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Popular ’79

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’79 ends up as one of the best years, according to my marks anyhow – but which of its tracks would you have handed six or higher to? Pick as many as you want, then discuss the year in the comments boxes if you like.

Which of these Number One hits of 1979 would you have given 6 or more to?

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My highest marks were 9s for Buggles, Dury, Blondie – lowest 2s for Lena M and the Rats.


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  1. 271
    Mark G on 7 Nov 2014 #

    Ah, you know what? I thought I’d imagined this. It looks exactly like the video I thought that the record sounds like, if that’s not impossible to decipher. I now own both Tusk 2CD sets, Fleetwood Mac and Camper Van Beethoven. Will have to get around to playing them.

  2. 272
    enitharmon on 7 Nov 2014 #

    Erithian @269: There is a house in Bodfari they call the Rising Sun. I remember this because in that summer of 1964 it caused me much amusement. I was only just turned 10, mind.

  3. 273
    Lazarus on 7 Nov 2014 #

    Mike ‘Calypso’ Read presents the latest instalment. Sad Cafe over the chart, surprised they’re not on the way down by now, but no there they are at #3. And the Rubbish Dooleys at 7. We won’t be seeing much more of them though.

    Sparks – yes this one missed out after their two big hits earlier in the year. ‘When I’m With You’ was another that missed the boat from around this time. Russell’s pink jacket is the sort of thing worn by Michael Portillo on his railway journeys these days.

    Ramblers – a lot of out-of-sync swaying.

    Darts – don’t remember this one at all, and wasn’t expecting to see them again if I’m honest. Going for a bit of a new-wave vibe maybe? Or seventies, anyway. Only made #43 after seven straight Top 20 entries, so clearly they were on the wane … back in the minibus then!

    Jam – cut well short, but this was their biggest hit to date. I remember the guardsmen.

    Lene Lovich – “the second bird song on tonight’s show ” and for my money the best of her three hits of ’79. Dunno about Kate Bush, this put me more in mind of Patti Smith with a bit of added Gothic menace. Only just crept into the Top 40, but deserved better.

    Earth Wind & Fire/Legs & Co – one of our blondes is missing, I think it’s Gill. Song is OK, has some jazzy touches – the third 45 release from ‘I Am.’

    Thin Lizzy – only Phil Lynott of the band played on this in fact; there was a guest American drummer, while Huey Lewis contributed harmonica! And Sarah Lynott is also the grand-daughter of the late Leslie Crowther of course.

    Suzi Quatro – five years after her commercial peak and the hits have almost dried up, though this one would hang around until Christmas at least. Doubt if this is a Chinnichap number, it sounds a bit uninspired for them.

    BA Robertson – a fair follow-up to Bang Bang – tongue-in-cheek and semi-autobiographical, I guess.

    Lena Martell- the look of dismay on Mike’s face after introducing this says it all really.

    Fleetwood Mac – a good one for steering-wheel bongos.

    An underwhelming show, if BA Robertson is one of the highlights you know you’re in trouble really.

  4. 274
    Jimmy the Swede on 8 Nov 2014 #

    Calypso Mike indeed. Sad Cafe over rundown. Ok, fine.

    Sparks – Yes, good to see them back. But wasn’t the Hitler thing wearing a bit thin by now?

    Ramblers – I never remember the main singer being such a tub. Not that the Swede can talk, being twice the girl’s size and then some. It’s a simple calculation to out these wretched children as being in their mid/late forties now. I wonder how many of them have failed to break the grim news of their participation in this to their own offspring. Because, let’s face it, this was just plain wrong. I can’t for the life of me work out what the point of it was other than to annoy and scare. And why the devil didn’t they release it at Christmas? At least we could have put it down as a festive bit of fun. As it is, the cloud of devil-worshipping evil envelopes us again, as was the case with the alley-alley-ohs poisoning Brian and Michael. And of course, that same spawn of Satan were poised to take us towards the greatest horror of all. Save the fleet of minibuses. Just hire the fucking Pied Piper. That’s right!

    Darts – Perennial Pressy escapees. But Rita’s looking a dish and this is better, away from their 50s retro staple. It’s still the minibus, obviously, but a nice try.

    Jam – Eaton Rifles. Eton? Blimey. And I thought Stockwell was dicey. “Some of the lads will be back next week?” Not if you fancied a “row” in Stockwell you wouldn’t Paul, you stockbroker belt wanker.

    Lene Lovich – Betty Boop is back. She now thinks she’s Grace Slick. She ain’t . What she is is aboard the bus. Be seeing you!

    Earth Wind and Fire. Gals. Star. Legs abound and they’re smiling again as the great routines due to perfect choices from Flick continue. The Swede is comfy in his bungalow.

    Thin Lizzy – Sarah. Loved this. And have always loved the name Sarah too. This is a delightful little song. I sometimes still call Mrs Swede “baby girl” and she’s fifty next year. That’s either sweet or nauseating, I know.

    Suzi Q – She’s In Love With You – An obvious choice for the third punt on Ken Bruce’s “Three in Ten” if you forget “48 Crash”. She’s still Felicity Kendal on a bass. But scarily sexy as well. I certainly wouldn’t call Suzi “baby girl”!

    B A Robertson – Knocked It Off – Ian Dury might be an influence, I suggest but this is wonderful. A self-mocking little masterpiece of a footy song. But the kids in front of him are just bemused. The unquestioned highlight of the night, as Lazarus also seems to suggest.

    Number One – Mike has a lovely either side as he introduces Lena Martell with a nod of pure horror. And Auntie Lucy is back to torment the infant Swede in the black and white days of the sixties. This week’s bleak tale concerns a memory of me visiting Auntie Lucy twice in one week. The second time her bottle of Harvey’s Bristol Cream had clearly more in it than it had two days earlier. I asked my brother how this was possible. He gave me a look of contempt: “Work it out, you stupid little bastard!” he foamed. I sat down and eventually did. My brother might have not been scared of Auntie Lucy but the woman put the fear of Christ in me! Thanks again, Lena.

    Out to Tusk again.

    That’s right!

  5. 275
    Lazarus on 8 Nov 2014 #

    Not much info about the Ramblers has made it onto the Web – they were from Abbey Hey junior school in Manchester, the lead singer was called Lisa, and they also went on Tiswas where their performance was ended by the Phantom Flan Flinger doing his thing (worth seeing Jimmy, if only for a look at the delightful Sally James). And the producer of this misguided venture was one Kevin Parrott, aka ‘Brian’ from Brian and Michael! You were on the mark with the alley alley ohs, clearly.

  6. 276
    Jimmy the Swede on 8 Nov 2014 #

    Lazarus @ 275 – Sally James first crossed my radar when she presented “Saturday Scene” on London Weekend Television. I remember Paul Gadd being a regular guest. She was utterly drinkable by the time she popped up on “Tiswas”, which itself was confined to the Midlands before it went national.

    Thanks for the info on the devil children. I had no idea that “Brian” was responsible but am not at all surprised. He had already become a poor sad puppet by then. Roland Walter Dutton comes to mind.

  7. 277
    speedwell54 on 8 Nov 2014 #

    Mike ‘factman’ Read

    Sparks – “Fast heading towards the charts” declares Read. How wrong he was. Whatever you do, don’t let him host Singled Out. They never headed towards the chart again -fast or otherwise; well top 30 anyway.

    Ramblers – that swaying is making me feel a bit sick. Rather like St Winifred’s School Choir, I wonder why they chose that particular lead singer. No offence mind.

    Darts – another band suddenly missing the top 40 when the previous 7 or 8 singles had done. Quite like this apart from the bit when the two blokes have a go on vocals.

    Jam – Eton Rifles – twktc. Rick Butler in his stripped blazer and straw boater looks like he’s turned up for his audition for the Style Council!

    Lena – Mark G @268 is this the sex/tree/fall incident song? Just getting a bit weird.

    EWaF – Legs and Co appropriately looking like futuristic flight attendants.

    Thin Lizzy – Sarah – Nice song, nice name. I like Hall and Oates “Sara Smile” pronounced “Sarah” very much too.

    Suzi Q – some facts from MIke and she launches into “She’s In Love With You’ with some gusto. Said it before but that strap is far too long. -Another bass playing lead.

    BA Robertson-a violin playing lead!

    Lena -yawn again, go away.

    Mike Read can be seen signing autographs in the kaleidoscope effect thingy whilst Tusk plays over the credits.

    Not my favourite but there has been worse.

    Btw ‘Rubbish Dooleys’ should be a tribute act.
    Q – Is there an opposite to Prestatyn?

  8. 278
    Mark G on 8 Nov 2014 #

    Dear Speedwell, go back three.

  9. 279
    enitharmon on 9 Nov 2014 #

    @277: Barry Island?

  10. 280
    Jimmy the Swede on 10 Nov 2014 #

    Hall and Oates also did “Las Vegas Turnaround”, which was about a hostie called Sara (the same girl, I think) who flew return trips between LA and Vegas. I think she was the girlfriend of Hall at the time. Very nice track indeed but then those two barely got it wrong.

  11. 281
    glue_factory on 12 Nov 2014 #

    I imagine this may be of interest to some of those who regularly watch the TotP repeats; an archive of lots of old Radio 1 shows – http://www.mixcloud.com/colt4444/

    Currently listening to Simon Bates, down a Yorkshire mine in 1979. Rather oddly, John Peel turns up halfway through, just cos he fancied seeing what it was like down a mine.

  12. 282
    Lazarus on 20 Nov 2014 #

    After what I imagine was a Yewtreed week hosted by one of the unmentionables, we’re back on. Resident Hoser Jensen is our host.

    The Jam – no guardsmen this time, I can imagine Weller would have thought that a bit gimmicky. Rick Buckler down at the front, 60s style, though drumming in a suit and tie isn’t ideal I’d have thought. “Guilty schoolboy” and then “naughty schoolboy” – funny, never noticed the lyric change before. Anyway, it’s the big league for them from now on.

    Cliff – a vision in chocolate and beige, could he be any more seventies? Virtually forgotten follow-up which I don’t think even made the Top 40. I hear a trace of Springsteen in this though, it’s not bad at all.

    Jensen mumbling his intros a bit – didn’t catch much of that … anyway it’s Legs & Co doing a routine to ‘No More Tears (Enough is Enough). One of my favourite hits of the year and an inspired pairing. Number One in the US unsurprisingly – what a pity there was no video.

    Moody Blues – are they in the studio? Sounds like a live vocal. And what was this doing out again? It had already been re-issued once. I look to Guinness, and see there was a K-Tel album out, ‘Out of this World’ – a greatest hits set presumably. Still sounds good, but somewhat out of place here.

    Kool & the Gang – their first time on the show I presume (although on VT – Soul Train?), and a dancefloor favourite to this day.

    Secret Affair – forgettable and forgotten follow-up to their big hit, although they’d go Top 20 again with the excellent ‘My World’ the following year. Will we see that? We should know soon. A brief comedy moment when the trumpet carries on playing after the singer stops miming it.

    Ramblers – repeat – ffwd.

    Showaddywaddy – perennial Prestatyn escapees with what must surely be one of their last appearances on the Pops. The third time they’d mined the Curtis Lee songbook, following ‘Under the Moon of Love’ and ‘Pretty Little Angel Eyes.’ It’s OK, but with the eighties fast approaching it’s time to start looking forward, not back. Bus is coming for you lads!

    Dr Hook – at least we missed a week or two of Lena, although this sounds very familiar already. Ray Sawyer is shaking those maracas like a good ‘un, and it looks like they drafted in England cricket hopeful Wayne Larkins on the drums. My favourite was the bloke with the glasses though, like Charles Hawtrey in a wig – or maybe the model for Ned Flanders?

    “I hope you’ll join me tomorrow afternoon on the wireless” signs off Kid – we’re left with the Isley Brothers and their disco offering. Along with Cliff, Barbra and the Moodies, it’s been Back to the Sixties tonight!

  13. 283
    wichitalineman on 20 Nov 2014 #

    Re 281: Looks like they’ve been deleted already, dammit.

  14. 284
    Speedwell54 on 20 Nov 2014 #

    Mr Jensen- sporting a red/brown jacket with a vibrant green shirt – hosts.

    Paul Weller seems to be getting more and more casual with his Top of the Pops appearances.
    “News of the World” – suit, shirt and tie,
    “David Watts” -jacket, shirt and tie
    “Strange Town” -jacket and shirt.
    “When You’re Young” -shirt
    This week for “Eton Rifles” he’s only gone and turned up in a jumper!*

    I’m sure this has been discussed here before – a number one single sandwiched between singles not even making the top 40. “Hot Shot” completed this feet for Cliff (he did it again btw) He’s wearing dated soft furnishing colours and if you hadn’t switched off already, his first line, “Ready, steady going to meet you on the ballroom floor” would surely do it for you. “Ballroom!” bloody hell Granddad. I really don’t think you can call yourself a “Hot Shot” and go on about meeting people on the ballroom floor, even in ’79.

    Summer/Streisand – Legs and Co – Sue’s standing leg looks a little unstable in white high heels, but a quick change as the tempo increases we’re back on track. Song is cut very short.

    The Moody Blues – I know it’s a classic, but not my cup of tea really.

    Ladies Night- Kool and the Gang. On video -the audience are actually dancing and some are even smiling in stark contrast to most of the TOTPs studio freeloaders.

    Secret Affair – Let Your Heart Dance – don’t remember this. Kid says they’re currently on tour and that’s true now November 2014. (don’t think it’s the same tour, but I bet they’re playing the same songs)

    Ramblers, Dr Hook repeat.

    Kid signs off and half the audience have A4 white paper sheets- what’s that about?

    *appreciate they will have made more than one appearance for some of these tracks and Paul may well have dressed differently on some of those occasions. Pedant prevention clause.

    Not my favourite but there has been worse.

  15. 285
    Mark G on 21 Nov 2014 #

    Kid, Chart, Dinnerstee as opposed to Die Nasty, interesting? Ok maybe not..

    The Jam go casual but the backing mob have been sacked so here’s a performance that will never get used on highlight shows. So savour it, Jam fans..

    Cliff is putting his tie back on, you saucy dog where have YOU been? In this song he’s a predatory male searching out on the ballroom floor. Having fun. Well, at least its not a honky tonk. He gets from his brother (?) to Donny, and a soap opera of hookups to singing “Louie Lou-aye”, so if there had been another verse he’d be in Iggy territory!

    I see what you mean, that was a right old leg wobble. Never mind, into the funky bit for Barb and Donna. Funny that the 7″ was on Donna’s label and the 12″ was on Barbs.

    Thin Lizzy still look sort of embarrassed doing the song.

    Annie Lennox and her Tourists (appropriate band name alert) do the cover version but its a pale version compared to the Bay City Rollers version, let alone…

    B.A. Robertson – blimey there’s two of them! Again, the music is good but. I might have bought it if it had the instrumental on the b-side.

    Suzi does the galloping song, as before.

    Band comes directly from Pwhelli booking to play the one they all stay all night to hear then go back to the chalets. Yeah, never much liked this either but.

    Ladies Night, still get played in clubs now but mainly 70’s revival nights. Always thought that “Sophisticated Mama” line sounded like Cliff for that brief moment.

    Secret Affair do “Let your legs dance” and it could be a Motown / northern soul classic but it would need a massive remix.

    The Ramblers do “Sparrow” and its funny there’s no Savile when this lot are in..

    Blimey, Showaddy! There aren’t that many undiscovered classics to do pale versions of, left. So they go down to Daddy G’s place. Hang on, that’s me!

    Dr Hook are number one, and the Isleys get played out, to end it like the studio became a disco for another hour after the show ended. Yeah, right…

  16. 286
    Jimmy the Swede on 21 Nov 2014 #

    Tonight’s Cosby Show’s been cancelled and instead we get the Keed. Hurrah!

    Dynasty over the rundown. Nothing to do with Joan Collins. This appears to be on the coat-tails of Chic. Lena is off the top but I’m afraid she hasn’t gone away…

    Jam – I still have to laugh when I hear about Weller’s fearsome Slough row, bearing in mind where I was living back then. Soft as shite in comparison.

    Cliff – Hot Shot. But this one wasn’t. His last one certainly was. And so was his next one. The verse here sounds very much like Joe Jackson’s “Is she really…”. Yewtreed, wasn’t it?

    Gals do a largely dreary routine a largely dreary number from Barbra and Donna, though we do get a few pleasing snatches of the Eternal Mistress during the disco section. Jensen very annoyingly calls the latter “Summers”. Enough is enough.

    Chewing moron with tie eschew thinks he is looking menacing. He wants some. Go to Slough, you dillan. Thin LIzzy with their big hello to Sarahs everywhere. The Swede thinks Snowy White is the cheesiest looking geezer in the history of pop/rock. A buddy of mine argues for John Oates. But I think Oatesy just looks weird.

    Hello Annie Lennox. She only wants to be with you. Interesting factoid is that all three versions (this, Dusty and Rollers) all peaked at number four. Did you know that, Lino?

    B A Robertson knocking it off. I’ve really fallen back in love with this. Hilarious. Lots of balls flying around and the Swede fantasises about the Gals doing a routine to this with a no-doubt eagar B.A.

    A pretty is standing to the side of Kid with her arms folded. Suzi Q is introduced, whom Jensen tells us has been spending a lot of time in the States recently. He’s not being a prat, it just underpins the fact that she had really become one of us by then. Naturally she’s looking great, the song rocks and Nigel Ogden would be fingering himself feverishly over the sound of that Hammond organ. The Swede rarely misses his show 11.00 on a Thursday night on Radio 2. Cosmic.

    Moody Blues – Nights in White Wotsit. On come on. AGAIN?! The Swede bought this the second time around in 1972. A classic, yes, but why go again? That’s the question (SWIDT?). And Justin Haywood looks just like Tony Currie.

    Kool and the Gang – Great US period footage and the acme of Disco. If you can’t groove to this, you need to see a specialist. Surely another one ideal for the Gals. Sophisticated mummas. It is after all ladies’ night.

    Secret Affair – Kid tells us these no-marks are on tour and yells out “All Right!” Good earthy foot-tapping stuff but hold the Havana. As for the tour, we all know where they are “touring” now, don’t we?

    I did warn you all that Lena had not gone away. Let me explain. It was a fact that the combined ages of the Ramblers totalled exactly 666. So they commence their “charming” little song and underneath the stage are Brain and Michael tied to chairs connected to electrodes. Standing custody over them are Mary “Soccer Mom Gun Loon” Macgregor and Lena “Auntie Lucy” Martell. So when the devil-worshipping brats start swaying, this activates the controls on the chairs down below and the torture begins. Mary and Lucy stare glassily at their prisoners and there is no mercy as the execution is very slowly and very painfully expedited.

    Waddy – I just can’t understand why this lot chose to limp on. Romeo switches to the front to join the chorus line but this is grim fare and the driver is checking the tyre pressure. Dave Bartram was on “Celebrity Pointless” the other week. But he can’t hurt us anymore.

    Doctor Hook have finally reached the summit. You can’t really say they didn’t deserve it and this footage is like an old friend now. And yes, Lazarus, that smiling loon in the bins is indeed blinding.

    Jensen sends us away to a good helping of the excellent funk sound of the Isley Brothers. Well done!

  17. 287
    Lazarus on 27 Nov 2014 #

    I’m recording the long one later and I’ll give my thoughts when I’ve seen that … but what a strange show. Couple of repeats, everything else on VT and ‘presenter’ Peter Powell reduced to a voiceover man. I can’t believe they kept with that format for long.

  18. 288
    Mark G on 27 Nov 2014 #

    There was a strike on, started ‘last week’ but next week it’s back to normal if you call ‘introducing Simon Bates’ normal.


  19. 289
    Mark G on 28 Nov 2014 #

    The disembodied voice of Peter Powell, and the chart rundown in Monochrome.. It’s the ghost of TOTP Future! Where bands supply videos rather than go to the studio. It’s a shame, old Pink Floyd had turned up specially, but nobody’s there and they would so not cross that picket line up the workers and down with maggie, or Janet Brown anyway.

    THE GIBSON BROTHERS – Que Sera Mi Vida (If You Should Go) (video) – a funny one, basically what would a gibson brother do if their girl was to go? Hold a party, by the looks of things. And yet, the verse is one-note monotone, not far from Johnny really!

    THE POLICE – Walking On The Moon (video) benefits from doing something more interesting than faking a performance in the studio i.e. faking drumming on a moon rocket at Cape Canaveral. This one programme probably did more for the video production agencies than anything else so far.

    THE TOURISTS – I Only Want To Be With You ® – snooz. Although, a point to Peter for his “.. in sound if not in vision” comment.

    STATUS QUO – Living On An Island (video) – lots of penguins in the video, this must be from the “whatever you want” album then. Nice enough, and a change is as good as a rest as they say.

    BLONDIE – Union City Blue (video) – Grand vistas here. PPowell seems to think they made the right decision releasing this, as it’s at 21 in the charts. C’mon, even then that wasn’t a smash into the chart. Although it wll get higher..

    THIN LIZZY – Sarah ® – mmm, not much to call on I guess. Even now it’s not so high up. A slow ascent, I guess.

    ROSE ROYCE – Is It Love You’re After (video) – OK, this is much better.

    THE MOODY BLUES – Nights In White Satin ® – yep, not much going up the chart that the BBC have got in their pre-recorded performance bank.

    THE SKIDS – Working For The Yankee Dollar (video) – which is interesting as the soundtrack for this video is not the same as the single.

    DONNA SUMMER AND BARBRA STREISAND – No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (danced to by Legs & Co) ® – yeah. I notice this time the clunking edit: from the slow bit to the fast, Streis sang the last word elongated of “and we won’t waste another .. tear….” but it got chopped out so Barb sings into the fast bit with an elongated “ear”

    PINK FLOYD – Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) (video) – Apparently, they were worried they’d accidentally made a disco record. See Rose Royce above, guys.

    DR. HOOK – When You’re In Love With A Beautiful Woman (video) – yep, one more time.

    THE ISLEY BROTHERS – It’s A Disco Night (Rock Don’t Stop) (and credits) – also, like last time.

    OK, next week, back to normality and I won’t be nicking bits off Popscene 1979 for the weekly comment. Oh, and Simon Bates; don’t get arrested, yeah? It looks like a good one.

  20. 290
    Lazarus on 28 Nov 2014 #

    A new-look, stark-looking Pops. Jacko over the chart with the title track of what many still consider his best album.

    Gibson Brothers – from Martinique, in brightly-coloured spacesuits with dancing girls. This, and to a lesser extent ‘Cuba’ are the songs of theirs which most people would remember I suppose.

    Police – I wondered if it was Cape Canaveral. One of their best.

    Tourists – repeat. Annie Lennox on the One Show right now … and so are Status Quo!

    Quo – I’ve always liked this. Not sure where the penguins come into it though.

    Blondie – performance video at New York (?) docks. No, number 20 was small fry compared to what they were used to by now.

    Thin Lizzy – Rock Bands do Ballads Night. Almost their last hit, wasn’t it?

    Rose Royce – more brightly coloured outfits. Template of a future number one.

    Moody Blues – surprised that so many were still buying this only 12 years after it was a hit. Would be a bit like Coldplay, Dido or David Gray re-releasing one of their hits now. I like the Moodies, but there are many of theirs I’d sooner hear than this (again).

    Skids – you can hear the Big Country guitar sound here I reckon.

    Donna/Barbra/Legs – I’d sooner hear the whole thing, thanks.

    Pink Floyd – anyone heard the new album yet?

    Dr Hook – girlie backing vocals all over this, and yet you never see the ladies. Bit sexist, lads. Anyway, Prestatyn.

    Isley Brothers – show topped and tailed with brothers. It’s a disco night. Video may have killed the radio star, but it came to Auntie’s rescue tonight!

  21. 291
    Jimmy the Swede on 29 Nov 2014 #

    Peter Powell. But where is he? Industrial action explains it. Ironically, Peter was perhaps the most tv-friendly of the jocks, especially if one considers Burnett and Peebles, both of whose faces would have been not particularly missed. Nevertheless, it’s to be an odd show with no studio.

    Jacko over the rundown with the title track of his astonishing album. A last scare for the Swede as he notices that Auntie Lucy and the 666 Kids are listed next to each other at 16 and 15. But at least they can’t hurt me anymore.

    Gibbo Bros – Pleasing start. Feelgood song and dancing girls. Not the Gals though. The lead vocalist has got a fearsome old voice. At the end, the group’s name pops up on screen. This remains the format for the show. We can’t see Pete.

    Police – Walking on the Moon. And number one-bound ten years after Apollo 11. I suppose this video is as good as they could have made it, as to see them bouncing around on the Sea of Tranquility would have been more than absurd. Great record.

    Tourists – As of last week.

    Quo – Living on an Island. Largely forgotten. By the Swede at least. Rossi gets slovenly and misses a mime. Fresh change though from their usual paint by numbers format.

    Blondie – Union City. Debbie perfection.

    Thin Lizzy – Sarah again. Tell me I’m wrong about Snowy.

    Rose Royce – This would be fabulous if the Gals were doing a routine to it. But the footage is just comical. Bad hair and very odd little skips from a couple of herberts on guitars. Top drawer arrangement even so.

    Moodies – As of last week. And the dawn of time.

    Skids – Working for the Yankee Dollar – Excellent Scottish new wave. Severely cut.

    Babs, Donna and Gals – The only way they could squeeze our lovelies in.

    Peter introduces a “surprise release”and on comes what is to be the last number one of the 70s. This one caused an almighty bunfight in our ‘hood when we discussed it way back when and no-one, I’m sure, wants a repeat of that. We’re talking “Another Brick…”, of course and I shall pass my own short comment on it when it finally gets there.

    Doctor Hook – An old friend now, it’s been with us so long. Whatever will we do when it’s gone? Yes, that is surely Ned Flanders grinning insanely. If not the whole group might be mistaken for the Devils Hole Gang from “Alias Smith and Jones”. Their hideout is definitely in the bushes around Prestatyn now.

    Out to the Isley Brothers and their excellent “It’s A Disco Night”.

    Question – Apropos the forced format for tonight’s show, how difficult would it be, especially with today’s technology, to fiddle around (no pun intended) with Savile and Cornflake shows, knocking their interjections out and keeping everything else in? SWEDE CALLING KAT… I think you might have an answer to this if it involves copyright etc.

    Ironically it was a good show!

  22. 292
    speedwell54 on 30 Nov 2014 #

    Peter reads the words but his heart’s not really in it this week.

    Black and white pictures for the countdown – just the colours on strike for this bit then.

    The Gibson Brothers make us wish it had held a little longer; their space aged luminous yellows, oranges, pinks and greens are too much. Didn’t the Jackson family wear something very similar but in silver?Those doughnut inspired sleeves! Song sounds good.

    Police -WOTM Stewart often drums on things other than drums. This week I’ll mostly be drumming on Saturn V. Classic video.

    Tourists -repeat. I am going off this a little. Just listened to a version of this on cd and it sounds to me a lot brighter and more energetic than this slightly flat TOTP version.

    Status Quo – Living on an Island – very pleasant.

    Blondie – Union City Blues. Peter gives the thumbs up for releasing this track off the album. In the US they went for “The Hardest Part” instead which didn’t do much business. Sunday Girl wasn’t released as a single over there either, so maybe that’s why the speculation. Debbie is always a treat.

    Thin Lizzy – repeat

    Rose Royce – Enjoy this trip, well half of it. Daft Punk used that studio set for the Around the World video.

    Nights in White Satin – Peter says “umpteenth” for the number of times this has been released, I think he’s been euphemistic.

    Skids – Working- Great variety tonight and something for the new wave/punk generation.

    Enough is Enough – about 3 minutes this week. Peter sounds quite bored now.

    Pink Floyd- interesting they rocked up in the studio last week but the strike stopped them performing. Was this a sliding doors moment?

    Dr Hook – repeat

    Not my favourite but there has been worse.

  23. 293
    Mark G on 30 Nov 2014 #

    It’s hard to say how many times “Nights in white sat in” got ‘released’, as it never changed its label or catalogue number, so you can only call it re-pressed or re-promoted. It wasn’t until 1983 that it got the”Old Gold” treatment.

    I jut think its a shame that the Dickies version couldn’t have been on, as it did make the lower reaches of the chart only three months earlier. One of those “Punk” renditions that actually shows that the song is strong enough to thrive in that version. In fact, the first time I heard it I didn’t recognise the song until the guitar solo.

  24. 294
    punctum on 1 Dec 2014 #

    It was re-promoted to market a Moody Blues compilation called Out Of This World. On K-Tel.

  25. 295
    Tommy Mack on 1 Dec 2014 #

    Ha, I had that album. It cost three quid from Shoot The Moon records in Nantwich and iirc was a surprisingly weighty piece of vinyl for K-Tel. Cheapo cheapo cover art though – http://991.com/newgallery/Moody-Blues-Out-Of-This-World-300060.jpg – and no Go Now.

  26. 296
    Steve Williams on 1 Dec 2014 #

    #291 Regardless of whether it would be possible to edit out Savile and Travis, I doubt they ever will, because every time they edit a link out, people will be reminded it’s because of Savile or Travis. Why are there no links in this programme? Oh God, it’s because of Savile. Far easier not to show it at all.

  27. 297
    Jimmy the Swede on 1 Dec 2014 #

    #296 – You make a good point, Steve, but I’m not sure I agree. I would suggest that if the conjuring trick was done with sufficient skill we would be okay. Editing out Savile and Flake would be one part of it. Then all we would need to do is edit someone else in. Anyone safe from back in the day would do, the most obvious candidate being the current host of Pick of the Pops, who would be a perfect voiceover to come out with “Hey. Remember this one?…” I don’t necessarily accept that such a concept would “remind” people of Savile, as we are not likely to forget him in any case. I also, for the record, can quite understand why DLT must be in despair at being bracketed with a creature who was clearly a monster. Travis was just a groping dirtbag in an age when such men were not exactly thin on the ground.

  28. 298
    Steve Williams on 2 Dec 2014 #

    #297 If you’re going to edit someone in, though, that costs money in hiring the presenter and booking a recording studio – you’re basically making a new episode of TOTP2 – and it’s clear this repeat run has no budget whatsoever. The edit involves chopping it down to thirty minutes and removing anything unbroadcastable. If the whole show is deemed unbroadcastable, it’s missed out.

    The amazing thing is that this repeat run is still carrying on, toxic brand that it is. It’s a shame we don’t get some episodes but it’s not like they were repeating them before the unpleasantness, was it? Not every show gets repeated, and not every show that is repeated gets every episode shown – if they’re doing a repeat run of Dad’s Army, for example, they don’t start at Series 1 Episode 1 and show them all in order, they pick and choose.

    And there have been plenty of examples of this before – there’s an episode of Mr Benn that saw him become a big game hunter and at some point in the eighties they decided it was now unsuitable for today’s audiences and so they stopped repeating it. They were still able to show all the others. The same is true here.

    The surprise is that BBC4 are showing any of them, not that they’re not showing some of them. And the run is continuing into 1980…

  29. 299
    Mark G on 2 Dec 2014 #

    Well, that’s sort of happened with those “Best of 1979” shows, it’s their chance of adding some yewtree’d episode highlights where the terrible two aren’t in the background or introducing acts. Or is it? It’d be nice if they retrieved some otherwise locked-away appearances like the Flying Lizards’ “Money” or the Ruts’ debut, etc.

  30. 300
    Tommy Mack on 2 Dec 2014 #

    I think they should edit everything out except Saville and Travis and Gary Glitter and tell kids that’s all TOTP was and that’s why it was taken off TV.

    A worthy contribution for #300, I feel. Well done me…

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