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Popular ’79

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’79 ends up as one of the best years, according to my marks anyhow – but which of its tracks would you have handed six or higher to? Pick as many as you want, then discuss the year in the comments boxes if you like.

Which of these Number One hits of 1979 would you have given 6 or more to?

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My highest marks were 9s for Buggles, Dury, Blondie – lowest 2s for Lena M and the Rats.


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  1. 241
    Jimmy the Swede on 16 Oct 2014 #

    # 240 – Nice one, Rosie.

    Er…just in case you missed it, Popular Pals…


  2. 242
    Mark G on 16 Oct 2014 #

    You *have* been busy!

  3. 243
    Steve Williams on 17 Oct 2014 #

    That seminal tome, The Roxy Book (which for a while was in every single charity shop I ever visited, the print run must have been about a million) has chapter and verse on Kid’s footballing allegiances. He says that he used to support Notts County when he was on Radio Trent then when he moved to London he followed QPR, but stopped following them because of the plastic pitch. As for St Mirren, his auntie lived next door to the ground, apparently, and I remember someone writing into Q saying he only seemed to start mentioning that when St Mirren won the Scottish Cup. Then he was invited to a Palace match and enjoyed the atmosphere and liked the fans and started following them, and he’s certainly a fully paid-up loyal Eagle now, what with him being part of the consortium that brought them out of administration a few years back.

    As for other DJs’ footballing allegiances, the one I most remember is when Granada did a football quiz in the early nineties called Go For Goal, where every team in Granadaland was represented by two players and a “celebrity” “fan”. Bruno Brookes was drafted in to represent Crewe but, as you can see here, he doesn’t appear to have been a particularly rabid Railwayman – http://www.knowhere.co.uk/Crewe/Cheshire/Northern-England/info/celebs

  4. 244
    Mark G on 24 Oct 2014 #

    “Good face for radio” Peebles starts his TOTP career and we can get up and do our thing. Thanks, Al.

    The Rubbish Dooleys are back, with a song that brings to mind the “We’re OK’ song from Educating Rita. We are chosen, lucky, and don’t need “your” money or gold. But it’s useful you have some. The girls can’t quite keep a straight face. They sort-of dance like the automated bandstand at Thorpe park.

    And Andy Peebles announces that it’s his debut, and introduces The Headboys who are also rebutting. One of them will be back on the show but will have to wait a long time Sorry boys it’s not you. Oddly, they sound exactly like Kings of Leon. The song is pretty fine, and they make a good fist of it. What happened? Were their other songs not up to much? Anyway, were U2 watching? Bits of the chorus sound like “An Kat Dubh”, the live version on the NME cassette (forget which one)

    The legs are being leggy for “Don’t stop till you get enough”. A mate of mine back then would do a version of this where he’d do ‘misheard lyric’ versions that never repeated. “Take a horse, to the post office, don’t stop till you get enough, keep a trough and a bus stop, don’t stop etc ”

    And another one would sing “I am a forbidden lover” but he knew not what it meaned. So anyway, its Chic but you knew that.

    Dr Hook do their biggest hit “Are you staring at my bird?” He watches his friends, that’s his band it seems. He stares them all out and offers them all out.

    Tami Lyn does Gonna get a long mm can’t think of joke title never mind. Its nice enough, and it’s death by BBC orchestra time. There was a different version a bit before this one that was more perky, but I can’t remember who by.

    Charlie Daniels band do an interesting country tale. Have to say, the devil funk bit is the best part of this, a bit psychedelic ELO I’d say. We get the uncensored ‘son of a bitch’ version to boot.

    OK Fred. Great that UK pop reggae could be this true and get into the charts to boot, its great stuff. We knew not what a yaza yaza was,

    Cats UK coin in on how much loved Lorraine Chase was, or was it the airport? And yet, one of them became.. (fill in later)

    Dave Edmunds does Queen of Hearts so it’s country music week I guess. Still fine though.

    Dana does that old rinky dinky jazz thing. I remember she gets up for a slinky dance doesn’t she? Yep, there she goes.. The set is a bit “Music break on the Two Ronnies” but its alright, not a hit though I believe.

    Someone’s got Peebles in an armlock it seems. The Police do that scratch chin song, and home for butter.

    So, did Andy do all right? Well, why don’t you ask him what’s going wrong? He doesn’t want to be loved, he just wants to be wanted.


  5. 245
    Lazarus on 24 Oct 2014 #

    Ah, you saw the long one I take it. We don’t get the Headboys or Charlie D on this one.

    The largely charisma-free zone that was Andy Peebles makes his Pops debut. Al Hudson over the chart, and Al’s at number 15 – don’t remember it getting that high.

    The Dooleys are lined up boy-girl-girl-boy like the Brotherhood of Man. One of them looks a bit like Paul Nicholas. The song is sort of cod-reggae. The minibus awaits.

    Michael Jackson/Legs & Co – a little bit of history, the first week of the first release from ‘Off the Wall’ but MJ himself is nowhere to be seen, needless to say. It’s going to be mostly videos where he’s concerned. Does anyone remember him going on the show? Full complement of Legs this week, and plenty of leg on show. Swedo will approve.

    Chic are on next with the latest release from the Risque album. The ladies look lovely in cerise jackets, and the song is fine. After a run of top 10 hits though, this will stall at 15, their next at 21, and barring a remix that’s their last visit to the UK Top 40. They go down well on Funky Friday at Prestatyn though.

    Dr Hook … “when you’re in love with a beautiful woman … it’s hard.” that double entendre was employed in a recent episode of ‘Episodes’ with the ever-priapic Castor Sotto (if you saw the show you’ll know what I’m referring to). Anyway, number one bound, but they’ll have to wait.

    Viola Wills with an old Trini Lopez number. No longer with us, alas. Interesting biog: signed by Barry White, no less, when 21 and a mother of six!

    Erroll Dunkley – always heard it as ‘yagga yagga’ – some natty headgear for ED and his band. Seemed to demand an answer record from Fred, ‘here’s what you do, Erroll’ but it wasn’t forthcoming.

    Cats UK – yes from the Campari ad of course. I don’t recognise any of them, so I’m intrigued …

    Andy still hasn’t unbuttoned his jacket … Dave Edmunds, with one of several songs entitled ‘Queen of Hearts.’ Written by Emmylou Harris guitarist Hank DeVito, and not as I always thought Buddy Holly. Good performance by Dave and the Rockpile lads.

    Dana – yes I thought ‘Two Ronnies’ as well, would have been much more in place there. Song has a bit of a Thirties feel to it, going for the Manhattan Transfer market perhaps? Anyway wasn’t a hit, although Ms Scallon looks slinky in sequins.

    Police last week at the top with Horn and Downes waiting in the runner up’s spot. In the days when everyone liked Sting.

    Andy bids us farewell to Fleetwood Mac with the title track of a troubled album. Not a bad show, Status Quo in for Dana would have made it better. But you can’t always get whatever you want.

  6. 246
    Alan on 24 Oct 2014 #

    shameless plug for my TOTP twitter account https://twitter.com/ToTP79trufax

  7. 247
    wichitalineman on 24 Oct 2014 #

    Nice work, Alan!

    Dramatis were also known as the Continuity Tubeway Army.

  8. 248
    Jimmy the Swede on 25 Oct 2014 #

    Debutant Andy Peebles. He really is an odd looking fellow, isn’t he? Hell, let’s not kid ourselves. He makes Randy Van Warmer look like Errol Flynn.

    Al Hudson over the rundown. Routine disco turn.

    “The Dooleys have done it again!” proclaims Andy. Too true, I’m afraid. This is dangerously uncut Class A Dairylea. Yes, Lazarus, minibus of course. But absolutely no sing-songs on the trip north. Thank you.

    Headboys – “Shapes of Things to Come”. Nothing to do with the Yardbirds’ classic. I have no memory of this at all but it seemed rather good. This was their only moment in the spotlight. Then they headed back to Edinburgh but alas got detoured about half way up.

    I’m sure you’re all be fascinated to learn that those square panels hanging from the ceiling in the studio are exactly the same pattern as the tiles we had in our kitchen in our high-rise flat in Stockwell.

    Gals do a turn to Jacko’s “Don’t Stop…” For me, this was one of Michael’s finest, if not the best and was number one that week in the US. It’s something for our ladies to really get their legs into and they do. You can always tell when they are loving it and this is an outstanding routine with all six on parade. And the Eternal Mistress has a caution sign stuck to her left knee. A message through time to the Swede perhaps?

    Chic – Their forbidden love. If it’s forbidden, what’s the point? The three girls on the strings provide the clear Swede interest here. Otherwise, fairly dull.

    Doctor Hook with their cheeky one. This positively crept to number one like a snail and was even detained for an extra week due to another chart cock-up. I loved the sideways glances on “watch your friend” etc.

    Viola Wills – Jolly little cover of an old fifties song. And sweet Viola top-tens with it. Nothing to dislike here.

    Charlie Daniels – A brilliant record. But I (along with many I have discussed this with) feel strongly that the Devil definitely won, despite insisting that “he knew that he’d been beat”. This was the worst decision since Cooper/Bugner. Interesting too was the transmition of “son of a bitch”, a dreadful insult in the US, akin to the use of “c**t” over here.

    Errol Dunkley – As much as I love reggae, this one always moderately annoyed me. My assumption that it was aimed at children was re-inforced when Errol popped up on Basil Brush, who provides an excellent case for the re-instatement of the Grantleigh Manor hunt ball. Boom Boom!

    Cats UK – The song about Lorraine Chase, which had nothing to with her at all. This is a comedy record but you would never know it by looking at all the folded arms and blank looks from the audience, who were clearly far less amused than the performers. As for the Cats, they have of course swopped an airport for a holiday camp. A man needs a maid.

    Dave Edmunds – A very neat little rockabilly number a la Buddy Holly, which clatters along just swimmingly. It’s nearly nine years since his chart topper.

    Dana – She’s going all Connie Francis on us. I’m hearing “Carolina Moon” all day long. The record sank like a lead balloon. But Peebles is right. She is indeed lovely. It’s nine years since her chart topper too. Strange, that.

    The Police are still castaway at number one. But the Buggles are ready to pounce, as was the Swede in what was to be a momentous week for him.

    Out to Fleetwood Mac and the brilliant “Tusk”. Some little redhead is gripping Andy’s sleeve as he says goodbye. He’s as dull as dishwater.

    Duck, everyone. Lena’s fast approaching…

  9. 249
    enitharmon on 25 Oct 2014 #

    @248 What is traditionally known as a good face for radio.

  10. 250
    wichitalineman on 25 Oct 2014 #

    Andy Peebles looks like an animal. One that lives in or near a river.

    Dooleys. Ah. They’re enjoying themselves, at least.

    Gals/Jacko. Caution, indeed. Maybe they couldn’t find a “stop” sign for Lady Muck’s thigh?

    Chic coming off their run of solid gold hits, but this is solidly silver. Al Hudson’s watery You Can Do It over the Top 30 a good point of disco comparison. Yes Swede, the string section have haunted my dreams for 30-odd years.

    Dr Hook. “It’s hard.” That’s the joke isn’t it? It seemed to have six months worth of Radio 2 plays before it charted.

    Viola Wills is a cover of a super-winsome Patience & Prudence hit which I’m very fond of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4gQ6xwISRs Prudence grew up to marry one of the Standells, of Dirty Water fame (didn’t someone cover that in ’79 too?).

    Errol Dunkley. Apparently a cover of a song by the recently departed John Holt. It’s no Ali Baba. But I do like Errol’s yardie cardie.

    Cats UK were meant to have Lorraine Chase on lead vocals, which would have made more sense of it. What an odd song. Bit of Cool For Cats on the verse. It was written by Paul Curtis, a one-man Eurovision machine, credits incl. the Shads’ Let Me Be The One, 2nd to Ding A Dong in ’75.

    Dave Edmunds. Now THIS is how to write a 50s pastiche, a fabulous song that sounded instantly familiar in ’79. Why weren’t Showaddywaddy, Rocky Sharpe etcet on the phone to Dave? An even bigger hit in the US for the curiously named Juice Newton.

    Dana. Such a wrong crush.

    The Police. Very good.

    And out to the sound of Tusk, which reminds me of Dale Shaw’s Letters Of Not, and Stevie Nicks’s favourite hobby at the time:


  11. 251
    Lazarus on 25 Oct 2014 #

    Yes the Inmates did ‘Dirty Water’ – that was what they used to call r’n’b.

  12. 252
    wichitalineman on 27 Oct 2014 #

    This week’s banned DLT episode, for anyone who’s interested. It’s very good. No spoilers from me.


  13. 253
    Erithian on 28 Oct 2014 #

    Great stuff Lino, thanks. Oh god, The Ramblers – if you tolerate this St Winifred’s will be next…

  14. 254
    Jimmy the Swede on 31 Oct 2014 #

    Peter Powell has clearly had a losing fight with a lawn mower.

    Selector over the rundown. Good start. But oh no, The Ramblers are at #29. Surely not…

    Rescued for the time being by The Specials and their message. Not in a bottle but to Rudy. Ska is the rage. Fabulous. Swedolicious! Terry Hall looks about twelve.

    Viola Wills – In the studio this time (my kitchen tiles are still bloody well hanging from the ceiling!). It’s very likable, both Viola and the song.

    Queen – Crazy little thing called wotsit. Freddie in his pomp surrounded by dancers both boys and gals. But not our Gals. Did I ever mention that Brian May very briefly taught Maths and Physics at Stockwell Manor but had already left by the time I got there in 1972? The place was full of violent murderous nutters even then.

    Cats UK – Again. Truly risible. The only saving grace about it was indeed the Squeeze-esque tone to it. A harmless bit of fun, to be fair.

    Charlie Daniels – Again. Truly brilliant. But Harry Gibbs got the decision so wrong. The Devil wuz robbed!

    Pete pulls the lovely girl he’s hugging further onto him as he introduces the Gals and Chic’s forbidden wotsit. All six on parade and again it’s a great routine they’re clearly enjoying, as is the Swede. The long tight green botty pants may have something to do with it. Big smile from Mucky Sue to camera right at the end. Undoubtedly reassurance to Swedo after the caution sticker above her knee from last week.

    Doctor Hook – When you’re in love with a beautiful wotsit. Binding their time and some. Surely this must hold the record as to the longest path to number one? Certainly in the 1970s. A couple of you would know, I’m sure.

    Iris Williams – Puts lyrics to Cavatina, which first popped up on Vision On, courtesy of another Williams. I was never convinced that this worked. But it certainly laid the foundations for another “beautiful” song the following year which went all the way.

    Oh bugger, it’s the rubbish Dooleys again. Chosen wotsits. Truly cheesy. Prestatyn security breaks down again. If we’re not careful The Rubettes will also go over the wall. The word is they already have forged passes, maps and a supply of chocky.

    June Brown – I really don’t know what to say about this other than she looks and sounds like Maggie. Less than six months after she was elected, the law of averages tells us that many of the young people in the audience must have voted for her. But “The Iron Lady” was not the first record about a serving Prime Minister. Check out John Dowie’s “Jim Callaghan”. Priceless.

    Errol Dunkley – Again. Bully for you. Prestatyn.

    Lena Martell is #1 – Well I did warn you to duck. Without question one of the most mystifying number ones of all. And I look at her now looking all mumsie and smiley and blow me down, she’s my dotty maiden aunt – Auntie Lucy, who was always pinching me on the arm when I was about six and making me eat gingerbread men. The smile never left her face and I shit myself whenever she came near me. I always remember having to watch “Take Your Pick” and “Double Your Money” with her. I was given a fizzy drink called Hubbly Bubbly, whilst Auntie Lucy was on the Harvey’s Bristol Cream. My older brother would have nothing to do with the lunatic. Basically she was biblically evil. No wonder I became disturbed. Thanks for the fucking memories, Lena!

    Skinhead Pete waves bye and out we go to Abba and a full dose of Man after wotsit.

    Very mixed bag tonight. But that Lena makes me shiver. Sweet Jesus!

  15. 255
    Mark G on 3 Nov 2014 #

    Peter Powell picks a peck of pickled hair..

    Chart rundown to the sounds of “On my Radio” The Selecter. Great! Ooh look, a chart entry for “Sex Pistols Tenpole Tudor” that’s good, maybe.. And then into “A Message to you Rudi”. Just think, if we’d gone out to play footbal after that one, we’d have been thinking we’d missed a classic. OK, full disclosure: I watched the edit version and was going to live-freakytrig it but I had to stop and go out for some fresh air. See later on…. So, I’m doing my usual “review the long version” but that means I’m later than everyone. No worries.

    Viola Wills on non-repeat performance, we know cause there’s the Specials waiting to climb off stage, ah there they go. She seems more happy tan last time, and she was’t exactly miserable last time.

    Queen do that getting round to it song with lots of leather and some girls. It’s a fairly timeless number so we say fine and carry on. Whereas Cats UK do something that’s the very opposite of timeless…

    Charlie Dan’s video as per last time.

    Chic do forbidden lover, and the girls do seventies retro disco moves. Oh hang on.. Still, it all looks pretty good this time, some actual dancing and the girls look like they’re enjoying the chance.

    Dr Hook, repeat vid..

    Iris Williams. Heavy husky vocal. Still don’t know what to make of it, do not want anyway. Sort of belongs to the Royal Variety Performance really. Step up from the Benny Hill show..

    The Rubbish Dooleys (hey, nice that it’s catching on!) prepare us for the full horror..

    And here we are in that moment of history. That brief moment where we had a new prime minister, and there was this idea that she might actually be funny. It was not to be. It reminds me of the Woody Allen line (nicked from Elvis Costello’s new UnCut magazine anthol. where someone at a dinner party says “Hitler, oh yes, don’t you find humour is a very effective weapon against Nazis nowadays” and Woody says “no, Baseball bats are much more effective”. The moral being, basically, that what seemed a little bit funny and off-the-wall but a bit affectionate at the same time from Janet Brown (Hmm, June Brown? Dot Cotton? That’d have been interesting..) had no effect. Which is why Spitting Image had to ramp up the anger as well as the humour, there was no other way. In case you are interested, this single was trailing an album which you may look for on Discogs, there is a page for it but there are few details and no pictures of the cover or the record. Just the names on the label of the single indicate the guilty parties.

    There. That was much more wellmannered than what I was going to post on Thursday evening.

    OK Fred. Thanks for the yaza yaza. We needed some.

    Even Lena Martell passes us by. But no, make an effort Mark. OK, I will. Context is everything, and what used to be a Kris Kristofferson song about doubt and direction for a man who has had a not entirely blameless life becomes a song by a nice lady who feels she’s not worshipping Jesus enough.

    And so Abba take us to fade. I need a drink.

  16. 256
    Lazarus on 4 Nov 2014 #

    So, we’ve missed the Buggles’ sole week at number one, thanks to DLT and his ‘tactile’ personality – oh well … it’s the newly-shorn Powell boy this week. Suits him I think.

    Selecter (with an ‘e’) over the chart.

    Specials ft Rico – I saw Rico on the Jools Holland NYE show a couple of years ago. I pointed him out excitedly to my companions, “that’s Rico! From ‘A Message to You Rudy!” They seemed to know who I meant, I think.

    Viola Wills – the only performer this week named after a musical instrument. Yes she seems to act the song as much as sing it.Some rather lacklustre swaying from the audience, though I don’t suppose they were allowed to do much more.

    Queen with their rockabilly number. Like nothing else they ever did, or released on 45 at any rate. One of the most diverse acts of their time, compare and contrast this with Flash, Play the Game, Another One Bites the Dust, Under Pressure just for starters.

    Cats UK – well I’ve looked up the identity of the one who went on to further fame – it was Denna ‘Viv Hope from Emmerdale’ Payne. The black haired backing singer presumably. I did wonder if that was Michelle Collins, but the dates don’t really tally – the future Cindy Beale being only 17 at this point.

    Charlie Daniels Band – ” a band who’ve got a great album out at the moment” – did anyone hear any more about this album? I always had them down as strictly one-hit wonders, though no doubt they scored plenty of country chart hits over the pond.

    Chic/Legs & Co – someone mentioned the string section recently. The Oriental lady in the line-up was called Cheryl Hong, she’s the one I remember anyway. Proficient but not exciting outing for the Legs.

    Dr Hook – many-times-seen-before video.

    Iris Williams – strictly Two Ronnies Fare. Familiar tune, but the rendition is a bit Porgy and Bess somehow. She’s Welsh I gather. Should go down well well with the locals at Pontins, then.

    [interlude: where did the Prestatyn meme start? I have an idea it was Berni Flint. And the minibus came in for the Stylistics. It’s very sad that I know this, I admit]

    Dooleys – repeat. Talking of the minibus ….

    Janet Brown – “heavy metal at its best” … if only. Passable impression I suppose, but Steve Nallon on Spitting Image got the voice perfectly. Not a hit, thankfully.

    Erroll Dunkley – repeat? Not sure. A bit of dancing in the middle, he’ll need more of that to keep him warm in North Wales this winter.

    Lena Martell – the first of far too many weeks at number one. Too much to hope that some of them were hosted by Savile* or the Cornflake I suppose?

    Peter says goodbye and we’re out to Abba, who’ll be sampled for a number one more than 25 years later …

    (*we haven’t missed many 1979 shows of his as far as I know, and there can’t be too many more to come, although I have a feeling I’ve said that before)

  17. 257
    speedwell54 on 4 Nov 2014 #

    Last again- Powell with the announcing duties this week. I won’t mention his hair.

    The Specials and a pretty faithful cover with the exception of Rico who does his own thing. Incidentally Damon Gough later borrowed his hat.

    Viola Wills – Not my cup of tea

    Queen- On their way to Number 2. Incidentally it went all the way to the top spot in the US.Cool video.

    Cats UK- yes Squeeze and more specifically the bass from Cool for Cats- is that where they got their name? Having watched the video a couple of times, still no closer as to which one is Denna Payne off of Emmerdale. Incidentally saw her on screen fella a couple of weeks ago at a pop quiz in Manchester.

    The Devil Went Down To Georgia (or George Ear as Peter says ) Incidentally this is what you play in the shop when you go to buy a new violin.

    My Forbidden Lover- Legs do their stuff. Incidentally, nice trews by the way.

    Dr Hook – a bit yawn now I’m afraid. I’ve read somewhere this was briefly (a matter of hours) number one the week before it was confirmed at number one due to computer problem. Mundane info I know.

    Iris Williams – only performer this week to be named after part of the eye. Surely she only got on the Two Ronnies when Elkie Brooks ‘phoned in sick.

    Peter has a private joke and taps some chap on the head whilst delivering a bumbling link . Now share it with the whole class Peter!

    The Dooleys. That bloke thinks he’s Paul Nicholas and the woman next to him has come dressed as a Christmas tree. Incidentally, in places the backing vocals sound like they have been played backwards.

    OK Fred- Yaga Yaga to you too.

    Lena – NMCOT

    Not my favourite at all. Boooo.

  18. 258
    Jimmy the Swede on 5 Nov 2014 #

    # 256 – It may well have been Berni Flint who was first “banished to Prestatyn”. This whole thing started when it was suggested by someone not unrelated to the Swede that the resorts on the North Wales coast, Rhyll, Llandudno, Colwyn Bay and Prestatyn were regular refuges for discontinued pop acts and other redundant entertainers in their attempt to resume their careers. It was the thin end of the pier! Pretstatyn was singled out because of its Pontins camp famed for being the setting for “Holiday On The Buses”. What better (or worse) place to find Berni Flint and his successors?

  19. 259
    Lazarus on 5 Nov 2014 #

    Yes, it’s exactly what you can imagine an outfit like the Dooleys doing now, isn’t it? Either that or the cruise ships.

    And it’s Deena Payne in fact. Wiki says she was in this, anyway. Certainly not obvious which one she is, but the darkest-haired singer seems the most likely. I wonder why the Emmerdale producers cast a character called Bob Hope?

  20. 260
    Jimmy the Swede on 6 Nov 2014 #

    Oh God, the Rubbish Dooleys on a cruise ship?! Say it isn’t so, Lazarus! If I was on that ship and I was suddenly confronted by The Chosen Few, it would be Swede overboard! The beauty about Prestatyn is that the RDs would be captive inside the camp instead of the punters on board the ship. The “Prisoner” analogy is clear. The big difference is that whilst most of us would have sided with Number Six in the Village, in the case of Preststyn and the shite people sent there, we would all suddenly become Number Two.

  21. 261
    punctum on 6 Nov 2014 #

    Didn’t the Radio 1 Roadshow (cue squealing “ROAD! SHOW!” jingle) regularly visit Prestatyn? Case proved, I fear.

  22. 262
    Mark G on 6 Nov 2014 #

    Well, dear reader, I can confirm two things:
    1) I have seen Prestatyn! We did a lads’ holiday there back in 1980 or thereabouts. There were no Rubbish Dooleys there, it was strictly Northern nightclub style entertainment in those days, weirdly fascinating though. Halfway through the week two of us were running short of cash so we took the bus into Rhyl to visit the local cashpoint, and arrived just in time to see Mike Read’s Radio 1 roadshow wrapping it up.

    The point being, Prestatyn may be a big name in our collective consciousness, but, like Woodstock, its legend is much bigger than the town/village itself.

  23. 263
    punctum on 6 Nov 2014 #

    In the age of Woodstock and Apollo 11, stuff like this was still getting into the charts.

  24. 264
    Mark G on 6 Nov 2014 #

    “I remember this song as the tune of Steve Merike on Radio Northsea in 1971”

    I don’t. But I do remember Steve Merike, however. (goes off into the Pop Quest chapter of the nevertobe written autobiog…)…

  25. 265
    enitharmon on 6 Nov 2014 #

    Marcello @263

    In the age of Woodstock and Apollo 11 my Nanna and Granddad were still alive…

    Thanks, by the way, for reminding me of Centipede in Another Place. As a result I have obtained a copy of Septober Energy and have been enjoying it immensely.

    I went to Prestatyn a couple of times as a child. The poor person’s Rhyl, nice but not enough to fill a whole lunchtime.

  26. 266
    punctum on 6 Nov 2014 #

    I was at my grandmother’s in Italy when Apollo 11 landed! Recall watching the coverage on a tiny black-and-white receiver. Her opinion was that man was messing with matters of God and no good would come of it. Sometimes I think my mum still feels that way.

  27. 267
    Jimmy the Swede on 6 Nov 2014 #

    Rosie @265 – “I went to Prestatyn a couple of times as a child. The poor person’s Rhyl, nice but not enough to fill a whole lunchtime.”

    Let’s hope that for the Rubbish Dooleys and many others “lunchtime” will read “lifetime” and that it will indeed be enough!

    My dear old dad (b.1921) when he was called up for WW2 duty was ordered to report to the barracks at Prestatyn on what I am assuming are the grounds now occupied by Pontins (and the RDs).

    The Giant Leap still remains one of the most momentous moments of my life. But a very interesting (and no doubt very sincere) take on it from Marcello’s gran. For me, it was always Humankind’s instinct and duty to explore.

  28. 268
    Mark G on 7 Nov 2014 #

    Mike Read is plainly the new wave correspondent with the white shirt and skinny tie look. Chart rundown to Sad Cafe where the singer sees a light at her window, thinks she’s not home so goes to her room to ask why. Hmm, he’s clearly confused.

    By the way, tonight we have a song that describes an incident where someone or thing falls out of a tree while having sex. I shall leave that one with you..

    And hray, for it is Sparks. “Tryouts for the human race” has plenty of Kraftwerk-ness but was not a hit, so I guess it’s bye Sparks for now, we’ll have to wait a long time to see them here again. A shame, the beeb obviously liked them, there’s extra overlay bits added (Ron bashing his head)..

    The Ramblers get to be on the telly, and parents and relatives around the country get to buy it. OK its funny-ish the first time, but.

    The Darts have an interesting intro – lots of sitary guitar but the song is dull. “Can’t get enough of your love” is not the most original song title and its not that one, or even that one.

    The Jam sing a song so David Cameron can recognise himself, sort of. Tony Fletcher tells Paul where he got his jacket, he dashes off and gets four for some unknown group of lads to get their moment on the show. They sing hooray and hey.

    Lene Lovitch goes very Kate Bush for the intro. “Bird Song” is fine stuff but gets cut early the swines. I remember a friend being very into Lene and played me this single very loudly on his stereo, it does have grandeur, which the other singles didn’t.

    Legs do dancing to “Star”. I remember Danny Baker reviewing this and said the trumpet solo sounds like he just fell (or was pushed) off his podium.. Lets see.. Oh that’s cut as well.

    The rest of Thin Lizzy say how about making one copy and give it to Sara on her birthday? And Phil says I’m in charge, right? Ah, it’s too poignant really, there’s not much left of Phil for Sara now, apart from this..

    Suzi Quatro sings “She’s in love with you” and will it have the uncensored lyric? “And when she’s making love with you she’ll do what you want to do” becomes “when she’s so in love with you she’ll do what you want her to” yep there it is..

    B.A Robertson. Hmm. Actually, the music is quite good, the bass player has Tom Robinson’s smile, and I can hear the words. Ah. Why does he remind me of Jimmy Nail? He wasn’t so bad was he?

    Lena is dressed like she should be driving the coach to … (guess)

    Fleetwood Mac fade the show again. No video, plainly. You wouldn’t get away with that now. Another quick fade.

    Will have to check the long version, too much cut down. The Jam and Sparks, maybe Lene Lovitch ( and not Lens Logitech as my spelling autocorrector kept changing it to) were highlights, but that’s about it.

  29. 269
    Erithian on 7 Nov 2014 #

    Ha, well I spent many a holiday in Prestatyn in my youth, not least in 1979. The best thing about the town is undoubtedly the fact that it’s the northern end of Offa’s Dyke long-distance footpath. A day’s walk to Moel Fammau via Bodfari takes you over Iron Age hillforts and offers fabulous views of the Clwydian Hills and Snowdonia. You could even put up with Cats UK for that…

  30. 270
    punctum on 7 Nov 2014 #

    No video, huh? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umjYHLt56kg

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