound- Song is pretty good despite input from BA Robertson. The oft seen video is of its time BUT there’s no green screen for Cliff; he’s doing all his own stunts AND he’s about 10 years older than Michael Crawford was when blazing a trail for Last of the Summer Wine.

    Soft Cell, they may have come back, but it’s the same performance with Marc wearing a bit more bling.

    Nolans- looking good and sound polished.

    Stones and Start Me Up. Feels like every video is very similar but the song is good enough. My vote for one of the classics to come is Mixed Emotions which was overlooked over here.

    ELO – like the song and Legs are earning their money tonight. Can’t remember a higher energy performance, the lighting guy gets it right for a change and everyone’s happy.

    Johnny Vaughan said “never wear a hat that’s cooler than you are”. Take note Midge. This is a great track and the singles off the following album Quartet were all pretty good too but get sidelined for you know what.

    Genesis. ok nmcot. Countdown Aneka,the end.

    not my favourite but there has been worse.

  18. 228
    Jimmy the Swede on 25 Apr 2016 #

    #227 – Speedo, re Michael Crawford, I think you mean Some Mothers Do Ave Em, don’t you?

    I have to confess that even I missed brunette Sue and Lulu dancing with Aneka. I can only hope the Eternal Mistress forgives me…

  19. 229
    speedwell54 on 25 Apr 2016 #

    *228 Swede- sorry if unclear; I was blaming Crawford’s antics on Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em for the existence of Last of the Summer Wine. I liked SMDAE and Crawford- he did his own stunts, and they knew when to stop.

    Last of the Summer Wine on the other hand used green screen for everything, and did not know when to stop. (well they did, but it took them 31 years!)

    They made 295 episodes, most of which featured some men (often three), going somewhere (often downhill), in some contraption (often a bath, but could be a sofa) followed by sound effects of a crash which would occur off camera; a wheel would then roll into view. One or more of said men would then stagger into shot, with a hat slightly askew, a collar turned up, a tie pulled to one side, and produce a random piece of vegetation from a pocket and act dazed. They would stretch that to 25 minutes with some overbearing northern women.

    To other things..
    Apart from Sue it is really hard to pick out Legs & Co dancing with Aneka, not totally convinced it was all of them.

  20. 230
    Mark G on 25 Apr 2016 #

    Well, she definitely starts the conga line for “Everybody Salsa”, and all the other girls are still there with parasols, which they wouldn’t be if they were Aneka’s brought-ins.

  21. 231
    Jimmy the Swede on 26 Apr 2016 #

    #229 – Thanks for the clarification, Speedo. Michael Crawford did indeed do his own stunts, some, including when he was hanging from the clock face, caused Michelle Dotrice to literally wet herself laughing. Michelle, incidentally, was a gorgeous and glamorous woman, quite unlike Betty, a wet-as-a weekend-in-Prestatyn style frump. Great acting and the make-up department.

    Apropos Last of the Summer Wine. This record-breaking show lost its charm ages ago. Speedo has summed it up perfectly above. Let’s face it, you can only put up with so much of Compo in a runaway bath and Nora Batty moaning “Keep away!” My own pet hate about it, though, was always Ronnie Hazelhurst’s incidental muzak which was annoying beyond belief. The main theme was played by Harry Pitch aka Mr Bloe who came within a whisker of being discussed on our number one blog for groovin’ with himself.

    Talking of grooving, I must say, I’ve become pretty much suicidal about not noticing my ultimate fantasy gal grooving with Aneka. The Beachy Head chaplain has been given the heads up.

  22. 232
    speedwell54 on 26 Apr 2016 #

    *230 Mark G – Well(?)as I said I recognise Sue, hence “Apart from Sue” but I was concurring with Swede that they are difficult to spot, what with them essentially being in disguise, moving around and waving parasols in front of their faces.

    I am not disputing it was the same girls later doing the conga, but trying to recognise them in the conga phase is even harder given the above and other people joining in and massive great credits across the screen. If Aneka can do the conga at the end I can’t see why her brought-ins wouldn’t also be allowed. She has sung with other backing dancers see “Aneka Ooh Shooby Doo Doo Lang” on youtube; Swede I think you might like.

    I dare say it is Legs but the video evidence imo is not conclusive.

  23. 233
    Mark G on 27 Apr 2016 #

    They are difficult to spot, and as you say “apart from Sue” I didn’t recognise them individually either. It’s just that had they been Aneka’s dancers, they would more than likely have refused to do “another dance” on-camera without being paid (trust me, I’ve been there) (not specifically the TOTP studios)

  24. 234
    Steve Williams on 27 Apr 2016 #

    Well, if you want to check on iPlayer, at the back from left to right it’s Anita (the one who joined the other month) in blue, Rosie in peach and Lulu in purple, and at the front it’s Gill on the left in pink and Sue on the right in green. No Patti, she was on holiday that week. Rest assured, I have studied this in some detail.

  25. 235
    Lazarus on 29 Apr 2016 #

    If you missed last night’s show I’d advise getting yourself over to iPlayer, one of the best we’ve had for a while – Peter Powell greets us in an alarming zigzag-patterned sweater. Puts me in mind of a Friends Again sleeve for some reason.

    Modern Romance – the record that ended the last show – with no weeks missed – starts this one. Pressy-bound yes of course, but not for a while, this lot featured members of the Leyton Buzzards. Geoff Deane (pink suit) went on to become a TV scriptwriter responsible, or should that be to blame, for Birds of a Feather among other shows.

    John Foxx – this is OK I guess, I can see why it was left off the Thursday show though. His singing seems to lack conviction for me somehow. I wonder how he felt about the superstar status enjoyed by his old band. Swede will like the piano player I suspect.

    UB40 – One in Ten, not sure if this is a repeat or not. “We caught ’em before they go on tour” announces Pete, and 35 years later they’re going on the road again – or one version of the band anyway. Ali seems to have made up with at least some of his old bandmates, if not his brothers. Must make for an awkward Christmas.

    Bucks Fizz – on to their third single now, not sure if we got Piece of the Action did we? A much more downbeat number than their Euro winner. “I’m living in the shadows, I got no place to go.” They’ll have somewhere to go soon enough, thanks to our friendly driver.

    Pete introduces Gill (or Jill), Miss Radio 1 Roadshow. And then the Teardrop Explodes. Fabulous record this. I think I prefer it to Reward. Is that a sitar? And then a cheeky steal from As Tears Go By on the fadeout. Wonderful. And only got to number 29, what was the matter with people?

    Gary Numan – even this is one of his better efforts. Nice Roxy-like sax. Don’t remember this video to be honest. This week’s highest new entry, at 6.

    Dollar – now into their imperial phase, with Trevor Horn twiddling the knobs. Their outfits appear to have been filched from an Adam & the Ants video. Not sure if they were still engaged at this point. First chart rundown.

    Pointer Sisters w/Legs & Co – their big comeback hit after grazing the chart a few years earlier with Bruce Springsteen’s Fire, Slow Hand is nothing to do with Eric Clapton. Patti still away it seems. Not many more routines to come now from Les Gals, who shimmer nicely in gold lamé outfits. Chart 20-11.

    OMD – yet another good one, the lead off single from Architecture and Morality. Paul on lead vocal for this one. What would John Foxx have given for a killer riff like this? Miss Roadshow is seen having a slow dance with some lucky beggar. Top 10.

    Soft Cell – first week at number one for the Leeds duo bringing Northern Soul to the masses. Ten million sales follow for Messrs Almond and Ball. Looks like someone holding up a diver’s helmet at the start. Back to Peter – the blonde who was hanging off his shoulder for the last link is now cuddling up to Gary Numan. And now a first – Funkapolitan become the first act to appear on the show for the closing credits number. I’m thinking, somewhere between Beggar & Co and Heaven 17.

    Really good show with not a medley in sight. Struggling to think of a highlight, oh OK then, the Teardrops. Catch ya later!

  26. 236
    Steve Williams on 29 Apr 2016 #

    I don’t think Dollar were ever engaged, that was seemingly just a publicity stunt to sell records. You’ll note Trevor Horn joining them on stage for the performance, along with, as spotted on Twitter, Howard Goodall.

    The other thing about that episode is that it was the first live broadcast we’ve seen so far in the entire repeat run, hence its rather frantic nature (there had been two others this year, but one wasn’t recorded properly and one was presented by Savile). It certainly made it all seem that bit more exciting. I do like Powell’s continual pathetic attempts to pretend the show has made the videos themselves (“Our cameras caught them…”).

  27. 237
    Pink champale on 1 May 2016 #

    I’m a bit behind with these. Just seen the Musclebound video for the first time. It’s really quite something. Like a cross between Excalibur and the post-apocalypse back to the land bits of Threads. But with better clothes, obvs.

  28. 238
    Jimmy the Swede on 4 May 2016 #

    Both Gals and Swede coming to the end of the line now. And it’s no mistaking our lovelies this time from the get-go. Safe and friendly Peter Powell says hi surrounded by them. Well, four of them including EM. They peel off to join Rosie and Modern Romance and their jolly salsa, thereby book-ending from last week’s finale. What an opening!

    Tragically we then descend into the pit of despair which is electronic Swede hell.

    UB40 to the rescue! Tick.

    Miss Radio One Road-Show is introduced and lovely she is too. Tick.

    Peter makes a rather sad remark with hindsight: “Without Legs and Co there would be no show.” How was the show, Mrs Lincoln? A classy routine to Slow Hand then follows. Way too dark alas.

    Gals return if only to sway pointlessly on the side-lines to some mind-numbing rubbish which takes us out.

  29. 239
    Mark G on 5 May 2016 #

    Now here’s a thing..

    Modern Romance, pretty much giving bandwagon-jumpers a bad name, seeing as how their first single under that name was titled that name, and was trying too hard to be Japan, and the next single being this one more or less anticipated.. what? I dunno.. Of course they were “Leyton Buzzzards” and Their first single was the very silly “19 and mad” which jumped the Punk bandwagon, then they did “saturday night between the plastic palmtrees” which was oooh.. close enough but not really punk no. Anyway, more plastic palm trees required, ability to play saxophone desireable but not essential..

    We were in and out of the room while the edit version of the show was on, it’s the equivalent of standing at the bar while the band played and reviewing it later. So, we got to see the painfully young Soft Cell, Marc is now gaining confidence and dressing up a bit more.

    .. and yes, it’s rare that a band gets to play after the final rundown and the number one, but it’s … Funkapolitan! My Wife was quite taken with this, as I was the first time around! In fact, I went out and bought one the next day! Only to find that the NME said it was total rubbish, and that they should give up and so on. I have no idea why, it wasn’t that bad or dislikeable really. Still, this was the highlight of their brief run in the chart, and .. I’m struggling for a Prestatyn reference here, maybe they ran the horse racing nights with the random VHS selections..

    Anyway, here comes another one! Here it comes again.. and here comes another one! When will it ever e

  30. 240
    Lazarus on 5 May 2016 #

    Seems no-one has a good word to say about either ‘Passionate Friend’ or ‘Souvenir’ – finest single by either act I’d say *sadface*

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