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What Is The 38th Best Song Of All Time Then?

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Its not Punka by Kenickie. As demonstrated here, the massed meh of FT writing staff proves it. So instead intrepid reader suggested five worthy replacements for number 38. And you have until the end of November 4th to decide whcih one should have the place of the 38th best single of all time. And it gives those of use who are not involved in the US elections something JUST AS IMPORTANT to vote on.

Vote often, vote early.

Which Of These Should Be The 38th Freaky Trigger Best Single Of All Time And Is Thus Better Than Punka by Kenickie

  • BALTIMORA - Tarzan Boy 33%
  • THE SUGARCUBES - Birthday 23%
  • THE CHIFFONS - Sweet Talkin' Guy 19%
  • THE FOUR TOPS - Baby I Need Your Loving 15%
  • SPACEHOG - In The Meantime 9%

Total Voters: 78

Poll closes: 5 Nov 2008 @ 00:00

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  1. 1
    admin on 29 Oct 2008 #

    Related articles watch: Kenickie song @ #39 in Tom’s singles of the 90s

  2. 2
    Tom on 29 Oct 2008 #

    Wow good spot! I am not sure I would still rank it that highly.

  3. 3
    Mark M on 29 Oct 2008 #

    Can I rather belatedly say that I quite like Punka, actually. A hell of a lot more than Tarzan Boy or anything by Spacehog, certainly, although not as much as Birthday or Sweet Talkin’ Guy.

  4. 4
    wichita lineman on 29 Oct 2008 #

    Tom, I’m disappointed with yr Kenickie revisionism. True, neither Punka or I Would Fix You is Birthday, but they briefly made my life a lot fizzier while Cast and their bastard mates were hogging the charts. One rule for Carter and another for Kenickie? Well, it is your pad so I’ll take my shoes off.

    But while I’m in a peevish mood I’ll point out it’s Baby I Need Your LOVING. No rockist apostrophe!

  5. 5
    Mark M on 29 Oct 2008 #

    Have Kenickie suffered from Lauren’s media ubiquity?

  6. 6
    Mark G on 29 Oct 2008 #


    Actually, what I’d do is to ask Amber and Alice for their thoughts on one of their favourite songs ever. But, I’m working away at the moment.

  7. 7
    Pete Baran on 29 Oct 2008 #

    The peevish attitude shown on these two threads is mainly inward looking, though LL’s media ubiquity has irritated me for some years. Kenickie I liked at the time, but Punka always threw me because it seemed to be referring to a non-existant scene. Not to mention the accents making in sound like Lauren was singing P-U-N-K-E (the French version). In Your Car was more my cup of tea.

  8. 8
    Vinylscot on 30 Oct 2008 #

    It was I who suggested the Sugarcubes and I’ve cast my vote so I now plead with you all to cast your votes that way too.

    Along with This Mortal Coil’s “Song To The Siren”, this was undoubtedly the best track of the period. The mad pixie’s future career has given indications of her genius, but nothing close to this; the vocal gymnastics, from restrained warble to full-on shreik leave EVERY ONE of her contemporaries floundering in the sand.

    Allied to that the competition in this vote – the Four Tops’ fourth best song, a dodgy Irishman pretending to be European, a Guns’n’Roses rip-off and a (admittedly pretty splendid) Goffin & King standard.

    There is no real alternative. Vote mad pixie, NOW!!

  9. 9
    wichita lineman on 30 Oct 2008 #

    Pete, it wasn’t a non-existent scene. It was aimed at Slamt records, the super-ethical (and very productive) punk label in the north east who released Kenickie’s Catsuit City (eight songs!) and balked at the idea anybody would have ambitions beyond their verrrry low horizons. The girls were 16 when they wrote Punka; other lyrical concerns included Can I Take You To The Cinema and Walrus (about their school dinner lady). All of which I found heartening, invigorating, and a throwback to the Chiffons as much as the Dolly Mixture and the Runaways. My idea of POP, pretty much.

    To borrow from Nik Cohn, it all went perfectly until one day they woke up and they were all 19.

  10. 10
    carsmilesteve on the couch on 30 Oct 2008 #

    WL it’s all my fault for not getting round to writing about punka… Pete’s right to attepmt to move things along. Sorry lauren,marie, Emmy-Kate and pete, I have let youse all down…

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