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I give each record reviewed on Popular a mark out of 10. This is a poll where you can indicate which ones you would have given 6 or more to – pick as many as you like, and discuss the year in general in the comments box if you want.

Number One Hits Of 1978: Which would you have given 6 or more to?

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My highest mark for 78 went to Kate Bush (10) – my lowest to the Brotherhood of Man (2).


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  1. 331
    Mark G on 28 Oct 2013 #

    That’s right. I remember the full version, which is why I remembered Cathy, she did the introduction.

  2. 332
    Erithian on 28 Oct 2013 #

    Is it just me or had Elton borrowed his look from A Clockwork Orange?

  3. 333
    Lazarus on 1 Nov 2013 #

    OK, well I’m watching the long one now. Mike Read, in a Radio 1 bomber jacket (?) did well enough to get a second show, Musique over the chart. Showaddywaddy still at number 5? Really?

    Racey – second appearance for them and the singer has got shot of that that unwise beard. Like the record at the end of the show, I thought this was a Christmas hit, but maybe it just hung around for a while. Good catchy number from the Chinn and Chapman stable, one of their last … but who’s the dancer? She looks familiar …

    Olivia Newton-John – repeat with the Legs. Introduced as “someone who can lay her love on me any time.” Oh dear. Well at least ONJ was a grown woman. Now if he’d said that about Rachel Sweet …

    Dollar – possibly a repeat. New Pop starts here. Or maybe not.

    Sylvester/Legs – largely forgotten follow-up – I don’t recall this getting a single play on daytime Radio 1 or Capital but it seemed to linger in the chart for ages, yoyo-ing around the 20s and 30s. Routine is OK, but a bit ‘Disco Duck’ in places.

    Elkie – I think of this now the same way I do the Crystal Gayle song that was on a couple of weeks ago. Wouldn’t have liked it much then, think it’s rather lovely now. Not quite ‘Lilac Wine’ but then what is?

    Rod – “jumping 10 places to number 4” indeed, seems surprising that this was left off the earlier show. Performance video. You know the song.

    ELP – I vaguely remember this from the first time on TOTP, but I thought this was an outdoor performance? Maybe I’ve seen the video somewhere. I’ll be honest, the only songs I know by this lot are ‘Fanfare’ and ‘Lucky Man’ and now this one. The ‘Love Beach’ LP has a one sentence review on the excellent allmusic.com, which I’ll let you see for yourself.

    Sarah Brightman/Hot Gossip – seen this a few times over the years. They were riding a bit of a wave I suppose – we’d had Star Wars, Close Encounters, Dee D Jackson and now this. Harmless fun.

    X-Ray Spex – repeat, but good to know that they were on again. Brief taste of glory.

    David Essex – don’t remember this at all. Maybe Radio 2 played it. I doubt if anyone else did.

    Boomtown Rats – number one, and it feels like it’s been around for ages now, which of course it has.

    Chic play us out. OK show.

  4. 334
    Mark G on 2 Nov 2013 #

    “40 minutes of music action” says Mike Read, OK it’s the long one so fine. “Push push in the bush” sing Mystique, in a frantic way, running down the chart..

    Racey are back, and have ditched the srs style for a fairground sound and a funny dance. Well it worked for the Shadows. Actually it sort of reminds me of Amen Corner, they had a serious hit with “Gin House”, and the rest were very poppy. And there is Sue doing some leapfrog. What, she does requests?

    Sue does a quick change for the Olivia song. Ok it’s a repeat..

    Mike introduces a new single from Dollar. It sounds exactly like the last one. Oh, he downs’t know it’s a repeat performance. Can’t he tell they are not in the studio? Its as if he recorded his intros separately!

    And here is Legs again. They’re gonna be knackered! And they’re in a sauna, it looks like. Jimmy! I fear for him.. Dance (Disco heat), there is one minute of song and the longest fade ever. It’s like Hey Jude in a way. Good routine though..

    Elkie Brooks does a ballad, always confused me.. Baby cried the circus came to town, and yet “We don’t cry out loud” so what’s the song really about? Anyway, next stop is the Two Pennies.. RONNIES man, damn spelling corrector.

    Rod does the bid that Kenny Ev would mimic with the expanding trousers. Jorge Ben is on the phone…

    Oh, I remember this one, ELP deign to appear to publicise that album that looked like a BeeGees one, “Love Beach” which is where us new wavers would ask the prog fans “that? Really?” and they would go “what do you mean? We always bin Clash fans…”

    Sarah Brightman gets what Andrew L tried to give her, but it took him a lot of goes, whereas she makes it herself on first go. A big hit single obv. It’s in the same vein as DeeDee Jackson, hut this time there are two people involved..

    SHE DOES NOT SING XR WAY oh wait she did that time. I played this last time a couple times and would have sworn.,

    David Essex has a “great new single” so how come can I not remember this at all? Because it’s damn forgettable. Then again, that might be a great idea for a single. Do a song that people remember that they like but can’t recall. Well it didn’t work ..

    Magazines get torn again, the rats repeat the performance that will get recalled up for many episodes of TOTP2 in many years time.. Hmm, the subtitles have the fade singing “Rat trap, Judy caught in a rat trap”, really?

    And fade to Chic and Le Freak..

    So, let’s count the great non-repeat performances on this weeks show.. Uhhhh I think Racey came out top! That’s how dull this one was!

  5. 335
    speedwell54 on 2 Nov 2013 #

    Mike Read Mike Read, 275 and 285, and this week, here as well.

    ‘Showaddywaddy are dead, long live Racey’ If you didn’t think they were stealing their act with this, “Runaround Sue” left no one in any doubt. As mentioned, this was from the pen of the first C+C music factory. There are a few things not to like -pastel colours, short sleeves, side partings, but that’s just me. The record is likeable. The sound of the crowd is not the TOPT audience, but on the recording and I wonder if people were subliminally sucked into the ‘party on vinyl’ feeling; buying a song and a bit of atmosphere. We all love a party with a happy atmosphere. Change your style completely, shave your beard and I’ll get you Sue. No brainer!

    Oliva NJ – well Legs anyway.

    Dollar – repeat

    Sylvester- Legs again. Not really much to this song. “Two in at the same time” says Mike referring to the charts, Sylvester and YMMFMR. With that and “she can lay her love on me anytime ‘ he’s stepping into Fast Show territory.

    Elkie Brooks – I’ll go and brush my teeth now. Not my cup of tea. Goes on a bit.

    Rod -cut to video. In his autobiography he says the bum wiggling was down to having to turn away from the audience as he didn’t know the words in this mimed performance. Also he talks of getting tired in stating the song is really in the third person and he is telling a story. It’s not me. Twktc.

    ELP – not really in their comfort zone are they? Didn’t know this.

    Hot Gossip – Will this make Legs and Co up their game? Certainly a top episode for some people with this and Legs.

    X-Ray Spex – Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners here we come. This must be a bit of a Cherry Cola thing. The subtitles go with SR. and Listerine rather than Glisterine.

    David Essex – forgettable. Was he still getting over Brave New World? Again with the duff predictions from Mike.

    Rats – repeat.

    Not my favourite but there has been worse.

  6. 336
    Jimmy the Swede on 2 Nov 2013 #

    This is the show which nearly saw the Swede carried off…

    Mike Read = Harry Gibbs.

    Mystique over the rundown singing a song about a bush. Odd.

    Racey. Cheesy little pop song from a cheesy little group. But just a minute, what’s this? MY GOD, NO!!! But yes, it’s the Eternal Mistress racing on and grabbing one of the Racey boys! He spins around and the pair start a little dance routine together. At one point Her Mucky Majesty actually lifts the Racey boy up in her arms. He’s one hell of a lucky dwarf. The Swede’s eyes bulge in horror. It finishes with Sue sitting on his piano smiling sweetly at him as the Swede’s boat goes puce. The only comfort is to know that these numpties from Weston Super-Mare have long since swopped their home on the Somerset coast for another resort many miles further north. Steal my bird now, you pint-sized little no-mark!

    ONJ – The Gals with Mucky Sue back in her proper place for this repeat routine. The one with them on their backs on those wee mats. The colour returns to the Swede’s cheeks as his breathing becomes normal. Read advises us that the lovely Olivia will be “visiting our shores shortly”. OUR shores? She was born here, you nincompoop!

    Sylvester – The Gal-feast goes on with this follow up I couldn’t remember. The routine is more than a little mouth-watering and Mark G is right to fear for the Swede as he begins to sweat and then growl like Sid James on “Carry on Cleo”. They are barely dressed in tattered purple dresses and Rosie is back and looking beautiful. Usual solo from the Eternal Mistress just to show who’s boss. The Swede needs badly to calm down now.

    Ah, Elkie Brooks to the rescue, taking the tempo right down with a piece of class. It’s certainly up my street if not others. She’s looking delightful with a song and delivery to match. Wonderful.

    ELP – Dangerously close to the minibus with a right stinker. It sank quite rightly.

    Sarah losing her wotsit to a draught excluder. Hot cheese, the little blonde in particular. A shameless exploitation of the films of the day. Not surprisingly, the blokes get in the way of the routine but the Swede is back on the critical list again. He is saved by…

    David Essex warbling about his first love. There are several reasons why this was thoroughly awful. First up, David is completely out of tune. Mirrored with this is that he seems to totally lose interest half way through, giving the impression that he’s making the song up as he’s going along. One moment of comedy sees a dorky lad standing to the side swaying gently to the track. He looks like he’d be a wow with a Rubik’s cube. David turns and smiles at him. It’s a dreadful record. Read thinks it will be a smash. It clearly will not.

    Rats at number one. As we were.

    Out to Chic. Le Freak. Good stuff. Gals aplenty this time. No complaints from a close to eternity Swede.

  7. 337
    Mark G on 3 Nov 2013 #

    The Essex song seemed wrong for a number of reasons: Too complex and singer too old and beardie to be singing to a first love..

  8. 338
    hardtogethits on 4 Nov 2013 #

    I’m way off the pace here but I thought I better say how much I continue to enjoy the reviews. And no I am not a spambot. Which is what Dee D Jackson would be singing if she were still making records.

    Anyway, Speedwell, those 2 Blondie facts knocked me out. Firstly, HOTT is a cover version? Jawdropping. I never thought any member of Blondie wrote it, but was staggered to learn someone else had recorded it first. Well worth Youtubing the original (and yes I agree, verbing weirds language and especially when someone gerunds). FWIW, I had a similar feeling (to hearing HOTT by the Nerves) when I found out about the origins of Dubstar’s “Not So Manic Now”. Equally youtubeable. Recommended.

    And the 4-US-#1s-no-other-Top-20-hits is pretty freaky too – makes me wonder how that’s never been talked about before. I used to mention quite a lot about Georgie Fame’s UK chart history – similar stuff. I was surprised how much interest most people feigned. Soon the dinner party invitations dried up. Anyway (again) if Georgie’s records made the Top 10, which 3 did, they made number 1. But that was only 3 times, and Top 10 not Top 20. And prior to the “common chart era.” But I wonder if there are other examples of this vague ‘all or nothing’ phenomenon out there?

  9. 339
    Lazarus on 15 Nov 2013 #

    Even 24 hours later, seems I’m first in … Peter P is your host.

    Village People over the chart. I think of this as one of the sounds of ’79, I hadn’t realised it was charting in November.

    Rezillos – barely remembered follow-up. Fay Fife in a Fred Flintstone coat. Obvious similarity to the B52s, who did the Flintstones theme of course.

    Boney M – they look nice and snug in those outfits. Do we want to be hearing Xmas songs on Nov 14 though?

    Chic/Legs and Co – some decent lighting for a change, and outfits sufficiently figure-hugging to keep a Swede interested. Sue upfront for much of the time, rightly so.

    Heatwave – a classic end-of-night smoocher, a personal fave though I guess it might be a bit dull to some ears. Temperton hit paydirt a couple of years later and bought his mates out of their lifetime Prestatyn contract, good lad.

    Leo – again in tasteful knitwear. An old Buddy Holly song. This is a live vocal I reckon, there are ad-libs and touches I don’t remember from the 45.

    Peter at a drumkit for no obvious reason introduces …

    Barron Knights – a bit of corpsing on the first number, I still quite enjoy this to be honest. We don’t get the last part, the Brian & Michael send-up.

    Darts – this time with the new singer. Understated, but pleasant enough.

    Mankind – who remembers this? I scour the band looking for a familiar face, and find none. The keyboard player is borrowing the look of Tom Baker, who was the Doctor at the time. There’s a bit of a disco vibe to it. The audience seem to be enjoying it. Harmless novelty.

    Rod – new number one, repeat showing of vid.

    Bee Gees play us out. Hard to identify a highlight really, Chic perhaps.

  10. 340
    Mark G on 16 Nov 2013 #

    One of the weakest shows so far, The Rezillos were mmm passable, but most of their other songs were better than this one, steam is being lost and the musicians will split for more appreciation and much less actual sales. The z will also leave, but it’s OK because they recruit v.

    That’s about it, really. sorry readers, tune in next week, this weeks highlight, m, Sue I guess..

  11. 341
    lonepilgrim on 16 Nov 2013 #

    Peter Powell pipes perkily
    Village People over the charts – anthemic
    Rezillos – more and more like a rag week skit
    Boney M – next week on Blue Peter we’ll be showing you how to make those outfits
    Elton John – looking pasty, sounding mediocre
    Chic – fluid dynamics – from tha gals and music – Bernard Edwards bass line a thing of beauty
    Heatwave – close your eyes, and it’s not a bad tune
    Buzzcocks – not their best – still good
    Leo Sayer – never trust a singer sitting down
    Blondie – glorious mix of sugar and grit
    Barron Knights – hideous smug gits
    Darts – Let it Be vibe – pleasant
    Mankind – faceless musos bash out disco version of Who theme – why?
    Rod Stewart – ripping off Jorge Ben – always liked that synth riff
    Bee Gees – over the end credits

  12. 342
    Mark G on 16 Nov 2013 #

    hang on, they edited Blondie *and* Buzzcocks out?

    hmmm. Will seek out and be back!

  13. 343
    Jimmy the Swede on 16 Nov 2013 #

    It’s uber safe Pete. And why wouldn’t it be?

    Rundown to those regular guys down at the YMCA. They’re at #25. I’m guessing these rough-looking red-bloodied he-men will go higher. Like-minded fellows tend to know these things. Er…

    Rezillos – Flat on its face new wave effort. It sounds more like a show tune to me than a threat to Sunny Jim’s perfectly functioning Britain. Destination Venus? Naw! Destination Prestatyn, I’m afraid.

    Boney M – Replicating Harry Belefonte’s delightful chart-topper from 21 years earlier and giving us the bonus of a segue into “Oh My Lord”. Perfectly pleasant to those of us who profess faith however lightly. Perhaps annoying and even mildly offensive to those of you who do not. I do agree that it’s a tad early to be faced with this, though.

    Chic – Le Freak. And the first thing we see is Mucky Sue’s perfectly formed botty spinning around. They’re all (well, five of them) in skin-tight outfits and they’re seriously on fire with plenty of thrusts and high kicks. The Eternal Mistress takes centre stage again and bosses it, as she should. Great disco track, obv. Swede approves.

    Heatwave – Always and Forever. Grim lisping soul ballad written by Rod Temperton who is nowhere to be seen. He was well out of it by this time. The Skegness groover was to go onto greater things. And as Lazurus noted, Heatwave were given conditional discharges from you know where.

    Lil’ Leo – It’s raining in his heart. Too bad. He’s also sitting down as if he’s not short enough already. It’s sugary rubbish from the day the music died bloke. This version failed to hit the top twenty but Leo would alas return before the minibus claimed him for good. They let him do bingo on Tuesday nights these days, so I’m led to believe.

    Barron Knights – A long-established novelty act popping up to chart again. If this is not of its time, nothing is. It is end of the pier low-grade shite. And I know exactly which pier. Be seeing you!

    Darts – Perennial Prestatyn fugitives with new foreign guy. I too heard “Let It Be” in this but for me that’s the only merit it has in it and it barely hit the top twenty. They had one last top-tenner before Rover finally kept them locked up for good not before time. Kenny Andrews is now in charge of ballroom dancing up there. Rita had once been the voice advising campers that “there’s a baby crying in chalet 563”. This before it suddenly dawned on people that it probably wasn’t a wise idea to leave a wee brat on it’s jack in dark, unfamiliar insecure surroundings whilst the parents went out and got themselves wasted. She does donkey derby now.

    Mankind – Only real Doctor Who fans would have remembered this, a fact confirmed when a buddy of mine, an inveterate Who disciple three years younger, said that he did. Fitting perhaps for the show’s 50th anniversary in a few days time. Nothing much for the rest of us. A flying TARDIS and then shots of dancing kids, the camera closing in on one young pretty about the Swede’s age back in the day.

    Number one time and for one week only it’s Rod with a leading question. It’s just so typical. A ravashing honey blonde, this one sipping on a red straw and the Anglo/Scottish dwarf duly pulls. The defining part of this song is obviously not the absurd lyric but the memorable riff which Rod has since admitted pinching off some street geezer in Brazil, I think it was. I bet the Brazilian lad was never out of milk and coffee, though.

    Out to the Brothers Gibb and too much heaven. Too much Bee Gees say I. Lowish profile for Pete for once. I always liked him.

  14. 344
    swanstep on 16 Nov 2013 #

    Hang on, so Stewart stole not only the bones of the chorus from Jorge Ben but also the synth riff from some other unnamed Brazilian guy? Any links/sources for that? (I only really loved the riff after N-trance got their sticky fingers on it, but still…)

  15. 345
    Jimmy the Swede on 16 Nov 2013 #

    # 344- Clearly “Jorge Ben” is that man. But then what do I know?

  16. 346
    Mark G on 17 Nov 2013 #

    Ok, tracked down the long version, so here goes..

    It’s a better show for the missing bits, but all of them were from 2 weeks ago, where I’d commented at length upthread already.

    Except that now the Barron Knights song has the missing “Matchstalk men” section back in. The performance is woeful in the main, but at least the extra bit could actually be “Different lyrics” as opposed to a take-off.

    Oh yeah, Mankind.. I do remember this tastefully discofied Dr Who theme.. Was this around the time Tom Baker started? And is that Ed Welch on keyboards? He was a mate of Spike Milligan’s, and last time I saw his name was when the kids wanted to watch 2 episodes of The Hoobs every morning.. “Hoh, we’re off to see the tiddleypeeps, Down the road we go….

    (edit: It’s not Ed, its Don Gallagher. I looked it up, and the funny thing is, it’s just been remixed and rereleased for the Dr Who 50th anniversary, along with a deluxe boxset LP/CD/book etc of all their tracks and the story of how it was made..)

    Ahem.. Anyway, I guess the main reason for making this was probably that someone noticed it had never actually been a chart hit yet. I dimly recall Jon Pertwee having a single out on Deep Purple’s label of the theme song, but I never heard it..

    Anyway, I’ve been catching up on my ‘saving all the punk/new wave to DVD’ job, resorting to YouTube for all the savDLT blacklisted shows. So far the only one I can’t find is Plastic Bert’s “Sha la la la la lee” but I’ll live..

    Anyway, hoping the next show will pick up..

  17. 347
    Jimmy the Swede on 17 Nov 2013 #

    # 346 – I too remember the Jon Pertwee record, Mark, but only now you mentioned it. And I did in fact hear it. It involved Ron Grainer’s theme in the background with Pertwee as the Doctor just rabbiting over it. I wonder if Ron nicked the tune off this Jorge Ben fella?


  18. 348
    Lazarus on 22 Nov 2013 #

    Second week running the Pops has been on, and yet we seem to have missed a week – for one thing some of the acts were on last time, and there’s been a lot of movement in the chart – Cars down to 24, Village People up to number 2! I can only assume they were there for a while ‘cos we know who will be on top in Xmas week.

    Rocky Sharpe & the Replays – “originally done in 1959 by another artist” Tony Blackburn (for it is he) informs us helpfully. It was the Edsels, in fact. Poor man’s Darts really, but fine for a starter. I remember the sunglasses gag, funnily.

    Hot Chocolate – dignified, stately, very different from their usual fare. Neglected by radio over the years but I think this is rather lovely.

    Buzzcocks, Elkie – repeats. The iPlayer shows the long show, which generally just means more repeats. The Buzzcocks were from Manchester, the Elkie song was a US hit for Melissa Manchester!

    Mankind – not sure if this is the same clip as before. Who’s going to be watching tomorrow then?

    Darts – another repeat. Barron Knights, won Tony’s ‘pop panel’ apparently. Perhaps the young people really were into this sort of thing back then. Or more likely, his listeners were.

    Ian Dury – the sound of the future, this week at number 30. Performance video. Hasn’t really dated, has it.

    Barbra & Neil/Legs – the road to Dullsville. The gals waft around prettily in white frocks, Patti starting and finishing with a solo turn and looking suitably sad, but really they should have let them loose on ‘September.’

    Chic – on VT this time. Still doing the rounds, although I imagine that’s Nile Rodgers plus hired hands.

    Elton – a quick follow-up, one of two he has in the 30 this week. I always used to think he sings “life isn’t everything” at the end – Wiki reckons it’s “life is a temporary thing” which doesn’t really scan. Incidentally, anyone remember Frank Mills and ‘Music Box Dancer?’ Another piano instrumental and a US hit at around this time.

    “What do you know, they’re still there” says Tone, announcing Boney M – we have missed a week then. Perhaps this is a December show? Repeat showing anyway.

    Mixed bag – Hot Choc and Ian Dury the highlights for me.

  19. 349
    punctum on 22 Nov 2013 #

    The omitted episode was 7 December 1978, omitted because of its jewellery-rattling presenter.

  20. 350
    Lazarus on 22 Nov 2013 #

    Ah. Well they often do that, and with the shows presented by the Hairy Cornflake as well, but in those weeks there’s no transmission – we get ‘The Sky at Night’ instead. It’s interesting that we’re up to mid-December now, for a long time they seemed to want to keep it to the corresponding week from 35 years ago, but I suppose the number of programmes that couldn’t be shown has thrown that out. We should though, thankfully, be very close to the end of Savile’s tenure now.

  21. 351
    Jimmy the Swede on 23 Nov 2013 #

    Bannockburn smiling cheesily as only he can. Plenty of deja vu tonight. EWF over titles.

    Rocky Sharpe and the Replays – Oh God, the Waddy are practically gone now so along come this lot. Darts Lite. I’d completely forgotten about the girl in the group. She’s very nice. She looks like she’s enjoying herself like a young housewife appearing on Jim’ll Fix It. Ah, now wait… Anyway, Prestatyn.

    The Chocs – Up pops Zeberdee to give us a wonderful song offering hope to the guy on the ledge with the help of a string ensemble, a gospel choir and a score worthy of Brahams. It’s fabulous and should have been number one all day long but didn’t even make the top ten. It’s a wonder Errol didn’t top himself.

    Buzzcocks – Again. I’m not complaining.

    Elkie B – Also again. Class.

    Mankind – Also also again. Doctor Who day. I can take it or leave it but a mate of mine will be in A&E tonight having it stitched back on. As for Mankind, they’re all looking far too smug. Minibus.

    Barbra and Neil – Sans les fleurs. Gals. Tasteful ballet performance topped and tailed by Patti this time with a pained expression. I’m not sure the Eternal Mistress could have done it any better. She doesn’t really do sad, Sue. It’s a good professional routine to a pleasant ballad. Buns all round.

    Chic – Le Freak. Stateside studio footage. Disco heaven. It’s missing something, of course. Les Gals!

    Elton serenades the dead dispatch rider. Reg does his best “Bobby Charlton – feel his pain” look to camera (sorry, Erithian!) and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. It’s a nice piece. But nice isn’t everything.

    Boney M – Take it or leave it.

    Out to Heatwave. Lots of repeats tonight. It appears Ian Dury was on the longer show. That would have made all the difference. Sublime.

  22. 352
    hardtogethits on 23 Nov 2013 #

    #351 The “girl in the group” of course went by the fabulous stage name of Helen Highwater.

  23. 353
    Steve Williams on 25 Nov 2013 #

    #350 Loads of Savile episodes left, unfortunately, he does eight next year and doesn’t leave the line-up until 1984 (though he becomes a bit less frequent in the early eighties). We lose Edmonds and Blackburn first, Noel’s off after Christmas and Tony has one more show in 1979.

    This is the last regular episode we’ll see this year as we’ve now run out. 21st December was cancelled due to a strike so all that’s left is Christmas Day which we’ll get in due course no doubt. The 1977 compilation again this week.

    They don’t always cover the missing weeks with The Sky At Night, that’s always on the Thursday after the first Sunday of the month, so sometimes it matches the Savile and Travis episodes but that’s only via luck, usually we just plough on.

    We are getting 1979, apparently, and if things stay as they are we lose eight Savile episodes and ten Travis episodes, plus a week in August because of a strike.

  24. 354
    Jimmy the Swede on 26 Nov 2013 #

    I bet the Cornflake is well pleased to be “teamed-up” with the tracksuited guy with the cigar. If he’s found not guilty, will we get to see the shows?

    Now then, now then!..

  25. 355
    punctum on 26 Nov 2013 #

    Wonder who’s doing the other ones, if not Edmonds or Blackburn. Jensen, Powell, Read…and Simon Bates? Or possibly “Hello it’s Me Andy Peebles on the Me Andy Peebles Show with Me Andy Peebles.”

  26. 356
    Mark G on 26 Nov 2013 #

    Ah, Popscene 1979 bears out what you say. I was going to say “Peebles, yet?” but as it says:

    “11-10-79: Presenter: Andy Peebles
    Andy Peebles makes his TOTP debut. He wouldn’t be seen again until Christmas 1981!”

  27. 357
    Steve Williams on 27 Nov 2013 #

    Yeah, loads of Jensen, Powell and Read, plus one each from Blackburn, Burnett, Peebles and Bates.

  28. 358
    Mark G on 31 Dec 2013 #

    Christmas 1978, and Noel never leaves the office. And he’s never seen on TOTP again!

    The spots are clearly filmed over some time as and when the artists were available, I guess.

    Actually, no I’m not doing the full show, just wanted to note that Darts do “Boy from New York City” but not with Den Hegarty as he’d gone by then, but they clearly re-recorded the intro with Ken instead( the rest seems to be the same version as previous)

    Bro of Man get one last appearance..

    No audience, btw. No atmosphere at all. Must have seemed like a good idea at the time, but I guess they went back to the Christmas party theme for 1979 onwards..

    Anyway, when do we dig up the 1979 thread?

  29. 359
    Billy Hicks on 1 Jan 2014 #

    Wasn’t it the case that there was a major BBC strike around Christmas 1978, hence the show just basically being made up of old clips linked by Noel in the studio? Not quite as major as the one that would grip ITV the following summer though.

  30. 360
    Mark G on 2 Jan 2014 #

    No, as I say wrt Darts, they weren’t old clips. But it’s quite possible the strike was a factor

  31. 361
    Mark G on 30 Jan 2017 #

    When you are in a doctors (or hospital) waiting room, or on a long train journey and the WiFi is somewhat intermittent, download a full page and read at leisure. Passes the time. Yours, Oscar Wilde.

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