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Popular ’79

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’79 ends up as one of the best years, according to my marks anyhow – but which of its tracks would you have handed six or higher to? Pick as many as you want, then discuss the year in the comments boxes if you like.

Which of these Number One hits of 1979 would you have given 6 or more to?

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My highest marks were 9s for Buggles, Dury, Blondie – lowest 2s for Lena M and the Rats.


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  1. 126
    Mark G on 8 Mar 2014 #

    Right, here’s the un-edit annexe

    Cliff Richard was having a fallow period right now with some halfway decent radio-only hits, and still getting TOTP slots out of sheer respect. The other day, I got what looked like the most unlikely song title on a single for Cliff, “(Wouldn’t you know it) I got myself a girl”. It’s the b-side of the least likely song for Cliff to do.

    Oh who is disgustingly healthy? Is it Motorhead? No, it’s the Rubbish Dooleys.

    Yes, Motorhead get on! Didn’t they do “Louie Louie” before this, it must have got Travissed? The Totp sound mix loses all the bass which is what’s wrong here. My old Chiswick 12″ of “Motorhead” had such fat grooves, you could play it purely by waving it in the air!

    Oh, forgot to give an honourable note to the
    Leyton Buzzards for the line about “dancing to the rhythm of “The guns of Navarone”" which we would all be doing the following year.


  2. 127
    Speedwell54 on 8 Mar 2014 #

    Kid kicks off.

    No picture of the Sex Pistols in the run down just in case it sent us all to hell in a handcart. Onwards..

    Inner Circle – Everything is Great, 35 years later and Everything is Awesome. ‘Great’ is pushing it, but okay.

    Elvis- He cut up his free copies of My Aim Is True for his jacket. Fine song.

    Sex Pistols – Legs – A bit of a departure for them dance wise and a bit of attitude comes through. Enjoyable performance, I’ll leave the full analysis to the Swede.

    Dennis Browne – Don’t know much about reggae but sounds pleasant enough, didn’t know this or anything else by him but knew his reputation.

    The Real Thing – positive lines with Can you Feel the Force? – A real mix in the wardrobe department but they look happy enough with themselves. I seem to remember Chris Amoo winning Crufts one year, though I can’t find anything to confirm this on Wiki. His dog that is.

    Motorhead – Overkill- still sounds a lot like Ace of Spades with a different guitar break. The crowd are stunned into statues.

    Saturday Night Beneath the Plastic Palm trees- interesting but not that good. His voice is rather weak on the singing bit and a bit Parklife on the talking bits. I like the idea. We’ll see a couple of them in the future with another band.

    Bee Gees – repeat. Sad clowns indeed.

    Not my favourite but there has been worse.

  3. 128
    Jimmy the Swede on 8 Mar 2014 #

    Kid and a special Friday show. Thanks to Steve W for telling us why. Song For Europe was indeed the victim of a strike and I believe some random faceless jury, merely hearing the entries, decided the winner, Black Lace with the very lightweight Mary Ann. I recall The Nolans had entered and were totally gutted when they were overlooked. The general feeling was that had they been allowed to perform they would have probably carried the day. We’ll never know.

    Herbie Hancock over the rundown. Check out Herbie’s pic at #19. Just wrong.

    Inner Circle – Jamaican funk/rock outfit. Excellent opener from a group who surprisingly were not that big here, despite a top three hit well over a decade later with a modified line-up. Also famed for providing the theme to US reality show “COPS” with the brilliant Bad Boys.

    Kid seriously rambles and a pretty smiling girl standing next to him can’t resist a wave. Hello yourself! On comes Elvis C “in runner up position” with Oliver’s Army. Hong Kong may have long ceased to be up for grabs but this record will be top drawer forever.

    Now we have the Gals and the Pistols. Who would have thought? It’s something else indeed. Here comes that girl again…and it’s Pauline, who’s been pushed to the front again with a smile to melt. The whole thing scores a bullseye. Not a hint of sexiness from any of them. But both the routine and the track scream attitude. You have to applaud the Pistols for this. It proved their pedigree as performers and the Gals as formation dancers. Very good indeed.

    Buzzcocks – Fabulously odd little song with the trademark punk/new wave whinge about life being unfair. Excellent and should have done better and thereby made the Buzzcocks happier. And that’s the irony.

    Dennis Brown – Clear Swede territory here, if a little lightweight. The matter of Dennis keeping hold of his wedge because he can’t pull a bird is perhaps not something a bloke should be highlighting and I personally had plenty of this experience back in the day and never felt inclined to burst into song about it. But there is good news for our Dennis. There are plenty of lonely chalet maids up at Prestatyn, mate. Walk this way. The engine’s running…

    The Late Show – Bristol Stomp. Blimey O’Reilly, I’d forgotten about this. Great fun but total rubbish, if we’re honest. But the lads are enjoying themselves especially the drummer, who’s loving it. Prestatyn? Naw, send ‘em to Minehead!

    Real Thing – For me, Can You Feel The Force was their finest offering three years after they were huge with two softies. The Star Wars link was still slightly annoying though and more than a little late.

    Leyton Buzzards – I think I saw this lot play the Nashville, West Ken back in the day. They promised much but ultimately delivered nothing. This, their only semblance of a hit, tried far too much to do far too much. And didn’t.

    Number one. Trag. Legs. Clowns. Trag.

    Kid bids us farewell. The pretty girl who waved earlier returns to wave bye too. She puts a thumb up and then walks off. Have a good life, love. Out we go to Gary’s Gang and one I always liked for some strange reason.

  4. 129
    Lazarus on 8 Mar 2014 #

    Interesting to know that the Nolan Sisters, as they were still known then, were Eurovision contenders. I would have expected them to enter for Ireland, but I see that the family located to Britain as long ago as 1962, meaning that Coleen was actually born here. We’ve never had the chance to discuss them at any length on Popular but ‘Attention to Me’ is a much neglected gem I think.

  5. 130
    wichitalineman on 13 Mar 2014 #

    Re 126: Oh is that why it didn’t sound like I remembered it… first time I heard Overkill was on the Top 40 countdown and it was the most relentless, tuneless, powerful thing I’d ever heard. TOTP version went “tish” and I was sorely disappointed.

    Also, Honey I’m Lost into Overkill… that’s why I love TOTP.

  6. 131
    Jimmy the Swede on 22 Mar 2014 #

    Peter Powell pops up again like a jack in the box. We’re in safe hands but he’s got grimy teeth.

    Players Association with the excellent Turn The Music Up over the rundown. A daft cartoon is the caption for The Pistols. Explain.

    Jam – Seriously spreading their wings now. Mod excellence with Strange Town and we’re off to a flyer this week.

    Woo-Hoo! Now Lene Lovich. More gravy with her changing Lucky Number. Oddly sexy and a killer song.

    Toto – Hold The Line. Excellent studio footage of a classy track. This show’s becoming a blast. I wonder what will spoilt it?

    Pete has his arm around a pretty girl wreathed in smiles whilst a gang of herberts loom. It’s The Cars with Just What I needed and the quality continues. Surely we should be due some rubbish soon. This is TOTP for Christ’s sake.

    But certainly not this!.. It’s the Gals and Chic. PP prepares us by saying “just see what they’re wearing…or not wearing” and the Swede is in the zone in a trice. The Legs are swirling around in wedding dresses to begin with and normally that would be a “boo!” but then one remembers what Peter said and very soon the bridal gowns are replaced by one-piece liotards clinging to them only just. Sue is at her muckiest but then so are all the others, even Pauline. Back and forth we go, wedding dresses, liotards. The song is I Want Your Love. The Swede is happy to imagine that the clear message is if you provide the wedding dress, you are rewarded with the liotard. And that’s most certainly a deal!

    Violinski – Clog Dance. Who remembers this? I did but would have struggled to name the act or the title. It’s pure test card muzak and the drummer clearly wishes he was somewhere else. Harmless fun.

    Pete sandwiches himself between two pretties and then on comes footage of Herbie Hancock wandering around like a prawn. He looks fucking ludicrous and reminds me of a cinema usher carrying a tray of choc ices and Orange Maid. I mean WTF? The barnet and the bins add to the crime and then to top it all, the numpty starts crooning like a lovesick gay dalek. Just get off!

    Our host poses two questions: Who won Song For Europe? and Who deserves this?…and Peter holds up a yellow disc which could have been anything. Well, after the unintentional humour of Herbie, we finally get our show spoiler with Black Lace and our inexplicable entry for Eurovision. It’s as lightweight as a victoria sponge sung by a Smokie 2nd eleven. Seriously dreadful.

    Number one is Gloria and why wouldn’t it be?

    Out to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now. All in all, a corker of a show.

  7. 132
    thefatgit on 22 Mar 2014 #

    #131 Jimmy The Swede, The Sex Pistols cartoon was off the pic sleeve for “Something Else”/”Friggin’ In The Riggin’” with the lads behaving lewdly on a pirate ship. My mate had this on yellow vinyl and persuaded the poor sap DJ at the school disco to play FITR while the teachers took their eye off the ball for five minutes, for a cheeky fag and a blast from the hip-flask round the back of the assembly hall. Legendary times.

  8. 133

    Violinski was ELO’s violinist Mik Kaminski’s side project — one of my best friends at school (also a violinist, a very good one) was excited by them, so the answer to JtS’s question @131 is “not quite no one”!

  9. 134
    Jimmy the Swede on 22 Mar 2014 #

    I am grateful to both the Git and his Lordship for those clarifications. I would loved to have been at Fats’ school disco when FITR slipped through the net. I would also have hoodwinked the poor sap DJ by getting him to play the b-side of “Rhythm Stick”, the sublime “There Ain’t Half Been Some Clever Bastards”. I think that would have had the errant teachers tumbling back! Legendary times indeed!

  10. 135
    Speedwell54 on 23 Mar 2014 #

    Yeah Peter.. though you’re right about the teeth Swede.

    Strange Town.. the intro reminds me of ‘Cool for Cats’ – album – also from ’79. Paul’s still sticking with a collar and tie for now.

    Lucky Number – it’s growing on me again. Wonder if I might enjoy it more with a less novelty vocal.

    Hold the Line- they look dated then, but it’s a good sound even if I don’t really know what he’s on about – better than Africa.

    Peter waffles at length and introduces the Cars- Just What I Needed. Did they take it turns for the lead vocals? – better than Drive.

    Chic – I Want Your Love – great song and great performance from Legs. Great.

    Violinkski – a repeat from three weeks ago I think. Ffwd.

    Herbie – sounds like his autotune microphone needs new batteries. No doubt sounded like the future then.

    It’s going downhill . Black Lace sounding not unsurprising like Smokie singing ‘Oh Carol’. ‘That’s Living Alright’ seems to lift a bit from this. Not my cup of tea.

    Gloria -if you change the stupid lock it doesn’t really matter about the leaving the keys, love. It’s probably more than ok, but just far far too well known to…… The violin bit turns up in Supreme by Robbie Williams.

    Not my favourite but there has been worse.

  11. 136
    Lazarus on 23 Mar 2014 #

    ‘Love to Hate You’ by Erasure borrowed massively from ‘I Will Survive’ too, as I recall. I sometimes wonder what happened to the girl on the skates, has she ever turned up on one of those ‘where are they now’ type features? I can picture her watching the clip with her family, kids grown up, and sighing at the sight of her lovely slim figure.

    The Cars – yes, I thought Rik Ocasek – the gangly one with the odd hair – was the singer on this, and all their hits. This bloke looks more like Rick Parfitt.

    Jam – ‘Strange Town’ is one of their very best I think. Cruelly neglected by oldies radio (even Absolute, which pretty much lives in 1978/79 half the time) in favour of a couple of obvious biggies.

    I didn’t mind Prestatyn lifers Black Lace – next to Daz Sampson and Scooch it’s practically a classic – and I quite enjoyed jazzman Herbie going out of his comfort zone. Some enthusiastic frugging from the dancers to enjoy there too, especially the girl in yellow.

    Top show, I agree.

  12. 137
    Mark G on 25 Mar 2014 #

    Oh, oops, I didn’t know you were all in here already. I guess Popular’s been quite busy this past week, so.

    I played the show to the kids one morning, Amber was somewhat bemused by Lene Lovitch, and The Jam were clearly doing a classic which fell between the punk years and the pop years. And that’s Bob Carolgees singing for Toto, right?

    Anyways, the other headline was: After the discussion re Babs and her hookup with Robert, an odd thing happened. My sis works in theatre and she held a cast/crew party at her place. The quote I get back was my mum “Hello, I’m Robert he said and I thought to myself no you’re not you’re Jesus”. (Well, at least she didn’t actually say it).

    It’s Roger Taylor leading The Cars, with an undernourished Mike Nesmith on guitar also. 5 string bass. hmmm.

    Anyway, normal service next week, prob..

  13. 138
    Lazarus on 28 Mar 2014 #

    Watching again on ‘Catch Up’ it’s “Mike Read, Mike Read, 275 and 285″ etc, in a gleaming white jacket. Chic over the top 30, a good choice, as the picture changes on every fourth beat.

    Racey – it’s always 1974 with this lot and their flaccid ‘Tiger Feet’ retread. This time four of the Legs girls join them, but no Sue, so no need for the Swede to gnash his teeth. Read congratulates them on having the biggest ever selling hit on RAK with their previous release. It’ll be back up to North Wales soon enough though …

    Three Degrees – a speedy follow-up, and they look like they mean business. Old Luggy will be on to the Lady Jane Grey tea towel by now.

    Rocky Sharpe/Replays – don’t remember this at all. Budge up in the minibus, men of Racey!

    Neil Diamond/Legs – I always liked this one. Gals in big swirly sparkly gowns. To begin with, anyway, the outfits get a good deal more interesting, not to say bizarre.

    Read has his hand on the shoulder of a blonde. Careful now! Introduces Gonzales, they haven’t stopped dancing yet. Cosmopolitan bunch, the singer is a bit of a buffoon. Lots of whistling, as was often the case in those days.

    Dana – minor hit from the Irish songstress. Damn, she’s looking hot. Something’s cooking in the kitchen alright. Catchy number, and even a bit of scat singing, anticipating Matt Bianco. Good stuff.

    Showaddywaddy. Oh please. Racey, Replays and now this lot on one show. Forget the minibus, let’s get a Kings Ferry coach!

    Sister Sledge – their first hit for the Rodgers and Edwards team. An old mis-heard lyric of mine, “he looks like a spiv, that man is just a kid.” And there he is … no, it’s not Floyd.

    Kandidate – another RAK band. Phil Fearon is in here somewhere. Opportunity Knocks stuff. Pleasant, smooth, undemanding. Colourful outfits.

    Read, now in sailor suit for some reason ..

    Black Lace – ‘Oh Carol’ Part 2. I think the singer actually is in Smokie these days, or possibly the other way round. Cut well short.

    Gloria Gaynor – number 1. That video again.

    We’ve had better …

  14. 139
    Jimmy the Swede on 29 Mar 2014 #

    Mike Read = Howard Webb

    Chic’s “I Want Your Love” gets yet another spin, this time over the rundown.

    Racey – Now see here, you snivelling little runt, I told you before to leave them Gals alone! Last time he grabbed the Swede’s Eternal Mistress, this time the glove puppet has a face full of no less than four of them and the gorgeous Rosie is loving it. She even does a miming turn for the little no-mark. Smiley Pauline is captivated also. Swede BP critical. If that engine isn’t running like now, I’m going to seriously hurt someone. At home, Desmond takes one look at me and quickly exits. He’s not fucking stupid, that cat.

    Three Degrees – Unremarkable effort but it’s another top tenner for them, and the posh bloke with the ears needs his undercarriage sponged down again by his equerry Sir Alan Fitztightly.

    Rocky Sharpe and the Replays – Oh God, why? Haven’t we done with this genre now as we head for the Eighties? Prestatyn-bound rubbish and the girl still looks like she should be a mummy in a Fairy Liquid ad rather than in a pop group.

    The Gals return to help good old Neil Diamond out with his jeans. This is nothing short of a Swede dream sequence. It’s a wonderful routine. Lulu is dressed as a child, carrying a teddy, Rosie is a bunny girl waitress and Sue is a school girl straight out of St Trinians, wearing a straw hat and brandashing a hockey stick. She makes a face and pokes out her tongue as she runs through and Lulu follows, finger in mouth with her teddy. Lolita! It’s a routine the Swede could have come up with. I’m not at all sure what it had to do with the record but who cares? Mary Whitehouse must have done her pieces over this. The Swede was doing something else.

    Dana – Looking at her, it’s almost unbelieveable to think that it was nearly ten years before that she won Eurovision. She is just gorgeous and does raunchy extremely well, her innocence truly banished. The chorus mentions microwaves. Technology, eh? Excellent stuff but the record alas flopped and Dana went into politics, becoming an MEP in Ireland and standing for the presidency over there. Hands up who knew she was born in London?

    The Waddy have bloody escaped again. I asked the question earlier about this with Rocky Sharpe, what’s the point of this retro shite, even if Romeo still looks cool brandashing the sticks? Lazarus is right, we need a stonking great coach to shift the garbage north this week.

    Sister Sledge – Disco staple classic about a suitably lovely girl offering herself on a plate to some bloke who is great looking, fit, well dressed and a sublime dancer. Not something that ever entered the orbit of the Swede back in Stockwell alas. My mis-heard lyric is perhaps crueller than Lazarus’. I have her singing “he looks like a div…”

    Kandidate – “I Don’t Want To Lose You”. I didn’t realise that this lot were British. I preferred their first hit “I Don’t Want To Say Goodnight” but there you go. One thing though, with so many herberts lurking, why did lead duties go to a guy with a camp lisp? Fond memories of Charles from The Floaters. We’ll need two coaches at this rate.

    Pointless few seconds of our crap, doomed Eurovision entry, surely one of the weakest we’ve ever put out. Truly awful. Three coaches.

    Gloria still survives. Oh Christ, she’s turned into Diane Abbott!

    Out to The Jacksons. But we all know it’s really Michael.

    It was all about the Gals this week.

  15. 140
    Speedwell54 on 29 Mar 2014 #

    Mike Read – so it’ll be a fact filled show tonight… Enjoying listening to Chic over the countdown until the lovely picture of Kate pops up at 23 and I’m gutted all over again at no tickets! Onwards..

    Racey – Jammy Richard (technically a dwarf) gets to dance with Legs, again. They perform a dance routine -again -and The Tweets must surely have been watching and making a mental note. Waddy fans must be buying this. First fact of the night from Read, congratulating Racey on their previous single ‘Lay Your Love On Me’ becoming the “largest selling single ever on the RAK records in the UK”. Makes me think it came out on 13″ vinyl.

    Three Degrees – The Runner. Shiny lips. Do you think those jackets button up? ok.

    Rocky Sharpe- inferior follow up and I wasn’t that impressed last time. Waddy fans must be buying this. Sax break is a little bit Benny Hill. She sounds a bit Rocky Horror. Not a fifties throw back, not my cup of tea. Ffwd.

    Neil- Forever in Blue Denim. Swede covers this, just to add Patti gets the short straw outfit wise playing an ol’ woman.
    Great great song.

    Gonzalez -I Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet- They look an odd bunch but song is fine.

    Dana – I picked on the Microwave reference too. Firstly, few people would have one in the home then. I remember we got one in 1980, the first and only instance of my family being an early adopter of any technology. Secondly she says “something’s burnin’ in your microwave”. – Well I hate to be picky but it’s pretty hard to ‘burn’ things in a microwave; you can over cook things, you can make things explode but not really burn. Next line “..and freezin’ in your Frigidaire” One rule for the Kinks, another for Dana on the product placement front, but aside from that, what is this about! So the freezer is working fine is it? Tell me more about the kitchen, is there perhaps something wet coming out of the tap. After all that I quite like it. She had a number one hit in Mexico with Fairytale, which is a fantastic song. I don’t know who was first, but it sounds a lot like Bowie’s ‘Sound and Vision’.

    Showaddywaddy – Waddy fans weren’t really buying this. The writing was on the wall and the masses had moved on; this ended their run of top tens and that was it.

    Kandidate- When Read said this was chart bound I would have surely disagreed but he was right. They just leap frogged Gonzalez in the odd looking bunch stakes. Not my cup of tea.

    Black Lace- repeat.

    GG- twktc.

    Not my favourite but there has been worse.

  16. 141
    Lazarus on 3 Apr 2014 #

    A rare outing for TB – he hasn’t quite been eradicated yet. Swift follow-up from the Pistols over the chart. The number 3 hasn’t been featured in the rerun yet – it was on a DLT show – but we’ll be hearing plenty of it before long.

    M – not long ago there’d have been some no-hoper in the opening slot, almost like a support act to the proper pop stars. Not this week – it’s a nailed-on classic, and a hit all over again ten years later. Shoobe doobe doowah!

    Village People – jolly sequel, and a chart runner-up. Probably an urban myth, but supposedly the US Navy were looking to use this a recruiting tool, until someone had a quiet word. “What am I gonna do in a submarine?” Use your imagination, dear …

    Squeeze – with the two girls from the video, and a rare lead vocal from Chris Difford, all dropped aitches and glottal stops. Michelle ‘Cindy Beale’ Collins has denied being the blonde dancer – I think at one time I heard it was Leslie Ash – anyway, good track, and yet another future number 2. Good album too – the first single, ‘Goodbye Girl’ should have been the first hit.

    Dire Straits – in the top 10 with their first offering. Half-lit and rather unmemorable routine from the Legs, some of them looking like washerwomen in pinnies. When did Rosie submit to the frizzer?

    Members – the second and last hit for the Camberley outfit, and again this was produced by Steve Lillywhite, the drummer’s brother. The band lingered on into the ’80s and even got played on MTV. This is OK, sort of ‘Dreadlock Holiday’ meets 2-Tone. We’ll be getting plenty more white reggae before the year’s out.

    Jacksons – Michael shakes his body to good effect. Only a few months till ‘Off the Wall’ now. Doesn’t look like the Pops studio – Soul Train, maybe?

    Milk and Honey – no longer the biggest hit with the title ‘Hallelujah.’ I’m going to admit to rather liking this Eurovision winner, I like the way it builds. By the end it’s a show tune you could do high-kicks down the stairs to. It’s not hard to see why it won, and Black Lace came seventh. And who knew Ed Stewart did the bass vocal?

    The Jam – all in stripey blazers this week, and Paul has ditched the tie! “You’ve got to wear the right clothes.” Song is fine.

    Gloria Gaynor – number one, last week possibly? “And now you’re back, from outer space” was a curious line I always thought.

    Siouxsie & the Banshees play us out. Good show this week with no obvious candidates for the minibus (Milk & Honey were out on the next flight)

  17. 142
    Steve Williams on 4 Apr 2014 #

    Enjoyed this one, as the acts were all eager to impress the nine hour old me. This is Tony’s last appearance in his original run as presenter though if this rerun continues to 2018, we’ll see him rejoin the rota for a few months.

    This also marks three years since the start of these repeats, which I think is remarkable. Didn’t expect it to last three months, and that was before the brand was utterly toxic.

  18. 143
    Lazarus on 4 Apr 2014 #

    I hope that it’s allowed to continue for another 13 months or so, because there’ll be a Legs routine in a May 1980 show (hosted by Peter Powell, so no problem there) that’ll reduce our friend Jimmy to a helpless gibbering wreck. I dare say no more, except that it’s far from average.

  19. 144
    Jimmy the Swede on 4 Apr 2014 #

    Timmy at the controls. We’re in for a cracker tonight. Pistols over rundown.

    We open with a giant of a record. “Pop Muzik” by M. They’re playing our song again, Popular Pals! And it’s a belter, which got stuck at number two here but went all the way in the US. They’re a very odd-marked firm are M. The female vocalist glances across at Robin Scott from Croydon more than once and gives him a come hither look. Good job. She’s his wife. Hands up if, like the Swede, you’ve been to all four cities?

    Village People. More wonderful fun from the lads. No urban myth, Lazarus. The US Navy did indeed want to use this for a recruitment drive. I’m pretty sure that it was early in the Reagan presidency, still a couple of years away. The brass were very keen until some no doubt younger official, clued into the popular culture of the day, outlined why it would probably be a mistake. The classic part of the record is of course when the lead vocalist suddenly becomes reticent about signing up, citing his fear of water and finishing with “Oh, my goodness. What am I gonna do in a submarine?” It’s magnificent stuff!

    Squeeze – I was an enormous fan of this lot back in the day and saw them play The Nashville in West Kensington in this very year. I saw a group called The Police too. As for the Cool for Cats dancers, I’m not sure that the blonde is either Michelle Collins or Leslie Ash but what a clunking great track, another number two miscarriage of justice.

    Gals do a turn for “Sultans of Swing”. They are annoyingly dimly lit but we get the point. The Eternal Mistress immediately takes centre stage, as she should and the other Legs feed off her. It’s a good routine, despite the Looby Lou dresses. And another fabulous track from our own island.

    Members – My chum Erithian nailed this perfectly when he texed me to say that this record could have been recorded last week. A song giving a good kick-in to banks, newspaper barons and tycoons. Uncannily spot on for today. Meanwhile, Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson deny all charges against them.

    Bannockburn admires a sturdy blonde he’s grabbed, well actually her dress. He invites her to shake her body around. Not for him, of course. For Micheal Jackson. He’s almost ready.

    Milk and Honey, the Eurovision winners from Israel. I can see Lazarus’ point about this working as a showtune. But I’m afraid for me, it doesn’t work as anything else and I personally was amazed it did win, even though they were hosts. Pretty girl, mind you.

    Jam – Already seen but the UK offering tonight has been tremendous.

    Gloria is still warding them off but the bunnies are gaining in number.

    Out to Siouxsie, who always did it for me.

    A decidedly Prestatyn-free show tinight. Well done!

  20. 145
    Speedwell54 on 5 Apr 2014 #

    Tony in Harry Hill’s shirt.

    M- in a break from looking after James Bond-Robin leads an unlikely multicultural bunch who’ve been in the dressing up cupboard again. A classic.

    The Village People – Ray leads an unlikely multicultural bunch who’ve been in the dressing up cupboard again. A classic.

    Squeeze – A classic. Chris gets a go. Michelle Collins, according to wiki is in the ‘Up the Junction’ video, and the two girls look like the same ones earning their money here. That’s a long instrumental break.

    Dire Straits – Not my cup of tea.

    Generation X -Valley of the Dolls. Idol sneers throughout.

    the Members- sounding a bit like the Specials.

    the Jacksons- Michael just a few months before striking out on his own without the rest of the Jacksons or Motown.

    Milk and Honey – guess they had done it few times by now, but a really tight and planned performance making the most of what they have.

    Jam – slippery slope, in just a few weeks we’ve lost one tie and he’s chewing. Enjoying this song more and over the last couple of episodes.

    GG.- bit bored now ffwd

    Out to Siouxsie – so this is why I loved the Long Blondes.

    Not my favourite but there has been many worse.

  21. 146
    Lazarus on 5 Apr 2014 #

    The Jacksons had actually left Motown for Epic a few years earlier, minus Jermaine, who’d been married at the age of 19 to Berry Gordy’s daughter Hazel. he has had a somewhat colourful private life – both he and brother Randy have fathered children by the same woman – and in 2013 changed his last name to Jacksun (who knew?).

  22. 147
    hardtogethits on 5 Apr 2014 #

    I recall an episode of Going For Gold with Henry Kelly, in which he asked “Which group, with only one letter in their name, had a 1979 hit with Pop Muzik?”

    The contestant emitted a ponderous noise “Ehmmmmm…”

    “That’s correct”, announced Kelly.

    (Note: This is not a transcript).

  23. 148
    Steve Mannion on 6 Apr 2014 #

    Good! But what about:

    “Which group, with only one letter in their name, stuck it to The Man in 2002 with the hits ‘Starbucks’ and ‘Nothing’?”

    Which hasn’t happened but coulda.

  24. 149
    punctum on 7 Apr 2014 #

    “Hi! I’m Gloria Gaynor off the telly like! When you need to change that stupid lock, don’t forget to visit trustatrader.com! Next time I’ll make sure my lock’s an intelligent one!”

  25. 150
    lonepilgrim on 10 Apr 2014 #

    TOTP 12/0479
    Peter ‘Perky’ Powell presents
    3 Degrees over the charts
    Light of the World – lively – better on the dance floor than the studio
    Kate Bush – extraordinary performance
    Sex Pistols – ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated? very 80s outfits on the gals
    Neil Diamond – ghastly – where’s his jeans if he likes ‘em so much?
    Racey – hideous
    Supertramp – great song – hard to figure STs ‘influences’ but they are like a popper/jazzier antecedent to Coldplay – but better
    Sham 69 – pantomime punks
    Kandidate – soothing soul stylings
    Sister Sledge – good tune, though not their best IMO
    Art Garfunkel – spoiler bunnies get about a minute
    Wings over the closing credits

  26. 151
    Mark G on 11 Apr 2014 #

    So, Peter Powell it is! Blimey, The Sex Pistols almost nearly with two top ten hits this week! Bit of a shame they’ll be otherwise occupied at this point in history..

    Light of the world get funky. Umm… Can I talk about The Members’ last week’s performance? No? Oh. Ok….

    Kate Bush does Wow. Hitting the Vaseline, I remember.. mind you “He’ll never make “The Sweeney” ” You sure, BBC subtitles? Might be, will have to look it up..

    Legs and co do a pogo can-can. One looks like Chrissie Hynde, a bit of Joan Jett attitude, actually it’s not that good but it’s fun clearly.

    Neil Diamond does a song that his audience already know, it seems..

    Pete has a girl, I thought he was gonna tell us who she was … Never mind it’s Racey but you’ve seen this one already.. He does look like Nigel Lythgoe btw

    Supertramp. They had big hits then split up and that was the end. Had they not, they could have mined this reasonably intelligent soft rock seam for decades. Then again, after the first few mills, how much more do you need? I think this is at the heart of the Logical song. Possibly.

    Sham 69 do the hit single that isn’t one of the ones people remember. The jackets are more expensive now. Jim manages a pratfall and almost gets away with it..

    Candidate, apparently. Thought it was with a K, BBC subtitlers.. Never mind the soft soul, feel the sincerity..

    Sister Sledge again.. FF>

    Bright Eyes is obviously a lot cheaper to license than Grease was, then again we get barely 30 seconds of it which is a bit odd. Maybe longer on the full version..

    McCartney does the funk thing, reasonably successfully for the fade, but that is also short.

    Last weeks show was a keeper, this week was a dull one really apart from Kate Bush.

  27. 152
    Steve Williams on 11 Apr 2014 #

    Delighted to hear Bright Eyes. Even more delighted to only hear thirty seconds of it. Presumably that was all they could use (for “fair use”?) without having to spend a packet clearing it.

    Pretty crap episode, that, though, the only good bit was Pete’s frantic intro. “We’reHere! It’sTopOfThePops! It’sGotToBeGood! We’reRunningWithTheCharts! TheChartRundown! TheRunner! TheThreeDegreeeeeees!!!!”

  28. 153
    Jimmy the Swede on 12 Apr 2014 #

    Peter Powell again. He seems to have a season ticket. “It’s got to be good!” he promises. Don’t ever say that, Pete!

    Three Degrees over the rundown. They’ve really plugged this one.

    Light of the World – Who they? A bouncy UK brass outfit, trying their level best to funk and groove. But it’s to be only the fringes of the chart for them as the minibus slides sympathetically up.

    Kate Bush – Sexy beyond belief and rivalling the Gals. For the Swede to say that is something. Horny as hell, yes but she’s totally insane with those mad staring eyes. A gyrating loon, if you will. Brilliant song and performance, yes but it’s clear she should be sectioned. UnBELIEVEable!!!

    Gals and the Pistols combine again, this time to “Silly Thing”. Doesn’t quite work, as simply poking your tongue out and jumping in the air in bright-coloured long jackets doesn’t really cut it. Pogoing madly and gobbing all over the camera (or Peter Powell) would have much more within the spirit and would have aroused a very envious Swede.

    Neil Diamond – Just a short clip of this. And as Pilgrim says, where the fuck are his jeans? Forever? Yeah, you’re talking bollocks, Neil!

    Bloody Racey and the Gal-grabbin’ midget. The Swede’s already been to hell and back over this. The dwarf can’t hurt me now. Move on.

    Supertramp – Surely one of the acts of the year. I played the album to death back in the day. PP tells us he loves the brass bit. So do I. Quality Street.

    Nice Pete is surrounded by hand-picked would-be herberts. The lad on the end to the left fancies himself. On come Sham 69. I think I’m on record as not ever liking this lot. It’s a JP thing. He’s mildly ridiculous and this performance scares absolutely no-one.

    Kandidate – Already seen. Over loaded band. Supernumeraries galore and a slappable lisping no-mark as front-man. “I don’t want to lose you?” I dunno about that, mate, just as long as the driver doesn’t lose the route back to Prestatyn.

    Sister Sledge – Still trying to pull the bloke who looks like a div. Give it up, love. He’ll come to you if he fancies you after he’s finished dancing. And take you home. You see, he never leaves the disco alone. I wonder why? I’ll stop now.

    I’ve never seen “Watership Down”. I have however sent one or two non-cartoon bunnies to the Promised Land whilst motoring up the A27 to Gatwick. It’ wasn’t my fault. Get out of the fucking road, you lop-eared little half-wits! Totalling that Albanian farm worker was less forgivable perhaps.

    Out to Wings with Goodnight Tonight. A simple but very effective track from Macca.

    Kate alone made tonight worthwhile.

  29. 154
    Lazarus on 14 Apr 2014 #

    Oh I’m sorry, I thought the invite said 8.30 … Peter P brings his usual joie de vivre, Three Degrees over the 30.

    Light of the World – Brit Funk also-rans extol the virtues of swinging. Whatever floats your boat, I’m as broad minded as the next man (etc) – actually they would have a better stab at it in a couple of years time.

    Kate Bush – second single from the hastily recorded ‘Lionheart’ after the flop Hammer Horror. She’s all alone on the stage … and spellbinding as ever. Going to be almost all videos from now on though.

    Pistols/Legs – camera work reminded me more of a routine from the Kenny Everett show. Must be one of the least remembered Pistols singles. Steve Jones on vocal?

    Neil Diamond – I really like the song but this live version does it no favours.

    Racey – the pride (??) of Weston-super-Mare. Some girls will, some girls won’t – these girls are being paid to. Richard Gower really did have one of the most slappable faces in pop. Btw I think ‘posh totty’ Gill is my favourite now – Sue is all yours Swedo (in your dreams!)

    Supertramp – superior AOR and the first hit off their biggest album. Facial hair overload.

    Sham 69 – I never had much time for them, but in hindsight this isn’t too bad – chorus puts me in mind of The Alarm. Their biggest hit is coming up soon.

    Kandidate – it definitely is a ‘k.’ Repeat. I remember liking this a lot at the time.

    Sister Sledge – video repeat. Said greatest dancer takes a while to put in an appearance, in fact in this cut he doesn’t even make it.

    Art – we get a bit of the second verse and a chorus – yes about a minute. It’s better that way.

    Wings get funky over the titles. Pretty much their last record. OK show.

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