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Popular ’76

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I give marks out of 10 to every song – based on whatever criteria you like, here’s your opportunity to say what you’d have given more than 6 to from 1976. Tick as many as you like.

Number One Hits Of 1976: Which Would You Have Given 6 Or More To?

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And use the comments to discuss the year as a whole, if you like.


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  1. 541
    lonepilgrim on 27 May 2012 #

    Try here Swede:


    another great piece of writing by Marcello

  2. 542
    Jimmy the Swede on 27 May 2012 #

    Gottit! Thanks, Pillers.

  3. 543
    punctum on 3 Jun 2012 #

    TPL update; I’ve said it before, but this blog is not what you think it’s about.


  4. 544
    punctum on 10 Jun 2012 #

    TPL reaches pub rock. Or does it?

  5. 545
    punctum on 17 Jun 2012 #

    TPL warmly welcomes back our old friends “Various Artists”.

  6. 546
    punctum on 19 Jun 2012 #

    Incidentally, a word about TPL posting dates and times; it is clear to me that the late night Saturday blog work can’t continue since the effect it is having on my health outweighs the benefits of posting. If I want a speedy return to the specialist stroke unit I just need to keep on doing what I’m doing now. This is a particularly urgent matter to address since I’m currently going through the phase where albums just seem to be getting bigger and bigger (it IS the seventies) and thus the quantity of work needed to research and write about them, let alone listen (or re-listen) to them, is expanding exponentially.

    What I’m therefore going to do is change the posting day; from now on until further notice, new TPL posts will go up on Wednesday. This is my day off from my day job and it makes far more sense to write these records up in the daytime. This will start with entry #175, which will go up at some point tomorrow.

  7. 547
    Jimmy the Swede on 19 Jun 2012 #

    You have been undertaking a phenomenal project, Marcello, and I’m full of admiration for you. But as you say yourself, this work, no matter how much you love it, cannot be allowed to compromise your health and wellbeing. I personally am preparing my latest novel but my writing is not the only thing in my life and never has been. Next week, my annual 2 week leave begins to cover Wimbledon and I go into my “Swede, tennis correspondent bubble” for a fortnight and everything else can bloody well wait. If I didn’t have that, the Beachy Head chaplain would be darting out of his hut again. To paraphrase the old WW2 cry, Keep Calm but don’t necessarily Carry On.

  8. 548
    jeff w registered on 19 Jun 2012 #

    Wise words from the Swede. TPL in the 70s is the best thing of its kind on the internet right now. But good things should come to us who wait.

  9. 549
    punctum on 20 Jun 2012 #

    As promised, here’s entry #175.

  10. 550
    punctum on 27 Jun 2012 #

    TPL looks at the man without whom there might not have been an entry #175.

  11. 551
    punctum on 4 Jul 2012 #

    The last TPL entry for 1976: part imagined backstory, part belated (if posthumous) birthday present – http://nobilliards.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/glen-campbell-glen-campbells-twenty.html

  12. 552
    Adam on 22 Mar 2015 #

    Grand total of 3 here… worst since the early 50s. I’m going to stick to the “Why punk needed to happen” anachronism.

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