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I give a mark out of 10 to every single featured on Popular. This is your chance to indicate which YOU would have given 6 or more to, by whatever standard you wish to impose. And if you have any ‘closing remarks’ on the year to make, the comments box is your place!

Number One Hits Of 1977: Which would you have given 6 or more to?

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  1. 651
    Lazarus on 15 Dec 2012 #

    It was Sue and Lulu in the camel by the way (probably) – I forgot there were six Legs.

  2. 652
    Mark G on 16 Dec 2012 #

    A six legged camel?

  3. 653
    Lazarus on 17 Dec 2012 #

    Six dancers – I’ve taken to referring to them as the Legs – of whom four were visible and, presumably, two in said camel. Sue does seem to have been the one picked most often for the ‘unusual’ costumes but who knows, perhaps she liked it!

  4. 654
    Mark G on 21 Dec 2012 #

    So, Tony gets to introduce Generation X with their second single. Presumably the first, “Your Generation” didn’t hang around long enough. Well, “Wild Youth” didn’t make the charts, so ha. Tony gives that ‘well, it wasn’t my idea’ face at the end.

    HotChoc do “put yr love in me”, possibly the strangest single they ever did, and it sounds the most modern track here.

    Legs and Co do Dance to Dance Dance Dance Dance, by Chic. They wear not much.

    Manfred Mann and his Earth Band do a song called California. At some point, they will do a cover version of “Going Underground”, but that’s a long way off. The guitar solo amuses the drummer no end.

    Bonnie Tyler. Fast forward.. Bee Gees, ff-> .. This is what happens when the BBC miss out a week, the show ends up being the same.

    Graham Parker does the New York Shuffle. Joe Jackson is watching, right? I met Martin Belmont once, he is very tall. Next to Gray, he looks about 6 foot 5. That’d be about right.

    Now there was an obvious edit right there. Tony jumps into introducing The Banned. Chancers make a fairly good record, but you wouldn;t know it from this performance. Pedestrian. Oh, and this I think was the first single to come out on a fake indie label before being ‘snapped up’ by the mighty EMI…

    Mull of fast forward. And oh, they still love that Belfast record, now it’s the fadeout..

    And now it’s next week already, and Donna Summer has even more hits than I have had hot dinners today. This one’s called I Love You..

    The Dooleys continue to let the gormless bloke do the lead vocals.. Who bought this? yr older sister that didn’t like punk, that’s who. Does she play it now? No, but I bet you don’t play “Wild Youth” either.

    Oh, hello, it’s Elton, I hadn’t realised. He looks about 12. Legs do their Camel dance again. Actually, I reckon they just rolled their old tape again.

    Carl Douglas models the fruit and veg seller look of the future. Which is the past now, sorry.

    Elton looks like one of East 17. Julie Covington does a worthy version of “Only Women”, somehow it seemed more, um, raw when Alice Cooper did it. Actually, was it banned when he did it? I dunno.

    Darts go by in a flash, yep, I did the ff->

    Legs and co dance to “My Way”, I bet they loved that one when they turned up to work. Actually, they wear the daftest dresses and dance to something only they can hear, it seems.

    And Elton gets to introduce that rarity, an actual live performance! John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett.

    Right, the Emotions (or, the “Help my arms are in the air” band, as they always looked to be on the chart rundown piccie), anyway John Otway.. It’s funny, we saw this on TOTP2 a few months ago, Amber thought it was awful. I had to tell her that it was thanks to that bloke that I got to sing on the b-side of his ‘second’ top thirty hit some many years later, and got named as such along with 1000 others, but hey it was Abbey Road Studios so ner ner ner and ner.

    Oh there’s Wings again. Pauls recorded there a lot. Pete Best managed three sessions I think. I made one. Did I mention that?

    The Brighouse and Rastrick brass band pipe us all out. So, is that it for 1977? I don’t think I’ll bother with the Christmas specials, they were always rub past 1975 or thereabouts.

  5. 655
    Jimmy the Swede on 22 Dec 2012 #

    First of two shows tonight. One can barely contain oneself…

    Bannockburn hosts. Rundown to Donna S.

    Man Alive, it’s Gen X to open! Woo-Hoo! Billy Idol was a rare punk pin-up for teenies and he takes centre stage here. Alas, Tony dismisses it all with a contemptuous raised eyebrowed shrug and a “There it is!” He never did get it, did he? Arse. In the background, we can just see Billy throwing the mic away. He should have thrown it at Bannockburn, the tosser.

    The Chocs again. But this is a strange goody, it is fresh studio footage and once again old Zebedee is the master of the hall.

    Chic – Dance, Dance, Dance. And yousah, yousah, yousah, it’s the Gals in their absolute pomp and very little else save bikinis and feathers. They dance, dance, dance indeed and Captain Mucky takes the lead as the salivating Swede begins to disintegrate fabulously into ambulance-calling territory.

    Mannfred’s Earth and California. The Pleasant Music Gang do a turn and few are either complaining or roaring approval.

    For once Tony says the right thing and introduces “a lovely lady” from Swansea. She may sing like Rod Stewart but there’s no girly on the pop scene tastier, look you!

    Heebie Jeebies. Same film.

    Graham Parker – Bannockburn much more malleable towards this than one might think. Excellent track.

    Out of nowhere, Tony introduces the Banned and Little Girl. Mick n Keef could have written this, quite frankly. The Swede’s approval is apparently echoed by Tony. “I love that one!” he assures us. Really?

    Number one time. Ma looking tired. As are we all, Paul, mate. When Linda strolls slowly across you’d think she was about to strike up the barbee. No wait… And then when the islanders are all gathered around, it looks just like the final moments of “The Wicker Man”. If only…

    Out to Belfast. How many more f’king times?

  6. 656
    Jimmy the Swede on 22 Dec 2012 #

    Second show. Reg Dwight guests as host. He unfortunately takes his duties far too seriously and is as wooden as a rocking horse, a far cry from the pampered, starry, precious diva he was destined to morph into. Countdown to another of Donna’s. Busy bee.

    The Dooleys – Safe cheesy pop for the middle classes of the Home Counties. The Swede can say this because back in the day instead of being just that, I was still imprisoned in my high-rise council hell-hole in Stockwell. By God, I was grateful for a tangerine and a Mars Bar in me Christmas stocking and a ham sarnie with a gherkin for me dinna. Bloody Callaghan!!

    Repeat of the Gals routine to Egyptian Reggae. Fine but why?

    Carl Douglas – Run Back. He’s dropped his much-milked Chinese novelty act and tries for the mainstream Billy Ocean vote. But alas no cigar is forthcoming. Report to Prestatyn, Carl. It’s over, son!

    Julie Covington – Woefully overlooked talent here. A powerful song delivered with a bitter pummelling. Fabulous.

    Not bloody Darts again! Blinking flip! They can’t help it, eh? Look, send Rover after them. It’s the only way these numpties won’t get out again.

    Another respectful tribute to the King from the Gals as he warbles his way through My Way. A silhouette of what’s supposed to be Presley strums his geetar on a screen. Did the Gals have any regrets doing this routine? I’m sure they had a few.

    John Otway and W W Barrett Esq – Really Free. Otway looks a cross between Rod Liddle and Alan Davies. One lad in the audience is pogoing. Some of the kids are chuckling but the great majority are confused. Really? Free!! “Strange stuff!” says Elton, smiling for the first time. He’s got that right!

    Dwighty echoes my own admiration for the excellence of Best of my Love (“one of the best singles of the year”) and then introduces the Emotions onto the stage to perform a flop that had far too much to follow up, whatever it did.

    Number one. Wings still there. New footage. Doesn’t help. This is truly wretched the noo.

    Out to the Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band – In the name of all that’s holy, if it isn’t bagpipes, it’s music to drop ferrets down your strides to. Just wrong.

    Elton over and out.

  7. 657
    wichita lineman on 22 Dec 2012 #

    The missing DLT episode from 1/12/77 has been rescued by the kindly http://yesitsnumberone.blogspot.co.uk/


  8. 658
    Lazarus on 28 Dec 2012 #

    However, yesitsnumberone will not be continuing in 1978, sad to say. The twitterings of the regs on here will continue as long as the series does I hope, after all something has to fill the long months between Popular entries …

  9. 659
    Mark G on 3 Jan 2013 #

    #654 I mentioned an obvious edit, loking on Popscene I see it was Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas”, which is a bit disappointing as, along with Laurel/Hardy and “As time goes by”, it’d have been nice to see them, and part of 1977 was those old movie hits being reissued and getting in the chart.

  10. 660
    Mark G on 27 Sep 2013 #

    Call off the dogs! Popscene 1977 has been updated, “Prove It” by Television was used over the credits on the 4th August 1977. So, no actual appearance by Tom Verlaine and co.

  11. 661
    Lazarus on 2 Oct 2014 #

    Wasn’t sure where to post this – she wasn’t involved with any UK number one hits to my knowledge – but I learned earlier today of the very sad news of the death of Lynsey de Paul, Britain’s Eurovision representative of 1977 (along with Mike Moran of course). Lynsey may or may not have been 64 – she’d written ‘Storm in a Teacup’ for the Fortunes in 1971 – but she was a real heart-throb for many in the early seventies and ‘Won’t Somebody Dance with Me’ is a favourite of mine from that time. RIP.

  12. 662
    Paulito on 3 Oct 2014 #

    Sad news indeed. She had great style and real songwriting chops too. “Sugar Me” is classic erotic pop.

    I think the closest she came to a #1 was as co-writer of Barry Blue’s “Dancing on a Saturday Night”.

    Nice tribute from Wichita in the Guardian: http://www.theguardian.com/music/2014/oct/02/lynsey-de-paul-singer-songwriter

  13. 663
    ottersteve on 3 Oct 2014 #

    Fond memories. “Getting a drag” was a great tongue-in-cheek poke at the glam rockers of the time. Recommend that contributers here try youtubing some of her songs. I think you’ll be surprised at how good she really was.

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